Stella Dimoko Doctor Freaks Journal - When "Beggy- Beggy" Is Taken To The Extreme


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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - When "Beggy- Beggy" Is Taken To The Extreme

In the Nigerian parlance "beggy-beggy" means "begging" or seeking help from others. I have nothing against seeking help from and or helping others. In fact, I am an advocate of the latter. However, when one becomes desperate to the level of concocting scary lies just to evoke pity, then there is a problem.

The first incident that comes to mind is that of Mr X.

 Mr X and I have a mutual friend and the three of us got along well, interestingly. Recently, I paid our mutual friend a visit and midway into our conversation he commiserated with me over the death of Mr X's wife. I was taken aback because Mr X had informed me few hours before this fortuitous meeting with our mutual friend that he just wired some funds to his wife who is currently residing outside Nigeria. 

I was worried but the lawyer in me elected not to come to a conclusion hurriedly. I probed further by asking our mutual friend how, when and where he gathered the information from. He effortlessly volunteered the details by stating that Mr X approached him over a month ago and informed him that he had just lost his wife and that he needed some funds to ferry the "corpse" back to Nigeria and that he was not so buoyant at the time but he could only raise him with 2million Naira. 

At that point, the message sank. Poor man! 

Mr X had scammed our mutual friend and it was not my place to bust the lies told a friend by another friend. For obvious reasons, I decided to drop the topic at that point and simply moved on to other germane issues.

Interestingly, one year down the line, I met my friend- Mr X again and mischievously I asked after his "dead" wife, the particular one that he declared dead. Behold, she had resurrected!

Let's now move to the second story. This one is a female who happens to be a friend to a male friend of mine. Her story is more interesting. She used to be married and I think she now has a boyfriend and an "Uncle" (a wealthy politician).

 She was broke and she quickly cooked up a story. She deceived the boyfriend, told him she had just lost the mum and that she needed some funds to give her a befitting burial. Guess what? "Buoda" fell for it. He later found out he had been scammed but it was too late. As we speak, her mum too has resurrected!

Fast forward, the same lady approached the "Uncle" and told him that the landlord had chased her and her "husband" (remember I said she's no longer married?) out of their accommodation due to their inability to renew the rent as and when due. She hired another "Buoda" who fronted as her husband. She took the acting husband to "Uncle" and introduced him as her husband. Uncle raised some substantial funds for his "side chic" and the "assistant husband." Everything would have gone as planned but "tory get K-leg" when our lady friend got greedy.

 Good money was paid into her account but she failed, refused and or neglected to fulfil her promise to the acting husband and "all hell was let loose" by "alaye."

May our children not pronounce us dead when we are still alive "oh".

"Omo na Lagos dem dey call this place oh, shine ya eye!"

Stay safe...
Its Kunle!


  1. The length at which desperate can go en... Death should never ever be used as an excuse gosh!

    1. For them to get you,they will use crocodile tears to confuse you.

  2. Some lies are too extreme biko.

    I remember few years ago,one yeye married man on my street was 'toasting' my friend, she confronted him about his wife,yeye man lied that his wife was his sister living with him and furthering her education,omo that lie surprised me because this man knew me and also knew that she was my friend and I must tell her the truth, so why go the extreme of denying your wife wey you wed for church and she carry your children for 9 months just for strange pussy.

  3. 😮 using death of loved ones to lie...ha wetin man no go hear

  4. That's going to the extreme, telling lies that someone died when the person is still alive

  5. Why am i not surprised? i remember back in school, a friend's boyfriend lied to a lady (new catch) that my friend died in a car accident. just to bed her while hanty was away. when my friend got back, all hell was let loose as new babe came to spend weekend. The young girl cry tire begging my friend that hunkle told her she died in a car accident. i almost died of laughter then. Funny enough they are still together till date. i wonder how people tell lies with death.

  6. Interesting Mr Kunle.
    People should shine eyes very well these days before they will use them shine. When the 'beggy beggy' becomes extreme, it is not just caused by the condition,but lack of contentment, greediness and desperation. The lies people tell these days because of money, if you were not careful enough to ask,you will pity them and give them your last kobo.

    Desperation is on the high side now, especially in this Lagos. Shine your eyes oo

  7. Interesting read, why can't the man lie that he's the one that died,I mean why using mouth to kill his wife


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