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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



My follow bvs please can you recommend the test I should go to cos of reoccurring yeast infections. 

I have treated it over and over yet it keep coming back, I want to go to labs around me like two different ones and conduct the test and treat this shit once and for all. I also feel like I am not ovulating but I got ovulation test strip and did test, during the time I was using it that means I am ovulating cos I saw the days it showed positive while some days wasn’t positive. 

My question is if I am ovulating while can’t I fall pregnant?

 I just want someone to say something cos hospitals are not helping matters. I wanna tackle the yeast infection and get that one off my list then I will start visiting the hospital for fertility test,

You are either not ovulating or the infection is preventing you from getting pregnant...I would advice you treat the infection before you event attempt getting pregnant so that you dont birth a sick child.



Please someone should help me interpret this dream because it is bothering me...

 In my dream,l was walking home when a car stopped to pick me, l refused the free ride and started running and then the next l saw myself in a classroom where a japa Japa teacher was teaching me mathematics..

 I need interpretation please because I rarely dream  ....

The dream might mean nothing...Not all dreams have meaning, some just represent your state of mind!


  1. It means you need to learn maths again😎 it means nothing.

    1. For the 1st chronicle, apart from your hospital visitations and treatments, start eating fruits and vegetables everyday. As in fresh fruits and vegetables. Like a mixture of 5 different fresh fruits and veggies everyday. Portion of each ones like the slice abokis sell for 100 naira. If you can make it one of your meal, execellent...and remember you have to do it everyday o. Not once in 2 weeks, 1 month it consistently and watch how all the sickness and things that are disturbing you disappear like magic. I have been doing it for 3yrs now as my breakfast and I never swallow any medication since that time. Not even panadol. Before then, I use to have headache all the time, runny
      nose, catarrh, treat malaria once or twice every year etc but not any more even if I dey exposed to mosquitoes or dust that makes my allergies worse .And I feel so good, stronger and energetic. I don't know why we under rate fresh fruits and veggies here. And the good thing they are sold in every corner in lagos. Quality soil grown and not like the GMOs people abroad eat. Na for there we better pass them ...even your fertility issues, trust me, it will fix it with time. Good luck

    2. Poster 1, I was once in your shoes. My baby is turning 1 next week by GOD'S Grace. Go to YouTube, look up Dr Marc sklar. He talks about all things fertility. Secondly, Start taking probiotics. You've taken so much antibiotics, your body is now resistant to it. You need a probiotic to bring back the good bacteria to help you fight it. It Also improves gut health which into improved fertility. Buy piping rock probiotics with cranberry. I get mine off jumia. You would thank me after this. All the best

    3. Please follow what pretty tricky wrote , also make sure you check your hubby too you may be suffering from BV and not yeast . There are also times ovulation does in fact cause yeast like infection.

      As per ovulation and when to baby dance , a lot of us tend to make the mistake or just having sex on the D-Day it may not work for you . If you’re irregular or you’re not sure of your ovulation I’ll recommend you baby dance at-least once a day or every other day from the day you end your last period that way you might get your BFP

  2. I don’t believe there is any interpretation for ur dream poster 2.

    1. True, not every dream needs to be taken seriously.

  3. Re: Yeast infection.
    The bacteria never really goes away, so try and figure out what triggers a re-occurence, that way you'll have less frequent infections.

    I'd advise you wear cotton panties, that aren't tight and let the coochie breath. Bacteria thrives in moist, warm temperature

    1. Yeast infection is not bacteria infection. It is a fungi infection, caused by candidate ablican.

    2. Anonymous 15:07 is very correct. Drink lots and lots of water before having sex, make sure you pee before you have sex and immediately after. Cranberry juice must be your friend for the time being too. Avoid wearing underwear to let your coochie helps a lot, avoid splash backs when peeing or doing the no 2...infact, try have your own toilet to yourself. Don't sit on public toilets too. Also advise oga to always clean his 'dick' before you both have sex, and finally, stop shaving your pubic hair, it helps to trap germs that could easily cause yeast and UTIs....As for need to relax, stop stressing, do 15 minutes metabolic exercise everyday to reset your hormones (check youtube for examples), and be happy...

    3. Yeast infection is not bacterial. Yeast is fungal. Bukky is right.

      Poster 1 do you have diabetes? It can cause recurring yeast infection. Also are you sure what you have is yeast? Do you have any other immunocompromising conditions?

