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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

TUESDAY In House News...

I salute!!

Welcome to in house news today!


Hey... Hope everyone is OK?.... Hot day over here.... I read something about global warming and in about 30 years from now Lagos/Lekki will be submerged under water....HA!!!

Yesterday i made egusi soup with olive oil...No difference and tasted so yummy.... Ever tried it?

I copied out something this morning from the spontaneous post and deleted the original, wanted to reference it and ask the person to contact me but i didn't finish reading it and didnt save and my laptop went off cos i didn't know it was not plugged in... If i see the comment again, i will pick it up and bless the person.
Will look out for the comment tomorrow in SP....

Enjoy the rest of the day, I am here watching one Turkey pepper soup video and salivating.... I think i prefer chicken pepper soup cos of the fat from turkey.



I  watched a motivational speaker say on a Tv show that domesticating your boys doesn’t make them good husbands. I was quite surprised to hear this but after thinking about it I agree with her.

You can raise your boys to be the best cooks, clean, neat and courteous, yet they may not make good husbands or a good man generally.

Have you heard statements like “ he is a great father to the kids but not a good husband". Teaching our boys to know how to do chores and all is wonderful but we have to take it a step further by consciously teaching them how to treat people right especially their wives.

Core values such as loyalty, integrity, empathy, honesty, the fear of God and many more should be imbibed from an early stage.

Listening to the woman speak really opened my mind to a lot of parenting issues.

Some parents try their best but the child still does not turn out right.. This parenting thing eh is deeper than is known or explained... sometimes it can be so so frustrating.... At the end of the day, one can only pray that all the teachings were properly learnt oh......

To parents who are not present in their children's lives but expect them to turn out right, how una dey take sleep for night?



Some Women Eye Don See

There is this lady I met a few days ago at a mini bar where my friend and I went to see someone.

She was sitting all alone and bored then I asked the bar man to give her whatever she wants and she requested for Origin plastic. After some time, I moved closer to her and asked if she was waiting for someone because I noticed she was so dull and she looked so worried.

I managed to force her to open up then tears rolled down her eyes. what is wrong? please tell me.

She said she came all the way from Anambra state. She had someone she was dating who is from their town but he lives in Ibadan....

 She is also a caterer. She and the guy in question have been dating for 4years and they have gone for introduction. So the guy asked her to move to Ibadan so that, both of them can start living together as couple since he has done the first step of marriage.

The lady said, she came into ibadan around January and the guy took her to a school where she started working for a while but she never knew it was the guy's elder sister who owns the school.(She mentioned the name of the school).

She said that just a month ago, she got information that the guy had impregnated his ex and has decided to accept the pregnancy which they both had a little rift on and later settled it since he said he is not going to marry her but little did she know that both are about getting married ......  Not until she saw the invitation but the elder sister which she works with in that school didn't even inform her and not only that, she even attended the wedding she pretended not to know anything about.

Now, guy man came home to pack all his load on Saturday when she had gone out to source for another job because if she continues to work in that school, she would never be happy. She got home and only met the mattress, 3kg cylinder, 4pots,one kettle and the standing fan. All these was what guy man left for her and she didn't even know where guy man packed to.

She said, she is planning to go back to Anambra, so she wants to sell those above mentioned things for 18k to go back or look for work to get money and get a room apartment somewhere else in order to start a new life..

I was shocked and couldn't even listen to all these alone, had to tell my friend to come closer but mumu wey I call to come hear matter is now trying to take advantage on the lady but I did not allow him.

I advised her to go back to Anambra and start a new life but she said she is ashamed of going back to her base but I sincerely told her to go back than trying to look for ways here in Ibadan. They are wicked here, they will dobo e baaje and still not help you except God sends a helper.

hmmmmm..Men, why are we like this? who do us this thing sef? why will someone bring a lady all the way from another state and not even just a lady, someone you have done intro with because she showed me those pictures.

I fear who no fear una..I tell people, men are more wicked than women..Women has forgiving spirit than men.

