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Monday, September 13, 2021


 Hailings to all the Kings and Queens on this platform..... Or is everyone King?Hahahahahhahahahahaha


The face of in house news competition post will be posted on Tuesday cos I am yet to sort it out properly.
Make una no vexs.....

Thanks for the correction in the comment section on the errors i made on some posts today.....No excuse....
The person who dropped an insult, the Joke is on you for coming here at all to read the Blog of a proud 3rd class graduate....Hahahahahhahahahahahahaha
I can make any mistakes cos I am not perfect ...She you me? me she you? lol

Hope your day is sailing smoothly?



Fashion trends and its shenanigans, the first thing I look out for when picking an outfit, a shoe or accessories is comfort. Something I can jump, run or move freely in.

I hate being uncomfortable, so my style has transitioned from my teenage tom boy days to lots of maxi outfits. I love heels and all but I have settled for wedges, flats and sandals.

Last week my sisters had a sit down with me and the topic was my fashion style. They are of the opinion that I am starting to look like a beautiful grandma instead of the young mom that I am. 

Truly I see outfits on way older women ( you know all those nice bubus and lace and maxi jumpsuits) and I tend to gravitate towards them .

They came harmed with pictures and all, of nice trending yet comfortable styles that were age appropriate. They succeeded in convincing me and I am looking forward to transforming my looks but one thing I refuse to spend my money on are those designer tiny bags that you can’t even put your phones in it. What’s the purpose of spending so much money on it.

Also there are lots of ugly shoes in rage now, shoes that look like the ones my mom wore when I was growing up, not only are they ugly they look so uncomfortable yet expensive, I refuse to spend money on them just because they are trendy.

I am keeping my fingers crossed as I watch and see what they are capable of doing.

LOL.....  some people spend million on just bag and shoes... who get am they spend am, nah who no get dey complain..




Sometime ago, considering the move of God over the church, my family and I decided to do a three hours prayer chain. It was suppose to be a vigil. I was also determined to invite some of my friends regardless of their location. I chatted up Tobi, my old school mate, and he agreed to join the chain so I sent him some prayer points, We were not in the same city.

At exactly 11:55pm, I picked up my Bible, woke up my husband and his brother. The entire house has two bed room and a parlour, so each room had different person in it, we began praying and each speaking in tongues, the entire compound was on fire, the silence was deafening as the presence of God had heavily conveyed the whole premises, the arena was in quick flames.

At about past 2:00am, few steps away from our flat, suddenly, we heard a loud bird-like cry as of someone that is gruesomely burning, apparently, it was was a witch, so we thought. The witch was coming from their coven, set on an errand but met more than it bargained for.

There was complete tranquility as we heard the bird scream in absolute horror and pain, struggling to catch its breath and then it disappeared. We were dazed, we came out of the room, glorified the Lord collectively, held hands tighter, increased the tempo of the prayers as we fiercely spoke in tongues, the prayer chain ended after 3:00pm.

Early the next morning, the neighbors began recounting the experience, obviously, the incident terrified them as well and kept sleep far away from their eyes. We were still discussing about how violent the prayer got when we began hearing noises from the third house, it was Iya Yemi's compound.

Iya Yemi was the only provision seller in the street, and she's a known curser, very competitive and vile. Her constant quarrels with every other women who dare to delve in her line of trade had given her a nick name behind- 'Ìyá Àjé' (suffix to mean, 'Witch mother') however to her face, we call her Ìyá Ajé (meaning  'Mother of Wealth').

We rushed there in a bid to know what the was happening, and on arrival, people were everywhere, so I stood at a distance, I began to connect the dot, could it be that she was a witch, could it be that she was the bird, has she finally been exposed, ....

Quickly, I moved closer and squeezed my way through the crowd so as to get a clearer view of what had happened.

Turns out the mammoth crowd was there because Iya Yemi's native Hen that had nine chicks that drowned in the well over night was taken out that morning. Shockingly, right then and there, a stray goat walked towards the carcass and began eating the dead chicks like a carnivore.

I wasn't told, I was there! For many days, I kept wondering if the previous night prayer had anything to do with the shocker.  

Mammoth crowd because of Dead hen and her chicks? It doesnt make sense and those people must be Jobless



Stella posted a comment few days ago about karma and it got me thinking if karma is real. 

