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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Wordless Post...



  1. Maybe the girl na deeper life or chosen. Na she sabi. But if they can allow Muslims with their hijab why not her.

    She is trying to comply with old testament law

    1. So whe will wear skirt and do all those rigorous activity. Are you guys aware Nysc is somewhat paramilitary. Has hijab stopped the Muslims from participating in these activities.
      The way Nigerians reason sometimes. Very illogical.
      So she go spread leg for rope with that bedsheet wey she wear so.

    2. 🤣🤣🤣 Davina, you are mouthed.
      Almost every year someone like her is decamped cos she refused to wear trousers.

    3. The hijab is head covering,and the Muslims actually wear pants but with long tops. Check well now,that babe is wearing tights under that 🎿.

  2. Replies
    1. The Original ShugarGirl26 March 2022 at 20:11

      Na formatted brain she dey operate with.

      Can't think for herself. Religion will mess your psyche if you don't do your due diligence in searching out the truth and create a balance.

  3. If you can't confirm with the norms and value of any institution then you stay at home.

  4. She wasn't ready to serve. Because when a deeper life pastor daughter was serving, she wore her trouser and other church members that don't believe in trouser

  5. Maybe she is my deeper life or choosen church member. They should free her biko. We don't want trouser to lead us to hell😀😀

    1. Most deeper life sisters aren't averse to wearing trouser in Camp because they know it's only for the Camp activities.

  6. Everything is wrong with what she's wearing, Rule is rule and rule should be obey. Imagine wearing Skirts to undergoing serious training in camp, the trousers are there to make you smart for camp activities.

  7. I won't condemn her,.
    We have been bending the rules for other, e.g hijab in nysc, school and even for lawyers where it is stated that one cannot wear 2 wigs i.e where a cap or tie an head gear under the wig..

    So why is her own case different?
    What is good for the goose is good for the gander..

    She has probably never worn trousers all her life, same way our Muslim sister have never gone without hijab, the rule should be bent for her also for fairness and justice..

    If she (her church) don't sue NYSC, the same way is that Muslim sister (Muslims) sued the council of lega education, them they shouldn't complain ✌️

  8. She has to wear trousers during the first few weeks at the camp then afterwards she can wear her skirts for the rest of the year.

  9. Nothing wrong in women wearing trousers. But some women object to it on religious grounds. Even some men wear only certain type of trousers no matter the make. For example, baggy and or above the ankle trousers for religious reasons.

    In today's world, ways and provisions are always made for conscientious objectors.

    For decades, South Korea punished Jehovah's witnesses for objecting to time in the military as national service. Today, South Korea asks objectors to serve in other ways. Please confirm in the internet.

    If this Lady's skirt will not let her do the NYSC exercises, she could have been given other exercises that can let her wear her skirt in peace.

    The whole purpose of NYSC group parade and activities is to instill command obedience and team work. The physical exercises are to build the body. All listed purposes can also be achieved by creative ways for objectors.

    Plenty years ago when I was in the NYSC camp, one or two ladies were allowed to convert their trousers to skirt without trouble from authorities and fellow corps members. Maybe it went on easy because no GSM and the phone enabled Internet access in Nigeria then.

    Now, small thing, fiam, one person uses the phone camera and free data to cause or find national trouble, or to force authorities to take nation wide decision on minor matters

    Good administrators use a combination of rules, discretion and common sense.
    The skirt in camp issue was a minor issue that should not have been allowed to enter the national space. It has been there for ages. NYSC should have developed ways for handling it by now.


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