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Thursday, March 10, 2022


 In house news don land...........


How is everyone doing?

There is one last person for the business support giveaway but i dont have the persons phone number or account details.... If i announce the person here now, the jealous ones will attack.....

I will discuss with my PA and we will find a way around it......

Someone posted something that i deleted yesterday.... This jealous piece of maggot implied that all the business giveaway is fetish and that is why those who receive vanish or keep coming back for more....

It was sad to read someone vomit such rubbish and then dare me to post it...
All i can say to you is that until you repent and stop coming here to troll me because of money that is not yours, the same way you put a question mark on the giveaways is the same way your life will have a question mark following you all over.... AMEN.

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day folks!



Na who dey house o? Na we dey hia o!

Hmm...shebi na house I dey wey my neighbour squatter sidon for corridor begin cry.

Na as I waka pass, she quick dry her face continue to dey wash clothes.

I near am ask, Is every thing ok?. She hide her red face, just nod head say na something enter her eyes.

Hmm...mmm, I tell her say everybody don comot for yard, na only us two remain. I say my door dey open make she come follow me talk anytime.

Na him i open my purse give her One thousand naira note. She just burst into cry again. I pet am small, I carry my clothes enter house.

Inside compound for night na him i begin hear noise from my neighbour house.

This neighbour na two siblings dem be, Henry and Jessica (not realnames).Na the senior brother dey pay rents, dey wait make him sister marry before he pack comot for the compound. Dem dey go office work for morning come back night sometimes.

The geh wey dey cry for morning (Cynthia) come squat with her best friend, Jessica wey be her childhood friend from secondary school.

The two siblings come back house for night, dey no see Cynthia again. She don pack her load comot.

Wetin hapun?! Wetin hapun?!.

Dem call her number soteh the thing dey off. I tanda for window dey watch drama. I off light go sleep as me I no kukuma dey for hypocrisy.

Stella, make I knack you the real tori wey hapun as she tell me her story small, plus the one wey i use my korokoro ears hear.

You see that squatter geh, be like rich man pikin but very humble and beautiful. Her parents separate, the father go entangle with another woman. Her mother wey come dey raise her alone begin sick and eventually die.

Her father wife na 'juju express', wey no gree the father remember him only pikin o. The woman do juju wey be say make the girl no even succeed for City. Things dey hapun o!

The pikin from one problem enter another, job today, downsizing tomorrow...Na as she no see money pay house rent, wey landlord pursue her comot. She pack her kaya come manage with her best friend until she go find another job.

From the third day, wey that squatter move enter that flat, na im her friend turn her to housegirl o. From fetch water, wash clothes, wash toilet, cook food, go market.

Na so my neighbour go balance like bosslady for varendah, make her mate dey run errands for her!

The one wey pain me pass, na the day I dey spread clothes for backyard.
I begin hear my neighbour dey shout for her squatter head, she ask her who chop pizza and ice-cream put the empty packs inside kitchen dustbin?...
The squatter say na brother Henry buy am bring for house in the afternoon.

My neighbour say how her own brother go chop standard size pizza and 2 cups of ice-cream alone?

Squatter say he give her half of the pizza and 1 cup of ice-cream since she never chop anything since the previous night.

The squatter go dey buy Agege bread and Togo Beans after dey don go work as fear to even touch or cook any thing for the house.

Na so my neighbour begin shout say, why she no fetch water full bathroom drum?..
Squatter say when she wan go find Mallam, her brother say make she no worry say he go call Mallam the next morning for phone to bring water.

I bin think say matter don end o...Na lie o! My neighbour say she send text message to squatter to buy 1kilo of Turkey and make soup before she come back...

Squatter say but she no get any money for hand wey reach to buy the Turkey and she no come get airtime to text back.
My neighbour say how she go even bother to cook the soup when she dey busy with her longer throat dey chop pizza like idiot!

She say how she go wake up 6am, dey go work everyday( no be say she ever feed or give squatter money o!) and squatter go just dey house from morning to night doing nothing!

