Stella Dimoko SUNDAY Morning Spontaneous Post...


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Sunday, April 10, 2022

SUNDAY Morning Spontaneous Post...

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Good Sunday Morning lovely People,

It is Thankful Sunday and we thank God for this day!

Someone asked the other day when we are having a singles mingles Easter edition. Well, there wont be any because we just had one in February...... will let you know when the next Stella's singles mingle will hold.. make i think am first.

Over to you preachers of the word of God....

Have a splendid and relaxing Sunday

One love - Keep us together



  1. Cloud Of Witnesses!!
    Hebrews 12:1.


    "Human beings are referred to as clouds in the same way that they're referred to as trees.
    We're referred to as the trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord that He might be glorified"

    "This huge cloud (crowd) of witnesses to the life of faith are those that the Bible talked about in Hebrews 11. These are men and women who through their faith performed great feats for the Kingdom of God"

    "They wrought righteousness; meaning when others conformed to error, they stood their grounds for the truth and prevailed"


    I'm a tree of righteousness, planted by the Lord; I'm a water-carrying cloud, expressing the righteousness of the Lord and communicating His salvation everywhere and to every man. Hallelujah.

    Further Study-
    Hebrews 11:32-33; Hebrews 12:1 NIV

    1. Amen.


    2. Amen
      Good morning everyone.
      I am stil in shock about the death of Osinachi, please leave if you are in dv marriage.

    3. Thank you Stella for the data, God bless you.Thank you blog PA for choosing me


    Have you said...


    For your grace
    For your mercy
    For your forgiveness.
    For your protection
    For your guidance
    For your friendship
    .For your peace
    For your unfailing love
    For being my savior


  3. You all remember my ex right? the guy I talked about of how he left me empty handed after everything we went through together? Yesterday evening I got a call from our mutual friend who's also my boss that he wanted to see me. I honoured the invitation and when we met, he told me that the guy said he wants to send a large amount of money to my mum, because he has my mum's account . And that he also wants to buy foodstuffs in large quantity for her, he doesn't know how else to reciprocate my mum's kindness towards him. So he wants to take permission from me first.

    I told our mutual friend that it won't be necessary. How does he expect me to sell my dignity for some cash and foodstuffs. He got upset with me and said that I didn't do well. It's just a kind gesture and I didn't have to reject it. I made him understand that when I needed his help has passed, when I was so down and he was busy doing giveaway online and spending his money on random girls. Why then does he want to help when we wouldn't be needing the help again?

    I got so emotional last night because this our friend wouldn't stop blaming me and saying all sorts of things. He even said I still have feelings for the guy. This was someone that never came to visit or even call on phone when I was hospitalized. He called me on sick bed and broke up with me. This guy never called my mum when she was sick, why then do they think that I'm the bad person just because I refused his help?

    I told my mum that same night and she gave me a very soothing response. My mum said that food and money are least of her problems now. She said she knew the guy through me so what ever is my decision, she stands by it. I was so happy. I personally called that my ex and told him in a calm voice that my mum won't be needing his money and foodstuffs. I told him that I hold no grudges against him and that what he wants to do is so thoughtful of him but it's the least of our problems now. I also let him know what my mum said about the whole thing. And that if he sends money to my mum's account, we'll be forced to return it.

    1. why you call am? u for no call am at all at all...u for let am send the money and the foodstuff to your mama and una for no call am to talk thank u......the feeling will be so sweet to know hes waiting for thank has nothing to do with u cos u were not offered the money...sometimes its not about needing or not needing...... u can even let your mum collect it and message him that you have shared it to beggars and thank

    2. Omorr!!! 🀣🀣🀣🀣 Stella??? Jesus!!🀣🀣🀣.

    3. YES KEH; I NO understand why she call am begin give speech like who UNGA Meeting for New York

    4. Hahahhaa. Stella oo. But seriously this your advice is top-notch. Next time. Don't call him. Press the ignore buttons on him. It pains more than words.

    5. Supernova don't mind him.If he genuinely wants to send stuff to your mum he would have done it without letting even you or your mutual friend know.He just wanted your attention and he got it when you called.

    6. Some people just hurt someone and feel sending money will heal the hurt and pains.

      Like Stella said, you shouldn't have called him.

    7. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Stellz Ma'am, aru m n'aso mkpari mehn. It's not my family that he will use and shine lai lai. He came earlier this year with his whole community to beg, I refused. Now he wants to be sending foodstuffs as Father christmas wey en be. If he's looking for whom to gift, he can go gift roadside beggars. He knows they need it more than we do.

