Stella Dimoko ChinmarkGATE - Investor Nuella Commits Suicide After CEO Went Into Hiding....


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Tuesday, April 05, 2022

ChinmarkGATE - Investor Nuella Commits Suicide After CEO Went Into Hiding....

Mrs. Nuella, who invested millions of naira into the Chinmark without the husband’s knowledge, has committed suicide...

Her Death was announced by Mr. Charles Awuzie, with a verified Facebook account  

In a post on his page on Monday night, Awuzie wrote:

“Nuella – the lady who invested her family’s money with you and attempted suicide last month because of you..
Well, she couldn’t handle the disappointment and she left the world today.

I did my best to avoid a possible Chinmark bloodshed…

I was called names, defamed and dragged for trying to stop bloodshed… The court and the blood of those I tried to save will vindicate me at the right time.

As I type this, there are more women in my inbox telling me that they may not make it…

Nothing has broken me like the death of Nuella..

I didn’t know much about her until I learnt about her attempted su’icide… She was so selfless that she wanted to give my gift to her to Chinmark victims who are in more need. It was because of her that I squeezed out more funds to support pregnant victims. No woman has challenged my conscience like Nuella did in the few moments I engaged with her.

Chinmark, you have caused an irredeemable loss.
You have broken the hearts that trusted you.
You have drank the blood of the poor.

Dear Red king, you have been stained with red blood. Is this a coincidence?

My heart is broken….

But this is the end of Ponzi schemes in Nigeria.
At this point, we will activate every tool available to us to bring those who killed Nuella to justice.

Hashtag – #Justice4Nuella #ShutdownPonzi #ShutdownRedKillers

Rest in Peace Nuella. There will be no peace for those who killed you.”


  1. Thing is, if another one comes out, people will greedily invest.

    1. Exactly, there are still plenty out there and more people are investing.

    2. Ah tor! May her soul rest in peace.

      Where are the influencers and members of the so called 'board of trustees' of this fraud, especially that Facebook ekperima with mouth like kerosene funnel feeling like Olivia Pope?

      Why have they not been arrested?

      Where is the founder of this scheme?

      Why has he not been arrested?

      It should be a CRIME to set up and influence a PONZI scheme.

      A CRIME.

      Anybody influencing a ponzi is a CRIMINAL and should be prosecuted.

      But a country that has not figured how to supply electricity to its populace in the 21st century, how will it figure that one out huh?

      So with all the petitions that have purportedly been written and all the Facebook 'rawyers' and Facebook SANS and online dragging and visit to alusi and different deities, these people are still walking about like nothing has happened?

      Buahahahahahahaa I laff in okotoko.不不不不不不不不不

      Anyways, Nigerians have coconut head, you will advise them, they say its jealousy, so what can one one say at this stage?

      I heard another popular agro one has collapsed and the owner fled?

      Issokay, tis well. Please keep dashing money to these Facebook Aninis.

    3. I don't have pity for any one who invests in ponzi whatever

    4. Not all is done with their senses intact! Some people are brainwashed! It doesn't make sense to me why you put $100,000 down to make 500,000 in a short period of time! who produces the 400,000? Nah! it doesn't add up!

  2. Rest in peace Mrs Nuella.

  3. May her soul rest in peace.Others should please learn from this,if it appears too good to be true,then it may not be true after all.Leave Pnzi schemes alone maka ndu gi

  4. They don't just listen. May greed not make us block our ears from truth. Rest in peace to her.

  5. May her soul rest in peace.Others should please learn from this,if it appears too good to be true,then it may not be true after all.Leave Ponzi schemes alone maka ndu gi

  6. Sad. People will never learn, they will still fall victim of another ponzi

  7. How could 2% be greedy?. My friend's 30M is there. God please help us. My friend is so nice to me,he even use my account to invest 20M. Lord, help me survive this year. Please put me in prayers.
    NB: any BV that will comment rubbish under my post, may you share in this pain of mine,休h埠唐唐唐

    1. 2% is not greed my dear. It’s a bitter lesson for everyone. I have 23m in the bank in Nigeria sitting pretty, I would never invest it anywhere o. Let the bank just be giving me the small interest, that’s all

    2. Hahahahaha.
      Channel your swear to oga Chinmark.

  8. MMM never teach lesson reach
    Greed will not make people listen

    Same fate with that OVAOIZA lady facebook.
    The Chinmark man should be arrested already with his influencers.