My neighbour tell squatter make she better start to do s#x videos or pornography for older men online, she come cap everything say 'After all squatter no kukuma better pass people wey dey do am'. Make she go find job!

Just squatting for less than a week! See wetin see finish dey cause o!

Stella, na small remain wah for fall inside drum! I arrange my legs waka comot for backyard.

All the while, the brother no get any idea wetin dey happen o. 

The kain demon wey him sister be. Na so the squatter comot oo...nobody see am for that compound again!

What a sad way to end a friendship.......


Re: Important piece of advice from a bv.

Hello SDK, in reference to that post on IHN the other day(March 7,2022) about village people and outstanding bills, I have some stories to share.
This is one of them, it happened in my own village..

One of my late uncle's wives died last year and the children with two people from their mother's family went to the elders in their father's village to make burial arrangements according to tradition.
They now brought a list totalling about 1.2million.They said, the list was for the remaining burial rites of their late father which they did not complete due to their ages and lack of funds. Imagine!

The main list for their mother's burial had not been brought. They have to clear that one before proceeding with the mother's own.
You see, they lived all their lives in the city and rarely travelled home. Their father (my uncle) had died long ago when the children were very small and they did small burial.
Then their mum single-handedly trained them and they remained in the city. When one of the daughters got married, they sent the items that were due to the village to them.

So, the small burial that they did then was not enough.. a man that died in his 30's o.

Meanwhile, the woman died of a terminal disease which drained them financially and only two of the three kids are working, the last one is a fresh graduate.

The children and their maternal uncles started begging the elders to reduce the items for them as they were not all balanced financially yet. They now reduced it to 1million.

The children now asked for the mum's own so that they will have an idea of the total money they should be looking for, these old men brought a list of 2.1million. So they will need 3.1million in total for village tradition expenses alone. Included in the list were two big cows among other things. They would need two big s cow too for the mother's own.

As I type, the mama is still in the morgue as the kids are still running around to gather funds.

Now you see why some men go and rob or engage in drug trafficking to cover burial expenses.

Some Nigerian customs and traditions exist to ruin the people.

Na wah oh



I can't stop laughing badly. If you can remember some months ago I complained about a neighbor who was fond of snooping at us through the window whenever my wife and I are doing the do?

On Wednesday March 9,2022 I went home to shower due to the heat, so I left my Point of sales to go pour water on my body, after which I came outside the compound and met this my funny neighbor then he asked me to follow him to the shop he just rented.

We got here and I prayed to God to give him good sales after which we went to ORI-OKe MOKOLA to take Goldberg (mortuary standard),on getting to cultural centre, we parked and went into the garden. What did I see? I saw my neighbors wife kissing another man and also having a bottle of chilled Enikeni(Heineken) on her table and a plate of asun.

The wife works with one radio station at Ibadan(name withheld). I never knew he saw his wife from afar which I also did but he pretended and asked us to sit on the same table with his wife by telling me that his wife has been waiting for him there for almost an hour which I pretended to be a fool and believe him.

We got home around 7pm and I went inside to pound my yam based on my promise to my wife. After pounding the yam, i went outside to see what was happening because I heard noise when I was pounding. Behold, it was my neighbor battling with his wife and told her to pack her things and go. it was so terrible that the landlady came downstairs to shook her mouth in the issue.

Na the matter we still dey settle, I will send update soon...

When a man marries the right woman , he is complete but if he is hooked with the wrong one then he is completely finished.

We dey wait for update......




  1. Una Good afternoon!
    The streets of Facebook is hot cause of the redking, dragging up and down.

    1. Good afternoon Miss Ess. Please who are they dragging ?

    2. Please jeweluchi don't mind what the person is saying about the giveaway money, alots of us use the giveaway money and start a business and we are still here and not for more.

    3. Pinky abeg ooo. Yor story de funny. The guy acted with maturity. What was the wife reaction when she saw both you? You skipped that important part.

