Stella Dimoko Reality Star Uti Nwachukwu Compares The Story Of Christ To Nigeria...


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Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Reality Star Uti Nwachukwu Compares The Story Of Christ To Nigeria...

Uti Nwachukwu Says If Jesus Was A Nigerian He Would Have Been Labeled A Jazzman And An Enemy Of Progress...

In a series of tweets, he said;

"The older I get in this country, the deeper I understand the story of Christ.
His own people killed HIM just because he spoke the truth to set them free o!
Of course the truth also threatened the business and political gains of the church

We are no different In this country. If Jesus was a Nigerian in these times, they would have labeled him a Jazz Man and enemy of progress.

Society would have put tyres on him and burned him while exalting their Daddy and Mummy G.O's that preach prosperity and threaten all who speak against them.

I hope the person/people wey do us this thing consistently turn in their graves until Nigerians are broken free from the chains of religious conditioning and spiritual blindness/Laziness!

U can deny the truth,hate it, attack it all you want,But Life will always humble U to accept it at some point.

The new threat now is MONEY.

If Jesus were Nigerian in these times,majority would not have listened to him cos in their heads, na only who get money fit tell them wetin make sense.
How dare a poor man speak sense! How dare a poor man teach us how to think& set our minds free! Lol

Not thinking that if Jesus wanted to be the biggest Job man, He had the Charisma and Wisdom plus spiritual influence to manipulate any and everyone into sowing, thereby making him one of the Richest in the World.

Instead he chose LOVE. Wow!

He was God, yes, But HE BECAME MAN! for us
So if this country is ever going to change, lt'll have to start from how the average person here thinks and what they have been taught to respect.

If not the experience would be recycled with every generation.

God help us."


  1. The former Uti I know, this new Uti who is Pro Jesus is a new one!

    #observationmode 🔍🙄

    1. The Original ShugarGirl9 February 2022 at 08:29

      I love this truth Uti has spoken. It is the bitter truth about Nigeria.

  2. So true, we really have a long way to go in this country, but the change should start from our immediate family, community and church.
    Even in your own immediate family nobody respects you if you don't have money,what about in our various communities it's so bad and that mindset it's killing the up coming youths/generations.

  3. I de wait for comments

  4. I agree with Uti for the first time. Once you are broke in this country you are half dead to them, may God shower His blessings upon us all.

  5. You are very right, Uti. I am not swayed by money or social media show off but I am a grown woman in her thirties who grew up in the eighties. The teens are swayed, they are copying what they are seeing, they are being negatively and heavily influenced by social media. Mammon has a strong hold on many.

    I appeal to all who have a platform. Speak up against this so that young ones will hear from you and know that all na wash. See all the rituals going on with generation z. Hmm let us do what we can now oh before the chickens come home to roost.

  6. He genuinely made sense after all.

  7. Honestly, I agree with Uti on this.

    Jesus had the power to work wonders and miracles so it's actually an opportunity to reap people off but He didn't. He chose to show us how to love and serve one another, look out for the needy which was what the disciples continued with but today, na uhnmmmm

  8. So true!
    I'm loving the mature Uti!
    Contentment is a great gain!

  9. I laugh sometimes about Nigerians. The unemployed youths are being influenced by lifestyles of people in the West who have jobs or who the government will pay unemployment if they lose their jobs. It is crazy to mimick the lifestyles of people not on your level. Na heartbreak be that.

  10. We all need to look at the man/woman in the mirror.Societal change starts from there.
    Let's stop glorifying big gods, g boys, runs and even "men of God".


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