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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thursday In House News.......



Please if you deal in wines and Whiskey, send me an email..... Someone needs to buy some quantity...

If no one contacts me today, then i go carry the business to somewhere else... What is needed is Macallan Whiskey...

The rest of una how today be?



It’s almost three months to my birthday and I have started counting down. I normally start to prepare for my birthday three months before. I go online I search for what I think will be the perfect outfit, and add it to my cart to pay later.

I pick the shoes, the accessories and search for the perfect hair I think would be suitable for the occasion. I search for cake design and I write everything down. I usually have a friend who calls me to plan with me and ginger me year in year out.

The crazy thing about it is that I don't end up doing anything at all for my birthday. I end up not buying the outfits or making the hair nor buy the accessories neither do I bake the cake.

I always look for one excuse or the other and the day just ends up passing like every other day. My husband tries to surprise me though. My last birthday, my friend kept calling and encouraging me on why that year must be different, I agreed with her but still didn’t do anything.

My body and mind has started itching to start planning again but why bother, I really don’t know why I end up not doing anything. My siblings have already given up on me and don’t listen anymore when I ask for their help, they know I would end up cancelling everything just to laze around at home and sleep on my birthday.

This year I might as well surprise everyone including myself and just go all out and big this time around but till then ...........

We will be celebrating with you so you must celebrate... This year will be different so that planning.. We will post your cake photo inside in house news.....

I will also gift you a cake from the stables of Sisi brownie cakes, so no excuse....
Motherhood is not easy at all, once you sign on there is no signing out... Any moment i have to face myself i dont waste it ooooh....... I am already planning a get away after all this covid brouhaha and i cant wait.....



Good day  Stella and my lovely Bvs, how una dey? Abeg make una follow me thank God ooo, God saved me from a huge one.

A friend of mine (an older woman) called me to come to her house, I do house cleaning for her once in a while, so she asked me to come, little did I know that she was having issues with her crazy younger sister who is living with her.

 While she was still talking to me, my phone went off (Low battery), being that I know my way around, so I quickly rushed to her house, thinking she had something for me to do in the house as I seriously needed the money this period.

On getting to the compound, I opened the outside gate and entered like I used to do, then knocked on the entrance door but nobody answered, I didn't know that she and her daughter had fled the house cos like I said before, we were still talking on the phone when my phone went off, she couldn't give me the location to meet her, so when I knocked and no one answered, I opened the door and went in, my mind just said "hey look up", I saw the sister attack me with a cutlass, I quickly held her hand, gave her a knock on her nose and she dropped the cutlass.

 She kept screaming, "shebi they called you to come and fight, I will kill you", I was seriously struggling with this girl oooo, this girl bit me on the breast, released this strong blow to my eyes, I come de see double ooo, na that time I know say water don pass garri....

I beat her like the enemy, And had her arrested, it was then that their neighbours called my friend, she came and was so happy to see the mad animal in cuffs,,my friends body was filled with bruises, this girl don beat am black and blue, and mind you that this woman is sick ooo...

  I just thank God that the cutlass did not get to me, I don't think I would've survived it, E for divide my skull, I just thank God i am alive, my breast hurts so bad but i am getting better, the eyes gives me constant headache but it's okay too..

May we not answer the kind of calls that will kill us or be at the wrong place at a wrong time... Amen.... May the day be good for us


Why would your friend call you on a day this was happening? I think she wanted you to help her fight the sister otherwise she would have been somewhere around knowing you were on the way to her house and someone dangerous was inside...

You are lucky to be alive.......

Suspend going to work for that your friend for now.





  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I do not get sick! I am fully fortified with the whole armor of God. No evil can come near me. I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. My faith prevails over all the enemy’s fiery darts of sickness, disease, and wickedness. Glory to God! I am triumphant in Christ eternally!

    1. Amen!
      Paul got sick:
      Galatians 4:13 As you know, it was because of an illness that I first preached the gospel to you, 14and even though my illness was a trial to you, you did not treat me with contempt or scorn. Instead, you welcomed me as if I were an angel of God, as if I were Christ Jesus himself.
      And Jesus said; Mark 2:17 The sick needs a doctor

    2. Rhapsody, I have been hailing you on your confessions but I don't think you were sensitive with today's own. What do you mean by that first sentence there, you don't get sick?
      So what about Christians who get sick?