      Stella, if Nigerians doesn't see bad in any good, then you are not making impact.

      Una good afternoon. The sun is so hot.

    4. Exactly @official prestige....
      People must talk.

    5. I have been trying for weeks to comment, I don’t know why it’s not working , I’m tired of trying…. Don’t know if this will work

    6. Lolll, why is it hot?
      I said why is it hot?
      You will tell people to avoid ponzi schemes, they will still reason with their anus.
      Let them enjoy the suffer that they have used their hands to bring suffering for.

    7. Good afternoon all, Stella please don't mind the anonymous that sent the comment.Mcomment.Me sef need the business giveaway seriously.

    8. I love reading comments,I open every post everyday,bt sometimes I come late,so I always felt d comment is nt necessary again,I will try and be catching up ontime.

    9. @Ms Ess. It is just starting, the music never pick up beat.
      Those people waiting till 16th ot 19th are just jonsing.
      Your money don go.
      I read one person invested 53 million naira.
      I hope he or she has enough to live on o.
      My own is those hungry looking, wretched, conscienceless Facebook 'influenzas' that will influence for Satan's shit if they drop coins at their feet.
      They need to lock all of them up and teach them a lesson.
      From one failed ponzi, failed platform to another, these dirty poverty stricken things forming Facebook Big guls, boyz will go all out to persuade gullible people to invest and part with their cash.

      They know the kind of gullible people their posts are meant to attract.

      Now that the scheme has crashed, these cowards are struck with epilepsy of the mouth. Talk na. Hungry mofos!
      Shameless things.

    10. Stella don't mind the hediot na jelously dey worry am... People have been blessed yearly and some of us are hoping to get the giveaway soon and you are there wanting to block people's way Noway

      Its only painting you because you are not among the recipients

    11. Lol..Stella I sleep very well oo and snore join😩😩

    12. See talk oh
      Giveaway that had made me a shop owner.
      It boils down to how recipients handle the money.
      My business is booming. Although business is not for the faint hearted but we move. Another thing that kills business is debt. Nigerians dey owe debt for Africa.

      The last thing I'll do is sell for credit. Instead I'll dash you the item and pay from it from my purse.
      Stella ignore naysayers.
      I have tasted, seen and I'm a part of your blessings biko!!

  2. Divine Health Confessions!!

    Whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world! I am born of God; therefore, I have overcome the world and its deceptions, limitations, and negativities. I am impervious to sickness, disease, infirmity, sadness, depression, anxiety, and everything that is of this world. 

    1. I want to share to encourage someone. Are you like me? Always going "I can not do it" even when we have not tried. I made the most beautiful hair today. I have been broke for a while, and I am one person who loves to look good lol. For a bit I have been wearing wigs, and I don tire. Yesterday, I sat and calculated how much it would cost me to make my hair and no matter how I bend the matter the money was not just adding up. We all know how much ordinary attachment is now?

      I recalled I had one curly weavon I loosened from my hair after carrying it for a week cos I did not like the style last year. I went and bought Gel this morning, me when no sabi sew weavon.

      I went got my Shampoo and Conditioner and washed my hair and allowed to dry. I brought out my big mirror and sprawled myself on the floor. At first, the doubt came but I cut the tread and tied my hair into a center nut, it looked rough at first even the center parting I had cut closed, but I continued in faith by applying my gel and using brush to straighten it out and it began to look goodπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. My face come set, that gave me hope I was doing something right. I allowed it dry small then picked my weavon, I then threaded the needle.

      At first, I was rolling the weave round the nutted edge of the hair in the center and it was falling off after putting like 3 pieces of the weave. I then thought there was something I was doing wrong. I then realised I needed to tack the beginning of the weave to my hair so I can roll tightly, then sew that one before adding another and repeating the process. Ladies and gentlemen, I made such beautiful hair and I am so proud of myself☺. To think I had been doubting myself all these years but being broke brought out the genius in me. I can't be so proud to rock my own handwork πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I look good now, at least let my wigs rest abeg. I have saved myself almost 2000 by this genius act of mine

      Let me go paint my toe nail, that one is just 300 Naira. Next time I will go buy my nail polish, nail file, buffer, glue and nail polish remover. I will try and fix my own nails myself too. Who knows I just might get it right too. I will but tweezers and apply my lashes cos that one looks super simple. I can't keep dashing out my money lai that.