    8. Hello supernova you did well by not accepting his gift that is what dey call dignity if na me too I will not collect. It's guilty conscience that is worrying him.

  4. Palm Sunday Hosanna he is the kings of kings. Alleluia

    1. Getting ready to attend Mass.may we be blessed as we begin the holy week today.happy palm Sunday.

    2. sweet the sound from Zion plain hills. Hosanna in the highest ×2, Blessed is He that comet in the name of the Lord ×2

      Happy Palm Sunday!

    3. I no go Church ooo. But I'll attend evening mass.

    4. So miss Aboki you're a Catholic? Wow. Mass is not for me today.

    5. Data well received. Thanks a million times and more SDK and beloved PA. God bless a billion folds. Happy Sunday beautiful bvs. It's a blessed week already

    6. Happy palm Sunday people. Just got back from church.

  5. Amen, and thank you Lord for another opportunity today. Help us to make the most use of today. Amen
    Happy blessed Sunday Jewelu and my beautiful ❤️ blog famZ 😘😘

    1. Teacher NK baby you are a strong woman and I celebrate you 😘

    2. Plenty love sis,😘😘 .... I appreciate you bebe😁

  6. supernova that thing u posted was it update to a chronicle or a gist u posted inside SP?

    1. No Stellz ma'am, it's not a an update to a chronicle, it's just a gist.

    2. Jewelu star woman in the comment section πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ˜‚

  7. Good morning bvs.

    May this day and week be a beautiful one.

  8. Good morning beautiful people 😘😘😘

  9. Na today Jesus enter town, thats why dem call am palm Sunday abi?

    1. Enter your reply...u no be Christian madam. haaaaaaaaa

    2. Yes o, Jesus enter town today πŸ˜„

  10. Good morning my people, thank you Stella and PA for the data, it's very timely. Already in church, enjoy yourself in his presence for those that are going to church πŸ€—πŸ€—

  11. I will sing of your faithfulness
    And your resurrection power
    I will say this is the day
    that the Lord has..

    Rejoice!... Rejoice and be glad
    for the Lord our savior reigns
    and the joy of the Lord
    shall be our strength..
    I was born to be
    in your dwelling place
    this is the day that the Lord has made!!


    Happy Sunday Bvs....A more fruitful week to us I pray πŸ™

  12. Omg my mom had been telling me depressing stories about women who had been coming to her to tell her about the things they are going through in their marriage, because alot of them call her mommy and consider her as a mother.
    The thing tire me I just told herlet's change this our jist, I can't start my day with this kind story.
    Women please try and get something doing so when the chips are down, even if na one room carry your kids and japa

    1. Stories you hear about domestic violence are so depressing.

      Please leave that marriage if the hurt is too much. Your kids will resent you later if you don't eh.

  13. Its palm Sunday people!

  14. Domestic violence is both physical, verbal and emotional abuse. But physical is easily reported.

    I knew a woman that would sit at the balcony and verbally abuse her husband to the entertainment of neighbors and passersby.

    When the man shamefully came downstairs to enter his car and drive to work.

    The woman would jump in the driver's seat and continue cussing him.

    He would be too ashamed to talk.

    He would go to work without his car and come home drunk and start fighting the woman.

    You would hear the children screaming frantically.

    And God bless Alhaja.Because she was the only person that would attend to settle their fights those nights.

    Other neighbors would play deaf. Because the woman wahala plenty.

    One time the man got tired of the abuse, went to work and didn't come back.

    We heard he was in Portharcourt.

    We heard again that he had married another woman in South Africa.

    But domestic violence didn't end.

    The woman would then cuss the daylight out of her first son at any slight mistake.

    Her son was about a year older than me.

    We would talk and he would tell me how his daddy would come back and take them away from their mum soon.

    We were children and didn't understand what was going on with the man and woman at the time - but I understood that the woman was hot tempered and bad mouthed.

    But when it comes to giving children food, this woman gave the biggest portion. She would pack plenty rice and plenty stew in your plate.

    And just about anybody was welcomed in her house to watch films.

    Even if you bring your own film. She would play it for you.

    Somehow her kindness didn't extend to her husband who also seemed very peaceful.

    It was from that man that I learnt that the way out of women's problem is traveling 🀣 coded guy.

