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Tuesday, March 15, 2022


 #beautifulnewsay#deyyourday #miraclethatsoundslikealie #yestopositiveattitude #notonegativedrama

Good Morning...

Today will definitely be better than Yesterday......

May all your plans come to fruition in Jesus name...

Have a peaceful day..

Tight hugs....



  1. Together As One!!
    Ephesians 2:4-6.


    "When Jesus was on the Cross, we were united with Him in His death. He died as us on the Cross. He was us on the Cross. When He was crucified, we were crucified in Him. When He died, we died. When He was buried, we were buried with Him"

    "We've been raised up together and made to sit together with Him in heavenly places"

    "He's the one who fills everything (Ephesians 4:10), yet His fullness is the Church, which is His body. We're His completeness, and we're complete in Him"


    I've been baptised into the body of Christ, brought into union with divinity. When Christ was raised from the dead, I was raised up together with Him. Now that He's seated on the throne, I'm seated together with Him in the place of dominion, glory and authority. Blessed be God!

    Further Study-
    1 Corinthians 12:27; Colossians 1:18; Ephesians 5:29-30.

    Lord Jesus, thank you for this beautiful Tuesday morning that we are alive to see the splendor of your marvelous creation.
    We thank you for the wonderful kids all over the world.
    We Thank you lord for the Protection over our children. As they go to school, and as they come back home, be their shield and their fortress. Keep them away from the evils of this world.
    Let no bad influence corrupt their precious minds.
    Let no accidents fall on them while they’re away from home.
    Allow no physical harm to touch their bodies.
    Keep them away from illness.
    Lord, bless their studies and may they gain more knowledge both about you and the universe you created. May they develop minds that seek the Truth above all.
    All these we ask in your mighty Name. Amen

  3. Good morning bvs.What God cannot do does not exist! Log onto the healing and deliverance Service on NSPPD.



    'Jesus...called her to him.' Luke 13:12 NKJV

    We don't know how long it took this woman to get to the front of the synagogue when Jesus called her. People who are hurting can't always move as quickly as others. There are two important lessons for you in her story.
    (1) Sometimes you won't grow and mature as fast as others because you have been struggling with a debilitating problem for a long time. What seems easy for others can be very difficult for you. But there is good news: Jesus will wait for you, and he will work with you until you overcome your problem.
    (2) Your testimony will come out of the tests you have been through. No matter what you have been through, today Jesus is calling you. He is saying, 'Get up! You can approach me.' Regardless of what you have done or what you have suffered, he is calling you. You may think your secret is worse than anyone else's. Rest assured that God knows all about it. And his promise is this: 'I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you...I will build you, and you shall be rebuilt' (Jeremiah 31:3-4 NKJV). Like a master sculptor creating something beautiful out of a crude piece of rock, God can turn your mess into a message of hope for others. The reason Satan has attacked you is because you have something valuable to contribute.
    This woman's story ends with these words: 'The multitude rejoiced for all the glorious things that were done by him' (Luke 13:17 NKJV). God's plan is to have people look at your life and say, 'Something has happened to you; you're not the same person anymore!'
    Word For Today

    1. God's plans for me is the perfect plan.
      Good morning Essa baby,God bless you more.

    2. Thank you Jesus πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

      Nne I appreciate you ❤️πŸ’❤️

  5. #drivetosurvive season 4 is out! The drama in formula one is just something else. I couldn’t watch the final episode tho because of what they did to Hamilton

    1. Ma only film you Sabi this girl

    2. LMAO! At this point, you are obsessed 8:57

    3. 08:57 just ask for her autograph already.

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Anonymous, you no well ooh

    5. Eka really we need to hold a deliverance session for this your anon stalker. It's this type that'd end up being featured on discovery ID, very sick individual.
      People think because they go anon, they're really incognito. Big fools, they don't know their VPNs can be traced and their identities revealed. They should just continue.