    3. "I do not get sick" it's not hard to point out that you are a Christ embassy church goer a staunch member for that matter! I'm not sorry to say but you guys sound delusional!.

      Even Christ in the Bible healed the sick he commanded us to visit a physician and he created herbs for our well being but you Christ embassy members will argue with "MY PASTOR SAY"

      It's human to fall sick, it's human to take medication just stop deceiving yourselves please. I know a brother that do not take medication simply because"sickness has no place in his body" funny thing is,this brother is visibly sick another will say I'm not broke you are not broke then why are you asking me for money he'd say I'm just asking but I'm not broke okay,since you are not broke I'm not giving. They way you people idolize your pastor is scary! The way you people feel like you are the only righteous one is scaring. Keep behaving like sheeples what ever works for you man.

    4. You can't get sick; really? This is how some people in your church will be sick, even with cancer and hiding it instead of seeking help. The Jesus Christ I know never preached that. Please study the Bible on your own to understand and not just confessing what is written in your daily devotion book written by your pastors. by the way I am a believer in Christ myself and all my family.

    5. Anons
      Rhapsody copies texts from Rhapsody of Realities, a daily devotional of Christ Embassy church written by their founder, Chris Oyakhilome. It is not her handwriting. you know some Christians, they swallow all that their pastor says in his book or on the pulpit Hook, line and sinker. So stop wasting your time trying to educate her. Na waste of time.

    6. @14:56
      It is not "waste of time." I am concerned about those that read her first posts here keeping their faith in the Word of God; the Bible. She can believe her pastor's goofs for all I care but she should not deceive others into entering into the bondage of errors. I don't know how the words of a pastor should supersede the Word of God.

    7. Hmm, I am just remembering the very words of Jesus after reading this heresy that Rhapsody posted today;
      Matthew 25:43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

      I only hope you Embassy goers don't treat the sick among you as pariahs because those words there cost some people dearly, they ended up in hell because they treated the sick people with negligence. Just saying.

      SHE DOESN'T include copied

      Paul was sick at some point o.

      Kam nukwa


    9. CEC...screams...cult,cult, much red flags, yet people still worship there! Wake up Nigerians, pentecostalism has robbed you off... common sense!!

    10. Can Rhapsody beat her chest and tell us that in the last one year, she hasn't gone into a pharmacy store to buy and take antimalarial medications? Yet she is here deceiving the gullible. And your pastors and kids are checking out abroad for medical check ups and treatments. Please worship Jesus Christ the Savior of the world and not your pastors. Hoo, hoo, hooooooooo!

    11. Why the attack on Rhapsody nah. But there are truly some people who don't get sick. The fact that some get sick does not change the word of God. Neither Paul nor Timothy nor any of the apostles our model, we are born of God and we model our lives after him not anyone else. So if there is no record of Jesus getting sick then it is not compulsory for a believer to be sick.

      Besides the Bible says that our body is the temple of God and we are one body and spirit with God. Do you think that the Almighty God lacks the resources to keep His Children in perfect health?

      How hard is it for you to believe that God can keep your body in perfect health abi is sickness something palatable that you want to keep experiencing? If someone wishes sickness on you won't you reject it? So how hard is it to believe that God can actually shield you from it.

      Even in the old testament he promised the children of Isreal that if they serve Him, He will take away sickness from amongst them. Abi do you think God delights in seeing His Children afflicted and Sick? Sickness is an abuse on God's people but we don't face the person being abused, we face what is responsible for the abuse and make sure it doesn't happen again. Many of you have witnessed divine healing in your life, didn't it feel good? Wasn't it a refreshing experience for you? Won't it be good to keep experiencing that type of strength and vigor everyday? Won't you pick instant supernatural healing over going to queue up at the hospital to dole out cash you should have spent on more important things on treating a sickness? I bet your answer is yes. Now imagine it didn't even have to come to the point where your body is sick, won't that be pure bliss?

