Stella Dimoko Countries Tell Its Citizens To Leave Ukraine Amidst Growing Tension With Russia...


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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Countries Tell Its Citizens To Leave Ukraine Amidst Growing Tension With Russia...

 These people have started....!!!

Is anyone following the News on the Brouhaha between Russia and Ukraine?

Germany, Italy, USA et al have asked its citizens to leave Ukraine because Russia might allegedly invade it this week.

Dutch airline has also reportedly suspended all Flights to Ukraine.....


The general cause of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is underpinned by the historical relationship between the two countries. Ukraine had a long history of being under the influence of Russia that spanned for centuries. The influence has polarized Ukrainian society.

A sizeable portion of the Ukrainian population adheres to the ideology that the country should be part of the greater European Union. However, a considerable portion leans toward a pro-Russian stance, believing that they are better off strengthening their ties with Russia.

In a nutshell, the reason behind the Russia-Ukraine conflict is an internal sociopolitical crisis. This is evident from the backlashes and unrest that emerged when then Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych rejected an E.U. agreement to build stronger alignment with Russia.

Russia seems to take advantage of the situation. Some analysts have alleged that the Russian government under the leadership of Vladimir Putin is pushing an ideology that considers Ukraine as part of greater Russia or the one-Russia worldview.

The Russian government has also accused the European Union and the United States of pushing their political agenda toward Ukraine. Thus, it sees the country as a mere victim of the domineering and ever-encroaching hostility of the West.



  1. So all the people COVID-19 killed isn't enough, they want to fight war???

  2. I hate war. God, please send peace to the world.

  3. Putin is an ass hole

  4. I honestly don't know why people will deliberately choose war over peace, its tiring. Like the natural disasters and more recently the pandemic claiming lives isn't enough already.
    Russia and always wanting to fight at every slight provocation.
    Let them leave Ukraine alone to make their decision! Is it by force to be pro-russia? If they've chosen to be under NATO or USA, how is it rissia's business?
    We just keep making things complicated for ourselves, as if the way Afghanistan is right now isn't enough to serve as warning to others.

  5. nawa oooo,the intoxicating effects of power

  6. I may not fully understand World politics but I think Russia just wants to show it's superiority and military might.


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