Stella Dimoko Saturday In House Gists - Living With Fibroids, The Surgery And Lifestyle To Prevent Regrowth.


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Saturday, April 09, 2022

Saturday In House Gists - Living With Fibroids, The Surgery And Lifestyle To Prevent Regrowth.

 Do you have Fibroids? How are you coping and how big is it? Or did you take it out? How many times have you had the Fibroids removed?

Is there a particular eating pattern to adopt to stop it's regrowth or have it reduce in size?

Some people have their period every day because of Fibroids.. Are you one of those? How are you coping? Or is it just for a few weeks but lose a large amount of blood?

Or wait!.... Are you one of those that have Fibroids and using Herbal treatment? Is it working or did it work? Dont lie!

Having Fibroids has ended some peoples Marriages because some men dont understand and dont have Patience....

Are you Trying to get pregnant but battling Fibroids?

If you are on this Fibroid Journey or been there before, Please tell us all about it..

Lets gist!!!!!


  1. Herbs don't cure fibroids. It's best to opt for surgery. I had it last year and herbs made it degenerate. Ensure you use an expert gynaecologist for the surgery. I had a myomectomy last year and 9 months on, life has become easier

    1. Pray
    2. Exercise for about 20 minutes daily.

    3. Avoid processed foods and excess carbs, in place of yam, use unripe plantain for yam porridge and yam. Cut down on your intake of rice, instead of the normal rice, eat brown rice( ofada) and Basmati diabetic rice because of the low glycemic index. Your fried rice and jollof rice should have lots of vegetables.

    No Eba, fufu, semo or pounds eat oatmeal swallow, plantain flour instead, eat lots of vegetables.

    Avoid fried eggs and fried meats, and catfish. Eat little white meat and fish

    Make vitamin D and iron tablets your best friend, take them daily.

    Avoid hormonal pills.

    Make fruits and fibres your friend, oranges, carrots, pineapple

    Avoid Dairy products and processed foods, like pizza and other confectioneries, air-fry your plantain. Don't take milk, you can make Almond milk instead, no sugar, no coke and the likes. You can take healthier forms of spaghetti and noodles or avoid them at all costs. But there are vegetable-based or Oatmeal-based noodles and pasta

    Instead of the usual bread, eat oatmeal bread or wheat bread and its consumption should be controlled

    Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, drink it daily and take green tea daily but it is best to brew orange and grape is more potent

    Pray again

    1. I hardly eat all these things mentioned above and still got fibroids. My diet is clean and I’m vegan as well. I have started taking my vitamin D daily because mine was low.

      I heard there is a link between vitamin D and fibroids. Black people usually have low vitamin D level because of melanin, and fibroids are usually find in black women.

    2. And if the person cant afford all that you have mentioned it means the person is hopeless abi? Or how does the person survive. Dont eat this dont eat that is what they always say as if life isn't difficult or the food recommendations come cheap or accessible.

    3. @anonymous 14.33 why do we have to avoid catfish? Please explain.

    4. Some of them are injected with hormones to make them big and attractive to buyers. Eating such chemically modified species of Catfish makes one easily predisposed to all sorts of ailments

    5. @ anon 14:17 it’s not Vitamin D. According to statistics Fibroid Is common among black just the way Ovarian cancer is common among white women. Same way HBP is common among black while Diabetes is common among Latinos. It is the way our body is.

    6. Thanks anonymous 14:33 for the info

    7. @anon 15.09 I’m in a group on Facebook and all the people on there with fibroid have low vitamin D. To be on a safe side, take your vitamin D diligently. It helps prevent other illnesses as well.

    8. The cause of fibroid among black women is the use of hair relaxer and other harsh chemicals. Cut off relaxer and bleaching cream from your hair and care regime and thank me later. Excess sugar, soda and all those other junk foods only enable it grow larger but they are not the root cause.

    9. God Is My Healer9 April 2022 at 19:45

      @Anon. 17:50. I've been on natural hair for as long as I can remember yet my stomach is big as if I'm in my first trimester with heavy menstrual flow every month. I don't take sugar, soda or junk foods. All I do now is feed on the Word of God, pray and ask God for mercy and divine healing. I can't even afford surgery or any treatment for that matter.

    10. All these chats about Don't eat this, Don't eat that, eat this Eat that is all Crap. Fibroid sits where it is even if you starve, some Fibroids just bloat the tummy and it becomes distended looking horrible especially when you wear clothes and even when naked, the discomfort is horrific and embarrassing. I had huge fibroid years ago and you will think I was 8 months gone in pregnancy, I was so lean with a HUGE stomach. I had my surgery a myomectomy done at Gatwick Park Hospital in the United Kingdom,had I done it in Nigeria, I would have been late by now because I was give pints on pints of Blood and frozen Plasma which Nigerian hospitals DO NOT HAVE. My stomach collapsed in 5hrs the duration of my surgery I look as stunning as I did when I did the surgery years ago in 2012,my stomach is still flat and No Scar because I was sewn with the absorbable water stitches which fade in to the skin and I do not know if it is done back home in Nigeria. During my traumatic years of fibroid, I always drank Hibiscus Roselle drink with huge amount of Ginger, I mean the Zobo leaves drink.. it helped me log about my huge stomach then. I remember how people always came to help me sit down at malls and train stations hahaha not knowing I was not pregnant, Ahhh life. I also took the Injection that they give on the laps that shrinks it for a period of time. I heard they sell it in Nigeria but very expensive, a shot could be almost N50,000.Fibroid is a Nasty nasty thing but surmountable.. First Get a good hospital and Surgeon forget about the herbs, you may be damaging other organs nothing shrinks fibroid but a Surgery puts it its place. The worst type of fibroid are the ones that sit near the womb, very difficult to take out and causes infertility but you will have a flat stomach with it but the bogus ones have no issues but the discomfort and shapeless body.. Get a good hospital with a blood bank. Please.

