Stella Dimoko Woman Explains How Her Husband Dumped Her For Wanting To Be Her Own Boss


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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Woman Explains How Her Husband Dumped Her For Wanting To Be Her Own Boss



  1. My own husband is pushing me to improve on my own business and take up more challenges in my field.

    1. Na better husband him be Bingo.
      Please don't take him for granted.

    2. This isn't about you.

    3. You're lucky, your husband na MAN

    4. Are you jealous @mychymic

    5. My horseband was pushing me too until I got 2 promotions in one year and he was furloughed. Guy man show himself.
      Right now, I hide any promotions, pay rise or progress form him. I no get power, I celebrate in private and keep a straight face

    6. Competition in relationships is real. It is such a toxic behaviour to be in competition with your spouse. If one win you both win.

    7. Please treat that your hubby as king. My friends husband asked her to choose between her job or marriage. This is a man that hardly provides for the family. Na the matter we dey try solve. God will give her wisdom. Good men take pride in seeing their wife successful.

    8. It might be the initial depression that comes with job loss. Have you ever lost your job before? Especially if you are a provider, you feel like a failure. It takes reassurance and confidence to carry on he might not be your competitor but depends on the way you handled the situation.

    9. @14.56 everything is the woman's fault. You're not in her situation but you're already sure that you know how to handle it. As if you don't know how Nigerian men are

    10. Reading to comprehend is hard for you and by the way we have 250 million Nigerians, what is the statistics that you base your assumption that Nigerian are evil upon. You are just toxic and opinionated simple.

  2. In other words, she was disobedient to the husband she was supposed to be a companion to? If your husband said you shouldn't be an entrepreneur, you've got to be patient and convince him before going ahead. And same with the man that want to make such a move. He should carry his wife along. Going solo isn't going to make the marriage endure. And for telling you already that you have to choose between him and the business, he said his mind and when you made your choice, he left. I don't really see why this should be news at all. 🙄🙄🙄

    1. @anon And if the husband refuses to understand, should she limit herself because her success makes him uncomfortable?

    2. @Anon, you’re quiet on him emptying their home. Is that justified too? He had a right to his choice but running off with their possessions took the shine off his ‘manly’ decision.

  3. And that is why folks
    Insecure & selfish men are a disaster waiting to happen!

    Car ride
    And the wickedness was served cold

    Mean son of a gun!

    1. @Jet
      I think you judged this matter from a biased point of view. The woman is supposed to be "a helper to the man," isn't that what the Holy Book
      says? So if the man says, "this your move isn't going to help won't be at home when I need you...," has he said anything wrong?
      Isn't the woman supposed to submit to her husband and the two submit to each other in Love? Ephesians 5:21-22 (please read it)
      What I really find odd here isn't the man leaving but carrying most things in the house with him while the woman was away. Please let's think
      from God's (Word) perspective, not from the biased human emotions.

    2. @**** I like people that reason like you,it's good to have wide range of thoughts on a matter rather than just being a one way traffic,when you read,digest it and reason it very well,yes it's not good for the man to stop her from achieving what she wants since it's even a job that would provide financial gain,but there may be some circumstances surrounding it all that the husband wasn't happy about that made the man to leave, I have left a lover before in the past for a reason that our friends found weird,the thing is,he usually gets his off-day on Thursdays,after like nearly 2yrs I said to him to please change his off-day to Saturdays,so we can go out on dates on Friday nights,have fun together en all,then rest at home all day on Saturday,cook together,go to cinema or whatever the mood,guy man refused and I kept reminding him for another 6months,guess what I did....... The last time I slept at his place I knew in my mind I would not be coming back to him,I was tired of him picking me up after work,we go straight home to eat,bath and sleep by morning he drops me home on his way to work,it was becoming boring,nobody wants a boring relationship,I stopped calling and picking his calls,moved house and moved on with my life.sorry for the epistle bvs

    3. 12:19 You are the one who is being biased. Being a helper does not mean she should not have a life of her own. If she succeeds in her entrepreneurship dealings does that stop her from being a helper? Won't she help him financially? proverb 31 woman isn't that the typical example of what it means to be a helper? Wasn't she an enterpreneur in her own right? and up till today she is being praised.

