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Monday, December 27, 2021

Wordless Night Post



  1. Chei. See as they fall 'big man' hand. So sad!!

  2. Rochas Okorowhite's Son in Raw is being paid in the coins his Father in Raw paid people when they were in Government.
    Jesus's word is sure, they that go by the Sword end by the Sword.🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒

  3. Replies
    1. Son-in-law to Formal Gov. Of Imo state. Rochas Okorocha

    2. Hope they is a good reason for this than dirty politics.

  4. How good and pleasant it would be if every person seeking or sitting in power listens to the lyrics of Jimmy Cliff's "House of Exile".


  5. And his picture was taken to humiliate him.
    Politics ehn
    See why person must ensure the underwears are clean.

  6. Why take off his cloth though?

    1. Same question I asked, but I guess it's to humiliate him.

    2. yes what is the essence of stripping detainees ..cant they be searched and every potentially harmful item confiscated???

  7. I have no problem with the police or DSS arresting Uche Nwosu but my grouse is the way and manner the house of God was desecrated by this idiots and lunatics. Why shoot and disperse people worshipping in the presence of God? Can this arrant nonsense be tried in a mosque? Can a politician from the northern extraction be treated this way inside the mosque?

    Christianity has always been rubbished by most northern security operatives simply cos they are Muslims.

    This is very bad. If Uche Nwosu committed a crime, won't he be invited than this commando like action being carried out.

    If Uche Nwosu was killed yesterday by stray bullet by these DSS operatives or Police officials, the security operatives acting on government orders would have ran away and the next thing the media will dish out is, IPOB-ESN killed Uche Nwosu just like the case of Gulak and the likes.

    Now, we can see what is really happening in Imo state especially the killings that are being sponsored by the very people in government.

    Everyone will surely pay for their crime sooner unless there's no Justice in this life.

  8. They tried many times no way, the charms were too much, then they figured he can't wear those charms to church and booommmm.

    Gov Hope may be a bad man, you see on this very move, we support him.
    For all the unknown gunmen killings positioned to discredit the Government of imo,for all the illegal demolition of opposition houses like Gen Iheanacho house,this Uche Nwosu must pay dearly.

  9. It all started when Hope Uzodimma learnt that Emeka Ihedioha, Rochas and Uche Nwosu attended the same function; Uche Nwosu's mother's funeral. It was very obvious that they've reconciled and really had a good time together, dancing to the same music. Although you wouldn't trust this politicians, an enemy to my enemy is my friend, yes that is it. Infact, the gathering was more like the gathering of the PDPs, (rumour has it that Rochas wants to port to PDP. I don't know how true it is, it's nothing but a rumour).
    Well, Hope felt insecure . He didn't like what he heard and he decided to act in anyway. As a thug he's naau. He doesn't reason before acting, he's the total opposite of Rochas the smart thinker. Hope only acted this way because he knows that forces have joined hands to plan his downfall.

  10. See somebody's father,husbandπŸ€­πŸ€”πŸ€«

  11. Are we seriously supposed to feel bad for him?!!

  12. They should lock him again. They are heartless people. He sent security agencies to Ekeukwu market for forceful demolition of the market & the killed Somoto & demolished people's shops without compensation while he was busy grabbing lands. The wrath of God will visit Rochas Okorocha.
    They should arrest all of them

  13. The hunter has become the hunted!

    The system they refused to reform has turned it's back on them!

  14. He's just making noise. Rochas Okorocha should also bring back to life Somoto, then he should replace our shops, our hard earned money. Rochas Okorocha will know know peace.
    He doesn't know how hard it's to save money & make an investment. I also know many people that purchased shops in that Ekeukwu market yet he demolished the shops without compensation. Abi na the part of land grabbing, taking people's lands & converting it to his family properties without compensation. He even converted many government lands to his.He converted part of I think IBC land at Orji to his personal property. Rochas Okorocha, I & many others still have the documents of our shops at Ekeukwu market. You will surely reap what you have sowed


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