Stella Dimoko Actor Okon Imeh Calls For The Fixing Of Boy Child In Nigeria Due To The High Rate Of Money Rituals


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Monday, January 17, 2022

Actor Okon Imeh Calls For The Fixing Of Boy Child In Nigeria Due To The High Rate Of Money Rituals

 Comic actor Okon says the boy child has to be fixed to stop the growing rate of ritualists in Nigeria...

How does one fix the boy child?


  1. Replies
    1. I commend this move.
      Most talks are always directed at the girl child.
      Don't follow yahoo boys
      Don't go out late at night
      Don't accept a rider from a stranger
      Take a picture of the plate number when you book an Uber

      More women are taking precautions but when you don't do anything about the cause rather try to control the effect change will hardly occur.

      Also our society as a whole needs a change, stop celebrating Ill gotten wealth, everyone now feels a certain pressure to belong.
      Gone are the days when a good name is recognized, these days nobody cares as far as you can do giveaway.
      Some parents don't preach contentment again.

      We all need to do better

  2. Seriously they do. Everyone is so concerned about making money and never minding how its been made. Parents should teach their children how to be contented with what they have. They should also know that hard work with diligence brings success. Teach them to be creative, appreciate human lives and fear God.

  3. True, we also need to teach our female children to have the spirit of contentment, you can work and have money to afford that Benz by yourself in the future, rather than following a young man especially when you have no idea of his source of wealth.

    1. Sometimes they are just in a relationship like everyone else

  4. Fixing of boy child starts from home, the mentality of boys will be boys has done more harm than good to our society. These boys grow up not doing anything and enjoying the benefits. They do no chores at home but they eat at will, stay in neat homes and sometimes their beds and laundry are done by the girls in the home. They become so used to not doing anything and enjoying life, it pushes them to do all sort of unimaginable things to keep enjoying cos they are not used to working. While raising girls, let's raise boys too, the world will be a better place when we raise our children well irrespective of their gender.

  5. He's right o but it should be both ways

  6. Let every parent invest quality home training in their children,parents should also teach their children to love their self and be contented with what they have.
    Parents should also stop comparing their children to other children.
    The list is long but ultimately may God help us in training our children.

    1. While praying against greed and evil influences

  7. Before now,the job of raising children was made a community effort. Now,you dare not reprimand someone's child before the parent will come to ask you if they had requested your effort in training their children.

    So I will be here putting my best effort to raise good girls but you are there doing woke parenting on your sons. Tell me how the next generation will be better than ours.

    Where we are living,this lady will leave her children from morning till night and they will not have their bath. They will just be playing very rough and looking very dirty and unkempt. Some days they could stay for like two days without bathing. Good Samaritan wey I wan do I start telling them to have their bath else they should not come out to play. Oya na,these children come dey baf. Be like they felt better when they didn't use to bath,they reported me to their mom that I use to disturb them with having their bath when she goes out else no play for them
    Can you imagine this woman came to warn me to allow her children be themselves that that is their nature. That I want to make it look like I am cleaner than her. She talk plenty.
    My only joy was that I have kids else I'm sure she would have told me that it's because I do not have children that I should wait till I have mine before advising her.
    After that and some other incidents with other people,if person pikin do something,abeg I dey throwaway face mbok make person no come tell me my story

    Parents should also teach their children contentment. Sometimes sef, there are few times my daughter asks me for something and I tell her that it is not available yet. I could then give her much later. This is to tell that child that in life,there are times the things you want are not available at the moment. At times like that,they should be patient and it will come eventually.
    Make e no be be say tomorrow now when he/she wants something and doesn't have it immediately,he/she will now want to go all length even to the point of killing as the case is nowadays to get it because they have already been used to having it all.
    Make I rest from plenty typing. May God help us all

    1. My dear you said the plain truth especially your 1st paragraph...You cannot reprimand children nowadays because their parents go dey puff like dragons if you do...

    2. Kaแป‹!
      I just feel sad for the children God entrusted to her care, I mean your neighbor, She just don't CARE!

      Please henceforth, just mind your children.

      Nice one Okon, we should start talking about this, very heartbreaking development, ritualist left, right and on a daily basis!
      Hey God!!!!