    You don't have to wait for a verbally abusive wife to leave your life, you too can leave.Travel somewhere...

    I think that is far better than beating someone to death.

    1. Some men endure a lot and just like some women not all men have the financial strength to travel or move out. Some are too concerned about the children and wouldn't want a broken home. I think the best thing is we should all treat each other with respect and love.

    2. So you're basically that women who were suffering or died from domestic violence is cause they are badmouthed and evil and cos the man is peaceful???

      Let's not start this morning.

    3. 9:07 what are you on about? Are u being beat up? Ur relation? Pls go back to bed again. When you wake up, come and read again. Just maybe ur comprehension might be better then

    4. The Original ShugarGirl10 April 2022 at 11:14

      Anon 09:07 but that's not what that person is saying now. Why are you doing this?

      Anon poster, I am happy that the man found a lasting solution instead of allowing that bully ruin him.

      So many good men end up in marriage with the wrong women. So many good women end up in marriage with the wrong man.

      If you're one experiencing this sort of abuse and he/she won't change, there's no problem with starting all over rather than killing your abusive partner or staying to be killed by your abusive partner. .

  15. I dont know why marriages are becoming unsustainable.

    Yewande married has a virgin,is one of the few decents in the yoruba movie industry,very sound babe yet the guy left her and walked away from a 8years marriage.He wasn't emotionally available, she loved him moreπŸ˜₯😒😒😒🚢‍♀️🚢‍♀️🚢‍♀️

    1. Lol @ married “has” a virgin, the h-factor came through even in typing 🀣🀣🀣

      In the year of our Lord 2022, you people still think that virginity guarantees a good marriage???? Didn’t most of our mothers and grand mothers marry as virgin yet, some of them went through and endured shit in their marriages? The state of your hymen doesn’t correlate to how good your marriage will be. Let’s not delude ourselves.

    2. Snarker you're bigger than this nau. With all your 'exposure' you ought to know that accents sometimes affect written English.
      Just correct her and keep it moving.

    3. My dear been a virgin no dey keep man o. I have a colleague that married a virgin they have 3 kids now , the guy was telling me the other day that if he has his way he will marry a second wife. He even runs away from home to work all the time . In fact he does not like going home on time. He leaves the office like 12 or 1 am. Virginity does not guarantee forever after.

    4. 12.27 don't mind her, sabi sabi everywhere.

  16. I dont know why marriages are becoming unsustainable.

    Yewande married has a virgin,is one of the few decents in the yoruba movie industry,very sound babe yet the guy left her and walked away from a 8years marriage.He wasn't emotionally available, she loved him moreπŸ˜₯😒😒😒🚢‍♀️🚢‍♀️🚢‍♀️

  17. Good morning.The following BV's have been gifted 2GB data by Stella.

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    1. Data received. I am so grateful to Stella,blog PA and any other who made it possible. May God replenish your purses in plenty folds in Jesus name...amen

    2. I got data this morning, thanks to Stella and blog PA, I appreciate

    3. Blog PA you shoysh learn to do better. See how you selected bvs that don't comment and dash them data and left us that comment everyday everyday.This isn't fair at all.Just very few bvs up there are regular commentors.Some haven't even comment with their id since this year.This partiality don too much.

    4. Data received God bless you really good Stella and my blog PA i am super grateful

    5. Data received.. Thank you so much Stella. Happy Sunday.

    6. Thank you Stella for the data.

    7. Anon I had to look at that list again. Many of them are regular commenters. Sorry you weren't selected

    8. Thank you dear Stella for the data. May God continue to bless you and yours. Thank you blog PA. You both are doing well.

    9. Thank you jeweluchi Stella for the data,may God replenish your pocket.Thanks PA for picking me may God bless you.

    10. Thanks for the data Stella. I am grateful for been selected.
      Happy Palm 🌴Sunday.

    11. Data received. I sincerely appreciate Juweluchi star woman for the data. Thank you Official blog PA for making it possible. God bless you real good.

    12. Thank you for selecting me PA. God bless you. God bless Stella. Thank you.

    13. Data received, thank you blog PA

  18. Good morning.

    Happy Sunday to y'all.

    Have a peaceful day.

  19. Happy Palm Sunday people.

    Data received. Stella and blog PA thank you for the data. God bless you real good.