My mom's cousin got married while I was in primary school, her husband was a manager of one of the indigenous companies, he bought a car after marriage and everything seemed okay. She was pregnant before marriage and had a baby boy a few months after, we were all excited and all.

 The boy started growing but he couldn't talk. She had the second boy the same story, then the third boy the same story. She had the last baby, a girl like 16 years ago, she was advised to separate the girl that the other children were probably dumb just from imitating the first born.

 She did but shockingly the girl is dumb too. How can one explain having 4 deaf and dumb children? It's certainly not normal, I mean deaf and dumb couples reproduce children that can speak and hear so why would two healthy couples reproduce 4 deaf and dumb children? I was discussing with one of my aunts and she said there was a time, they took the mother of the children to a prayer mountain and the pastor said she needs to confess to the evil she has done then her children will start speaking but she never went back there. 

I was like, I don't think any mother would be ashamed to confess to any evil at the expense of keeping her children in an affliction and my aunt proceeded to tell me that, the woman in question snatched a married man with two children and his wife will come and beg and be rolling on the floor crying that the husband has abandoned the children and things are difficult but my aunt still went to chook head. First time I even heard that, the man later lost his job and apparently he has abandoned my auntie and the 4 children for over 10 years now.

 He remarried another wife and has two normal children with the new wife. I'm just confused, is karma only for my aunty? The man was not innocent and instead of going back to his first wife, he settled with another woman. Is this even karma and if its karma how come its affecting the innocent children and not the mother that perpetrated whatever evil? 

The 4 kids are between the ages of 25-16, isn't the punishment long enough and will they continue the rest of their lives this way. I'm just sad. My aunt lost her job, she goes around begging and doing odd jobs, when would this end?

WOW.... This is some really really sad story!!!



Please I need honest advise. How do I get over reality TV addiction? I'm addicted to watching BBN, I even follow it on twitter and to be frank, it messes with my mental health. This year, I never planned to...but here am I. Please I need tips on how to stop watching it. 

Please help!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭 

I've tried, but I still find myself running to twitter to find updates. I'm begging please help:

Na dem dey fight up and down dey stan up and down!!
Please if you have tips, give this person...... Big brother naija season 6 is so dry, i cant deal so i wonder what is making you addicted.... it has no drama, no suspense, nothing to be taught or learned, just a group of people confused and acting..



  1. It's been raining the heaven's since morning. Good wet afternoon everyone!

    1. God bless me😁😁😁.
      Monday cold weather. Back to the post.


    2. I need this rain ooo. It rained midnight,but na heat dey rush us now

    3. le me perch here. poster your aunty should ask God for mercy and go for deliverance. I am learned enough to know that genetics can cause deformities or disabilities in all kids from a is also possible that woman has done juju for your aunty. not all women take husband snatching gently. the man can go scot free because the other woman will want the father of her kids back. their pain is with the husband snatcher because you knew the man was married but decided to still stay and cause another woman pain..

      madam bbn addict. if you are a Christian, give your life to Christ and read your bible. bbn has nothing of value to give you. I do not watch it.. like with any other addiction only a spirit filled life will help you overcome.

    4. Sounds like a genetic defect. But it gives ur aunty time to ruminate over the wickedness she caused the mans first family. As for the man his own will come!!

  2. Always Have A Bag Of Flour At Hand In The Kitchen And Let Everyone Know Where It Is!


    🔥The experience of a woman who burnt herself ... 🔥.

    Some time ago, i cooked corn and pushed my sparkling water into boiling water to see if the corn was ready. Mistakenly, my hand sank into the boiling water !!

    A friend of mine who was a Vietnamese veterinary doctor had come to the house. As I howled with pain he asked me if i did not have a sachet of wheat flour ...

    I pulled out a bit of flour and he covered my affected hand with it and asked me to wait 10 minutes.

    He told me that in Vietnam, there was a boy who got burnt. While the fire was on him, in the panic they threw a sack of flour all over his body to try to extinguish the fire ... The flour did not only extinguish the fire, but left no trace of burns on him!!!!

    ... Brief history; I put my hand in a bag of flour for 10 minutes, removed it after and i did not even have a red mark of burn that remained. More to that, there was absolutely NO PAIN!

    Now i always keep a bag of flour in the fridge and i use it every time i get burnt.
    Cold flour is much better than that at room temperature.

    I use flour often and i don't have a trace of burning!