    6. E say na film πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Olodo dumdum

    7. Snarker u didn't put year u did NYSC abi fear catch u?
      put na make we know if u na Ma or Aunty or Grandma

    8. 11:18

      I believe I’ve disclosed my age here several times, I’m 25 going on 26. Still very hot, young and tight. So what’s good? You can refer to me as your daddy because you’re engaging in fatherless behavior rn πŸ˜’

      I’m just generally really careful not to give out specific details about myself because someone can easily piece them together and figure out who I am, just like I’ve figured out a BVs identify with the info they’ve released over time.

      Now go put some chapstick on, I can tell your mouth is dry and crusty.

  6. AMEN!!!

    I'm in a state where I really need a powerful MIRACLE to happen in my life and strongly believe that God is already in my case.

    1. May your life urgently attract Gods miracles amen

  7. Last week, a music producer came to social media to accuse his wife of infidelity and paternity fraud. He said he found out he wasn't the father of his all his 3 kids.
    The woman was raked and dragged and cursed.

    Few days later, we found out that the man never carried out any paternity tests on those kids. He abused his wife and drove her out of his home. In order to "punish and humiliate" the woman, he came out with that story. In order to justify shirking his responsibilities towards those kids, he came to social media to deny them.

    Last week, Korra's husband came to social media to accuse her numerous infidelity and being a CHRONIC CHEAT. Not just a cheat but a CHRONIC CHEAT. Trust Nigerians to drag Korra and have several hot teks on her matter.

    Today he came out to retract the statement and say she only cheated in the beginning of their relationship when they were just dating. They broke up and came back together. After that, she never cheated on him.
    He knew this. Yet he accused her of numerous infidelity and he called her a "chronic cheat". Anything to justify abandoning your wife who just had a child barely a week ago with your other tender child. I'm sure if his 2 kids didn't look biracial, he'd have played the paternity fraud card too.


    It's a pattern.

    Wake up one day and instead of divorcing your wife quietly if you're tired, you decide you must strip her of her dignity in the public. Why leave quietly when you can take advantage of the misogynistic society we live in and make her life miserable?
    Why leave the marriage when you can also wreck her and shame her and make her a social pariah?

    Shebi you dey see the pattern?

    Like the lady that was stripped naked in Anambra. They had to lie and claim she was cheating on her husband. Then lied and claimed her husband died on top of her. So many lies just to justify the disgrace and humiliation.

    They know the buzzwords to use. They know the buttons to press. And they're doing it.

    I hope you see how men find it easy to weaponise lies against women. They know exactly what to say to turn the crowd against their women. They DELIBERATELY say and do those things unprovoked. The intent is to "rubbish" the woman or justify the "rubbishification" of the woman.

    1. I will just sit and wait for replies under this post.

      E don set this morning 🀣

    2. Tonto dike demonised Churchill, everyone dragged him before finding out her lies. Just cos she want to divorce and hoe

      Toke makinwa did the same, maje was dragged and insulted.. now she's free and hoeing.

      Tiwa salvage.. same pattern, now she's free and dropping sex tapes.

      Mercy aigbe- same pattern. Now she don kolobi person husband.

      I can go on and on..

      You see the pattern bah, these ladies would just lie, call the men dead beat, cheats and irresponsible, just cos they want to dumb them and hoe..

      Now come and tell me which Gender is the toxic and wicked one, since you don't want to have sense to face an issue squarely within playing the gender victim card like say dem use am swear for Una..


    3. I see it too, Anon...I see it. Come on social media first, rubbish her and set her up for drags.

      Whatever happened to separating and divorcing quietly.