      As for ovulation, are you monitoring your basal body temperature? Sometimes you can have a positive LH (ovulation test) without the egg releasing at that time but it doesn't mean that you actually ovulated. You have to confirm ovulation with a temperature spike.

      Also, conception is a complex process involving more than ovulation. There should be open tubes, there should be a favorable uterus, your partner's sperm should be optimal. Nobody here can tell you why you aren't getting pregnant.

      I suggest you see a fertility doctor together with your partner. Start with Sperm analysis because it's least invasive and let them run full fertility work up on you.
      Baby dust to you!

    4. Also, if you have yeast and you're taking antibiotics for it, stop it. Some antibiotics can make you more predisposed to growing more yeast thus causing the symptoms of a yeast infection

    5. Thanks for the correction Bukky, either ways, it never really goes away. Look out for triggers

    6. In addition to what others have suggested, avoid sugar , sugar feasts on infection . Avoid red meat and also include unsweetened yogurt in your diet. Yogurt is good for virginal health.

  4. Dreamer, your dream might not mean anything. I usually don't take dreams seriously unless they are reoccurring, then I know God is trying to pass a message

  5. The yeast infection , check whether your partner reinfects you, talk to him both of you should get treated

    1. The comment I was looking for

  6. The lady with the yeast infection and why it keeps reoccurring
    1.while treating it let ur husband treat himself
    2.change ur undies after treating urself

  7. On the recurrent yeast infection, I'll suggest you reduce your sugar intake, take a course of treatment after proper lab tests and change all your panties to cotton. You can also ditch the thong pants for now.
    You should also remember to pee before and immediately after meeting with your hubby because infections can go through during intercourse. On the ovulation, a qualified gynae can prescribe ovulation inducing drugs for a three month course but I'll suggest you thread softly with those and not stay too long on those drugs. I wish you all the best.

  8. Go to the hospital and run all STI could be a stubborn bacteria.throw away all undies,buy new towel and sponge,don't douche,,wear cotton undies.,dry your pants, sponge and towels under the sun..avoid self medication.better carry your own tissue when using the public toilets.let your partner get treated if it's communicable disease to avoid reoccurring.

  9. Unfortunately yeast infections are not always one and done and that’s truly frustrating but it’s just the way it is. Some people get them more and some don’t. You can find your triggers. For some it’s condoms . For some it’s oral sex. Could be whatever. You need a good doctor. Don’t hold back fertility treatment. Your some gynecologist can treat both anyway. Good luck
    State your location so folks can recommend doctors

  10. Poster 1 when I keep preaching that you guys should stop douching but una no go hear.
    Secondly how are you sure it's just yeast and not bacterial vaginosis.

    Until the above 2 points are sorted you will continue battling "infection".

  11. 1- try to take out all the public hairs ,from v area to in-between the butt area. Also be pantless when at home. Use soap to wash outer v to butt areas .your man should be hairless too; from front to back.he should wear his boxers only once then wash. He should be faithful too and should also be treated. Seek for third and fourth opinion from doctors.
    2- I know class rooms especially when you have already left that school means backwardness. But nonetheless, always pray to cancel bad dreams

  12. Poster 1...throw all your panties away ans buy cotton panties. Make sure you sundry them . Secondly poor bleacb in your toilet for an hour before wash . Thirdly remove your toilet seat , scrub and sundry. Boil your towels, discard your jeans, trousers and shorts or rather wash with dettol and iron the kpekus area. Next change your diet (cut out on sugar, sweets and carbs) cos it seems your ph level is not balanced and the yeasts are feeding happily. Lastly, check your blood sugar level, you may be diabetic.

  13. Can you try alligator pepper seed?
    It works well.for yeast infection
    Pls if u r hyperrensive dnt try it
    At least 3seeds in d morning n night

  14. POSTER 1: If you have recurring yeast infection some few lifestyle changes could help.
    1. Avoid certain foods that grow yeast. I am not sure what your diet is, but google to find food that increase the growth of risk in the body.
    2. Probiotics. Find a good quality probiotic capsule with millions or billions of probiotic. Sugar free yoghurt can help but it may not have enough probiotics to balance your vagina flora.
    3. If you are married. It is likely your spouse could be re-infecting you. Advise him to use Canesten cream always and if possible take the antibiotics prescription from a doctor
    4. Change your underwear. Both you and your spouse must change all your undies: pants and boxers. Some of these bacteria don't die through normally washing.
    5. Go online to and find out herbs that help to combat recurring yeast infection. Don't buy any concoction mixed up. Find the leaves or roots and prepare as instructed online.