  20. Kerosene is now 800 a liter, with the way it is going if NEPA don't bring the light, I will rather smoke garri oh!

  21. Good morning beautiful people
    Thanks for the data gift Stella ❤️
    Ramadan Mubarak folks ♥️
    Happy Sunday to you all
    Have a wonderful day


      O Allah, on this day, let me (us) have mercy on the orphans, and feed [the hungry], and spread peace, and keep company with the noble­minded, O the shelter of the hopeful, Allahumma Ameeeeeen πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€²πŸ»πŸ€²πŸ»πŸ€²πŸ»

  22. Good morning everyone,Stella,thank you so much for the data,God bless you,PA,thanks too,waju,thank you,have a blessed day, I'm thanking God for healing,Lord,am grateful sir.its ending in praise.

  23. Good morning guys! Guten Morgen Stella. Those who are inconsiderate and malicious from Monday to Saturday and then on Sunday they post gospel songs and scriptures on their WhatsApp status, I just want to remind you all that you people are mad. Thank you.

    1. Good morning to you and have a beautiful Sunday. For those people who wrote about,don't mind them.

    2. 🀣🀣but why na????

    3. It takes a mad man to know one

  24. Bonjour Blogfam! Happy Palm Sunday!

  25. Good morning wonderful bvs.

    So my friend's younger brother and my sister wrote JAMB last year. They both choose same university and polytechnic as their first and second choices. Her brother didnt meet the cut off mark for the uni so they opted for poly and he resumed sometime in february. My sister's admission was delayed, some 100 level students had resumed lectures and her name wasnt out. We lost hope and even considered registering for another Jamb this hear. The day she was offered admission, I excitedly called this my friend to inform her and her response was "eya, how una go do am? Congrats sha" I felt bad tbh, Atleast share in my excitement first before reminding me of the financial implication.

    Anyway, my sister has resumed school, all fees have been cleared. Just accomodation issues and that will be settled in no time by God's grace. I'm thinking of telling my friend how that statement made me feel, or should I just let it slide?

    1. No need to do that. You already know the kind of friend she is. You just know what to tell her and what to keep to yourself.

    2. Miss Aboki it is better you tell her than bearing grudges thank God for your sibling. God is faithful.

    3. If it's me I will tell her o.If not the thing go dey pain me but once I let it out I'll be fine.

    4. Me I will tell you and move on. Keeping grudges gives me headache

    5. F for format. You're doing well

    6. Let her know. She's not perfect. It might just be a slip and she'll apologize about it.
      Me that read the gist I even learnt from it.

    7. Ok guys. I'll mention it to her whenever we meet. And no, she's not a bad friend.

    8. Let her know how her comment made you feel..

      Congratulations to you sister.

  26. Good Morning Beautiful People,
    Stella and P.A thank you so much for the data, God bless you abundantly πŸ™❤.
    Happy Sunday

  27. Good morning my lovely blogfam 😘.

    I am like the Daisy flowers,I survive every challenge no matter the weather and circumstances..thank you Jesus.

    Bvs have a pleasant Sunday.
    E go surely be ✌️.

  28. Goodmorning bvs,have a blessed Sunday.

  29. Good morning blog family happy Palm Sunday to you all

  30. For another day in your presence, Jehovah we return all the Glory to you. Happy Sunday Every one.

  31. Good morning everyone ❤ ❤

  32. Happy Sunday beautiful people. Thank you Stella, thank you PA for the data. God bless.

  33. Thank you for the data, I'm just seeing it.πŸ™πŸ’ƒπŸ˜πŸ‘

  34. Data received!... Thank you Stella, God bless you.

  35. Data received, Thank you Stella,kisses 😘 to your little one.

  36. Good Afternoon Everyone.
    Happy Palm Sunday 🌴🌴🌴
    Thank you very much for the data Stella.
    Making the Master Jesus Christ Comfortable...

    Rejoice the Lord is King!
    Your Lord and King adore!
    mortals, give thanks and sing,
    and triumph evermore.
    Lift up your heart!
    lift up your voice!
    Rejoice! again I say, rejoice!

  37. Good afternoon Stella, PA and SDK bloggers
    Am just turning on my data for today and am sorry to present so late.
    I appreciate you Stella and PA for the data recieved.
    May God bless you in abundant. Amen

  38. SDK God bless you for gifting people data, congrats to all the recipients. Happy Sunday my people

  39. Data received. Thank you SDK and blog PA, God bless you abundantly

  40. Happy Palm Sunday.

    Diri Jisos - Eze kachasi eze

  41. Thank you Stella for the giveaway,God bless you. Thanks blogpa


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