    4. If one is to list the atrocities that women commit, one would have a lot of instances to cite also. Saynotogenderwar.

    5. Women haters are typing.....

    6. Really bad.

    7. Na both genders dey lie for each other head o. I don't have strength to shalaye

    8. God bless you anon. New generation of men are being indoctrinated to hate, abuse, disrespect, disregard and accuse women. Hate crimes against women are highly on the increase and you see open support for these crimes. Recently also, women are being disenfranchised from attaining high positions because the men don't want to be under women, as they say. This does not bode well for the society now or in the future. I don't believe in gender wars but I believe in fairness. The saddest part is the women who join these men to shame women. They are not even aware that they are female misogynists. That widow being paraded naked is heartbreaking.

    9. Both genders lie. We are in man's world, no matter what the woman says her hubby did and divorce him, another woman is ever willing to go and see how she can build a home with the same man. Then when a man says ill about his wife before divorce, people weigh in on the stories too deep, if there are characters the woman exhibits publicly that match up. After Divorce, most times the woman is passed around by men, hardly will you see anyone willing to marry her except there's something to gain from her. I remember Jamie and Nikki divorce, the way ladies were hailing her calling her queen after initial gra gra, she is now on reality, even her channel is yet to reach a million subscribers. Korra is being hailed as strong queen now, from what Justin is saying, she has always threatened him and he will beg her, now for once he knew he is being manipulated by her, let her say sorry, she refused. What content does Korra has? Dancing naked? People were coming to her page cos "inter racial", even the followers growth can reduce in minutes . And which man will take her serious, hardly again, she will start targeting peoples hubby cos no woman/ man can stay alone, we need each other. Justin has health content which they can as a family build. Once there's no violence, chronic cheating, serious abuse, women please go counseling with partners, develop your selves and stay for children, if you leave, the children grow in an unstable environment yet most times you don't see any "good man" outside. Find love, happiness, security etc within yourself, protect your children until they are able to fly. Look at how Stella Damascus used Daniel create a balanced home for her girls upbringing.

    10. Women❗

      See how they just pretended not to see the points I raised and are still hailing the ones sided write up just so they can play victim..

      What does playing victim do to women seriously, there must be something about it that we men don't understand🀨

    11. Dante it's a two way thing. The sad reality is that it's still a man's world and women ought to pipe down a bit to be able to see your point. Playing victim by women when they are wrong is the highest form of manipulation. Men also do same, I've experienced it first hand. Truth is, we should all accept our faults, make corrections and also correct one another in love cos we need each other no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves that we don't.

  8. Yes, today will definitely be better than yesterday πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
    Good morning beautiful people

    Jehovah over do far me todayπŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ˜˜

    1. Simply divine whaaaat!!😳😳😳. Do you know that I've almost changed my DP to yours right now? I was about changing it before I saw yours. Thank God I didn't if not some mouthed bvs will say we're one, we're scam.

    2. Supernova 🀣 the fear of bvs

    3. Really???🀣🀣🀣🀣 Thank God ohπŸ™

    4. Beautiful morning to @SIMPLYDIVINE &@SUPERNOVA.How are you doing?Enjoy your day.

  9. Good morning everyone
    May today be to our favour

  10. Good Morning One Big and Happy Family, Hope we all had a goodnight rest? And Yes today gonna be definitely better than yesterday. Amen to that.
    2023 is fast approaching and the heat is on fire, we always talk about youths involvement in politics and PVS no wahala to that. But I think the orientation/sanitation to that have to start with the youths at the grassroots level.
    I traveled to the village last weekend and I was with some youths, and they were discussing about 2023, those guys don't care what the outcome of any administration turned out to be, what they care about is money, who will bring the highest money has their votes, even they have one proverbs like that, ( na who them eat him yam be the king of yam).
    I was just so surprised but anyways I pray we get it right come 2023.
    Have a nice day guys one Love.

    1. Surprised ke..... You no see sey the amount of ritual killers and yahoo are youths?

  11. No matter the weight of the pain.. ������
    Be careful never to cry on the shoulder of a parrot ��

    Good morning my people

  12. Beautiful morning everyone. Network be still. Enjoy your day BVs

  13. Amen to your prayers, Stella.

    Good morning everyone. Enjoy your day.