I pitied the lady but there was nothing I could do, but we gave her 5k(my friend and I).

Sad story...Going back is not a good idea, the shame would be too much, let her stay there and try to find her feet....



Before he got married to his wife, he was warned and told never to marry from that family. The reason was that, the women in that family hardly get pregnant in their respective homes. Stubbornly, he went ahead and married her.

First and second pregnancy she suffered miscarriage. When the third pregnancy came, he remembered what he was told earlier and set out on a journey. He got to his village and met a traditional medicine man and explained why he had to visit all the way from Port Harcourt.

After some incantations and communication to the spirit, he was told the grandmother of his wife was responsible for the ordeal the women in that family were going through. He asked how? He was told his mother in-law was initiated long time ago and the agreement was the future of her grand children. Though she didn't know it will get to that point, as she was very young at the time during her initiation.

"What is the solution?" He asked. Some sacrifice were made in order to separate and destroy the spell placed on the children. He was told to go home but before the wife will deliver, the grandmother must pass away.

On the week she was to deliver her first child, there was a strong spiritual battle that almost claimed her life. The medicine man when called, told him not to worry that everything has been settled in the spiritual and that she was fighting her very last. A day before her delivery, the news came from the village that the grandmother had passed on.

The next day, she delivered her baby. The husband never told her all what was happening until the baby got to a year. It was during the baby's first birthday she was told about it all.

Today, they are blessed with four beautiful children. The other sisters gave birth as well. When their mother was approached over the discovery, she opened up and confessed how it all happened.

Traditionally, there are things we can solve if we can go back to the root and ask some pertinent questions of what is happening in our lives. Do you know why? Some things are ANCESTRAL.

 Yes you read me clearly.

 Everything doesn't end in church, prayers and fasting. I don't mean to undermine anyone's faith or religion here, but then, some of the things your pastors do are traditional but you won't understand it. How do you explain your pastor telling you to go to your place of work or village and get him sand for prayers, the same thing a traditionalist will tell you to do?

Do you know the potency the sand possess?

A strong traditionalist once said to me, "life begins from the sand and equally returns to it". So many things he said about the sand and why it's always used in some difficult situation but in order not to digress from my point of writing, it will be a discussion for another day.

Make no mistake about this. When I say tradition, I don't mean the occultic rituals people indulge upon this days in order to kill or harm others, rather I mean the sacred traditional practice devoid of evil inclination as it was from time immemorial.

I have seen Christians in some difficult life threatening issues told by their religious leaders to go home(village) and seek answers and solution to their problems. Some problems and sickness defy prayers and medical approach but when handled traditionally, the results are seen, felt and achieved.

WOW.........nice story Teejay but why did the old woman have to die and who killed her? The Native Doctor?



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I have been baptized into Christ, and I have put on Christ. He is my source and my sustenance. No disease or sickness hatched out of hell can take root in my body because my health is assured in Christ!

    1. Good confession.
      Caveat: If you stay away from sin; from fornication, lust, anger, malice, backbiting, slander, gossip, etc.

  2. You’ve spent enough energy on the past; that’s not taking you anywhere. Kiss the disappointment goodbye. That door didn’t close by accident. God is directing your steps. It either wasn’t the right time or He has something better.-JoelOsteen


  3. Good afternoon everyone.
    Today weather is very calm

    1. Cool weather

      Stella that turkey video go fit make sense o.
      *No matter how we raise our kids, prayer is vital
      *Pinky, you and your friend tried. That lady should go to Onitsha and hustle. Shebi if she lays curses on him now, they will call her wicked lady.
      *Teejay u r right.

      God bless the givers and protect us too. Amen.