  15. POSTER 1: I forgot to add to my earlier post, VERY IMPORTANT! Every evening soak your vagina in warm water and white vinegar. This will REMOVE ALL DISCMFORT totally and help balance your PH levels there. Please you will need to follow my earlier instruction to help balance PH internally.

    1. Have your bath normally for the night. Then:
    1. Get a sitz bath bowl (check for this online or improvise)
    2. Fill with warm water (enough to cover your vagina area and bum bum)
    3. Add one cup of white vingear (not apple cider vinegar or other types, just the normal white vingear)
    4. Seat in this water for 20mins
    5. Feel totally refreshed down there.
    This will give you a tremendous amount of relief

  16. It's not just about wearing cotton pants. It happened to me. The doctor advised to sun-dry my panties, if not,iron the panties before wearing because of the moisture in them when washed in the bathroom and left to dry there too.

  17. Also, soak nchuanwu in a jug of water. A cup morning and night will clear it and its also healthy for you.

  18. At poster one you can check out Morriti Joy fertility Corner on FB. She's really good at what she does. Good luck.

  19. Yeast infection dealt with me o.
    Always check your sugar level.
    Run from drinks or sugary things.
    Take more of yogurt, fruits and veggies.

    You and your partner should treat yourselves,so that there won't be a reocurrence.

    Your hubby should also go for fertlity test.

    And hope you are sure it actually yeast infection,if not you might need to see a doctor to tell you the actual test to go for and the right drugs will be administer.

    If you take herbs,cloves or guava leaves tea does wonders, just a cup daily for about 5 to 7 days.
    Note if you have low BP or low sugar level don't take.

    Above all pray and don't be too anxious, may God perfect your healing.

    Number 2 chronicle
    Not all dreams needs interpretations. We also dream from our mind.
    For instance if you sleep hungry there is every tendency of dreaming you eat in your dream.

  20. Poster 1, your partner could be the person reinfecting you. If you have a seck partner then have them treated too.

    The wearing of too much unbreathable fabrics can cause yeast infections to reoccur. For example, you are wearing pant, then stockings, then shorts all under a dress or skirt will cause your nether parts to overheat and cause a buildup leading to yeast infections. So please ensure you are dressed lightly down there and you are wearing cotton underwear which is breathable.

    Cut down on the consumption of sugar and sweets which are known to stimulate the production of yeast. Eat yogurt and drink lots of cranberry juice.

    Poster 2, the dream is telling you not to take a handout from anyone, but to go learn how to do something that will keep you financially abundant and independent.

  21. Poster 1. Is your sexual partner also getting tested for your yeast infection? That could be the reason it is reoccurring. It happened to me once. Anytime had sex with the guy, I’d have an infection. Let him get checked and treated at the same time as you so that you are sure you are both treated.

  22. Treat your partner too.

  23. Treat you and your partner.

  24. Poster 1 buy rephresh probiotics. It will balance your vagina pH level within a week.

  25. This is the 9th year I’m suffering from yeast infection ... nothing I have not taken . Both herbal and medications. Antibiotics , probiotic , boric supplements ... no drug works for me ... believe me when I say I have taken gbogbonise .. from all those forever living products to ayurveda to agbo ... name the drug me n Mum have not bought for this thing ... nothing works .. now I’m married and my hubby knows , we are ttc and I know that it was the yeast that caused it . My tubes are blocked , had ovarian cyst also .. what to do
    Pray about it always
    Try to conceive naturally , if it’s not working try ivf
    Take probiotics always .. 50billion cfu
    Take lots of fruits /vegetable
    Don’t bother cutting out starch/ sugar ... it doesn’t work
    Most importantly remove your mind from it , it’s not easy but doable
    You will conceive
    I’m learning to cohabit with it as I have tried all I can to no avail
    Wash every time you bath (some days of your cycle , you might not notice any discharge , just that it feels like milk down there , not thick I mean .
    I would advise you to stop taking drugs /agbo
    They don’t work .
    One day it will stop by God’s grace, still believing God for my miracle .
    Another thing you should know is that yeast leaves in the vagina naturally , and you are not alone , many ladies experience the same thing ... May God help us be free one day .. if you ever get healed ,please kindly share with us via this blog ... Remember to live and be happy no matter what ...

  26. POSTER 1,


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