Stella Dimoko EX Niger Delta Militant Leader Asari Dokubo Tells Nigerian Govt Why IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu Should Not Be Released.


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Saturday, January 29, 2022

EX Niger Delta Militant Leader Asari Dokubo Tells Nigerian Govt Why IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu Should Not Be Released.

In a recent Facebook live, Former Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo, has given reasons why the Federal Government should not release Nnamdi Kanu, the pro-Biafra agitator.

 The leader of the defunct Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Force (NDPSF), 
said Kanu should not be released because he instigated violence and his influence propelled his followers to wreak havoc in the southeast. 

According to Dokubo: “They will come and be begging (the FG) to bring out Nnamdi Kanu. For what? For the people that he’s killing?

“You take Mkpuru Mmiri (Crystal Methamphetamine), then eat the flesh of our people. What these evil men are doing to our people, do they have hearts?

“You take traditional rulers, chain them, you put guns inside their mouths because they are the people who are not allowing Biafra to come.”

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  1. I don't and won't ever vouch for Kanu; I do not believe in his style.
    Has he gone diabolic? Yes
    Should he receive a fair trial? Yes, by all means, they should avail him of that. But this man up there sees Kanu as a competitor in agitation.
    He is no better.
    And yes, abum onye Igbo.

    1. Of course they should not release him until he recants. What he is calling for is against the Constitution of Nigeria. Ojukwu recanted and was given a Presidential pardon which allowed him to be reintegrated into Nigerian society and he even went on to contest for political office! Kanu knows he is more relevant to his misguided mob in detention (and eventually prison!) rather than outside, so that is where he will be!

  2. I support him.
    Nnamdi kanu should be released after 10yrs

    1. Without trials, and that is your definition of democracy?
      You see what you wish yourself; when you are accused, you should just be bundled into jail without trial
      for 10 years.
      Yes, I wrote that first comment up there.

  3. You are right, I support you, they should not release that obobo.
    And if the federal government should please lock you up too.

  4. Isn't that rich coming from him? I read somewhere years back of this loud mouthed dude praising Kanu, No?

    What is the difference between you and Kanu? You think we have forgotten when you and your boys caused mayhem abi?

  5. They all need to be locked up and the key thrown into the high sea. Nothing will happen. Na only noise and threats and they will only kill their own people.

  6. He speaks the truth! I’m full blooded igbo btw.

  7. Niger Delta people don't have sense before na,they siphon your oil wells and take the money to live flamboyant lifestyles in northern Nigeria, then the gold in their region is strictly for them while you do nothing,keep shouting nnamdi kanu,hunger is real in your domain asari,hunger

    1. 11:14, you weaken your argument/comment when you generalize a whole group of people. Look at what you wrote "Niger Delta people don't have sense before na..." How did you come about such a generalization for a whole region?

    2. You lack sense in all ways. Are you even educated? If you must know, the federal government have ownership over every resources anywhere it is in the country and this is backed by the constitution. The best the region can do is negotiate for a higher revenue and government presence. You claimed the north siphon oil wells from the south and take the money to live flamboyant lifestyles in northern Nigeria, and you think a southeastern wouldnt do same? Dont forget there is oil and other mineral resources in the southeast which are all controlled by the federal government and the northers you claim, what did you and your people do about it? This particular oil is why Biafra has refused to let the south south be. Thinking that including them in the agitation will give them control over the resources in case of a division, hell no. Go and learn sense.

  8. See who is criticizing Kanu o. I don't support Kanu, but I think Asari Dokubo should swallow his opinion.

  9. 不不不不不不不不 Stella's footnote!

    He said NOTHING but the truth.
    What these ipob have done and still doing in the south eastern Nigeria, hmmmmmm, you might find it believe it.

    God have mercy!

  10. We should learn to take the message and forget the messenger. It is true that Asari is not anywhere near being a saint, but we shouldn't disregard his message.

    We shouldn't blame Asari, we should blame our leaders who gave him so much power that he now thinks he can advice the FG.

  11. See who is talking,Asari the dreaded militant leader?Has he forgotten how he gave the government high hp?Abeg let him shift biko.Kanu sef no try.

  12. Both of you are the same. Make we hear word!

  13. Asari is now a saint? Kikikikj

    Mazi Kanu should be released. Asari has been running his mouth like kpalakuku.

  14. I don’t want ipob, but this one needs to shut up and enjoy his loot.


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