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Sunday, February 27, 2022

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My people please help me, how do you hear from the holy spirit?  My reason for asking is that, I have guys proposing love and I got confused so I fasted and prayed, my fast finished and actually the one that was all over has stopped calling since I started my prayer and the other one who was a bit slow is now the one calling and checking up on me more!

 I am kind of confused, I haven't seen anything in my dreams, thought I was going to see something. The one I like most is the one reaching out now. I know my God is not a confused God

I would also love to know how they hear from the holy spirit........ but if i have to be honest, I think its all about looking out for the red flags when choosing  and studying the person well to know if you both are compatible...

Let me also wait for the comments.....


  1. Here to learn o. Want to know too.

    1. Would also love to know o!!

      Le go...πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸΏπŸ•πŸ‰πŸŒπŸ₯’πŸ·

  2. The guy all over you he is not the one for you..
    That's the sign when you pray and fast

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ don't let this person deceive you, she is confused. U gat jokes Modupe, so the one ignoring her is the one God chose. 🀑

    2. That's not true. That's not how the Holy Spirit works. I'm surprised the poster brought this question here. If you really have a walk with the Holy Spirit you won't bring this question here. And no, I'm not judging you.

      Marriage matter should not be the first time you want to hear from the Holy Spirit. It should have been an on going relationship. One of the definite ways you know is when you have peace within you.

      Again, how does he treat his Mum and family members or people around him. God can use that to talk to you.

      There are many other ways.
      But you hear the Holy Spirit just like you hear your Mum or Dad's voice in a crowd. When they talk you can pick their voices out and know this is Mummy's voice why, because you have a relationship with her. And you are use to hearing her.

      So if you want to hear God have a relationship with him. A vibrant one. Not touch and go.

      As per your suitors, ask the Lord to expose who they really are. Let Him show you the one. God is faithful and He will answer. Except if you are expecting Him to answer your way. That may not work. He will answer you the way it will bless you. So keep your heart open.

    3. I agree with you. You said it all. Relationship with God first and open up your heart to Him.

    4. But do you remember that the Lord is a good God? He does not treat us as we deserve. So when a person, who even doesn't have a previous standing relationship with God goes to Him for help, the Lord helps.
      The challenge is that how does the person know God's choice for them? How does the person get clarity ? Now thats when it's good to have have learnt to listen to Him, in the way He communicates with you.
      Also, for people who do not have previous experience and are diligently seeking Him, he guides by providing clues..normal sense clues like red flag, behaviors etc. So if the lady above doesn't Cloud her screening with sentiments or only worldly desires. She could find God's choice for her.

      Dear lady, don't hastings choose either if the guys. You could be in contact, but be alert and chaste.

  3. In a way, your prayer has been answered. But first did you ask for direction while fasting and praying? Did you also pray asking that anyone that is not true among them be cut off from you by any means. Ask for a sign, you will get it. Good luck as you make your choice.

  4. John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me.

    It is not only in marriage that you hear the Lord Jesus. If you have been following him; repentance, prayer, fasting regularly, studying your Bible etc. hearing from Jesus is not a big deal.
    The problem is when we want to hear from him, and rush off to live our lives the way we deem fit. Jesus longs for a relationship and that relationship must be perfect before all others come in.

    1. How have you been hearing from God before now?

      Just ask God to make His will overshadow your will and follow what happens.

      Make RESEARCH about the person calling you....ask questions about him. If you have peace about him...follow him.

  5. You did not tell us the characters of those men coming for you. Are they the characters of Christ; peace, love, patience, kindness, faithfulness, self-control etc.
    If they aren't the character of Christ, you shouldn't even approach the Lord in prayers for any one of them.

  6. Foremost, that one that ran away when you began praying is a Satanist. It happened to me. Someone who was professing eternal love ran away as soon as I approached God in 7 days fasting. When he sees me, he will follow the opposite side of the road. I found out that he was a satanist and wanted someone for ritual and marriage was the surest way for him.
    If you live a pure and chaste life, hearing from the Spirit of God is an entitlement that God has promised to his people. Romans 8:14

    1. How did you know he was a satanist? Don't label someone a satanist cos he crossed road. Where did you hear he was looking for wife for ritual, please enlighten us?