    2. Nigerian turkey is just better than UK turkey...its more juicy

  4. Good afternoon. I agree with you.

  5. Fairly used APC presidential nomination for for sale. Reason for selling, I don't know what pushed me to buy,I only wanted to prove level, now my eyes don clear,the people that promised to donate money to refund are not picking my calls again, please I'm willing to sell for 70m, the form is still inside follow come envelope, the only issue is,hajia mistakenly pour kunu on it,but don't worry ,we gave dried it in the sun. God bless the intending buyer

  6. The evil things happening in that lekki, e reach to be engulfed in water like the titanic

  7. Lady from anambra should try finding her feet alone in same city,things might be tough for a start but she will be fine!

  8. No rain, but the weather is cool. Stella, egusi with olive oil? How did it look? Palm oil gives it this really nice look o. Not a fan of turkey, so chicken pepper soup it is. 😁. Motherhood poster, your 4th paragraph is πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ. God bless you for that. Y'all stay safe. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

    1. 😘😘😘😘😘

    2. looked nd tasted really

    3. Hmm Ok o, Stella. I'll try make it. I'll let you know how it goes. Na small portion I go make sha.

  9. Lovely weather here in Confluence city.

  10. Inside The Mind Of A Woman...

    A child turning out good and responsible depends on the child first and foremost. There are children with good foundation but end up being ruffians while some kids from abusive, unhealthy and bad foundation end up good.

    There are bad children (in every way) of pastors and church workers. Some of these children get influenced by peer group or simply, rebel from family up bringing or surname intentionally or otherwise.

    In some families, parents are not always at home but the children are responsible and turn out good, respectful and all. While opposite is the case in some families.

    In as much as family upbringing is essential and needed, a child chooses the path he/she follows.

  11. So those people that use tradition to justify polygamy, do u know it was tradition back in the days for twins to be killed, I hope if u give birth to twins, you will kill them. Ofcourse, ur answer is no.

    Why will u choose the tradition you want to stay and we as women are not allowed to say no to such tradition but u can say no to twins killing? You want to leave the tradition of polygamy because it encourages your irresponsibility and lack of self control???? You do not care how this tradition affects ur fellow human being (ur wife), you do not care about what it does to her psyche Abi?

    Those of u that use religion to justify polygamy, I bet that in the same Bible or Quran, you will find scriptures that support blood shed (murder), are u also practicing that with ur full chest? You people should not angry me abeg.

    Women, abeg before u marry a man, Biko also try and find out his stance on polygamy (e go kuku lie sef) because the comments I’ve been seeing since this Yul and Mercy’s case came out ehn, it’s like our Nigerian men just want to eat their cake and still have it

    1. And it also affects the children.

    2. Eka, do you know it is tradition to collect bride price?
      Since you hate tradition, why did you allow your parents to collect your bride price and the things in the list ?

    3. The killing of twins was only in a particular place,. That's example does don't suffice.

      It's tradition for men go take care of women, we don't see you complaining about that one. Or your westernisation no reach that side😏.. even the 'feminist' sef love that tradition of men providing and protecting..

      What I'm saying I'm summary, yes, not all tradition are bad, not all western culture are good.

      I don't see anything wrong with polygamy, so long you don't claim to Catholic or other sect that follow the one man one wife doctrine,. Live according to what you claim to practice,.

      Western culture can't tell me polygamy is wrong and homosexuality is right..

      Choose the good one from both, drop the rest,. There are no absolute

    4. Do you know it is tradition to for you as a married woman and your kids to bear the surname of your hubby?
      Why did you not say no?

      Or killing of twins and polygamy are the only tradition you know?

    5. But you are the one who used to Boldly and proudly proclaim that all men cheat and men are polygamous in nature, even insulting those who disagreed with you then.


    6. My dear forget about these men they know exactly what they are doing they only choose the part of tradition that favors them. At this point everyone should start greasing their shock absorbers even you Eka wey carry husband for head because you will still find out your husband has been fu!king outside by the time outside pikin show or when he decides to bring her as second wife. I don preach to women tire but women don’t like truth so make una continue building with men all in the name of husbands! Build for your self and your kids ✌️

    7. "Western culture can't tell me polygamy is wrong and homosexuality is right.."


