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Friday, December 24, 2021

Cultism Stories

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  1. Lemme not even talk about my experience.... God is so good to me.

  2. Had a boss who felt that the best thing that happened to his life was joining cult in schools.
    Married man fa oo he was always bragging about his wicked doings in school. Everytime he will be saying look at this one I will just waste you, you no reach the level I dey operate on when I dey school.
    Claiming that he was a buccaneer and also held the post of the chief execution officer.
    Surprising thing is that even he has graduated, they are still very close.They have WhatsApp group,there they discuss the activities of other cults threatening them and how they will deal with them. All these are mostly married men ooo

    He even supports the group financially by donations,paying of monthly dues. tufiakwa

    1. Yes, I can confirm this story. They recently killed some graduated financiers in asaba.

  3. Chai!πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†
    My kids o. Dear God, direct their steps pls

  4. Na wa. In Yabatech that year, in my department we had 2 ladies that purposely refused to graduate. They were cultists. Always tormenting the lecturers. The fair one tried to stylishly lure me. Always coming to my room to borrow one thing or the other. I gave myself brain oo.

  5. It is crazy but the truth is many of our leaders are also part of this. Supporting them in every way.

    Funny some of them graduate and are proud of what they did in school

    They even help themselves get jobs and businesses

  6. Did you guys notice one thing that was constant in almost all the stories; the age- between 14 and 20.

    We'll talk about it later.

  7. I had ateacher in secondary school who was a cultist. He was so handsome and cool, he said he narrowly escaped.
    He came from a rich home so I still wonder what protection he sought from them.
    He opened his body for us to see the day he told us his story, it was filled with marks that looks like machete cuts and gunshot wounds. He covered some of them with tattoos.
    He told his story with so much regrets and at a point became teary.
    There's no gain in cultism afterall.

  8. Hmm that reminds me when I just got admission. Oboy this guy's disturb me tire oo, even inside lecture hall, they will come and try to convince me. To be frank with you guys I almost join them but my saving Grace was the day I was with my landlord son cos his also a member and I wanted to join through him, so that faithful day I was in his room with another guy, and they went for initiations a night before and the other guy was showing him the wounds he sustain during initiations and it was much.
    Omo I pick race o I even have to run from that compound to another street.
    Everytime you be fine boy come join us.

  9. Nothing good ever comes out of it,no matter how attractive they make it look.

  10. My cousin joined in Ekpoma then,he wanted to leave,they refused. Guy left school and didn't graduate just to escape. 15yrs later,they still came to kill him. No where to run once you join.

  11. That's how Koraino wanted his younger brother to succeed him as the leader of a cult in Uniben in the 90s. His own cult members killed him for being selfish

  12. I believe these are the result of putting immature children in adult situations when they are not ready to handle such. Some parents behave as if having a 14 yo in a university is something to be proud of. A 14 yo is a 14 yo and, no matter what, is not an adult. Here as soon as a child can stand the parents can’t wait to abandon it at a crΓ¨che while the continue with their “hustle”. The result is that the most impressionable years of the child is spent with total strangers. Sometimes these strangers are more important to your child than you!
    In countries like Sweden and Finland, acclaimed to be the best countries to live in, no child starts school before the age of 6 (Finland is 7). They believe that the early bonding between the child and parents is beneficial to the child and society at large. Consequently, crime rates are quite low compared with other Western countries. In academic competitions their students do better than those of countries like the US, etc

    1. Thank you so much for saving me the strength of typing and adding facts. A child born into the hands of carers, teachers and maids is lost already. The money you are hustling for will be split between therapists, doctors and educational institutions because that child is lost to the outside world. I've seen this happen too many times with families destroyed because the favourite child or only son is exported out of his family circle too young. Few Lucky families get a dysfunctional child back. The rest get a dead one or one you want to kill.

    2. God bless you anon, for this. A while ago, when a bill went to the senate, they wanted to pass a law that only 18yr olds would go to the university. So many of them here kept saying things like, “ what do you expect when na hausas dey make the rules”, “ these idiots that don’t know anything except cows are making backward laws again” and so many other tribalistic comments.
      Meanwhile, the US, canada and UK that they relocate in droves, will not give college admission to a 14 or 15 year old.

    3. @14.19, contrary to what you wrote, kids can start attending daycare from age one in Sweden, and Compared to other western countries like you say, Sweden's crime rate is not low. Don't give false info.

  13. Na wa oh☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ wasted destinies.
    God please protection our children.


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