Stella Dimoko Bandits Contact Kidnapped Corps Members Parents And Demand For Ransom Despite Telecoms Shutdown


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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Bandits Contact Kidnapped Corps Members Parents And Demand For Ransom Despite Telecoms Shutdown

Bandits in Zamfara State have evaded the telecommunication blackout in many parts of the state to reach out to families of two graduates abducted enroute to the National Youth Service orientation camp in Kebbi State.

According to Punch, the kidnappers reportedly demanded N2m ransom for each of the victims, Jennifer Iorliam and Joseph Aondona, and two other commuters kidnapped along with them.

The victims reportedly boarded a bus from Benue State to Sokoto State on Tuesday before they were intercepted around Tsafe Local Government Area of Zamfara State.

The driver of the bus and some passengers were said to have escaped and reported the incident at police stations in Zamfara and Benue States.


  1. Saint Elsewhere Phoenix23 October 2021 at 19:08

    Lolzz haa until we have thinking leaders. I knew this will happen. They think the bandits depend on our network when they have satellite phones. People that have anti-aircraft equipment to shoot down a plane.

    So imagine other horrible things thta may be happening but no network to reach out for help. Very pathetic.

    1. Lolzz?...This is funny to u?
      A lady was kidnapped and probably raped and tortured but all u can do is "lolzz"...I've never rated u anywayz so continue loling till it hits u....

  2. There's network in Gusau now but even before network was restored here in the state capital bandits were said to have another means of communication...zamfara dey fear me right now fa,everyday kidnap that is not even reported

  3. Chei.. This is not a good news

  4. I hope they don't rape this lady.

  5. Nawa oooo this is serious!!...but how did the driver escape sef🤔

  6. I hope they are released quickly. Government needs to be more proactive

  7. Driver escape 🙄🙄

    May God keep them safe oooo

  8. Chai😢😢 This is a very bad time to be posted to any Northern state.
    I pray God help them and prevent the bandits from molesting them sexually cause they do molest their victims, both males and females. This country is becoming something else😳😳

  9. When will people realize that this Country is not going to be better, as long as this parasites are connected to us?

    North is in charge of Terrorism,
    North is in charge of Alamagiri,
    North is in charge of early marriage,
    North is in charge of Polio,
    North is in charge of quota system,
    North is in charge of Child Abuse,
    North is in charge of forceful conversion of Religion and kidnapping
    North is the head of banditry, child voting, rigging of election, importation of foreigners for voting and Land grabbing.

    They have never added to this Country in terms of growth.

    Killing of corpers was introduced by their GCFR during 2011 of his famous speech of "blood and baboons will be shed".

    1. What of the ills of the South:
      1. Kidnapping
      2. Yahoo
      3. Baby factory
      4. Slavery
      5. Drugs
      6. Armed Robbery

      Are these the things that will make the "South" great when we divide?

      See you ranting about the North, while your SE is daily embroiled in the same shit.

    2. First and foremost, This country will get better in Jesus name

      This is not the time to blame the North for the atrocities committed by 5% of the Northerners. No region is free from atrocities, look at the way you generalised all Northerners as evil. Is it their fault polio attacked their land? Come on now, there re innocent beings from the North who are affected by those things you mentioned.

      Just so you know, Early marriage is everywhere,especially in rural areas of the Southern Nigeria. How many Southern states ve you been to? I've been to more than 10 and saw terrible things while working with an organisation.

      Polio use to be common in the whole of Nigeria, Children re abused everywhere and not just in the North.
      Evans from the East and Niger Deltan militants made kidnapping popular before it became a thing in the North of recent.
      You don't bash a full region because of the dirts of a few..later you will go to church tomorrow and start asking God for mercy when you harbour hate towards a certain group of people because of their ethnicity.
      Tomorrow is Sunday, go to church and pray for a better Nigeria, or Biafra whichever one you choose but don't bash any region out of hate for them

    3. Eesah, d crying mantle, how far nah?

  10. And eesah and the grammatically challenged one will be missing in this discourse

    Anal thinking creatures

  11. And eesah and the grammatically challenged one will be missing in this discourse

    Anal thinking creatures

  12. It is well with u people ooo cuz na una get everything


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