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Friday, May 06, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Please advise me on how to handle this matter. My elder brother called me on a line given to my children. My Brother's number was not saved on the Phone. My Wife picked up the call, not knowing who's calling. 

My Brother hearing a woman's voice, cut off the call thinking it's a wrong number, Then immediately my wife called back to blast him with this statement: "Am I too small to receive my husband's call? Go and add manner to your characters"

 Please I need your advice.

Did you wife know it was your elder brother when she called back to say those words? I guess there is problem and your brother does not believe that his number was not saved.

It doesnt even matter who called and cut your wife has no right to call back and confront anyone, SHE HAS NO RIGHT, please make her understand that she is the one who needs to add to her manners.
Find a way to apologise oh but knowing how this is in Naija, your wife will be hated by your whole family by you....
Handle with wisdom and go with your wife to apologise....



Things have been so bad for me of recent......

 I was very rich but right now I'm poor and I beg to eat and survive .So I decided to find a solution to my problems and they said a woman is behind what I'm passing through that maybe I promised her marriage or I hurt her but I can't remember hurting or promising any lady marriage before ....

 They said she reported me because she is a Marine spirit .I'm confused and I pray I find advise and solution to my problems here.

OMG... for real?...Didnt the person who told that it was a marine spirit behind your problems tell you the solution?

Since she reported you to her people, table the matter be God as well...
If it is true, I pray that where ever she is her heart melts and she forgives you....

Wait oh.... is it that you have marine wife or what?


  1. Why do people go to the devils to find solutions to their problems; thereby acquiring more problems and selling their souls?
    Now, they didn't give you a solution and you have come to us.
    Fast and pray, humble yourself and tell Jesus your problems. You will find rest for your soul. Read your Bible.

    1. Going the traditional method is not going to the devil. Going to find solution through our African traditional methods is not going to the devil.
      For decades i went from Church to church looking for solution to my spiritual problems.
      No solution until I went the traditional way.

    2. @15:56
      It is only when it comes to the issue of faith that you go defense on the "traditional way"
      Why don't you travel the traditional way -donkeys, horses or probably "witch craft," instead of aircraft, buses and cars?
      Communicate the traditional way -Ekwe and ogene instead of phones and emails?
      why don't your villagers kill twins, the "traditional way?"
      And learn to use antiquated farm tools to learn the traditional way instead of going to school?
      Why don't you strike two stones -"the traditional way," instead of striking a match?
      Please think and know that churches do not necessarily provide you with Jesus your Savior.
      His advice is that you "search the Scriptures"
      Yes, you will find him if you do.

    3. I wonder why the traditional way has not solved the issues of this country.

    4. 2nd... A case of when you have sex with a lady and abandon her.

      1st... Your wife shouldn't have called back. Even if she knows the person that called. Caution her with love.

    5. Going the traditional way doesn't mean one has issues with modernity.
      Using handsets, cars etc has nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, I don't have the energy to school people with little reasoning abilities today.

    6. @17:56
      If you want to tell yourself the truth, the issue here is the mention of Jesus. People with guilty conscience usually get riled up unnecessarily.
      Jesus said he "did not come to condemn the world but to save the world."

    7. Anon 15:36 God bless you for saying the truth. I suffered a lot to the extent that my husband sister always refferd to me as a useless wife until i settled my spirit husband the traditional way, now I am a very happy and fulfilled woman. I still go to church and pray. I am a born again Christian and I have asked God to forgive me. my point is going the traditional way to solve problems is not evil unless you're doing it to hurt someone. righteous people should stop judging cuz you're not wearing their shoe with them.

    8. @21:51
      Choose you this day whom you will serve. . .
      If Jesus is not solving it, Satan is.
      There is no vacuum in the spirit. God cannot be mocked.
      "tradition" is not a person. Nothing does not solve something.
      Get set because, that "spirit husband," that devil is hiding just waiting
      at the marriage gate.
      But I tell you that there is nothing Jesus cannot do if you believe.

  2. The first poster, aren't you a man?
    Call your elder brother and explain what you explained here. Don't come back to tell us that they had a family meeting and asked you to sack your wife.
    And let your wife learn to bridle her tongue and be humble.

    1. I just wonder, it's not that serious to send a chronicle na. Call him and explain, even lie that some suspected scammers have been calling you and your wife of recent, hence, your wife's reaction.

  3. 1. Your wife had no right to do that.

    2. Seek the face of God Almighty.
    Good afternoon

  4. Proverbs 14:1
    The wise woman builds her home, but with her own hands, the foolish one scatter hers.
    Tell your wife to learn manners by reading the Bible; the very book from where I copied that quote. She should apologize to your elder brother and close this case.๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ

  5. so how do you want to get solution for a spiritual problem on a blog? who are the people who told you? go to a bible believing church and look for a pastor to pray with you since you are clueless. a true pastor will give you scriptures to pray and guide you if you need deliverance because marine spirits no be joke. truly marine spirits can do what you just said but we dont have all the facts in your case to deduce be careful how you sleep around. meanwhile you also pray to God and ask him for mercy and to help you.
    poster 1 your story is not clear. you wife obviously knew who was on the other side. who else will answer your children's phone if not anyone in your household abi dem dey carry phone go school? why did your brother not ask who was speaking? someone is definitely lying IMO.

  6. Narrative need to apply wisdom in dealing with such issue. Sit your wife down and explain to her with love.

    Correct her and make her understand that,she needs to apologize to your brother for what she has done.

    Again,,it's not wrong picking your husband's or wife's call.

