Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 312...


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Friday, September 03, 2021

Labour Room Drama 312...

Interesting labour room drama!!!

This my LRD long o, cos I'm recounting it as e take happen:

So I was preggy all through lockdown period from end of March to December 2020.

Fast forward to around first week of December, my EDD was written 8/12/20 , the day came and passed , I no feel anything.. hmm. 

All those symptoms they taught us in the antenatal clinic , I no see anything , Infact ehn, two days before then which was on a Sunday, We had a small house party, we called it "sendforth from the womb" 

8th came and passed no show, five more day passed , I became tired, every morning i would wake up feeling like a toad, asking my hubby when will my baby come, I was already 40 weeks+.. I went for antenatal that week and to my dismay i didnt see most of my heavily preggy mates, instead i saw new preggies with small small belle.

 I said "chai", God when?".

 That day my doctor wrote on my file "If not delivered by 13th, admit into prenatal ward" Omo e reach that level o.

My people, even on that 13th, No show, I was feeling okay , I packed my bags, even did small video and danced while my mum cooked "mmiri ogwu" (my fellow easterners will know) 

We drove to the hospital by 2pm, They admitted me, I just dey there dey look Lol.. wondering how it was going to play out (confirm JJC)

At around 3pm the nurse came and checked me , I was just 2cm dilated. Na that time pain start o . From that 3pm till all through that night of 13th , It was such an agonizing night, only for them to say it's still 2cm in the morning of 14th,., I called on God, there was no prayer I didn't pray., I was already worn out from the pains, swollen eyes from lack of sleep.

Finally it managed to enter 4cm in the afternoon. The way I cried thanking God though I knew I still had a long way to go.

All the other women that got admitted with me, had long been moved to the ward to deliver., Chai!

At a point I was the only one in pain, the others who were already Mothers took turns to rub my back, everyone hopefully waited for me to be moved.

Finally at 7pm ,I got to 6cm o, I was moved into the labour room.. Meanwhile my water still never break o, It was the doctor that broke my water for me, Na that time the real gbedu start., Head resetting pain every 1min, they said its 7cm., at a point I wanted to yank off the drip and baby heart monitor and tell all of them to go to hell ...

How can I be going through such and they (nurses) didn't look my way, call them, they won't answer, I didn't know I had the craze inside me o..

Finally by past 12am , 10cm Chai, we enter delivery room, ngwanu push, nsogbu, everything finally ended forty minutes later with my handsome baby boy in my arms, dry throat and little cut , I was injected in my thighs before they stitched the tear so it wasn't painful, I was even thanking the midwife that gave me that tear.. lol, telling her that God will bless her family..

las las I thank God for not abandoning me. And the best hubby I could ever ask for and most especially to my Mum, she was there all the way, to the point of stress but she never left my side.,
Omugwo mode  and Aju mbaise mmiri ogwu things from that day..

God indeed finish work when he was creating women.. I raise both hands, legs and bumbum for mothers all over the world.. We're almost 1year soon o and the way I de look this my le boo ehn , e be like say another one go soon enter. kwakwakwa!

Thank you Stella..

Hahahahahahaha Congrats on this and the next!!!


  1. Replies
    1. You be one jovial lady. Congratulations 🎊

    2. Very jovial I was just laughing..Congratulations

    3. thank you , love you all

  2. I was smiling all through while reading. Congratulations dear, God really took time in creating women.
    ...aren't our mums the best? I missed taking Aju Mbise in this my 3rd omugwo. Mumsy didn't remember to come with it.

    Is it just me, I'd rather take castor oil than go for induction.

    1. Yes it does buht one needs to be careful

    2. The castor oil didn't work for me though,it just makes me stool endlessly as I don't usually fall labour. I was later induced with that hot drip.

    3. Mhiz A I say you get strength oh, you Don drop 3 now now? 💪💪
      Congratulations to you.

    4. @ Rose it worked perfectly for me in my second pregnancy.

  3. Hahhahahhaha
    .... I love this story.
    Soon I will send in my own LRD.

    1. Amen and it'll be a hassle free journey by His grace.

  4. Congratulations to you and your family my regards to your cute son. I love your story,very interesting and funny

  5. Congrats to you and baby. Its when a woman goes through labour that you truly understand the strength of a woman. We are strong

  6. Congrats. Thank God for safe delivery. Some of us had a compulsory CS and I can't say which option is more painful cos the pain after CS for the next 3 days no be here. I'll still choose it again sha😂😂

    Congrats again, babe.

  7. MADAME koinkoin A.K.A "PeaceMaker "3 September 2021 at 14:09

    See me smiling, thank God for you poster, I enjoyed your story. God bless your household 🙏.

  8. Awwww.... Congratulations! You story was so interesting to read. May God grant all ttc mums their heart desires. Amen

  9. Congratulations ma'am,God bless the Lil man

  10. I enjoyed this without so much Fear... married folks will be making childbirths fearful.. congratulations to your all you're all preparing us ahead..thanks to all the moms out there..

  11. Congratulation,thank God for safe delivery..
    Very funny and interesting story

  12. Congratulations oooh
    First time mum something is not easy oh, I'm just here wishing this baby will give me one sign that he/she is coming but no🤦🏽‍♀
    Its well

  13. Congratulations to you. I'll be having my baby soon so I no need fear

  14. Congratulations poster.I tap into this.

  15. Congratulations sis.. Lord, its time for my miracle..

  16. Thank God for your life & that of your baby.

    When I read where you stated that you had wanted to yank off the drip & heart beat monitor I didn't know when I shouted a loud Chia & made this statement that see what women go through and after someone will take their kids away from them.


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