  14. Hello House,
    I want you all to be mindful of your security. Listen to news regularly, please.
    The country is going through very difficult and unsafe times. Presently, there are calls from foreign concerns to declare Nigeria a failed state. This is because of the level of insecurity present in the country presently.

    We all need to be concerned about our safety. Do not say it can never happen to me. No one is safe. Relatives of the President had been kidnapped. Men of God, Security men etc. No one is safe nowhere is safe. Let us try and observe strict security protocols together with our prayers.

    I would like to advise you all never to stay out of the house late.
    Come back home or stay close to your house latest 6pm

    Be careful on how you travel in marked vehicles at all times. Be circumspect on the security context of area and time you use marked or branded vehicles.For example, vehicles bearing names, company etc.

    Do not travel in groups. If you are to go for a program, move in little groups of two to three and staggered movement.

    If your area is being for whatever reason attacked, switch of all lights including any switch with lights no matter how tiny. Remove all jewelry on your body and wrap your phone in a cloth to prevent light reflection that can betray your position.
    If you hear gunshot, leave your bed and lie flat under the bed and away from your window. Get out of sight. Lie close to any wall.

    Do not take ride in any vehicle that you don't know. Take public transportation at all times, if you need to.

    When you go out, dress normal and neat not flashy. Never wear any clothes that can get you noticed or identified.

    If you are going out to somewhere, tell someone where you are going to and the expected time of your arrival. If possible don't go alone.

    On no account should you visit online friends. People who you meet on social media, you should never visit them either in public or in their homes or offices. NEVER.- Beware !

    Speak very little when you are in public and never comment on government, political or religious issues.

    Always maintain call credit on your phone and always ensure you have power on it or buy power bank. You may need to make contact incase of ATTACK or EMERGENCY situations.

  15. *ELEVEN*
    If under attack, do not make voice calls, because sound travel faster and quietly at night, just ring the number repeatedly if the person pick, don't speak. Just send text. When doing that, do it under cover so that your phone will not reflect any ray of light.

    Don't buy group dress from anyone for now. No matter how close they are to you , don't buy.

    Don't attend parties that you are not closely concerned or associated with the organisers.

    If at all, you come under attack, remember there are only 2 rules to guide you.
    *1) DO NOT PANIC*
    If you panic, you will attract attention of the attackers to yourselves, and you will not remember exactly what you need to do to keep you safe.

    This is not the time to do fashion or to showcase your new clothing and shoes. Anytime you go out, wear dress and especially shoes that will allow you to run incase you need to get out of troubled area fast. Wear cheap shoes that you can throw away if it impedes your movement. Your dress should not hinder your ability to run.

    Prepare for any eventuality. Do not say it can't happen. Be Prepared. Trouble can happen anywhere any time. Remember your life is very important,not your phone or your property.

    If you have to run, throw away anything in your hand. Save yourself first. Don't wait to pick anything that drop from your hands. Run as fast as you can.

    If there is shooting, try the rules. Do not panic. The fact that you heard the gunshot means that you are not hit and you are alive. If you are hit, you will not hear the SOUND.
    #. Reduce your height first by bending down as close to the ground as possible.
    #. Then try and identify the direction of the shots first then draw a cross putting the direction of the shot at north or south, run East or WEST.
    #. Never run straight line in opposite direction because bullets travel at straight line and never run toward the point of the gunshot.
    #. As you are moving out of the troubled area, identify hard objects or structures that you can use as protection where you can hide.
    #. If you notice the sound is coming closer, shift your location a little as you continue to run. If not, find a safe place and hide in sitting position to avoid stray bullets from hitting you.

    At this moment, avoid arguments with People. When you notice people are showing anger, don't wait to settle them, move out of the place as quickly and quietly as you can. Innocent people end up loosing their lives while trying to intervene in such kind of situations.Don't go to places of incidents to go and look at what's happening. You may be unlucky.

