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Friday, October 15, 2021

The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo - 98

It is said that “a man wins nothing better than a good wife and then again, nothing deadlier than a bad one”.

Working with a particular client in the last 2 weeks has opened my eyes to a new set of realities concerning marriage. I took him around as he prepared for his second marriage. His story is pathetic and I really felt sorry for him.

There was a fraud issue where he worked about 7 years ago and he was implicated. He ended up going to jail for 5 years before he was released two years ago. Since then, he has been trying to get on his feet and has found love again.

According to him, he had 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy from his previous marriage but lost his son while in prison due to his wife’s negligence. His wife used to visit him regularly but suddenly stopped after 2 years on the pretext that she was very busy taking care of the home front. It was only when he was released that he discovered the wife had remarried and relocated to another state. She had also dropped his 2 girls with her mother and they were so unkempt.

Another shocking discovery was that she had sold the house, cars and 2 other plots of land belonging to him. Thankfully, he had not yet disclosed a new property he had elsewhere to his ex-wife and that is his only saving grace now. At the moment, he is taking steps legally to reclaim his properties from her.

Men have really suffered. I heard of a man who sponsored his fiancรฉe through medical school only for her to say he is not good enough for her anymore as she has found someone else she truly loves.

I don’t blame men who don’t disclose fully what they earn and own to their wives because you can never tell what they can do with such information. Some women cannot be fully trusted and are there for the fair weather only and leave when things turn bad . I will enter into marriage with my 2 eyes wide open. Love is not blind anymore.

*You will enter into Marriage with your two eyes open? Make you find the wife first nah.
In Nigeria 90 percent of the time, the woman is blamed for anything and everything that goes wrong in a Marriage....  The man stole company money and paid for his crime, dont paint the story to suit him.

Come to think of it, how did the woman remarry without a divorce?


  1. So if the man "stole company money and paid for it..." is it right for the woman to steal from her husband?"
    Let's not dodge the fact of this matter like a bullet which it is not.
    Isn't it time also for the woman to pay for her own crimes; bigamy, swindling, stealing?
    Both if they do not repent, will pay for their sins in eternity. The righteous judge does not sleep.

    1. Hear from the woman's side first. You might be shocked at what you would discover. If truly the ex wife was so bad to him, I don't know how he would be rushing to go and get married to another woman. He should even be scared to be involved with another woman

  2. As long as those two own things separately, I do not see any marriage there. They were cohabiting and deceiving themselves as married.
    The two was never one.

  3. Oko ashy wetin you collect from Stella nah abeg return am so the bashing fit stop ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Stellz mama the man might actually not steal the money but I can't really blame the woman though, body no be firewood

  4. A woman would 'cry' and rant about DNA test, saying it means you don't trust them and shit..
    Same woman would never put her husband as her next of kin in properties and bank account, she'll rather put her put her siblings, parents or kids, whereas, almost all men use their wives as next of kin.. so much for trust..
    Who is decieving who.. ndi victim

    1. Thank you Dante. I've not seen where a woman used her husband as next of kin, meanwhile most men use their wives as next of kin.

    2. My husband is my next of kin and I'm richer at the moment. I am also his next of kin and we are good. We have planned out our lives in case of death, we both know what to do and how to put our children's interest first. I don't know where all these competition is coming from but can we just stop being bitter and do the right thing.

    3. Erika u are lucky. My husband can not be my next of kin. He will squander my money trying to impress people and girlfriends. Thankfully my first child is over 18 and very level headed so that’s my next of kin. At least if anything happens let me know my money is taking care of my children. Even while married he has told me he has no money and then I will find out he bought a car for someone that month. U are lucky my dear.

    4. I'm my husband's next of kin and my name is on all his properties as jointly owned. My children are my next of kin and he cried foul when I bought some properties and didn't include his name. I simply told him to remove mine from his if that will make him feel better. I'm a signatory to all his accounts( his choice) but my daughter is the co-signatory to mine.
      I don't think anything is right or wrong but choices should be made based on the peculiar nature of your marriage
      I won't allow any man use his recklessness to ruin my old age and all I labored for.

    5. I have no issues with my husband being my next of kin. We have come a long way, from where we even soaked garri and starved at times. But I will only make him my next of kin after I'm done teaching him financial discipline if not we may go back to square one. Aside this, I can give my beloved husband the whole world and more without even batting an eyelid. He deserves it mehn, he sure does.

  5. Divorce here is the woman family returning the dowry, she will be free..
    Wahala will be when property is involved, the woman will remember the court certificate to drag the man..

  6. The woman no try at all, she would have just left and not sell his property.

  7. My prayer is that God gives us the right spouses. There are wicked men and women everywhere.
    Until one is under certain situations before the true character of the person will come out. May God help us ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ

  8. There are two sides to a story, na only Oko ashawo client side we hear, if the woman tells hers, we fit ask for forgiveness.

    1. Better person, na only your comment make sense. When you hear her side now, na to scream, you don’t mean it (in Obus’s voice).

    2. As e be man now una wan hear both side of the story abi, women, na only GOD go judge una.

  9. We men love unconditionally, but women these days love with conditions. What can you offer, what if it goes bad tomorrow? Women would leave without looking back.

  10. This is the mans side of the story. Let’s hear front he wife!!


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