    I even burnt my tongue once and put the flour on it for about 10 minutes ....The pain stopped leaving no trace of burns.

    Experiment a miracle!

    Always have 1 sachet of flour in your fridge.
    Flour has the ability to absorb heat and is a strong antioxidant.Thus, it helps a burnt patient if it is applied within 15 minutes.

    "When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others too.

  3. It's a blissful day.
    The Almighty God will guide you as you begin your week with Him. His mighty hand will lead and guide you in all your activities, He will not give you up to any willful desire of your enemies, this day, Holy Spirit will take care of all your needs, His angels will not rest until the will of the Lord come to manifestation in your life.
    When you look back, all those who seek your hurt will bow to the authority of the Almighty before you.

    1. I have a screenshot of a staff of EEDC soliciting l give her 30k for Prepaid meter. Her head office said, l should send it over, should l do that?
      The person in question is a woman, and very wicked in giving us light. She can hold our light for 3weeks and some cases, 1month.
      Should l do it or leave it?

    2. Amen.


    3. Do not send the screen shot, she didnt put a gun to your head to give her the money.. she gave you an offer, if you do not accept it, rest. Dont make her loose her job. Tankio.

    4. send it...without a scapegoat they will continue to perpetrate hardship on people. if she looses her job then her greed caused it. this country will not change till we all start being accountable for our actions.

    5. @ Amara hi with C, by all means go ahead and send it but wait ooo, on a second thought, are you really SURE she is the one doing what you mentioned above?, I wonder what she derive from putting you people in darkness. Since she doesn't value her source of livelihood, help her loose it, nonsense

    6. @Able God, she will give 2wks on and take 2wks. I heard from good authority that it depends on how much power she buys from TCN.

  4. God bless you all

  5. Good afternoon everyone .
    It has been raining here since morning .
    Stella God you too 🙌

  6. God bless everyone

    Happy new week.... mmmmh I've mixed feelings but this too shall pass.

    1. God bless you too sweet choc.

    2. God bless you too. He will always show up for you speedily in Jesus name. 🥰😍🥰🥰💞💞

  7. God bless you all

  8. Heeeee heeeee heeeee!
    Stella team grammatical errors.
    My own no bi here.
    I post without checking errors.
    My keypad stubborn too.
    All join in anonymous mode.

  9. Replies
    1. Stella may God bless you too. Amen

    2. PA, what's up? you no send me data. What l do? 😔😔😔😔😟😟😟😟😟😞😞😞😞

  10. Good afternoon to y'all on here and how has been your Monday sfsg?

    Good looking to y'all and of course,i am at the park to want to embark on a journey..Take care,peeps

  11. Replies
    1. Congratulations Queen Amy on your pregnancy may God make it easy on you. We are in the same boat #teamApril.

      Let me share my story to encourage you, you see me i just got to know as well but it's for my third unlike you, my own case is even 'simple' because I had my two children through surgery and my second is less than 2yrs and we had plan we won't be having another until he's in school and things stabilize properly cos my hubby's job he's paying a loan while my own business is not too full again due to helping out at home, we had even plan to register for NHIS before I take in again so that the fee won't be much on us as we used private hospital for the first two but see me see belle🤣🤣walahi it's not funny o but what will I do than to thank God.

      I believe he's the master planner, everything will turn out just fine, so be strong for yourself. May God grant us safe and easy delivery. Amin.

  12. Dear Lord as school resume today I pray for divine protection to all the kids out there, and as for we that are yet to be fathers and mothers I pray you help secure a better future for us and our potential kids 🙏.

  13. Good afternoon house
    God bless you too SDK.
    Let me go and read gists

  14. Good afternoon house
    God bless you too SDK.
    Let me go and read gists

  15. Hello ihn, the Bbn addiction poster , just try and take your mind off it, addiction is very bad, I have a very bad addiction for sugary stuff and it affecting me already.

  16. 100 days since the ban of Twitter. Tor browser to the rescue enjoying my Twitter

  17. I cant spend on expensive things i wont use again......
    God should help those deaf and dump children

  18. Ameen,God bless you too Stella.
    Good afternoon good people...

    Inside mind of motherhood I can so telate to your post, I stopped using mini bags since I became a mother, bag that can't contain extra clothes, diaper, mini flask for cereal plus my own Kaya is that one a bag 😂😂😂but I still do heels o not on a daily though sandals and slippers on a daily but for Owanbe 💃💃💃I rock my heels.

