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Monday, August 23, 2021

Wordless Post..



  1. Yes o,The Word of God keeps me, if not I for don kpai myself tey tey. The circumstances around me eh, It is God I am looking up to

    1. I for one would have ended it since. The word of God is my strength and I'm so grateful.

  2. Christ in us, the hope that we have

  3. Hmmmm. Make I borrow jeweluchi line

  4. My people keep hope alive!

    Trust GOD
    Do good

  5. Exactly, thank God for Jesus Christ 🙌

  6. Very true,a lot of people with the way things are going on right now,run to God for succour,God na the last bus stop oo🙌🙌

  7. That's the strength I have, if not I would have die long ago but I ran to church to pass some days and the WORD of God kept ringing in my ears and heart.
    That's how I finally did not commit suicide.
    Thank God am alive today because His words is what hold my life intact

  8. Yes. Keep them alive to continue suffering while stealing the little they have under the guise of selling hope

  9. I thank for being in charge...I'm so glad he alone is in control & he did not bestow that power on any man. Thank God, God is God & not man. Let your Holy will be done o' Lord my God

  10. Church is a big part of the problems today, gospel prosperity has shifted our collective consciousness from foundamental reality to dillusional expectation of God fixing all human problems,we need to face reality by abbetrating Western philosophy/religion in our system.

  11. I have seen so many church workers who committed suicide..we are only living by the grace of God not church

  12. You are very correct sir! Thank God for God.


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