      The truth is everyone including animals hate sickness because it is against the order of nature. So if a person is saying you can live above it, they have not committed a crime.

      Learn to take away emotions and personal experiences from the word of God. If you fall sick it doesn't make you less of a Christian, if you say you don't fall sick it doesn't mean you are saying you are better than others, just stating the fact.

      Christ embassy teaches about God's plan for us including living a Sickles life but that does not mean that they still don't heal the sick. In fact last week the had the largest online healing program that ran for three days. Teaching the truth does not make the pastor a heretic neither does it make the church devoid of sympathy towards those that are sick.

      FYI pastor Chris is not the only one that believes in not getting sick, other preachers like Enenche, Bishop Oyedepo, Kenneth Copeland etc believe the same thing and you hear them say they haven't been sick in decades. But they all still pray for the sick.And before you say it's an African stuff it's not. There are tones of Caucasians and Asians that will tell you the same thing.

      If you believe you must be sick as a believer by all means believe it and walk in the reality of it. If another believes that they can't fall sick, allow them walk in that reality. It's not as if your online protest will change anything.

      Let everyone hold on to their belief and continue Confessing it but leave others. There is no need to create a divide in the body of Christ over simple matters like this.

    12. 16:26, those ones you mentioned, their followers don't come here to put it in our faces everyday.

    13. @16:26
      Healing is the children's bread...Mathew 15:26

      So are those children of the devil? Wasn't Jesus talking about the children of God?

    14. @16:26
      No one mentioned that a believer in Christ "must get sick." You introduced that word "must"
      But when you say "I don't get sick," you need Scriptures to back that up and so far, neither you nor Rhapsody has
      given us any. Epaphroditus was sick and nearly died and we did not read that he didn't have the amor of God.
      Paul talked in 2 Corinthians 12 about being given a torn in the flesh; a messenger of Satan to torment him. He
      pleaded with the Lord thrice to take it away but the Lord answered "my grace is sufficient for you for my strength is
      made perfect in weakness." Read the Bible okay.

    15. Please my people, let's try and not misconstrue what Rhapsody posted. These are positive declarations made by believers, it doesn't mean one shouldn't take medications when ill. The people who do such are extremists. Let's not tear down our friend (Rhapsody) for choosing to share positive declarations.

    16. 不不不不不不.. My people, my people. I had a long day and opened SDK to relax and boom I see a lot of you are vexing. Ah ah.. On a good day I'll respond to your grievances but definitely not today. I tire. All I need now is a good massage.

      For now:
      My Spontaneous Post and IHN post is culled from "Rhapsody of Realities and Healing School department daily post of CHRIST EMBASSY CHURCH which I'm a not just a member but also a proud partner.
      What I share, before I leave my house daily I confess them and say the Divine Health Confessions for my own health benefits and spiritual growth.
      This place is a large community of different people with different beliefs. Do what works for you. It's not that hard guys.

      Lastly, I don tell ona say I no be "Ordained Pastor" of any kind. Stop painting a picture of me in your head. I Love God and know him for myself and I'm abundantly blessed to have a spiritual Father in the person of PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME.

      My special Anon that's always coming at me. I see you and you always make me laugh. Honestly. On a good day I will reply you. Trust me I have your answers.
      I don too shalaye. Ona bye bye. Massage in a bit.

    17. A pharmacist in my church gave a testimony that he has not taken drugs or fall sick for over 20 years,faith manifest in different ways, he's a pharmacist,he even owns a pharmacy, a big one,but his faith makes it hard for him to fall sick,and yes he believes if you're sick you take drugs. May God grant you all understanding,if rhapsody says she cannot fall sick,do be it. U can't fall sick either,its my faith


      Thank you @Rhapsody. Anyone that wants to be sick should say it. Rhapsody has said her own and I'm wondering why it is giving some people headaches.

      Say your own ooo. Life and death are in the power of the tongue

    19. @Rhapsody
      Matthew 23:9 And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.