    1. That one with her hungry poverty stricken 'foot soldiers' who don'tknow where their next meal will fall from??? Na hungry eye service go finish dem. MAOOOO
      Na rotten garri full warehouse o!!@@

  9. Chaimay her soul rest in peace

  10. This is sad. Nigerians will never learn. We are very greedy and lazy. Immediately after lockdown. I went to see a former colleague at one BARA investment something. I could not believe my eyes. Cars where parked like a campaign ground. People where on queue to be attended to. Oh God. Very educated and matured minds where begging small boys and girls working for Bara to accept there forms. I made equiry and was told they will give you their account number. You will go and pay the amount you want to invest from.300k upwards. Bring the teller, a form will be given to you to complete as a co investor. They give 15% monthly interest on investment. My head stood when l heard 15% monthly interest as at that time banks where giving less that 0.5% annually on fixed deposit. What kind of business will any human do to give 15% interest?. You will pay rent, pay workers, make your own interest and still have extra 15%. I hurried left that hall because my mouth is agitating with my emotions. I felt like shouting oleee but the fear of arrest and my face showing on NTA or jail Wil not let me. Few months interval l heard the Bara has closed and flew with people's money. Why will he not.
    If another scheme comes l swear millions will still invest.

    1. Good points

      Your English though.

      Your second comment down there
      *magnificent offices

      You are intelligent,there's need for a little push on your grammar.

    2. It's Baraza co-operative. Headquarter in yenagoa. The. Man has disappeared with people money. I warned my colleague not to invest but will they hear? Some took bank loan,office co-operative loan to go and invest in Baraza. Last last,the bank and co-operative I collecting their money from their salary so at the end of the month,they hardly have anything to take home

      After MMM,I can't go my hard-earned money to anyone for any nonsense investment/Ponzi. Let me keep it in the bank or use it to buy something rather than lose it to these wicked fraudsters. Nigerians don't learn.

  11. When I heard that Chinedu now runs a ponzi scheme in the name of people investing to get interest,I laughed out loud!..
    I later heard he is now so rich that he now has chains of businesses all over the country and even a restaurant in Dubai..
    I was happy for him sha knowing how broke he used to be even after doing Yahoo Yahoo for several years without blowing..
    Once a wayo man is always a wayo man!..
    They can never change with their lies,deceit and fake life...
    I warned a friend of mine that gave chinedu 20m..but she didn't listen!..
    A leopard can never change his skin..
    She said chinedu I knew then is no longer the same..that he has changed and that the investment is genuine...
    Hmmmm I shouted ooo,screamed but she stopped talking to me thinking I am an enemy of progress that does not want her to blow!..
    Okay nah..
    She has been calling,crying,begging to see me so I can help her out.
    Help her do wetin Kwanu?..
    The money is even her husband's money that is living abroad..she was helping him save...
    After MMM,nobody can brainwash me into investing and eating interests you didn't work for!..
    Make una endure ooo,una money is gone!..
    I'm sure chinedu has flee!..
    That's what too much greed do to people!..

    1. Your longest comment yet樹樹

    2. Na poverty dey make pesin humble na. What will make pesin proud with tear tear cloth and crocodile mouth shoes?

      See one that looks like a dwarf cattle rearer referring to her investors as 'church rats' when investors started as asking for their money. Their own money ooo!!! You tiff money and top to bottom still be like wetin dem shit.