      Please, don't always say u can't without trying.

    2. Amen; I am born of God and have overcome the world!
      Epaphroditus too was born of God and overcame the World:
      Philippians 2:27 Indeed he was ill, and almost died. But God had mercy on him, and not on him only but also on me, to spare me sorrow upon sorrow.

  3. Replies
    1. Hello IHN 😊😊😊

      @signout meme πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

    2. Help me!!!

      When is the best time to tell your new boyfriend that you're single parent with three kids?

      NB. I'm a lady.
      And we're having our second date tomorrow.

    3. Pinky that your nebo wife no try o.

      God bless us.

      It depends on the conversation, from there you can let him know. Boyfriend wey go stay go stay.

    4. Anon 16:06
      The sooner the better.
      Let him know on your second date so if he's not ready he can take a walk

  4. That burial ish is nonsense, go to your fathers compound, open ground, Bury the dead, get a priest to officiate the occasion, join the next available vehicle and zoom off, 3.1 million for those greedy junters?

    1. E be like say you never meet village elders before. When I lost my mother and we went to inform them and how to proceed with the burial. We were told that unless our late father will be buried in the village no burial for our mother,this is our Dad who died 30yrs ago when we were small. So we should go to Lagos and exhume his bones and bring to village to bury. We buried our mother in Gudu cemetary and face front no time fΓΆr nonsense

    2. Its not that easy..
      3.1 million for burial? Nag, that's greed at its highest

    3. Senaponi's corner, may we not have evil friends. If I am that her friend, that friendship is dead forever. BV Pinky, his wife should just pack if the man says go na. I know that burial matter must be from my place the East, na us dey do this kind non-sense.

    4. They should Bury their mother in a cemetery close to them

  5. Men, who has read about that case of police arresting Black Panthers producer??? Black people are even being profiled by their own race.

    Ehn ehn, has anyone seen Inventing Anna???? Nna ehn, people are so so so gullible. Someone told u she's an heiress and you couldn't even try to Google her family name or something. The girl fit them sha.

    1. People can be bitter ooh
      SDK, thank God you have developed thick skin that all these trolls doesn't get to you. God got you shaa..
      Let them keep blabbing while you are excelling. Ndiara! Ndiara!

    2. I read it was a case of mistaken identity. Heard they freed him and apologised. True??

    3. I hope u said same Γ bt the tinder swindler.

  6. Congrats to all the beneficiaries,God bless the givers..

    1. This burial gist, always be gracious enough to add location where this evil is done.

      My place, you won't be forced to conduct a funeral. You can just dig grave, bury the dead and go search for money.
      It can take your family years, nobody cares. Anytime, you are ready, the living will pertake in the funeral.

      Last January, a family did funeral for their late parents. They died when they were small. The maternal family took care of them. Now, they made money. Built a duplex on their family land. Announced the burial of their father and mother on separate days.
      Killed 2 cows, one each and did wake _keep with life bands.

      It was 4 days event. The α»₯mα»₯nna and umuada were invited to partake. No hassle. They have honored their parents and their spirits can now rest in peace.

  7. Good Afternoon my bvs, how u na dey

  8. BheecrestProperties 08052834338.10 March 2022 at 14:15

    We dey comment ooo.Hahahahaha

  9. Lol this your sign out post today na elele, some people will feel attacked especially our silent blog AngelsπŸ˜‰

  10. Stella i have been reading your blog for over 10years with no ID, I started commenting during Annie idibia saga, your blog always made my day , I sleep well at night trusting GOD to give you grace to go from strength to strength.