    8. 15:41 speak for your folks. No man in my family has brought home a love child or married a second wife, except the set of my grandfathers. From my father's set, None! All my brothers, uncles and male cousins don't do such.

    9. Anon 15.41, whatever evil u wish my marriage because I choose to celebrate a good man, a man deserving of praise, then it will go back to u a thousand folds. Stella, do not delete the comment, you already posted it and people have already seen it, just publish my own response.

      @Dante, I don’t know why u think my husband foots our bills a 100%, I have no idea why u think that. You think I’m working for what exactly? I support my husband as far as my salary lets me with no complain whatsoever. No be everybody dey marry liability (I refuse to be one), and my example of twin killing suffices because those that were practicing are still those defending polygamy as a tradition so I have no idea why u think the example does not work.

      How is polygamy good if it actually hurts another human being? Please justify that for me.

      @anon 15.26, I do not bear my husband’s name legally. He convinced me against changing names when I was renewing my passport because of all the paperworks that I would have to start doing and told me the stress isn’t worth it. Left to me, I would gladly take his name because I am proud to be married to him and not because one tradition forces me to do so. And you know the most important reason, it doesn’t hurt me in anyway. I no kuku like my surname before

    10. 16:19 instead of you to pick advice and learn from anonymous e go soon shock you too

    11. 15:41 if them put mirror show you the lives of those your folks wey you mention including your husband eh! You go collaps for ground so let sleeping dogs to continue sleeping 😴

    12. Why would someone convince you on something as important as that though? 😐

    13. Madam even if your husband convince you isn’t your child bearing his name? I believe you don’t understand Dante that anon 17:26 I am sure your reply was for 16:19 anyways I learned the hard way never to vouch for a man in-fact human beings in total

    14. Eka a polygamous man will gladly marry as many wives as he want because he is proud of them and not because of one tradition forces him to do so.

    15. The Tradition that made your husband pay your bride price is the same tradition that legalize polygamy.

    16. Why can’t u just be courageous for once and group all ur many comments under ur one ID. E no dey tire u to hide?

    17. "How is polygamy good if it actually hurts another human being?"

      Same way the payment of bride price "hurts" another human being too..

      If you want to solve a problem, attack of from the root..

      Man go pay all those money and long list finish to marry you, you go come enter house deh think say you fit dictate to him what to do and what not🀌😏

    18. Not everyone has an ID girl, i don't.
      I comment as anon and like it like that. Don't mix us up biko.

    19. @Dante, that bride price that you are talking of, is it not men like you that put them in place? Who came up with the bride price and other items on the list given to the groom-to-be and his family to present on the trad wedding day? No be men like you dey collect all those things on the wedding day and they fight over it, or na women do meeting and came up with payment of bride price?
      So, payment of bride price dey hurt Una(men), but you still wan marry more women? Is there any sense in that?
      And for your information, it's not all tribes that collect bride price, some tribes reject it on that day.
      Maybe, you should tell your fellow men that came about the payment of bride price to abolish it, if e dey hurt una to pay.

    20. As if women that put up the money to pay their own brideprice do not abound. You all are dissembling, pretending you don’t understand what Eka Joy means so you can attack her.

    21. Anon 19:45.
      The same men that put that bride price are the once that encourage polygamy.
      If you as a lady fight against polygamy (tradition) then fight against paying of bride price (tradition)
      Fight against all traditions.
      Don't fight only the one that don't suit you.

    22. Anon 19:49
      Paying of bride price and polygamy are traditions.
      Accept all.

    23. Anon 23:33. No be only fight against all traditions, na fight against the whole world you go talk.
      As women dey talk against the one wey dey hurt dem(polygamy), men too should talk against the wan wey dey hurt una(bride price).
      Na lazy man you be. You can't fight your battle by yourself, you are looking for women to do that for you.
      Later, you people will say women are liabilities, they don't pay bills, they nag, they cheat, they are only good for procreation, but you still wan marry more liabilities, nag, cheats put for house, shebi sufferhead to pay more bride price and more bills no dey tire una. As per say marrying more than one wife na investment for you men now. Make I hear say women no dey add value for Una life again, but you are willing to acquire more liabilities and valueless creatures in your life. Enjoy your short life span while it lasts.

