Stella Dimoko Dr Freaks Journal - Whipped Fourteen Strokes Of The Cane In The University


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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Dr Freaks Journal - Whipped Fourteen Strokes Of The Cane In The University


Like so many young men of my generation, upon the completion of my secondary education I aspired to proceed to the university of my choice to pursue my dream of acquiring a university degree.

Unlike many, I opted for the dreaded University of Benin under the Vice Chancellorship of Prof Alele Williams. The idea did not go down well with my mother, but I was unstoppable because I knew that I needed that experience for the chief reason that I needed to school in a place where I would be compelled to speak English language for more than 5 minutes for the very first time in my life.

 My mother did not leave me to my fate. She accompanied me to school for my registration and my classmates had a good laugh for a very long time. Who cares?

 They were simply jealous joor.

 They secretly wished one of their parents accompanied them to school like me. Mother drove me to Hall 2 and got me a room to stay for the whole of that semester. 22 of us inhabited a room that was originally meant for 3 and we had so much fun.

The meat of this piece is my whipping experience. 

I was returning from class, I think this was my second week in that great school and behold the door to my room was locked! This was strange because I can't remember ever shutting that door throughout my stay thereat. Out of curiosity, I knocked then some strange faces peeped through the half open door and ushered me in. Alas! All my goons were lying down on the floor sobbing. I was ordered to obey the law of nature by lying down on that forever dirty floor and I was sentenced to receive 14 strokes of the cane for an unknown offence. 

After the flogging, we were ordered to raise a sum of 1000 under 30 minutes to 'appease the gods' or pack our belongings and leave the school. 

More than 18 occupants of Room 101 ran away. I stayed because I had nowhere to run to in Benin. I ran to an older dude I had bought some bottles of beer for at '815' the previous night. Unknown to me, 'my friend' was one of them! 

He promised to intervene but not until I had parted with a paltry sum of 20 Naira. That was huge in 1991. I summoned up courage and went back to my room that night. Upon further enquiry, I discovered that our collective sin was that we 'stroked' (made jest of) a girl who happened to be their friend.

Assuming I was around when this happened, I would have participated though, but hey, I was not but I was part of those flogged.

Interestingly, some of them later became my 'friends', and most were expelled by Mama Alele.

Interestingly, I graduated from that same school in 1996, went back for another degree in 2000 and finally graduated in 2004.


Its Kunle!



  1. I thought hall 1 and hall 2 are girls hostel while hall 3 and 4 are boys hostel..
    What do I know sef..
    From Ekewan Campus (joromi) to Ugbowo.. I stayed off campus all through, Osasogie.

    1. I heard either hall one or hall two was boys hostel then.

  2. 22 of you stayed in a room in hall 2?
    In 1991?
    When I gained admission into Uniben in 1997, Hall 2 was for females ( I gather some part of it was for males in the times past before Hall 4 was built) and it was max 8 occupants to a room.

    1. Squatters usually take more space than main occupants in most schools where there are no regulations but I cannot survive with that arrangement.

  3. Yes they're but during hostel hunting and applications they swapped hall 1 n 2 to boys and hall 3 n 4 to girls. But after everything it goes back to normal.

  4. Saint Elsewhere Phoenix30 October 2021 at 14:21

    Greatest UNIBEN!! So Hall 2 was for guys. What a wow. 22 in a room! Ewo! Hall 2 had 8 occupants in a room while Hall 1 had 6 occupants...

    Chai wetin cult guys dey do ehn. Those full Ekosodin and Osasioge ehn. Fond memories! Kpele Kunle

  5. Greatest Uniben!!! So guys once stayed in Hall 2, never knew until now.

    Were they shotputting and bathing outside back then?🤔🤔🤔

  6. Excuseeeeee me? 22 people in one room? Nah I cannot not even if they paid me. I hear lots of strange things from Uniben students, must have been fun and scary at the same time. Your mum is so cool accompanying you to school, apart from knowing the name of my school and paying my fees nothing concern my parents again o. I had a friend whose mum used to visit her and bring lots of goodies, looked forward to it.

  7. Greatest UNIBEN student!!!!! I stayed in both Hall 1 and Hall 2 when I lived in the hostel. Heard Hall 2 used to be for guys.

  8. 22 in a room? Well it must be a hall.

  9. Wow, so u spent almost 10 years there, I will really love to go back to school, but definitely not KSU, I will lime to experience another school


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