  11. Traditions that can push people to money rituals. 2.1 million for one village people, o ga o

  12. How you choose to share giveaway is your choice.
    Its your blog, run it the way you like. Stop explaining yourself . So far you are peace with yourself.

    In other news I am not in my best of mood. So angry within.

    1. Group hug πŸ«‚ πŸ€— I feel same ,but it's going to be okay.

    2. Awww sweet jewJew choc Noir and anonπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— everything is going to be ok.

  13. There's nothing fetish about giveaway here nor from the Angels God is using to bless and uplift businesses here.

    Why this assumption?

    I think some of the beneficiaries gave room for that. You pretended to have a business or want to start one, and when money is being given to you, it will be used for flexing or settling bills or even debts. When the money got finished, you no longer see them on the blog or they come back to beg again. It's very unfortunate, that some persons who needed this financial assistance and may have done well if given may not be lucky enough in being noticed and empowered.

    Only few people utilized what they got here very well. I can tell you that with what I've seen so far in the past few years

    Again, expenses and the hardship at the country could also affect some people in business who got giveaway here and their business capital depreciated if not exhausted. The reason sometimes Stella will say she still want to bless those who need a boost in their business. Truth is that, without the additional boosting some people got here after their first giveaway, it wouldn't have been easy with them.

    In all, I will say may God continue to bless each and everyone of us here to be successful in all we do. God bless blog Angels here and to Stella the channel being used as an instrument of blessings to others.

    Good Afternoon Guys.

    1. Bv Martins, I haven't seen his comments lately. I hope all is well. Called twice this afternoon but it didn't go through.

    2. Hello Ezege,thanks for checking up..

      I wan buy Lexus πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Do stay Blessed Bro..


    3. SDK, I am one of the business giveaway here and and I'm so proud to say it. There's nothing like fetish.some people around me are even surprised how my business picked up, all because of you. And i know how many people that have benefited from me so far,I don't need to loud it. Plss ignore bitter souls.

    4. Wow!!! Good to see your response bro. Lexus go fit you very well bro. You're doing well. My regards to your family.

  14. How you choose to share giveaway is your choice.
    Its your blog, run it the way you like. Stop explaining yourself . So far you are at peace with yourself.

    In other news I am not in my best of mood. So angry within.

    1. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— your last paragraph.

  15. IHN is here. May God bless the work of our hands amen.

  16. Greetings wonderful people. I collected give-away money. Invested it and it's still yielding small small income for me. E no fetish for my hand and l have not disappeared from the blog.
    Una well done

    1. Me too
      I'm still here and going nowhere,
      The commenter is the evil person to like that means u are evil

    2. I am also a beneficiary,still here and would be as long as the blog lives.

    3. Same here,,my is yielding me small small profit and I am thankful to God,Stella and Angel Koof...

      I dey kampe.
      No leave no transfer...

    4. Me too, I thank God for Still n the Angel. Biz is picking gradually and I'm still here. SDK No mind them

  17. Good afternoon everyoneπŸ₯°πŸ₯°❤️

  18. I Dey sleep well o... πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚... to type sometimes Dey taya me.....

    Bv Jojo mayana

  19. Sign out meme is blasting....

  20. Stella i read but don't comment oh......and I sleep very soundly at night..with no body pains....lmao

  21. Good afternoon beautiful people 😘😘

  22. Good afternoon BVs.

    You can only be friends with some people from afar.

  23. Good afternoon house, God bless the giver.

  24. Good afternoon house...sign out post dey eye me ooo😝😝😝😝

  25. That person is truly pained and jealous. Aren't we reading the testimonials of some who did well with the money? We move jare.

    Pinky, try dey cover your window abeg. How can someone be peeping at you guys while doing the do? That's nonsense jare.

    1. Metoyou anything for clout @ your last paragraph,just anything for clout.

  26. Residents in Toraja Indonesia take their dead loved ones out of the grave once every year to celebrate their lives.

    1. Huh!😱
      With the smell and all?

    2. Mama Bomboy, you say wetin? Nibo latun jasi bayi oluwa?!. After struggle to die, the person no go still rest inside grave again! Oga o!