    11. Please stop this misinformation. Thanks.

      Total lies @ The cause of fibroid among black women is the use of hair relaxer and other harsh chemicals.

    12. Hi anonymous, you write up has just given me hope. I'm scheduled for a surgery later this year and I have 11 fibroid in total and I'm doing in a hospital in west midlands. Like yours the doctor said myomectomy with a possibility of hysterectomy. I have been worried about that but now I have faith. I'm glad you came out ok and I hope to come out okay as well. I'm really glad reading your comment.

  2. Hey mine showed me pepper. Heavy bleeding with big clots, painful periods. I bled for three months before my surgery. Was anaemic for years. This is coming 6 years after I did the first myomectomy. Had recurrent unexplained pulmonary embolism and my haematologist said it could be caused by the fibroids. They maybe pressing on the blood vessels. Had Endo as well.
    Had my surgery last month and got the fibroids and the endo removed. 28 fibroids were removed and the endo were also removed. Thank God for a successful surgery because my doctor said it could lead to hysterectomy (removal of womb) if I bleed too much in the theatre. Will start trying for babies next month.
    Not sure what to do to stop this from regrowing. My brother said I should go local way like Naija herbs and co but which one? Don’t want to injure my liver and kidney in the process as well.

    1. The doctors will tell you that there is every tendency of it growing back again. Biko don’t take any herbs o. I did mine in yankee and my doctor told me he did not remove everything, he left some small one that is not disturbing anything in order to reduce my level of scars tissue. 6 months later I got pregnant and now we are expecting our second child. Whenever I go for sonogram they will tell me I still have small fibroids, but it’s not affecting my baby at all, infact the baby is on top of it and it’s not affecting anything. I just thank God for my life

    2. THe baby should remain on top ofit. fibroid ekwensu

    3. @Anonymous 14:36, please ask for Doctor's guidance before trying for Babies.

  3. Causes of Fibroid - estrogens and Progesterone {hormonal imbalance }
    It shrinks after menopause.
    • Enough Vitamin D; sources - Egg yolks, fatty fish, cod liver oil.
    •Green tea- this slow growth and reduce symptoms of heavy bleeding.
    •Reduce stress: this aggregate it and makes it grow rapidly;
    •change of lifestyle
    >Take more of potassium-rich food like;
    >Sleep and Relax;
    •have a sleep routine ( at least 6hrs sleep every night)
    •No blue light at least an hour before bedtime.
    •Take a vacation to relax
    > Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables daily.
    > More Fiber, aid weight loss, and balance hormones.
    > Avoid sugar;
    •Table sugar
    •White bread, rice, pasta, flour.
    •Fruit juice
    •Potato Chips
    •Red meat
    •Soy beans
    •soy milk
    >Avoid hormones disrupting chemicals
    •Fertilizers\ Pesticides
    •dye and paints
    • nonstick cookware
    • plastic such as BPA
    •Some personal skincare products.
    > Supplementation: it gives the body what is lacking .

  4. Please oh, I want to learn.

  5. Please how can it be prevented?

    1. If possible substitute diary milk for plant based milk. It help. Eat more of white meat instead of red meat and stay away from sugar.

  6. First of all, stay away from red meat and diary products if you have Fibroid!! It makes it grow faster. I did my fibroid surgery 4 years ago, it was 11cm big the size of a grapefruit, Everyone thought I was pregnant but to the glory of God I got pregnant six months after and we are expecting our second Child now.

    1. And also sugar and processed food

    2. Congratulations and safe delivery.

    3. Meanwhile red meat is a natural source of iron. Stop misinforming people. Eat lean red meat for natural iron.

  7. Very sensitive and educating topic.
    Learning mode activated.

  8. I have fibroids but don’t have any symptoms at all. My periods have been regular and almost painless, no heavy flows. Doctor said it’s small and degenerated but I’ve been ttc for about a yr with not success

    1. My story is similar to yours, no symptoms but ttc for 4years before God came through for me. Don't worry, you will conceive, just believe.

  9. I don't have heavy neither do I see my period everyday except for the abdominal pain and not too big tummy that make me looks like a pregnant woman

  10. I guess I'm just lucky. I have 3 large fibroids, 7 medium and many tiny ones. 1 is intramural and I have 1 that is calcified. I don't observe all of the above. I experience heavy bleeding but it's something I can manage.
    I have 3 kids and I did not try for them. The only thing I experience is pain during pregnancy due to the kids stretching on the fibroids.
    I'm waiting for menopause so I can be finally free. If I experience any serious symptoms I'm going for a hysterectomy asap. I'm grateful to God and I pray that others experiencing pains due to fibroids that God comes through for them.

  11. I currently am battling fibroids, for one month now, I have been bleeding. God please heal me.

  12. Pls what about cyst, is it the same with fibroid? can it prevent conception?

  13. Black women have to stop using hair relaxer to end this fibroid pandemic

    1. Please what is the connection between relaxers and fibroids. Thanks for your answer.

    2. Lies. Stop the misinformation about relaxers. What of women from Asia like India, Pakistan sand Bangladesh? Or Philippines? They are prone to fibroids like black women but don’t use relaxers. How do you explain it?

  14. Discovered I had fibriod last night two months, was so devastated, not yet married,was given drugs to use and will go for test once am done with the drugs. It doesn't pain me,and my tommy is flat,not disturbing my period .
    I am really praying that it shrinks when I go for the check up


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