    2. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€­πŸ€­πŸ€­

    3. Chai Nigerians and Religion you have just termed someone a satanist? Kai...onye mere unu iha?

    4. @Tiana
      Did you read that I went on a 7-days fasting -not eating at all but drinking water? You think that is a 7-days picnic?
      If you know Jesus, you will know his voice. He was the one that told me so. He also told me to note
      that the "lover boy" will begin to run away from me. He showed me "a movie," their temple and he and his mom doing the rituals
      to get me as a wife to become the next sacrifice. It was then I understood all the "gifts" I was being offered were "dedicated" to make me capitulate. Thank God I did not receive any. I was wondering the way it will play out until I came out of the fast, switched on my
      phone, no missed calls. Saw him and smiled and greeted him and he rushed to the other side. He was nearly knocked down by a car.
      There are many things I can't write here because I love to protect people's privacy. Please go closer to Jesus; this world is evil.

    5. Oh jesus🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣😌

  7. That thing your mind is telling you that is consistent and triggers a sense of self and completeness is the voice of the spirit

  8. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe God answered your prayers that is why the one you love most is getting closer to you. Check if he ticks over 50% of your boxes, no one is perfect but he must be responsible and hardworking/ambitious, no cheating and beating.

    1. Gbam. You gat it praise love your comment πŸ’•

  9. The bible in John 10 vs 27 say "My Sheep hear my voice and i kmow them and they follow me " if you are really one of the sheep you will hear when he speak. The question is has holy spirit be speaking to you before or not. There are many ways God speak , identify the way he has being speaking to you before and he will still speak through that same way but have patience with him . Many christain will waite till the time of marriage and want to hear from God qucikly. God still speak and still guide his children

    1. Thank you Kavetal. I am seeing your ID for the first time, are you new here?
      What a divine Truth you shared. I love what you wrote; very very True. They long to hear from God and go
      and continue their lives the way they want to. Jesus wants foremost a relationship, personal relationship.
      Hear o people!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  10. The ways of God are not the ways of men, so don't precondition your mind on how he'll respond. It may come as instructions in your dreams, that thought that suddenly springs up in your mind without any prompting, your instincts; for example that person whom you don't just like even without doing anything to trigger the dislike, that feeling of peace at the thought πŸ’­ and sight of a particular person (it could be a potential spouse)
    Continue in prayers and the word if you are yet to get clarity. It will definitely come.

    When I married my husband, despite how fervently I prayed, I never saw him in my dreams whether for good or bad. But everyone who was supposed to oppose the marriage based on certain personal factors came around and were in support. My peeps and pastor loved him and there was no hitch in our marriage plans.
    I had Peace πŸ•Š️☮️ in my heart and till date πŸ“…, I don't regret doing this with him.

  11. You are the one confusing yourself, God has already answer your prayer by stopping the one that is not for you. God doesn't have a specific way of communicating with people.If you keep expecting to hear a voice, the devil might start speaking to you.

  12. If it's the Holy spirit you will know so if you are confused then it's not the holy spirit for God is not an author of confusion. Note I said confused. However if you didn't understand what the holy spirit is telling you at the moment, you can always ask for clarity and He will explain it to you.

  13. Pray and fast some more till you are no more confused

  14. Dear poster,do you have a personal relationship with God,how do u hear from God? Through dreams,trance,physically,? U need to have a personal relationship with God,know how he speaks to you,not just because u want to get married now.Pray,fast,study Gods word and build a personal relationship with God and you will always hear from him in clear voices.God is not an author of confusion.

  15. You already have your answer and you are still looking.Two guys were asking you out and after praying and fasting,one of them suddenly withdraws without reason,what other answer are you looking for ?

