Stella Dimoko Leader Pan-Niger Delta Forum Edwin Clark Says The Igbos Must Produce Nigeria's Next President


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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Leader Pan-Niger Delta Forum Edwin Clark Says The Igbos Must Produce Nigeria's Next President

Edwin Clark, leader of the Pan-Niger Delta Forum, has maintained that the Southeast “must” produce Nigeria’s next president in 2023.

Clark disclosed this when a presidential aspirant, Anyim Pius Anyim, visited him 
He urged Anyim to collaborate with leaders across Nigeria to build consensus for equity and unity.

Clark noted his passionate “belief that the presidency of Nigeria in 2023 must go to the Southern part of Nigeria and indeed to South-East zone.

“I encourage you and others to continue the task of persuading and reassuring other Nigerians to share that vision.''

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  1. Will Igbo presidency stop the Fulani banditry? Will it stop Boko Haram from terrorizing the northern region? Will it stop corruption?

    I think what is better at this point is disintegration. Let those against westernization stay on their lane.

    1. SIMPLE... They want igbo to come and fix the mess that they created. We ain't fixing shit. We need to retrace our steps and restricts our investments to our region until the foreseeable future.. We are the most hated ethnicity in this country. No matter what how progressive we are, they still find reasons to hate on us.. Once we fix this country, they will want to control stuff...... This is what you get when you marry an unintelligent partner. They can't make meaningful contribution in a marriage. All what is to control what you can buy and what to spend on... To me, North is safe. The gainful effort that our preside and his cousins are making in the north should not be interrupted. ALLOW THEM TO RULE TILL THAT REGION BECOMES DUBAI OF NIGERIA.

  2. Igbos want Biafra and at the same time want the presidency. You guys should pick a struggle abeg 😒

    1. How is it your business what they want? See him jumping all over the place. Glad your previous evil comment was deleted.

  3. Enough of all these people do not know bwhat u really want.

    Go back home and have a peaceful talk with ur people, decide then come back to tell us the exact thing u want

  4. Igbo doesn't need it....Your people fought for One Nigeria. Killed a lot of biafrians...We don't need your endorsement Sir..North is the safest region right now. If Buhari continues till 2027, Northern and middle belt will turn into Dubai....of Africa.. Igbo don't need presidency right now. Igbos need to stop investing outside their region for now...We need to invest in Igbo region and fortify our defense...... Once North turns into by dubai by 2027, we can via for presidency.... We don't need to be presidency right now because we would only disrupt the gains that north is making right now.. Let's allow them continue till become northern dubai of Africa.........Wicked people...They hate ndi igbo with passion yet we have investments all over the country.. No other ethnicity invest in Nigeria indiscriminately like we do. WE DON'T NEED ANY PRESIDENCY.....Keep your endorsement...One Nigeria till North turns to Dubai....Ndi Nzuzu...

    1. Smh. So much bile all over your comment.

  5. God bless you Sir. You have said the bitter truth.


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