      Biko Rhapsody, do not ever stop posting o, I usually look forward to this on IHN.
      Death and life are in the power of the tongue. I choose to confess what I want to manifest in my life. Amen

    21. Anon 17;40 is Paul or Epaphroditus your God? So why should you model your life after them? Read the Bible well and stop quoting verses in isolation. If you show me a scripture from Genesis to Revelation that Jesus was sick then I'll leave you alone but it's nowhere in the Bible. So how hard can it be for you to believe that some people can experience that same bliss.

      Also show me in the Bible where it states that All Christians MUST or WILL get sick.
      Some of you can't see beyond your nose because you model your life after men instead of God. The fact that something is being pointed out as a possibility does not mean that it's an attack on you who has not experienced it. If you keep attacking divine health confessions like this, how do you expect to experience it abi you did not see in the Bible that life and death are in the power of the tongue and if you must enjoy life you must learn to use your tongue well.

    22. Abeg those of you that have issues with Rhapsody shebi if I say "may you experience sickness every month " will you say Amen?

      I'm just asking o since you guys seem to have an issue with divine health and divine health confession.

    23. @21:52
      "Healing is the children's bread" Healing is the children's bread...Mathew 15:26

      So the children (of God) are healed from what -good health?
      Listen, you are the one bringing in "must get sick" in this discussion.
      Yes, the people of God can walk in divine health for all things are possible to him that believes.
      But do not rule out sickness for Jesus taught that the "sick needs a doctor" Mark 2:27. And he expects
      us to visit him when he is sick Matthew 25:36. On the contrary, it is Rhapsody who is quoting her Pastor's
      book instead of the Bible which I believe every jot of it.

    24. Those of you shouting Healing is the Children's bread. Are you aware that Children Jesus was referring to were Jews not Christians. Jesus had not died yet so there was nothing like the church or Christianity.

      Read the entire context of the scripture. The woman was not an Israelite that's why He said He was only sent to the lost sheep of Israel.

      “And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil. But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us. But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me. But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs. And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table. Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour. And Jesus departed from thence, and came nigh unto the sea of Galilee; and went up into a mountain, and sat down there.

      30 And great multitudes came unto him, having with them those that were lame, blind, dumb, maimed, and many others, and cast them down at Jesus’ feet; and he healed them:” Mathew 15:22-30

      Infact the context of this scripture meant that no one outside of Isreal was entitled to be healed by Jesus at that point and that's what He was telling the woman. And it doesn't say anywhere here that "Healing is the Children's bread" what He said is "it is not meet to give the children's bread to dogs"

      Try and read scripture in context or remove the preset interpretation of your pastors when reading so you don't rob yourself of the truth in the verse.

      There are other Scriptures you can use to point to praying for those that are sick et AL but definitely not this one.

    25. The children (John 1:12) have suddenly become Jews because it suits your narrow narrative here. When you will be praying for healing now,
      Besides, read Romans 2 and see who the Jews are in the New Covenant.

  2. Your NEXT BLESSING will be 7 times your past losses! 休休卉oybarker


    1. @Fluffy
      Na person wey trust im life give ordinary waterproof (condom) f8k up real bad.
      Wise ones abstain till marriage.

  3. Thank God for this great testimony poster. You shall deliver safely amen .

    1. Pregnant Bv, it shall end in Thanksgiving celebration.

      Escaped death Bv, thank God for you.

      Una good afternoon.

    2. Amen for her

      Thank God for your life Sisi

      God bless the givers

  4. no light at home, hot and boring day

  5. Wow! Testimonies all around. Congratulations sisters. God's protection and safe delivery. Its from glory to glory. baby dust on ALL TTC Women AMEN

  6. Hello IHN! Hmmmm....crazy things are happening. Thank God you were able to fight for your life. Many are really mad but few are roaming. Make una get better day

    1. Holla Boo 弘

      @Matk Morgan we ain't going for Zizou tho,it's between Pochettino and Erik Ten Hag of Ajax! It's more likely Ten Hag

      @Anon my lover how are you doing today? Holla

    2. Hello Paris boo. Hope you're good?

    3. Paris! You know why I added the exclamation mark.

    4. @Genny love ❤️❤️ I'm fine oh,thank you

      @Mor darling 弘 how's your day going?