    At this moment, stay as close as possible to your home. Know the shortest possible routes to your home, incase you need to get home quickly.
    Always keep some change at hand. Not much, maybe 2k or less incase you need to board a public transport out of any trouble area.
    Pray without ceasing!!!!!!. Commit your ways into the hands of God for divine protection and He will command His angels to deliver you in times of trouble.
    _Suspect everything including people and places._..

  16. Excellent Tuesday y'all

    Amen to your prayers Stella


  17. Oh Allah,
    I will never be able to thank you enough for always being there for me.
    Good morning everyone

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Amen to your prayers Stella πŸ™
    Good morning everyone 😊😊

  20. Good morning wonderful people of sdk
    May we a have a great day

  21. so if they insult me make I no insult back. stella you no serious

  22. Ever since I signed that petition for FFKs ex, I've been receiving emails urging me to sign other petitions.
    Now, my question is, do all those petitions have any effect? Like, does it really change the situation? Or we are just wasting our time signing them

    1. I had this exact argument with someone last week. Of what use is signing petitions in this country? The one they signed for FFK's wife, how far with it? Has it done any good to the situation? Last I checked , she was even accused of wanting to kill her husband or something. Abeg ,I tire for this country .

  23. This new day as you go forth...

    May the Lord bless your bread and bless your water and take away sickness from your life and family...

    May your land be blessed and may all your undertakings be fruitful...

    In Jesus Christ Mighty Name. Amen.

    Blessed and fulfilling day, I wish you!!!

  24. With a heart full of love,I greet all BVs specially.Do enjoy a fruitful and blessed day.

    1. I greet you too the one and only Ogojadude,have a great day ahead.

    2. You too Dude 😎😎

      Good morning

    3. Thank you @BV OSUNDI @PARIS SAVANNAH.GOD keep blessing you.

  25. With a heart full of love,I greet all BVs specially.Do enjoy a fruitful and blessed day.

  26. With a heart full of love,I greet all BVs specially.Do enjoy a fruitful and blessed day.

    1. What is all this now? Why must you drop 3 of the same comments every blessed day? Abeg go and work on your phone or yourself as the case may be. Very annoying seeing this all the time.

  27. A big amen to your prayers Jeweluchi Stella.
    Surely today will be better.

  28. Ekaaro gbogbo ile
    Ameen to your prayers Stella

  29. We all bend personal rules for the people we love. If they're not making sacrifices and compromises for you, maybe you're not the one.

    I've seen angry feminists turn eba for the man they love at 12 midnight and patriarchy FC chairmen carry bags up a hill for the queens of their hearts.

    Laslas, normal people work hard at making the people they love happy. Leave social media noise.

  30. All these lengthy copied comments always posted here, does it mean you guys can't summarize it. I hardly even read them. Mehn it's so tiring scrolling. Short and summarized comments does it better for me.

    A good message can be passed in a short message and not necessary a lengthy one.

    1. Good morning to you sir.Trust you are doing good.

    2. Some are actually very helpful like the ones Mercy posted up there. I have screenshot and saved. God bless her.

    3. Good morning to you sir.Trust you are doing good.

    4. You have started o. When they come for you na you will say you want to go on break. Respect yasef and scroll past if you don't find them worthy of reading

    5. Necessarily**


    6. Most times you’re so annoying Tj

  31. Kanye is struggling and also suffering.

    It takes a lot of self awareness, growth and humilty for anyone to be able to see this and also empathize with him.

    Because he's a celebrity and one whose struggle with mental health is public, it is hard for people to look beyond these two elements of his person and stop assuming that that is all there is to him. No, he is also a father, a human being clothed like any of us in weakness.

    I wish people stop using his mental health as a reason to dismiss his pain. I hope we do better by not making comments that diminishes his existence to just his struggles. Others with mental health issues are watching and are going to be less inclined to share their own struggles with us because they know everything else might only be viewed from that prism going forward.