    1. Some people just like to complicate things for themselves. Were you not expecting answer to your prayers?
      When I was in school there was this guy that was harassing and stalking me right from my jamb days. I just accepted based on the fact that I would be leaving soon for university.Biggest mistake! This guy was just something else.
      One day I just said a simple prayer: God if you know this is not my spouse let him be the one to breakup with me. Four days later the young man called and said he is tired of all my Shakara, that he does not want again, who do I think I am?, there are prettier girls than me that he can just make his pick. Kept on pouring insults for like 5minutes. I said OK with all joy.
      He called after like a month crying that he did not know what came over him. Kukuma, I told him that I have moved on. He started saying rubbish again.
      My dear mental illness is real the guy started stalking me again, calling my friends to tell him my whereabout, showing up at my house uninvited both at school and at home, I changed my number, my roommate gave him the new number, I was so pissed I told her that if its because of the gifts he buys for them she can have him I'm not interested, at least this time I did not give him any false hope. I thank God for everything. God answers.
      Twenty years down the line this human still sends messages asking me why I don't check on him, sometimes he calls with different numbers saying nothing later he would send messages, I just keep on blocking and reporting him on any platform.

    2. @19:53, how is he still getting your telephone number even now?

  16. You can hear from God via dreams, sudden thoughts coming to you which makes you feel at peace, also trust your intuition.
    You can also hear from God through a prophet, but dont be deceived by some fake prophet sha.
    Sometime ending of 2021 my sister told me about a prophet, myself , mom and her went to see this prophet on a Sunday after church service, I was actually reluctant about going cos I felt i didn't need the visit.
    So i made up my mind I wasn't going to tell the prophet any single thing about my self, that if he was real he would tell me himself. And he wouldn't make any demand for money.
    On meeting the prophet together with my mom he prayed with me without touching me anywhere and he just said to me I know you want to hear from me and don't want to tell me anything about yourself, I just nodded, and he told me everything about my current relationship and my past two relationships.
    I smiled, mom was wowed! & he said to me this current relationship will work. Just continue to pray about it and put in work you can.
    I nodded and said thank you Pastor. He kinda confirmed a sign I got through dream.

    1. Have you heard of familiar spirits? That a prophet tells you things you didn't tell him doesn't make him genuine ooo.

  17. It really depends on your personal relationship with God, constant communion through worship and studying the word and your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. At different times, I had suitors who wanted to marry me. All of them were believers. They were very clear from the beginning that they were seeking a relationship with me with an end goal of marriage. I didn't even say yes to the relationship unless I got a confirmation from the Holy Spirit. And I told them clearly, I can't enter into a relationship with you until I hear from God. So give me time to pray.
    I heard from God about them in different ways too.
    When man 1 came, he was very admirable and full of potential. I liked him. I started praying and was not hearing nothing. He kept asking me for an answer and I continued to let him know I will not proceed until God confirms. Gradually, I started noticing I was developing an aversion for him and I started sensing in my spirit that he had another agenda for wanting to marry me. I never gave him an answer and that slipped away but we stayed as friends. He eventually married my friend and are both happily married with kids. They both claim they met through me, I don't recall how though. I'm glad we didn't marry because he was meant for my friend, not me.
    When man 2 came - tall,dark, handsome, soft spoken, a perfect gentleman. That guy was on my case like fly on poop. I told him the same thing. If you are telling me God told you I'm your wife, let God also tell me you're my husband. I kept praying and I wasn't getting an answer either. He kept pestering me that I was delaying the manifestation of his destiny because I wasn't giving an answer. I liked him too but within my spirit I was determined to never marry a man unless I was led by the Holy Spirit. I maintained my stance and let him know, no relationship until I get my confirmation. We can remain friends.
    While Man 2 was still in the picture, man 3 came along. Man 3 was my friend, high school mates before he relocated, good looking, still trying to figure out his career path and he lived abroad. I had sworn never to be in a long distance relationship before I became committed to following the will of God for marriage. Also, I was never interested in relocating abroad. I schooled abroad, had traveled to different countries and never cared about living outside 9ja. Before Man 3 declared his intentions, I was praying and had a vision where I saw man 2 and Man 3. Man 2 had a red X on him but Man 3 had nothing on him. That was my cue to say no to Man 2. I let Man 2 go. Man 3 declared his intentions and I didn't go by that vision as my answer because at the time I was praying about Man 2 and not Man 3 so I did not apply that vision to him. With Man 3, I heard a clear voice during my quiet time tell me he's your husband. I did not have to pray for a long time before that answer came. I was studying the Bible and while conversing with the Holy Spirit, I asked about Man 3 and I got the answer. It felt too simple so I never gave Man 3 an answer because I did not want to accept a long distance relationship, was so bothered about how the marriage will work. It took me about 3 months to finally say yes. I even broke up with him because I could not believe how easy the answer came. I told him I had to go pray again and this time the Holy Spirit started scolding me for not believing his answer. I had peace in my heart he was the one but was allowing logic get the best of me. I eventually accepted God's will, we crossed a lot of hurdles because my parents were reluctant about it until they met him and were convinced I was making the right decision. We were in courtship for a long time because he was still getting his life together while I had an advanced degree and had figured my life out. All these events happened about 12 to 13 years ago. We've been married with offspring for years now and it's one of the best decisions I made in life.