      Once they started enriching themselves, they will now be referring to their investors as 'church rats', that only 'men of substance' can talk to them. Ordinary bricklayer of which year? These are people who on a norms will be lucky to eat once a day on very good days. Dey feel fly on another person's hard earned money.
      It's now I know for certain that juju does NOT exist.

      So you mean none of you can curse these ponzi people with everlasting madness or incurable body odour? The type that if they are on the 1st floor, they will be 'hearing'the odour on the 11th floor??
      Una just dey zueh zueh like full bred mumu on top of your own money.

    3. Enter your reply...Queen, na everybody una dey know? damn too connected.

  12. Nigerians are so greedy .bring up another ponzi scheme,they will still go into it.

    I won't forget what I experienced years back

  13. During one Brekete radio program few months ago. A case came up and you will not believe how many of such scheme with millions of Nigerians as investors. They are more than 1000 scattered all over Nigeria with different names but same tactics of asking people to invest. Some have billboards and amnificient offices. All of them are staying in rented offices. What of those that do daily contribution and run away before the year ends. Las Las they settle police and EFCC. Relocate to another country. Case closed.
    My please FLEEEEE from any business or investment that is too juicy to be true.

    1. Many of them don't have any assets, that office is rented for just a few months, once they have acquired as much money as they want, or the paul they were robbing to pay Peter is not forthcoming, they japa. Like this one has japad.

  14. Adieu Nuella
    Please there is no "peace" for anyone that died by suicide. God said "do not commit murder"
    You have no right to murder even yourself, you did not create your life.

    1. A little bit of empathy in a situation such as this will not kill u. Why not leave her for God to judge as he deems fit?

    2. But Eka, she quoted God's Word, why not quote another that shows that someone can willfully take her life and go to God's heaven? The first line there "Adieu Nuella" isn't empathy; what is it?

  15. Hashtag; nothing
    What killed this woman is GREED.

  16. I think this will be the end of Ponzi scheme in Nigeria

    1. End ke? I doubt this, some people want to make money quick, so these hudlums are always on ground to feed on the greed of this set of Nigerians.
      Na dem sabi jare.

  17. Why has this man and his accomplices not been arrested yet?

  18. @13:24.Sad but true. Anyone that commits suicide is going straight to hell.

    1. Lolll. Unpaid prophet of God, I greet you most respectfully. @13:57
      You worry about your own life.
      Leave others to sort out theirs.
      You will be surprised many of your pastorpreneurs you lot worship6like mindless buffons will be turning like barbeque on the grill eventually.

  19. Is it that I am old school or what, I never did any ponzi scheme no matter how much involved or who is selling it to me. I don't even borrow with interest, if you wan help me ,help me I don't owe. I live within myself. Nothing good is damn easy

    1. I have never put my money in Ponzi scheme too, and I will NEVER engage myself in any Ponzi scheme no matter how well packaged it may look.
      I am not greedy. I am contended with the one I have. Nothing moves me, even JuJu no dey catch me. Lol

    2. Me too.

      I have never invested a penny in any ponzi scheme. Things like these just don't interest me. Sadly, a lot will still not learn from this. Better for me to lose my money in a first generation bank than for me to give a human being like me with needs.

    3. Nothing about old school here, ponzi has been in Nigeria since the 80s sef.

    4. I am telling you. I have never done that Ponzi whatever at all. And I have never borrowed. I just pray to God and he always come through for me.

  20. Enter your comment...And he is still walking the streets as a free man.Why hasn't EFCC picked him up yet?

    1. JAMB Question.

      The same reason why a new ponzi will still spring up after this.

  21. what about 86z

    1. Wait first, let them steal your money first, inugo?

  22. Enter your comment...I still dey wait Aguleri deities make dem perform unto dis matter because if at last,the juju dem invoke unto Chinmark head no do anything eh,e don end for people wey dey do juju.

  23. Why is no-one talking about omega pro .is it not Ponzi scheme

  24. Its so sad. Some pipo get mind sha, to japa with pipo money.
    May Allah judge them.


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