Stella Dimoko Teenager Who Killed Lover For Money Rituals Says He Learnt From Facebook


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Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Teenager Who Killed Lover For Money Rituals Says He Learnt From Facebook

This story is a must read!!!

The teenager, Soliu Majekodunmi, who slaughtered his girlfriend, Sofiyah, for suspected money ritual purposes has explained that he learnt the practice through Facebook.

He said he typed ‘how to make money ritual’ on Facebook and got the detail, adding that the link instructed him to behead and burn a female skull in a local pot.

Majekodunmi and three other suspects spoke on Monday when they were paraded at the state police headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Majekodunmi, who had fled but was later arrested, said after learning the money ritual skill on the internet, he conspired with others to execute what he learnt.

The 18-year-old suspected killer while speaking with newsmen on how he killed his girlfriend, said he squeezed her neck and beheaded her immediately after he had made love to her.

He said he conspired with his friend, Mustakem Balogun, to lure the slain girl to their apartment in the Oke Aregba area of Abeokuta, where she was killed.

They confessed to killing the girl, claiming that they concluded on money ritual because they wanted to ride exotic cars and live in luxury apartments.

The suspects added that they purchased three pigeon eggs known as ‘Eyin Aparo’ in Yoruba language and other fetish ingredients which they added in the local pot.

They, however, said the sum of the money-making ritual ingredients cost N2,500 which they contributed among themselves.

The State Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, while parading the suspects said the incident was a result of bad parenting.

The police spokesperson urged Nollywood actors to desist from promoting money ritual movies, just as he urged religious bodies to desist from preaching only about prosperity.

He said, “This can only be described as a superlative degree of callousness. It is despicable and barbaric at this time for somebody to still have it in mind that money can be made if he sacrifices the life of a fellow human being. More so, what is it that teenagers want to use money for that will lead them to this type of heinous crime? It is still beyond the comprehension of a normal human being

“I want to say that many parents have failed in their responsibilities. This is a result of bad parenting. It is a result of complete failure of parental responsibility because if this thing has not been encouraged by the parents, I do not believe that any properly brought up child will want to embark on this type of criminality.

“I also want to advise that the generality of people have a lot of work to do, the religious bodies, entertainment bodies and everybody that has one thing or the other on protecting life and properties.

“The religious bodies should stop preaching only prosperity, you should be preaching morality more than the way you preach prosperity. Nollywood actors and the movie censors board have a lot to do to regulate the type of film they produce because some of them(ritual suspects) learn it in movies.”



  1. Stories like this scare me a lot.

    God abeg, may we not fail in our responsibilities as parents and may our kids not bring us pain. Amen.

    1. See future husbands. Uselessness on 2 legs.
      When men are called, these smelly demons will also raise their smelly, bloodstained crooked fingers.
      Sebi they said women are useless? They should be using their fellow 'useful' gender for these things and leave women alone na.
      Bombastic animals.

  2. Most parents really do their best in bringing up their kids. And they still turn out like this. I feel bad when parents are blamed because the task of parenting is not easy.

  3. This is just too sad, parents has a lot to do, the boy child needs serious home training and also friendship between parents and children should be encouraged. They should be charged to court and face the consequences.

  4. That is why I haven't bought any device for my teenage kids until they learn enough from home to be able to face the corruption that exist online.

    1. Whether you buy it for them or not, they have access to it through their friends in school or church/mosque or even at home. The day you will get them one, you will be shocked at how well they know how to operate Android phones.

  5. He lied
    He did not learn it online. The babalawo that told them to do it has used juju to confuse them so that they will not bring police to his shrine

    1. You know what's up

    2. My thoughts too. How would you learn online n go practice it without the help of a higher person.

    3. You most certainly can. After all, we read and practice without the teacher. Why would this be any different? Wouldn't a baba/mamalawo have prepared it for them instead? Let's stop pretending that the internet and movies have no effect on people. Speak only for yourself. You can find information on anything online, including how to get away with murder. Movie makers must stop showing these things work. When a movie tells you something will work but you will suffer afterward, don't you think people will try it and console themselves that the suffering will be okay after they have made money?

  6. See how they just wasted the girl's life. Things are really happening.

    Lord, please help train our children in the right path.

  7. I wish Nigeria security agency had the same standard with other foreign countries. This is getting out of hand,all hands should be on deck to fight this evil.
    See their looks like evils.

  8. stop this rubbish blaming it or not prosperity is our portion as Christians. have you heard any church tell you to do money ritual to make money? is it the church that told bandits to be kidnapping people? every fool now blames the church and religion for everything. even the bible condemn the love of money so pls enough of blaming the church for everything. people should begin to train their kids right period

    1. What is being said is that the focus should be on morality, faith and righteousness more than the likes of prosperity. If they are hammered upon more than prosperity, ppl will begin to cast their minds more along those lines.

  9. I despise everything to do with money rituals and sacrifices. I despise it from top to bottom. I see ppl sacrificing chickens, goats, food to their gods and I despise it just the same. Bloodletting for what? Taking human life for what? The illusion of money and status. The lust of materialism is an enemy to Godliness.

    I know what it means now when the Word says you have to hate this world and everything in it. The moment you allow yourself to be mesmerized by the things of this world is the day you will lose your way.

    The Beast will use your life to commit atrocities and forget about you once the deed is done. Doing a human body like that. The parents cannot even view their daughter's remains because they will be traumatized for life. I weep for the suffering that innicent girl endured and I weep for her parents sorrow. No parent should ever have to know such pain.

  10. 18 year boy, squeeze her neck and behead her after lovemaking ???????

    ladies learn from this

    I am speechless

  11. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  12. The fall out of the three institutions; Government, Parents and Religion.


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