    May God come through for you Aunt @karma poster.

    Our primary school pupils won't be resuming till 27th, El-rufai be doing us anyhow.

  19. This story is really sad, bringing innocent children to this world to suffer for your sins, she should have confess nd free her children

  20. Amen to the sign out post.
    God bless you too Jeweluchi Stella.

    God bless blogfamz.

    Hmmmm,that story of four dumb siblings is really disheartening!!

  21. This is saying, THANK YOU, to everyone for the wishes and prayers this morning. I can't type out all names but I am indeed grateful.

    God bless you all mightily and may shouts of joy never cease from your mouths and homes.

    1. Happy birthday to you Wendy, cheers to your new age.

    2. @Beautiful soul and Adore: Thank you and amen.

    3. Happy birthday dear. I wish you what you wish yourself🤗. All your heart desires are met

    4. Happy birthday Wendy 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁

  22. Hello everyone. Feeling cold here😪

  23. Finally saw Omo ghetto The Saga and it was a good watch.

    Started slow for me as I was trying to make head or tails about the movie but once a storyline developed, it went well from there.

    I was particularly pained at the scene Lefty cried when she got dumped. I felt the pain like it was so real.

    I must also add that despite all the adverts, they gave absolutely nothing away about the movie. Like you could possibly not make out the storyline from the movie.

    It was an enjoyable watch for me.

    Abeg, does anyone know is ‘Sanitation day’ will be worth my time?

    1. I kinda liked sanitation day, you have to be really patient to watch it!!

      It had an unbelievable twist in the end

    2. Eka Joy pls where did you watch it? Make I follow watch biko.

    3. On Netflix, anon. Thanks Cookie. I haven even started but it just looked so boring. One day I will summon courage to watch because of Blossom

  24. Hello ihn 😘.
    Good afternoon my lovely blogfam.

    God bless you too Jewelu star woman.

    Motherhood poster,nice one.For me o fashion is anything I'm comfortable in.i don't do heels but prefer flats but my people won't let me be,saying walking with heels gives u the ladylike steps while in flats one will be walking jagalajagala.😄

    Pastor's wife well done maama.Prayer is the key..the master key.

    Karma poster,Kai I feel sorry for that woman o..4 deaf and dumb she's there suffering with the kids while the man is enjoying no balance o.

    Happy birthday to u chisom b'anyi,God bless ur new age and increase u.

    Bvs enjoy the rest of your day.
    E go surely be ✌️.

  25. Re: What you sow, you reap

    Proverbs 11:If the righteous receive their due on earth, how much more the ungodly and the sinner!

    People are rewarded on earth and in heaven for righteous acts.
    People are rewarded on earth and in hell for wicked acts.
    If you are a lady that split what God joined together, you have God to contend with.
    I wrote ladies, because, a lady decides if fornication/adultery will take place. Yes, the man will receive his own rewards too, but the woman's is most obvious. If the man forced
    the lady, it will be called "rape"
    The woman takes the decision to submit
    to sex of any kind.
    How do you dress lady? Do people commit adultery with you in their hearts? 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

    1. spoilt your right up with how do you dress. so if a lady wears only pant around and the man is stupid enough to commit adultery in his heart you think he will not answer to God? each human is responsible for the choices they make. its irritating when every rubbish behavior from men is put at the feet of women. if you look cannot you not take your eyes away? you people insult God like he did not put self control in men. he did not create men to be dogs, they choose that path because he made them head.

    2. @16:28
      Yes, he will answer to God.
      She too will answer to God for being the "seductress"
      Dressing to seduce is a sin before God.
      Read again and see how it was rendered, "he that looks at a woman lustfully
      has committed adultery WITH HER in his heart."
      Well, I may have "spoilt it" in your sight but not in God's sight for he authored those Words
      of Scriptures.

  26. I am a sweet Queen oh.

    Happy birthday to all the Beautiful celebrants. Wishing you a beautiful year ahead

  27. God bless you too Jeweluchi 😘.

    Thank you to every awesome persons for the kind words on Friday night post. I feel better tho the vaccine area is a bit itchy. I really appreciate your concerns. God bless you 😘😘😘😘😘.

  28. Good afternoon my people. It's a raining day in lasgidi.

    Hope your day is going well

    Poster with the karma story pls tell your aunty to go roll on the floor and beg the man's first wife maybe the children will be delivered. It's really a sad one. Maybe some people's head is stronger than karma itself.