      @Mark Morgan 仄仄

    5. Sweetheart went well and your's. Got gbis late. Hope you're good

  7. "Anonymous24 March 2022 at 08:32
    DANTE, l don't need her location. I have not been seeing her comments, answer jor"

    LOL.. you're part of the people that use to email her ABI..
    If I answer you make I bend

    1. Lols DANTE, no bend abeg. I need you straight for her,BTW, l'm.a lady

    2. @Shantelle
      sorry aunty,next time tie your legs and pretend to be a mermaid.
      That's our blog saying,know this and know peace.
      These blog male bvs are kiss & tell,bump & dump.

    3. Abeg who understands what this @anon 15.01 is saying.. she seems confused, bitter and incorherent at the same time..
      If you don't know how to have fun fly out from under my comment and don't infect me and my people with your bitterness

    4. DANTE it's 4pm, wehdone on d weightlifting at d backyard since morning,now proceed to shower bcus ur neighbors will soon begin returning back from the day's job.
      Blog Smelling Ladies Wet Dream isonu, go baff jo 打

    5. Lol @15.56

      Weyreh Lol.. you better don't die with your feelings,. All this reverse psychology shooting of shoots dey miss target

    6. I know this anonymous 15:56... Yes trust me when I say so. I won't say what gave me the lead.

    7. Teejay, I know too. One day one day, it'll be exposed for its foolery

  8. IHN is here, what a hot afternoon.
    The poster of womanhood, happy birthday in advance.

  9. Thank God for saving you. May we not got where we will never return in a safe condition. Amen.

    @ Motherhood, you can try to take yourself out alone and give yourself a good treat on your birthday. You deserve it and more, then get yourself a gift at least.

    I greer y'all.

  10. Inside the mind of a woman, are you me? I end up planning and failing but I overcame it last year滕滕滕滕 took my self to a makeup studio afterwards snapped and I prepared fried rice and chicken.
    When I sent the pix to my bestie and siblings they called and were so happy because na for mout I dey always snap studio pix

  11. Took a short break from work around 12noon and headed home to sleep. Woke up some few minutes ago. Feeling so hungry but don't even know what to eat. I will just dress up and look for an eatery. Maybe when I get there I will know what to eat.

    Comfort to everyone grieving at this time. May God's strength encompass you all. Amen.

    1. Ezege!

      Too much money Akpa Ego!
      When you are big you are big

      Who God has blessed no man can curse abeg

    2. That's my boss man!!! We came, we saw, we stooped and we will conquered.

    3. Dante you are phool 不不不不不不不不
      Ezege the billionaire. Ezego in the making不不不不不 I hail o

      Stella's bvs are cray

      Who knows whether the poor guy we are hailing has one naira in his pockets 不不不不

    4. Anon 17:26, I no get oooh. You fit still give me. Help a brother naaa.

    5. Anon 1726

      Oya him say him no get.. him don talk say make you help am you don run go hide

      Tee, no mind all these haterz jor..

      More money in the AZA

    6. If only teejay knows that Dante dey yab am with this billionaire tag..

    7. Anon yab or no yab, it's okay. It's not something bad after all. Beside, yabbing no start today

    8. 18.30

      And he's yabbin me with boss man tag bah?
      That's how you'll go about sowin seeds of hatred. You should be ashamed of yourself but you have no Shame.

      Swerve with you silly unsolicited opinion. Evil mindset

    9. Tee..
      No mind the weyreh.. trying to sow seed of discord.. this Bro love dey make some of them dey uncomfortable..

      If they have been in the midst of real Gees, they'll know this is how men discuss and hype themselves..

      Jealousy won finish am

  12. JESUS BE EZE!!!

  13. My back aches from sitting on Tailors chair

  14. Congratulations to the soon to be mom,I pray God grant you the strength to pull through.

    Thank God for safety@gist

  15. Poster escape from death, I thank God for your life.
    Mum to be, congratulations in advance.

    1. The Original ShugarGirl24 March 2022 at 18:43

      That narrative is scary.

      Na God preserve you BV.
      I thank God for your life.