    1. What a beautiful testimony. And you were such a wise person so young.

      Yes, when things are ordained by the Most High it feels very easy. Things just fall into place naturally and you receive constant indicators that you are on the right path and doing the right thing. That sense of peace is indescribable.

  18. I don't usually comment, but today let me chook mouth.

    Prayer is communication with God and communication is a two-way thing. When you pray, you wait to hear God speak and if you have a relationship with God you would have recognised His voice/pattern of talking to you.

    Sometimes you can know the right person through the four way test.

    1. Love test - Do you love him? Does he love you?
    2. Peace Test - Do you have peace with this person? ( This was one of the ways I knew who my partner was, I had unexplainable peace)
    3. Conviction Test - are you convinced beyond reasonable doubt that he is the one for you?
    4. Time test - Time reveals alot, how long have you known this person?
    How well do you know them? Time is what will reveal his true self to you.

    I hope this helps you.


  19. If you are a child of God,you are entitle to hear His voice.. my sheep hears my voice and the voice of strangers they will not hear,neither will they follow. So be rest assured that God is more eager to answer you more than you are ready to ask or call upon Him. Isaiah 65:24 "Before you will call,I will answer.while you are yet speaking,I will hear." Ephesians 3:20" Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all you can think or ask according to the power that is at work within you"
    So,first empty yourself of any will,desire of yours wrt your request. Tell the LORD, O LORD my Father,I'm ready to do whatsoever You ask me to do,even if it is illogical, senseless.. I will do it. Then ask,and whatsoever He says to you but bring peace.. peace is the umpire...and the rhema,the revealed or spoken word WILL NEVER CONTRADICT the WRITTEN WORD. That's,the Holy Spirit can't say anything that isn't in line with the Bible. That's why is very crucial that you study the WORD . Endeavor to speak in tongues as well,start with 10 mins daily,and as the time goes by,you will have graduated to Jesus minimum requirement of at least,one hour.
    Always engage him in making minor in what to wear,how to respond or react to situations..He,the Holy Spirit only helps those who makes Him know that they are helpless with His help..that's the reason He is called the help those who portray signs of weakness... He helps our infirmities...for me,I make a pact with Him,such that He shouldn't let me have any iota of rest when thoughts,desires,ideas aren't proceeding from Him..He should beat some serious drum within me,until I align myself with His will. I was quite young when I made this pact.

    I can tell you,He,the Holy Spirit has been faithful to this pact.
    I can remember going against this one time, that's not yielding to Him when I wanted to give someone a piece of my mind. I lost my peace,I knew I shouldn't proceed any further...but I went ahead.. the end result wasn't glorious..ever since that incident,I have been very meticulous in listening to my umpire,MR PEACE.


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