Stella Dimoko INVICTUS Obi's Attorney Writes A Cease And Desist Letter To Yahoo News For Libelous Publication


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Thursday, October 07, 2021

INVICTUS Obi's Attorney Writes A Cease And Desist Letter To Yahoo News For Libelous Publication

Nigerian businessman Invictus Obi who is serving jailtime in the US for Fraud reportedly granted an Interview talking about his Journey into fraud.
Hs Legal team say Mr Obi did not grant the Interview (check below)

Re: Libelous Publication Titled “David Pright Talks to Invictus Obi about Prison and what Brought Him There”

Our Ref. No: OO21-00200

Dear Mr. Campbell:

Our firm and the undersigned are attorneys for Obinwanne Okeke, and our attention has been recently drawn to a Yahoo publication on September 4, 2021, making its round on the internet and social media, falsely stating that our client was interviewed by a David Pright, a copy of which is hereto attached as Exhibit 1.

By this letter we are putting Yahoo and other media outlets copied on this letter, on immediate notice that our client did not grant an interview to the so-called crime reporter, David Pright. Our client was not interviewed by David Pright and has never spoken to any reporter regarding his case or any other person’s case. This false publication is simply an attempt to garner internet traffic by putting our client in a false light before the public.

While you may not have realized at first glance that the publication is false; however, as is evident from the article, your company and/or its agents, did not vet the article before publication since it does not contain any information about the date of the interview, the location and/or manner of conducting the alleged interview with our client. Hence, the falsity of the article should have been apparent to a seasoned organization like Yahoo.

Cease and Desist letter/Obinwanne Okeke

October 2, 2021

Page 2


Now that we have brought this to your attention, we trust that you understand the seriousness, and must take steps to protect our client’s rights. That said, we ask that you do the following by no later than the end of business on October 8, 2021;

1. your written agreement that you will immediately cease and desist any further publication of the false article titled “David Pright Talks to Invictus Obi”; 2. your written agreement that you will not publish any further false and/or derogatory information about our client;

3. immediately publish a retraction, unequivocally stating that our client was not interviewed by David Pright and that the article is false;

4. ensure that the retraction is accorded the same prominence on your website as the original false article;

5. your written agreement that you will cooperate with our firm in its investigation to determine the source of the false article from David Pright and any other parties with which you have or have had any dealings involving the false article.

While we are hopeful that with your anticipated cooperation, this matter can be promptly resolved. This letter is not intended to be a full statement of our client’s position with respect to this matter and is written without prejudice to any of the rights and remedies of our client, all of which are expressly reserved.

Please forward any future correspondence to our office. Trusting that this is satisfactory at this time, with kind regards, I am

Very Truly Yours,

John O. Iweanoge, II



  1. That is how they keep painting a bad image of the country. This culture of not caring the source of ill-gotten wealth needs to change.

  2. Thief self get mouth??
    This guy should cover his head in shame because he let down a lot of people that believed his hustle. Even Forbes!! Shame on you!!

    1. you are ignorant! no one should trample on your rights ,guilty or not. And if you think everyone on Forbes list is blameless then you have to think again. na who him yansh show dem go know way krawkraw dey...

  3. A recording of the call/interview should be presented by the reporter if he really conducted the interview. I fear this guy just made up the story however.

    Invictus definitely started his scamming before Bitcoin went big or got public traction. Secondly, he was convicted for BEC... All this story of one day I visited a friend... No one will expose you to that level of dirty money if you were not already succeeding in small scams.

    The piece was also poorly edited with the spelling and spacing errors suggesting that someone may have cooked something up for a cheque. "Acquire to perspire" is not going to be extra eloquent all of a sudden.

    I'm waiting for Yahoo's next move though.


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