Stella Dimoko Shocking List Of Properties Allegedly Seized From A Top Military Officer By The EFCC...


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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Shocking List Of Properties Allegedly Seized From A Top Military Officer By The EFCC...

These are a list of properties allegedly seized from a top military officer in Nigeria by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

These properties are reportedly worth about N10.9bn.

1. A 16 Pump filling Station located at Rijiyar Lemo, Kano.

2. A Filling Station with 41 pumps located opposite Federal Secretariat, Kano.

3. A Filling Station with 39 pumps located along BUK Road, Kano.

4. A Filling Station with 31 pumps located along Zaria Bypass, Kano.

5. A Filling Station with 31 pumps located along Maiduguri Bypass, Kano.

6. A Filling Station with 29 pumps located along Maiduguri Bypass, Kano.

7. A Filling Station with 23 pumps located along Naibawa , Kano.

8. A Filling Station with 39 pumps located along Bachirawa, Kano.

9. A Filling Station with 51 pumps and a one-storey building with 35 shops attached to the Filling Station located along Shiek Ja’afar Road Dorayi, Kano.

10. An LPG plant with 30 shops attached to it located along Zaria Road, Kano.
11. Marhaba Event Centre, Guda Abdullahi Road, Farm Centre, Kano.

12. A three storey building (Plaza) With 28 shops located on Hadeja Road, next to Sheshe Supermarket , Kano.

13. A three-storey building (Plaza) with 126 shops located on Audu Bako Way, Opposite Nation Plaza, Kano.

14. Classic Block Industry at Maiduguri Road, Kano.

15. Atlasfield Corporate Headquarters, No. L6 Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna.

16. Undeveloped plot located at Sharada, Adjacent A.A. Rano Filling Station, Kano.

17. Undeveloped plot located at Yan Rake, Adjacent Dala Orthopedic Hospital, Kano.

18. Undeveloped plot located along Kano-Gwarzo Road, Adjacent Kedco Regional Office, Kano North/Opposite Silver Spoon Restaurant, Kano.

19. Undeveloped plot located along Kano-Gwarzo Road, opposite Markaz Mosque, Kano.

20. Undeveloped plot located on Sani Marshal Road, Opposite Nissan Automobile, Kano.

21. 11.7 hectares located Adjacent TINAPA Resort, Adiabo, Calabar.

22. Truck Assembly Plant, Easter Bypass, Kano.

23. Event Center located in Calabar, Cross River State.

24. Aflac Plastics Limited located behind National Eye Center, Kaduna.

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  1. Military Officer turned Business mogul.

    1. This one is more than Dangote or Otedola can claim to have. Some people are just living among humans but they are truly evil spirits masquerading as people. How can?

    2. Big business mogul!

    3. See as him people dey call him name for Kano... Bura

      Multibilloniya Burat...

  2. Senseless acquisition! Absolutely Senseless!!

  3. The said person will still eat rice and beans, pounded yam and white soup etc. He will not pound gold and eat nor breath specially made air. God please help me to be contended in life. In the mist of abundance, teach me to be a blessing to those in need.

    1. Very good prayer o, a lot of people lack contentment.

      Greed will finish them.


  4. The shock is not in the list, but in the refusal to name the officer or say whether the officer is still in force

    1. Thank you!!!

    2. Use your Google

    3. Dear Anon 20:16, by all rules, the name of the officer should have been officially announced along with the news which is widely reported. The news media got the information from official sources.

  5. If you look at it from the positive side,he or she also created job opportunities .

    1. This was the comment I was looking for. They all steal but he had empathy to invest in Nigeria. The money is still within though stolen

    2. @16.09

      Then everyone should steal as much as possible and invest in Nigeria - that will be okay,right?

      Nigerians keep failing to appreciate the effects of corruption on the society as it goes way beyond lack of infrastructure, etc.

  6. Either he was into illegal business or stole money meant for the military. It's not a new thing. The only new thing here is that he was busted. A trickle down effect of the wickedness of rank and file of uniformed men and women in the country; when money meant for their welfare is misappropriated by few leaves them unleashing wickedness and killings to the civilian population.

    Go to the barracks and see the life these rank and file live. Police force and their barracks is worse.

    Uncle wanted to buy the whole of Kano. 98% of senior military officers of all forces are corrupt. What of Dubai? They are competing to out buy each other. I keep saying that the thief has stolen so much for the owner not to notice.


  7. Read on Twitter that the officer died two years ago.

    1. Heya, so his stolen loot couldn't buy him unending life. Mschew.

    2. So he still died after buying all this properties

  8. One thing I learned from my parents it's to be contented in life.
    For Godsake wetin one person need all this things for? For generation unborn right? Some human being with greed it's mouth opening.

  9. What is his name?
    When is his court date?
    Where is his face?
    If a boy on the street stole a fowl, same policefcc will strip him nude and parade him.
    Odiegwu! 😲

  10. Military officer without a name, no wonder there's no end to insecurity,this is where a good percent of the security fund goes too.

    1. You don't need to think much to know the name and tribe. The properties are still new.

  11. Why will they conveniently omit his name?

  12. Monies meant for buying Arms for the military...........


  13. Alex Badeh???🤔🤔🤔
    I hope I'm in anon,I nor want wahala o.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.


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