Stella Dimoko Sisi Senaponi's Corner - In laws And The Damage They Do To Marriage Plenty


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Friday, April 29, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - In laws And The Damage They Do To Marriage Plenty

Na wah oh!... This amebo pass me!

I hail o...gentle people of this wicked world!

Stella how every every...

Hmmm...For my customer house wey her sister in law and her daughter dey show her pepper! We we still never drink water, drop cup say finally, the in-laws don comot for the house...

Na so, three weeks later, SIL sent her son to come and live with them full-time. She say since wife dey pregnant, her son go dey assist with hard chores in the house for his uncle.

The boy dey very hard-working, but he fit chop house finish! Wife no bother put mouth for anything wey consine the in-laws again. As her health with the belle dey very fragile.

Na so things wey suppose dey normal for the house no normal again o. Na so so quarrel begin occur between the couple! Husband go tanda for lounge with him friends after work dey drink, say house no sweet am go again!

Wife suspect say the boy too fit be diabolical channel for the SIL in the house as love and peace disappear the moment he enter!

Small time, things begin miss inside house and wife suspect the boy but husband say his nephew can never steal. Until his designer cufflinks and dollars begin miss one note after the other! I no fit laff abeg!

Wife no talk anything. She bring carpenter come change her own dresser and wardrobe lock. So her things dey safe. Na husband things dey miss on the steady!

One Sunday evening, husband open eye ransack nephew room when he don use sense send am go wash car outside. He come find duplicate of their bedroom key on top the wardrobe!

Shame no gree make him tell him wife wetin he see, na as he dey interrogate the nephew for parlour, thinking say wife dey sleep inside room...Na im wife hear everything very low and but very clear.

Wife see say husband don change, become very aggressive, na so domestic violence start! He begin act like person wey dey under influence of voodoo.

Stella, Na one night when she dey 8months pregnant, husband begin panel beat wife, kick the belle say she no quick open door for am as he dey knock and wife don sleep go for parlour.

He carry wife lock outside, inside mosquito plus cold. Na one of the neighbours take the wife rush go hospital at almost midnight. Na there wife even open up to the neighbour say the baby sef dey breach and narrate her ordeals with the in-laws.

Wife na orphan, so she get family members and siblings wey no dey believe in chooking eyes inside person home when dey don marry! Until dem invite you to put mouth. Besides, all of dem get their own homes to face. Their mantra na 'avoid third parties'. So she sef no gree offload wetin she dey face for the marriage to just anyone out side her relatives.

Hmm...God of wonders! Wife begin learn how to pray when she realise say her home now na battlefront. Pikin realign to normal...Na so she born bouncing baby boy through CS! *make una praise Master Jesus*

Sister-in-law say she wan come do 'omugwo' for the pikin. Wife say never! Say apart from naming ceremony wey all family and friends dey invited. Nobody dey come before or stay behind! Gbam!

The sister-in-law carry matter report give their Eldest brother. She no sabi say that one know all the gist. Na the senior brother warn the sister-in-law say if he see her shadow for that house, trouble go land for her head!

Na the wife cousins, aunties and siblings surround her during the omugwo period. Dem assist her get better domestic staff wey also help her with chores.

Una go think say the problem go stop...for where? Na there the battle just start!

Some people wey no dey believe say some thing dey, wey our elders dey call spiritual arrow!

I dey come, make i quick turn this Eba, as Gas don corss!


  1. Na wa. Comment by yori princess

  2. The damages inlaws dey cause for marriages no be small
    Especially if you come marry the sole bread winner, sorry go be ur second name..
    Me, I no send them, I dey jejely mind my business, if any inlaws wan frustrate me, I go give am double
    Highest na make marriage crash, make I find my way
    The worst of them na the SIL wey don comot for her own marriage, that one go dey claim, my brother property.
    Marry am na👹, if u no go allow the wife be.

    1. Abi o,marry am na,if u no go allow the wife drink water keep cup.. kposhikposhi

    2. Poshhaija are you my twin from another mother?🤣💦. Me self I no send

  3. Na wa o.wetin some women dey see inside this marriage mouth no fit talk am finish o. I don't know why some men like covering up for their relatives.The one in my compound found out that his younger brother is responsible for the missing money in the house but covered up for him.I eavesdropped to their conversation outside,where he was interrogating the brother,apparenty he saw his missing money with the bro.
    Abeg sisi Sena turn the garri sharply come finish this gist.

  4. When they say you marry a spouse and the family. Reason why our ancestors would choose a spouse based on the type of people in the family. Marriage is really not for the faint hearted O! May God help us all.

  5. Sister in law from the pit of hell. Don't let someone else to this to your daughter. Karma is real.

  6. How persin go take do this life self

  7. I am grateful for the kind of in-laws wey I get...

  8. To think I am going through the same problem. My sister in law no want make I drink water drop cup for my husband house. Stella don share my story small. Planning to leave the house for her and her brother.

  9. Broke my engagement because the sister at 39 years with a child felt her brother is her husband and the brother house is her matrimonial home,targeted miscarriage at me during pregnancy, the arrow landed and killed their brother,the whole family blamed me for the brother's death, I left with my life and my baby intact,their brother don dey beg me,life no get duplicate I dash Dem the man 2 marry and ruin not my flesh nor that of my child will his sister use to do yearly donations

  10. Why leave for her? Stay and pray her out of that house completely.

  11. God abeg o! Give me in-laws that will not trouble my life. I don't have power for inlaw wahala biko.


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