    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said, " becomes another life. In an instant. You become another person. You learn that any abnormal behavior in an abnormal circumstance is, in fact, normal".⁣

    I pray Kanye finds peace and that he surrenders control. That he allows time to heal his heart and mind. That he soaks in the grace he has received from the Father and lets the noise around him drown in the still waters of his spirit.

    That's God's will for him.

    1. I don't know about others, but as for me and my households, we have no pity in us to waste in a SIMP..

      Why should I pity him when I'm finally being vindicated on the gospel I preach and I've been insulted and attacked for..

      Wifing a hoe and shii😏😏

      Na him type even make some yeye girls dey talk say good girl no dey pay say we dey like hoelosho 🀦🀦

      He should serve as a lesson for youngies✌️

    2. I remember how Kanye treated Amber Rose badly because of Kim. I felt so bad for Amber Rose. This life ehnnnn............

  32. Where is lavender giveaway��������. Stella no post if u like oo

    1. She/he don dance atinga for 3days and disappear.

    2. πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ή

  33. A man that comes online to embarrass you does not love you.

    1. It goes both ways Perxian. Whoever does that doesn't love you.

    2. May not be that he doesn't love her, may just be that he hasn't attained that wisdom or level of maturity in dealing with issues. Those who are wise know that the fewer people who know about an issue, the better all round. It shows respect for the love you once shared, the time you spent together and your kids.

    3. A woman that comes online to embarrass you loves you so much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Goan sleep jor..
      It's like you're going through stress lately judging by your comments..

      Sorry Fam, it's just a phase. πŸ€—
      No need to transfer aggression on innocent men.. we already have alot we're dealing with.. stop making us an object to vent and throw aggression on🀷🚢

    4. @PERXY,How are you doing?I hail you!

    5. Dante, your comment got me laughing. Abeg leave my Perxian alone ooh. I can take bullet for her ooh.😁😁😁😁😁

    6. Morning Ogoja bruv. πŸ’› I’m good, have a great day.

      Dante, my life doesn’t spill into my social media..If I’m stressed, it won’t play out on here. Trust and believe.

      I know what you are doing, fam but like I said yesterday, I won’t engage a DOA dialogue. We can banter on other stuff like we used. Every misogynist to their respective lanes and tax brackets. ✌🏼

    7. Lmao @ tax brackets 🀣🀣🀣🀣

      perxian baibay

    8. Perx..
      I got my eyesπŸ‘€ on you..
      Any misandry stunt, I strike🀨


      She's my girl too, but we doing this for the culture..
      I've placed her on watch list for now Lol

  34. Hello bvs
    My fellow lovers of K-drama series, pls recommend action and sci-fi Korean series for me to watch. I cannot come and go and kee myself.

  35. If we believe that today is a day that the Lord has made, then we shall rejoice and be glad in it ... Hallelujah!! Good morning blog famZ, beautiful ❤️ day ahead everyone.

    1. Good morning fine girl.How you dei?

    2. I dey fine Dude... How you too ?

  36. Good morning BVs

    Amen to all the prayers.

    We declare peace and security in our nation and other nations of the world

  37. Good morning everyone ❤ ❤ ❤

  38. Good morning my lovely blogfam 😘.
    Jewelu star woman I say a big Amen to that your prayers.

    We are still enjoying the small hammatan that came back here though the sun is still hot.

    Bvs have a great day ahead.
    E go surely be ✌️.


  39. Good morning BVs! Rise and shine, God has just begun that good work in your life, stay focused and never give up.

  40. Good morning my people.


  41. Bonjour Blogfam! Iam glad the two children that were abducted on Friday at Ijesha have been found in an abandoned bus on osbodi-Apapa expressway! God is good,this is good news

  42. Amen, I wish you a peaceful day too Stellicoco

  43. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€


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