      Going by your reference that the woman is suppose to submit, isn't the man too suppose to love the woman just as God loves the church and laid his life for her? Loving here means putting her needs and interest above your own as a man even at the expense of your own selfishness and needs. Putting her happiness first even if it causes you discomfort. Can't you see how Jesus loves the church? Despite the utter underservedness he still loves us. Besides love is patient, not self-seeking and envious. That was the command God gave the man. The man wanting a woman to submit without considering her own feelings or interest or things that makes her happy is a bigger hypocrite. Judging by what the man did you can tell he is a very greedy person who wants a submissive wife but failed to understand the huge expectation God has towards husbands concerning their wives.

      Besides the woman has being submissive enough for 18 years. It takes two to tango. 18 years was more than enough for him to meet her halfway. A selfish man like him who could clean the house without leaving a pin for her could divorce her at anytime and she would be left hanging and jobless.

      One more thing but husbands and wives are asked to submit to each other not only the woman. It is when both submit to each other that a peaceful and happy union will thrive. Mutual submission talked about in the bible should never be ignored.
      Husbands must submit to their wives too in love not as the head but by considering their feelings, and wives must submit to their husbands in the sense that they serve one another and put one another’s needs before the other. The Bible teaches that husbands are to love their wives self-sacrificially. The husband couldn't not even for a day play his part and he left.

    4. Helper means you don't have a life and ambitions and a career? Thank God for my Daddy...POPSIE NA MAN YOU BE!

      Thank God for Ngozi Okonjo-Iwealla's Husband

      Thank God for Professor Grace Alele-Williams Husband

      Thank God for Ibukun Awosikas (ex first Bank)husband

      Thank God for Folorunsho Alakijas Husband

      Thank God for Sola Boras (STANBIC IBTC) husband

      Thank God for Oluwatomi Somefun (Unity Bank)

      Thank God for Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe Fidelity Bank's Husband

      Thank God for Miriam Olusanya (GTB) Husband

      Thank God for Ms Yemisi Edun (FCMB) Husband

      Thank God for Ireti Samuel-Ogbu (CITIBANK ) husband

      Thank God for Halima Buba (Sun Trust) husband

      Thank God for Kafila Araoye (Lotus Bank) Husband

      Thank God for the partners of the current heads of Government of New zealand, Singapore and Iceland

      Females with tasking jobs that their partners completely understand and support

      While its ok for a woman to step back on her dreams for the benefit of her man and her family, IT IS NOT SCRIPTURAL FOR MEN TO FORCE women who have dreams and ambitions and can put machinery in place to run their homes effectively!!

      Miss me with this twisted scripture!

      T for thanks

  4. The story of my life, though I bite humble pie and remains jobless

    1. You remained jobless? Hope he has taken up the responsibility of taking very good care of your parent who sent you to school not to end up at home and your younger siblings who might still be coming up and the in school looking up to you financially till they have their feet on the ground. Hope all your needs are met and you do not lack anything.
      Do you know being a wife is not a calling. Everyone has their own destiny and marriage buneg a wife and mother is just a fraction of it. May you fulfil destiny.

  5. Anyone who give a you ultimatum to choose between them and a growth(financial or otherwise), doesn’t deserve to be in your life. At this age where the world is VERY unpredictable, someone will want to stunt your growth…… bye Felicia. When there is serious financial challenge (health wise), you will see unnecessary words of regrets. We are supposed to help each other grow not be a stumbling block.

  6. lucky me, my own husband is pushing me to the top and giving me all the support I needed from him 💃🏽

  7. One question, when the Bible said, use your youthful age to work for your old age, did the Bible mention man?, any woman that succumbs to this type of threat is done for, your husband, your Inlaws, your family, the church and the society respects a woman that has her own money, WOMEN WORK!!!, MAKE YOUR OWN MONEY NO MATTER HOW LITTLE. Because God said he will bless the works of our hands meaning for a blessing to come, you must work. Chai! I don turn online preacher like play like play, abeg make una bring una offering, 😂😂😂

  8. Let's look at a scenario, as a single lady, you are living alone, paying your house rent, feeding yourself, clothing yourself and paying all your bills, a man marries you, you stop working and leave all your responsibility to him, he's also human, especially when kids comes, he weathers all the responsibility, he puts in extra time to make sure his family is not lacking, he isn't supper man you know, when the responsibility presses him too much, he is bound to change, go into marriage with the mind set that you are going to be a help mate for your husband. Don't leave ALL the responsibilities to him and you will see how you will have a peaceful marriage and he will live long for you, I'm a woman by the way.

  9. Scripture or not I can't leave my job or be dependant on any man, he can divorce me if he so wish. I cannot be waiting for him before I buy things or before I help people around me as helping people brings me joy, nobody will take my happiness away all in the name of marriage.


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