    3. Wow imagine warning another cos they told your kids to be having their bathe. Just wow

    4. The whole society needs an overhauling of its mentality
      We celebrate rubbish, see bbn housemates will come out and endorsements worth millions will rush them.
      Yet a first class graduate will be given 2tubers of yam, what message are you sending?..."school is scam"
      Those who can't afford to go for bbn but want to be recognized too get their hands dirty.

      Some even have to keep being controversial in order to remain relevant.

      A man will decide to be a woman for the gram and grown men and women will be calling him "mummy of lagos"
      Older ladies celebrating him up and down.

      Wo, we have a long way to go

      In our parents time education was cherished, no woman will even look at you twice if you aren't educated
      Today some women will comfortably date a guy knowing he is into fraud.

      The whole society needs cleansing

    5. Push up you are right
      Me I blame bloggers that collect money from them and keep pushing their narrative into our faces.
      It's only on Stella's blog here that I do not see her posting all them africow abi mummy of Lagos ish

      Phoenix,to flog a child now even on the palm is termed abuse o

      Exceptional mom,I have learnt to mind my business o. My mom says it's not good to turn a blind eye but I can't help it abeg

      Bini...God will help us abi

  8. Entitlement mentality has plagued our malefolk cos most mothers have spoilt their sons. This set of men feel everything should just be handed down to them for doing so little or even nothing. I heard a married man wit four kids saying his salary is not to take care of his family but to invest on himself, na one 50 year old agbaya dey talk so oo. He is just too used to his wife doing everything and when he now has opportunity to assist,he went on to further his education despite having a kid almost due for university. Another one just does nothing claiming to be a pastor, his wife does practically everything. No wonder he looks lost when she died last week, ppl now blame him for her death. It's so bad and shameful.
    It now falls on us to adequately train the males and the females too, cos it all falls down to greed, laziness and societal expectations.

    1. Sadly instead of working on himself to get better and do the right thing, he just might quickly look for another woman to saddle the burden.

    2. And one confused female with low self esteem will replace the late work horse

      Because they are single doesn't mean they are eligible

      E better to dey your dey until better one come

  9. Everyone needs to do the job. Not just the boy child

  10. The boy child o and the girl child all need this training, it's just because we don't get to hear about female ritualist.

    1. Many of the men are already korofo (nothing useful again)

      Destiny don share across 200 women by age 30

      If you use their boxers (for the ones wry dey wear) na rusty coins go comot

      Single note you no go see

  11. Parents should sit up. Do the work. Start early. Love, provide, discipline, reprimand. Be available, be approachable. Be a good example. Understand the personality of each child.

    1. Weust always remember

      Parent before friend

      As they become adults
      Then friend before parent

  12. We value position over process when it comes to the boy child. They know where they want to go but have no idea on how to get there. In today's world, there are more female graduates than male. How do you tell a person who played video games and soccer and never did house chores to "be a man" when he sees his mates singing on TV with rented jewelry and wants to be like them. He doesn't know how to be responsible.

    All through the holidays, he has no responsibilities and never gets scolded or prepared to be a family man. How is he supposed to become creative when he loses his job as a father and husband? He doesn't know how to start small or keep to a schedule outside of school and work. He did not learn in his formative years to do things that the family relies on: boys in the city no longer farm, clean, wash as that is what their sisters and helps were born to do so when things get tough, he can't start small by making pepper soup to sell or smoking fish. Look at the supermarket stores and you'll see the names of men who worked with their mothers earning millions now exporting snail or opening eateries and clubs everywhere. All they d

    Teach your sons to perform roles that they see benefit their mother and the home so they can be useful in your old age. A friend told me of how his father made him wake up at 6am even on holidays even when there was no chore to do telling him that as a man, you can't afford to sleep in. He would spend his free morning time reading and working out and as a doctor today, he knows his late father's approach paid off as he is now the head of the family. Had that little boy not learned how to born the midnight (or morning) candle, he won't have such a stellar career or the wherewithal to fit into his father's giant shoes.

    Virtually every great man I know assisted in his mother's shop or sold/ hawked/farmed/ kept house/ handled business for her. Today's jobs are in the office leaving space for only girls to be trained if the parents don't actively engage the boy at home. He saw her pain and that matured him.


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