    24. Anon 08:08
      We have accepted the tradition (paying of bride price) and you women should accept the tradition (polygamy).

      As for your 2nd paragraph, we are helping you women to soft your lifestyle, that's why una dey rush us, the people you called scum.

    25. When men with substance dey kick against backwardness (polygamy), I Neva chop like you dey talk about softening someone's lifestyle. No be more poverty you wan acquire for yourself laidis.

  12. Hmmmmm, ihn is here
    What some women have seen in the hands of some wicked men,It's only God that can console them.

    1. I just went to visit my former neighbors and one of them was just downloading all the things her husband have been doing, the man just married his 3rd wife meanwhile he's almost 60years old, this first wife has 3 kids, and she's the one responsible for her childrens upkeep upon that guy man will still be asking her for money.

    2. Baby, why is she now complaining? Let her keep suffering and smiling and bearing Mrs somebody

    3. Anon 16:21, I'm talking about men with money and connection and you are talking about substance.

  13. Who has seen the Netflix series ‘Hollywood’. Such a great movie for those who are fans of drama series

  14. Things are happening, pinky God bless you and your friend.
    T. J nice one.
    Womanhood poster you are right.

  15. At the end of it all, we can only do our best as parents and also pray for them to always do the right thing. It is well. May God help us and our kids.

    I prefer goat meat pepper soup but if it's not available, chicken or catfish will do the job. Turkey pepper soup? Naa. It will be too oily.

    1. I don't like goat meat at all..

      I hate picking my teeth...but give me 10plates of fish pepper soup or barbecue...I will finish it

  16. Let them keep talking about me because even while they had the privilege to talk to me, they were talking about me, so I grew and dropped them off. Now they cry foul and I don't care. I can even call out their names one by one and exactly the things they said that made me drop them off. But no need because JAH proved all of them wrong and is still at it so who am I?

  17. Good afternoon BVs. Please who knows a fertility clinic in Abuja where I can sell my eggs. Though I am not based in Abuja but I can travel there with ease. Please don't judge me, guys. This seems as my last sane option

  18. On Mercy Aigbe's marriage issue. I remember some years back watching a Yoruba movie where she slept with her sister's husband and had to go round the market begging every married woman for forgiveness. . She acted the art so well and it was impressive. Now I know why.she was not acting, na follow comeπŸ€”πŸ€”

  19. Stella, she was renewing her life with the miscarriage of the women in that family. This is a case of "over my dead body" and in order for the women to deliver, she has to die. There are some persons that need to die before some people in their captive will be freed.

    1. My dad used us too.still alive though. We d children no get mind to kill am,so we just dey hold on to God Almighty

  20. Good afternoon people, aside from waterguard, is there any better water purifying treatment? , for drinking water specifically, pls I need names of the best product to buy, tnx

    1. Water care is the liquid one,water guard is the sandy type..this are one's I know

    2. Buy water care by SFH or aquatab

    3. Boil your water and let it settle. All products are chemicals.

  21. I read that most pregnant women suffer from reoccurring yeast infection and now I'm in that Boat. My Gyne recommended Klovinal for me and I've been using it but once I stop, after like 2 or three weeks, I will start feeling that cottage like cheese discharge and I also do not like how that place smells. Who have had this experience, How can I get rid of this nonsense...

  22. Good afternoon
    The rain has made the weather look like morning

  23. Good afternoon everyoneπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  24. There's no need I continue my story since that of yesterday was not posted. Its all good✌.

    1. why dont you post all at once? we dont post stories like this on this blog, i can see that you are all at once and i will repost or you send me mail or we leave it

  25. Parenting is so complex and more reason you see children from well cultured home misbehaving and the ones from the other becomes more responsible.

