Stella Dimoko Lagos Governor Sanwo Olu Spotted Chatting With BBNaija Season 6 Finalists...


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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Lagos Governor Sanwo Olu Spotted Chatting With BBNaija Season 6 Finalists...

 Looks like Lagos state governor Sanwo Olu is a big brother fan....


  1. Why is pere and Emmanuel not among them?

  2. He said he watch at least 1hour a day.So he sees everything and do as if he doesn't.

    Mtcheeeew....Zukwanike Sanwo

    He said where is that Emotional guy(saga) and the authoritarian (pere).πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  3. Goes to show how depraved these governors are. You aren't creating jobs or giving scholarships to your citizens.
    Instead, you are "fanning" Big BROTHEL house? Shame!
    Where married women breastfeed men and ladies wearing no underpants lift their skirts before men.
    Where fornication thrives? shame, shame, shame, shameeeeeeeeeeeeeee! #ENDSARS

    1. You are a certified nut case

    2. @13:16
      And the governor and those doing those Brothel shows are certified?
      And you are a certified?

    3. Real big SHAME!!!!

      Has he finished seeing the 1st Class graduates in Lagos State or the youths and businessmen brimming with workable ideas that have probably been knocking on his door for close to two years?

      It's DEPRAVED youth corrupting the little sanity that yet exists in society today that he sees to give audience. Then u say u have serious ppl in govt?


  4. They have started campaigning already.
    Look at them shining their teeth,anyway, collect bribe and sell the future of Nigerians for another 4 years loading.
    Shey Tinubu has started sharing rice upandan.

  5. Use them governor it's a hopeless country afterall

    1. It is you and your head that's useless, not my beloved country Nigeria.

    2. She said hopeless and not useless. Kai!!😁😁😁😁 Na wa

  6. Nawa for u sanwo, Wetin con be the meaning of this madness now? Angel must sha open her chest.
    mrchewww yeye

  7. Nawao. No wonder why Nigeria is backward. When will first class graduates and people making inventions start meeting their state governor's. Gulder ultimate search is not even generating buzz on social media compared to BBN.

  8. You anon 13:16 are a bigger nut case! And no, I'm not the first anon. Where is the sense in what the gov did? Recognizing and honoring these morally bankrupt, bad influences, what message is he passing?


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