  16. IHN is hereThanks to everyone who reached out to me yesterday,lost most of my contacts but I was really happy when my Kano customer reached out yesterday....If you wear size 42-46,I have some shoes for you, kindly reach out.
    Thanks once again momma for the rare opportunity you gave me to advertise my business on your blog,God's blessings on you and yours..Amen

    1. Welcome back dear. May God perfect everything for you. Great sales I wish you.

  17. Poster that escaped death, seems your friend's sister has underlying mental illness. Thank God for you.

    May you carry your baby to term anon. Congratulations

  18. Good afternoon beautiful people. The weather here is so hot.

    Thank you to all the wonderful people that wished me a quick recovery in the morning, amen to your prayers,God bless you all.

    Congratulations poster, you'll carry your baby to term and you'll birth a strong, healthy child. Baby dust to every woman that's TTC. Have a great day y'all

  19. IHN is here everyone welcome.
    Wealthy Methuselah thank you for saving me from lots of stress, may God cont to bless you. With this new knowledge of mine I might reconsider not packing out from yaba yet. Truth be told despite all the wahala the good part of my living in Yaba is shopping at oyingbo market. I no longer struggle with buying foodstuff in bulk as oyingbo market is close by making us eat fresh food always. Then going to Lagos Island Market I no longer wait to gather plenty money before going there.

    1. Hi Makason, i was around Yaba today and passed through that makeshift "River" you mentioned yesterday, then thought of you. You guys are trying in that your Yaba o. The place is too expensive for nothing...

  20. BV ZARAM, thanks for your words of encouragement on yesterday's BEP

  21. Good afternoon beautiful people
    @motherhood try to take yourself out and enjoy yourself

    1. Hailings Slim. My baby and I are very fine. Just work that is hindering one from regular commenting. Thanks for your concern.

  22. That sister of hers should be taken to a psychiatric hospital for diagnosis cos she didn't act normal

    A normal person won't act extremely to the point of trying to kill someone in a domestic fight

  23. That sign out memo with the pen by the side of that note people can use it to write out a visibly comprehensive list of what people actually think others owe them.
    You should have taken that pen away

    1. Hi sweetie how are you coping ? Lots of love ❤️

    2. Hi boo,bless your kind heart my love❤️
      I'm doing fine thank you 元‍♀️

    3. Saw your reply late boo. I'm doing great, trust you're too

  24. Good afternoon all, congratulations you will carry your pregnancy to terms in Jesus name.

  25. We dey alright, na God dey run am
    Nice day to you all

  26. Hailing to you Stella mama and bvs.
    As snarker want turn to motigbetional speaker this morning for sp,awon anons with receipts change am for am不不baby geh start to dey beg in ibo language,even bf Mark no fit calm them anonymouses不 Kai I love my bvs and my bvs love me.

    1. The Anon was only one person dropping multiple comments. Uncle "V"
      If you know, you know

    2. She's lucky the administrator is deleting comments,a lady who did NYSC some 13 years ago is saying she's 25

    3. 15;52, he is still the same person up there. The guy is jobless and not even searching, he just sits with his phone all day, browsing. Abi he is into Yahoo now

    4. Anon 15:52, you lie. I dropped a comment under her post and I do not even know who V is.

    5. Real motigbetional speaker, no be by grammar. Irritant.

  27. Una good afternoon o
    Congratulations to the newly preggy momma, you will carry to term and it'll be a hassle free journey for you in Jesus name.

    Motherhood poster,I've never celebrated my birthday,maybe when I hit another milestone of the fourth decade in Few years time,maybe......

    Poster that escaped death,thank God for you o,may the blood of Jesus continue to be a shield over us and may we not walk or be called into danger.

    Enjoy the rest of your day peeps ❣️弘

  28. That lady with cutlass needs to be bound in the Yabaleft. She needs serious beating... Thank God d cutlass no land for your head.


  29. Good afternoon everyone
    My phone is really dealing with me. Can't comment in peace again

  30. Thank God for your life o. @ cutlass poster. The Lord is your strength o. Pele maidia.

  31. Poster that was attacked by lunatic wielding a cutlass, thank God for your life o. Please stay away from the woman that called you to encounter such danger, she's wicked.


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