    Once you are born,,as an individual,you need a re-born thought, if not, the teachings and ways of your parents will be a waste.

  26. I keep telling people...I spend most of my as a kid with assholes( women who are runs ladies and slay mamas).

    They were the one who brought me up, they smoke like devil but I never followed their part.

    Then,,my mum was busy going to office. What she does then is,,drop me off with one Aunty then come back to pick me around 8pm when coming from her office.

    Their ways of life is nothing to write home about but I never followed such footstep..

    I have one of those aunty's daughter as a friend on WhatsApp,she smoke like evil spirit... mention anything, Colo,ice etc..I told her yesterday to stop that nonsense but e be like say I just dey waste my time

  27. Such a sad story @pinky. I pray the lady finds her feet. And meet a better man.

    The mind of a woman going through motherhood, may God help us train out children in the right path. Parenting is really hard o.

  28. Good afternoon everyone 😊😊
    Todays weather no be here oo ☀️☀️☀️

  29. Go low low low
    Let me see you
    Go low low low
    Buga won
    Let me see you dey buga won....

    1. You dey feel the jam too??

    2. if you watch my 10 month old nephew dance to this music, youll laugh eh

    3. Make I go find the song

  30. πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  31. Teejay I have had 7 miscarriages gone to different churches including Mfm still no changes and according to my research and my husband private research it coming from his mothers side 😭 I have cried my eyes I just pray this month will be different they keep coming to my dream to press my stomach which always leads to the miscarriage,I have prayed I have fasted just praying this month will be different.

    1. Spiritual battles can be so tiring. The Lord is your strength. Your victory is sure

    2. You need to fill yourself with the Word of God, it is living and it works. Pls listen to audio messages on and draw closer to God personally. You will overcome this in Jesus name, Amen.

  32. Mr. Tjee, kudos to your beautiful and well scripted storyline.. please nna, don't try to compare things that you don't have a real depth about.. ancestral issues can be disclosed by God to the individual directly;not even by the pastor to the individual if that individual simply ask questions to God through prayers..

    Secondly,the disclosure can also be given a remedy by God as to how to solve the revealed ancestral issues.

    All POWER belongs to God,He is the source of all power and all powers are subject to his authority.
    Job's predicament started at the court room of God Almighty,He also was the one who initiated Job's problem when He started boasting about Job to Satan.
    A bait which the devil fell for..
    Satan was given the jurisdiction of action by God,twice he,Satan appeared before God to get permission to afflict Job.

    Satan,was described as one of the sons of God in that Scriptures. He is an angel,that means a servant to God. Satan ,acted according to the manuscript given to him by God..

    Please nna,don't try to compare both powers,one is subject to the other...Dem no be mates ooh. SELAH...
    May my good LORD bless you abundantly,in Jesus name, Amen.

  33. @Teejay's corner,
    There are reasons some pastors ask people to go back to their family to make enquiries.

    One, it helps in targeted prayers. Two, it helps sincere pastors refer the seeker as necessary because not all pastors are gifted in deliverance matters. Three, some enquiries are indirect warning to the captors or oppressors to let the captives or oppressed go before the battle.

    1. But Jesus never needed to ask people to go back to their family for enquiries. A lot of the 'warfare' prayers Christians pray today are not Biblical and end up placing too much focus on the devil. Submit to God and watch the enemy flee from you. If only we know this truth that sets us free...

  34. Musings on a Tuesday night:
    1. The problem with being known as a strong person or the go-to person is that you are always there for others but no-one is there for you. You are the one people reach out to when they have challenges. You continually check up on others to find out how they are doing but no one thinks of calling you to check up on you or find out how you are faring.
    2. Do we still have godly men and women out there that have their life together? I am asking because there seems to be a drought of such people where I am. The people one is meeting check all the boxes except shared values. Live-in partner seems to be the norm! What is the rush to copulate?


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