Stella Dimoko CAN Suspends Secretary For Congratulating Minister Of Communication Pantami Without Approval From Association


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Friday, September 17, 2021

CAN Suspends Secretary For Congratulating Minister Of Communication Pantami Without Approval From Association

The leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria has suspended its secretary, Senior Apostle John Adedigba and the reason is stated in a suspension letter he was sent.

On Tuesday, Adedigba wrote to Pantami on behalf of CAN; congratulating him on his promotion to the rank of a professor in Cyber Security. 


  1. Lol...that dog used up there is so funny.

    Anyway, I can't really say anything to this cuz I believe every organization has its own rules and regulations biding over all it's members.

  2. Hmm
    Its well ooo.
    But to my understanding here ,he gave the congratulary message on behalf of CAN ....he should had Personalized the congratulatery message,not speak for others

  3. Did he asked for permission? Good he is suspended. Next time consult first before anything. Or maybe the guy is a boko

  4. This is quite funny, he should have consulted them though.

  5. E reach to suspend, of all people to publicly congratulate, he chose Pantami. That's delving into politics.
    If he had a personal relationship with Pantami, he should have sent his message as an individual, not under the umbrella of CAN.

  6. What nonsense congratulation is that on behalf of CAN . Thenumber of pastors that were killed and the christains in Jos and kaduna?infact indefinate suspention should be given.nonsense!

  7. The "body of Christ" propagating hate and division. SMH @ CAN. And none of the above commenters even found what they did wrong or cringe worthy, double SMH. Goes to show how much hatred, division and religious bigotry "the body of Christ" has sown in them.


    1. Pls shift.

      Don't you know that every organization or body has guiding rules and principles???
      Always expecting the unimaginable from christians. So, because they're christians, they shouldn't discipline their member so they'll be good in your sight.


      There is a thin line between politics and religion...he shouldn't politicize the body of Christ. It has nothing to do with hatred or division. We are not Muslims that politicize their religion and hate on everyone who isn't a follower.

      Understand this scenario and don't misjudge that action.

  8. Serves him right 😏

    How can you do such without permission from your superiors, ehnnn?

  9. And what happens to your members that commit sexual immorality, wed other men's wives and loot government treasuries
    How many of them have you suspended?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 In fact, those are the ones that the one you call your "Lord"
    says you should EXPEL.

    1. So they shouldn't suspend Abi 🙄🙄

    2. @Engraced
      Suspend, not only for political reasons but for moral and scriptural reasons. 🙄🙄🙄

    3. Go and suspend them now, oshisco.


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