  29. God bless you.

    Good day everyone.

  30. God bless you all! Good afternoon

  31. It's cold Monday afternoon 🥶🥶🥶🥶
    Chai I need some hot pepper soup 🍲🍲

  32. Good afternoon Everyone
    Rain just dey dull my spirit today
    Have a wonderful rest of the day

  33. I'm here to call out bv Able God.
    Bv Able God you are so wicked, I saw you mocking and cursing Annie all over the posts that concerns her marital issues, to think you are a woman too. See me pitying you and others that time for not being picked for business giveaway, I'm glad now that you were not picked, I regret wasting my pity on you. Go and collect your giveaway from Pero. Wicked soul.

    1. Just WOW!!!, so I don't have the right to air my opinion again because I asked for give away, am I the only that reacted to Annie's issue?, why is my own paining you so much?, ndo oh? Sorry, I feel your pain. Stella please post this my reply

  34. Rain rain go away. Cold day today.

  35. God bless you
    God bless the givers
    God bless our hustle.

  36. God bless you too ma'am and all bvs.

  37. I just can't thank God enough for His mercies these past days....
    Good afternoon people!

  38. God bless you too dear Stella and all beevees.

  39. Hello Hello!!

    God bless everyone!!

  40. Between Cliniques and Clarins,which is the best brand for a natural light skinned person?
    2ndly which of their range is the best for my complexion?

    1. Clarins please. Go for their bright plus range

    2. I heard clarins is very good but damn expensive, one of my rich aunty uses that cream, you need to see her skin😍

    3. I will change to clarins when I have money. For now let me managing Makarri. Body milk 15k from the wholesale retailers. Very small content , hardly lasts for 6weeks, Face cream 14500 very small something too, but can last for 4months, face scrub 6500. Exfoliating body bath. 8500. Women wahala for a clear skin

  41. God bless you Stella. God bless everyone of us.
    Good afternoon my people.

  42. Today is a rainy day. I thank God for everything, may He perfect what He has started in Jesus name amen.

  43. Good afternoon everyone may this new week bring us define breakthrough and whatever we wish for. I am just happy since yesterday I can now finally comment on this blog since the past 9yrs have been trying all thanks to Martins. God bless everyone here, Stella you are blessed for this wonderful platform.

  44. Pleasant afternoon everyone.. hope our day has been going well... Happy birthday to all those celebrating

  45. Omo its raining cats and dogs hereooooh.

    Bv karma story, i'am thinking ur aunt did more than that, that might not be the thing dealing with her, maybe something more severe. When she is ready she will talk.
    Or maybe the woman waka foram.

    Stella jeweluchi God bless u.

  46. God bless you too

    God bless everyone.

    Ibadan is so cool this afternoon..the cold no be here oooo

  47. It's been raining all day nonstop in the garden City and is a really cold day.
    Congratulations and happy birthday to all those celebrating, may God continue to shine His light in all your endeavors ❤️❤️♥️♥️
    I'm just indooor can't kill myself under this rain, eh go be 😁😁😁

  48. God bless everyone,hope your day is going on fine?it's ending in praise

  49. God bless you too Stella and BVs

    Pretty Patience

  50. God bless you too! May our prayers come as a memorial before God this week!

  51. Amen, God bless you too Stella

  52. God bless Stella Jeweluchi
    God bless blog visitors
    God bless blog angels 😇

    God bless me
    God everyone of us real good.

  53. Stella people gathered because the stray goat ate the carcass of the chicks. Goats are not carnivores, that's the shocker.

    God bless Stella and everyone around here.

    1. Ahhh I see thanks for clarifying. That bit confused me too ngl

  54. Nazirite poster. Sufri with the fabu na
    How can a goat eat dead animal, abi you wanted to write dog?
    Anyway, na una sabi

    1. My dear the thing tire me too.

  55. God bless you Stella of life. I declare increase upon your life and all round favour..

    God bless you all my dear bvs, may your needs be met by God

  56. God bless you too

  57. @Nazareth pen This your story was a total let down oooo. I was waiting to read that the mammoth crowd was gathered because the Iya was confessing all her crimes because of your prayers. Though the dead fowl might be significant, there might be a link between her and the fowl. I once saw a witch confessing, it was was a fascinatingly horrible experience.


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