  27. Stella stop giving them attention, naysayers will never stop saying trash. Just delete their comments and move on.

    I didn't get a business giveaway but utilized the teacher's gift that I got during the Covid19 lockdown in 2020 to start a small business. It keeps me and my child going.

    May God bless the angels here and reward you for your kindness.

  28. Who be that anonymous?
    Why so pained?
    I got a business giveaway and I'm doing fine. No juju there, I'm progressing by God's grace. I'm still here, even if I get 1million naira giveaway here tomorrow, I goeth no where. We die hereπŸ’ƒ

    1. We die here my dear 🀣🀣🀣

    2. Yes ooooo
      We die here...

      I am a proud beneficial of 100 giveaway and my is yielding me small small profit and I am super excited

      Thank Stella Jewelchi for all you do..
      Thank you Angel Koof.

      I dey Kampe

  29. Good Afternoon House
    😁😁😁@ sign out post

  30. Stella giveaway coupled with my salary has changed my life
    I Know how my life was by this time last y this time last year but Aliamdullilahi
    I can't even imagine how my life would have been without extra source of income from the business giveaway
    Long live SDK blog ♥️

  31. I can't see the sign out meme you all are talking about because I don't have data 😭

  32. I've promised not to comment on anything giveaway here,but saying giveaway is evil or whatever is a kue from the pit of hell,except the recipient doesn't untilize it well, Stella sowed into my life via ankara from olawealth,and I can say that single sowing, helped me to achieve one of my dream, I always say that seed is a giant seed in my life. The person is so pained he or she isn't consider for the giveaway,if they give the person the "evil" giveaway now ,he go change mouth. Thats human being for you,

    1. May God keep people wey go discourage our helpers very faarrr away from us in Jesus name! You get problem, you just never see person wey go tell you say you need wetin pass medication!


    3. Lavender Lavender e kpele o.

    4. @Treasures and Anons, Na the 'Abirun' wey talk the nonsense about Giveaway being Juju money i dey follow talk o jare. On top another persin sweat, una no go gree help people, yet you will be badmouthing those doing it. Eberu olorun o! Anon maidia! We don dey this blog from Day one with our BlackBerry wey na bobby pin we dey use press keypad. It's been a long journey Stella, and I bless God for how you have transformed and influenced lives to transform others! Eleribu wey wan spoil market for potential sponsors and beneficiaries...God sabi your address o! You medication dey come pesepese!

  33. Lolzzzz truly how do you read Sdk blog without commenting ??? πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ The sign out gat me 🀣🀣🀣 Jeweluchi you go just dey o, come think one kind thing come . I love your spontaneity. Commenting since the time of one word ... Pat O. My blog famZ, howdy?

  34. Hello ihn 😘.
    Good afternoon everyone and how's your day going.

    The person that wrote about giveaway money being cursed isn't alright at all, probably pained that he/she wasn't gifted. I received giveaway money last year and my poultry farm has grown from what it used to be..before I only reared birds seasonal but now I've birds all time. I'm even planning of building another house cause business is moving.God bless Angel Koof, God bless jewelu star woman.

    Bvs una dooh oo πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
    E go surely be ✌️.

  35. Good afternoon. 3.1million for burial, wawu

  36. Abeg help me ask stella o

  37. How una dey my people πŸ’ž

  38. This Stella's signed out meme is one in town πŸ˜„.
    I never received any giveaway here but that person that made such comments should go and hug transformer after pouring water for body, na their type dey discourage the givers, idiat

  39. Hehehehe that person is mad.

  40. I want to help educate females who might be having menstrual foul smell:

    I was experiencing foul smell ONLY during my period. No,it was not because I am dirty as you Nigerians are judginas.

    I went to the hospital for test,no infection.I changed my brand of pad.Changed pad whenever I go to urinate,and not the usual 4hrs interval and I rinsed my vagina with water to remove excess blood,instead of using toilet roll.The problem still persisted.The stench was like something rotten! But after my period,no stench at all.I got fed up.

    Whenever my period approaches,I would be sad.Until one day,I asked myself,is it likely what I eat during my periods? I started experimenting.Guess what? It was BOILED EGGS and TIN MILK!

    I now understand why I will have this cravings for boiled eggs when expecting my period.I will eat 4 or 5 boiled eggs in a day! I like my tea thick and rich,I will pour a tin of milk finish in a cup of tea.

    I started experiencing this problem after I relocated to abroad 4 years ago.I suffered this embarrassing situation for 2+ years,until I found the solution last year.Now,for 5 months, my period does not stink.

    I still wash my vagina with water and change my pad after every pee to reduce the excess blood.And shave often,I don't like much hair.I hope this help someone out there.I aslo don't eat any yogurt again.

    1. Thanks for this tip. Mine is low blood flow during period. I wish I have a heavy period. Gives me the feeling of cleansing myself of enough bad blood

    2. Khaleesi be happy with what you have o, truly. I don't have any foul smell but I break out into rashes whenever I eat eggs. Boiled, fried, anything with eggs.

  41. Queen of queens .10 March 2022 at 18:10

    I have been a silent reader of your blog for the past 7 years I comment at times but you hardly post my comment ,your blog is fantastic when ever am down I come here it’s refres

  42. Good afternoon everyone,πŸ’žπŸ’šπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’œ❤πŸ’™πŸ’‹

  43. Stella I love the Saturday morning breakfast post. It's my secret crush,see me salivating like a she goat ciddling a hot water bottle
    The wordless post is something else, you're doing well.

  44. May the Almighty continue to bless Stella. Keep touching lives Dear. They are simply jealous of this blogs success. My advise is to ignore them.

  45. I totally hate traditional burials, it's better you just do a church burial and go your way in peace,if not na you umunna go use shine

  46. I have never received any business giveaway here before but the success stories I read here are encouraging and shows that there is no sinister motive. Some may disappear, it's normal. In the Bible, not all ten lepers came back, also the parable of the sowers, not all sowed and grew their seeds.
    May God keep blessing the angels here, angel KOOF, Angel Pee, Angel Stephanie, Angel Chocolate noir, Angel SDK, etc.
    Bvs pls let's not use negativity to discourage the givers, if not for anything else but for the few whose lives would change for the better of considered for a business giveaway..

  47. Stella don't mind the anonymous,I really appreciate what you do and all the Angels on this blog,may God remember you too

  48. Stella, whosoever said the giveaway is diabolical is just pained because he/she wasn't chosen. I'm a living testimony,the December giveaway revived my dwindling side hustle,I'm forever grateful. Stella thank you,angel koof God continues to bless and I'll continue to update you as it's progressingπŸ’‹

    1. We don already establish say the person na 'shoko' he get scushies and titanic for head. Alainikanse! You wan come chase clout for here, you no know say Stella no be yesterday o. Lati igba aye alalumole. BVs wey go buy job ontop your matter full ground wantu comman be spoiling 'paranranran' on top giveaway from kind souls. No dey do kitikiti, change your mindset, God will bless all our hustles in Jesus name. Pele, joko jeje!se Norma.ko easy. Jesus is calling you into his kingdom. You can't afford to miss heaven tori won ma fe fi Lilu ba ti e je. Pele maidia.

  49. Going to nine solid years reading this blog,but to comment na wahala,I no sure say my comments don reach five and to think my brother calls me stella "dimokus".shout out to the people that keeps us entertained,e no easy,una try

  50. May God continually bless you Stella and Angel koof,giving people u have no relationship with so much money without taking it back at the end of the day is a huge one.May God increase you both and grant ur heart’s desires.amen

  51. People comment but you don't enable some. It's very discouraging when you your comments are not being enabled .

  52. I prefer to read, and most times I am late in reading them.


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