    My wife Fe picks my call and the only thing she says is "please call him back,he is not in or in the bathroom. And I also pick her calls.

    Narrative any case to God and not human..only God has solutions to any problem

  7. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ abeg Stella don't make me laugh.

    Poster 1. There's a bigger issue and what you are seeing is just the symptoms. How was the relationship between your wife and your family and how do you treat her in the marriage. Her outburst seems to be coming out from low self esteem. I'm not saying she's right; she has absolutely no right to speak that way to your brother but tackle this issue from the root with caution. Let her know she's wrong and go together with her to apologise to your brother without putting her down then get home and work on your marriage.

    Poster 2. Stop believing all these things. Jesus has set you free, you are free, there's nothing marine spirit or whatever can do to you. Take your mind off there and start praying to God for wisdom. Ask God to give you wisdom on how to breakthrough from your present predicament.

    1. Thank for saving me 15.21
      Poster 1 is not saying the whole story.
      Is that how your wife blasts everyone.
      I can bet that she recognised your brother's voice and your brother recognised hers.
      So this phone call issue is a tip of the iceberg.

  8. Poster 1, your wife is too forward by those words she used..
    She replied as if she knows who's calling by calling back...
    Tell her to tone it down a little...

  9. A simple "please can I speak to....", would have been better than hanging up. Your wife is sooo wrong,for picking up the phone to insult the caller, be it your brother or a stranger. She should apologise.

    1. She should apologize. And caution her. What if it was your boss that called. Is that how she would speak rudely to him too? She’s ๐Ÿ’ฏ wrong.

  10. Poster 2, look for a deliverance church and go for a deliverance and yield/make yourself available for God..
    It is well

  11. Poster two them say them say. So what are you saying? Better check yourself where you had missed it. Go and get closer to God. When Una get money, God go take back seat, when table turn, Una go dey run kitikatakiti. Better go and love God and keep to His ways, let Him fight for you.

    Poster one, your wife lacks training. Not different from most blog visitors who don't have trainings. Yori princess

    1. @๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘ Yori Princess, don't mind Nigerian women! Before them marry, them be lamb! Once them marry finish them go turn to stubborn goat,tormenting their in laws! The marine issue, go and hold unto your God. No one has power over your life. If you wronged any woman ask God for forgiveness . Fast and pray and live a Holy life. Shalom

  12. Mr chronicle writer no. 2

    How did you come by your supposed wealth?? Please tell us the full story, so we can advise you properly.
    Some of you got "very rich" through criminal means...and as they say, ill-gotten gains have wings.

  13. 1. I don’t think this is your brothers first time with quietly insulting your wife. I think he knows what he’s doing . Unfortunately your wife is like my sister. Someone offends them quietly and no one knows so no one cautions the person but her response will be loud and now she’s the one looking bad. Your brother knows what he’s doing when he hangs up on her. If he has been doing like that tell your wife what I told my sister. Na who shout pass be mad person weyrey. The person quietly saying worse things ends up looking like the victim. your brother and apologize to him. Don’t force your wife to apologize. If she’s like my sister, she’s probably swearing that she’ll never apologize but if you give her time, she’ll make amends.

    1. Rubbish. Poster has told us exactly what happened obviously without sentiments you are here deciphering rubbish. Which one is ‘ offend silently’ in this case? So if it was his colleague or Boss who called and thought it was a wrong number for hearing a woman’s voice instead of a man’s you’d say maybe his Boss offended the wife silently and that’s why she called back to display that kinda rudeness common with teenagers. That was so unnecessary and uncouth of her.

    2. 17:36 you don’t know life if you don’t know the people that offend silently. The MIL you greet and won’t answer but will answer if your husband is there. How do you tell him she’s offending you when she treats you well in his presence

      There are families that won’t accept the wife so when they call and hear her voice they hang up. They know the woman is there but it’s their silent rude way of disrespecting her. Too much to explain you will understand life

    3. Lol 17:36 you actually think she didn’t it was the brother ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  14. I'm trying to understand this, u said ur brother heard the voice of a woman and cut the call, now my question is this, this brother of yours, is he not aware that you are married, he shld know that if the voice he is expecting is not the one he heard, then definitely it's the other spouse. I smell hatred, ur wife's blood dey hot, anyways i don't see a case here, this is very simple, since your brother doesn't know u are married and your wife can pick the call then also your bros number wasn't saved, so nobody is at fault here. The only problem is ur wife's sharp mouth. This is a moi-moi case, the both parties shld sheath thir swords and let go. U shld be the one to explain to ur brother and beg on behalf of ur wife. Later ur wife can call ur brother and ask for forgiveness over the phone pls. Don't drag her to go to the Palace to beg lord Rah. Protect your wife always no matter what, but caution her well in the closet.

  15. 2. I believe prophets but I don’t believe these ones. Their word is too vague. Sometimes they give sane prophecy to multiple people and if your case happens to match, you’ll fall for it. Go and check somewhere else

  16. Stella u going contrary! The poster said he can’t remember hurting anyone, so apparently the GO maybe wrong and not seeing well๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝ‍♀️

  17. It is too simple ask your wife to call or go to your brother and apologize simple, as for the second person locate a bible believing church for deliverance even if it is a fake prophecy ,you still need prayer

  18. Poster 1, If the phone has been given to your children why didn't your wife suspect the call could have been for the children and not you? Have you told the entire truth? If you have a history of cheating or are presently cheating then the matter needs to be dealt with completely. Why doesn't your brother have your new number? Obviously there are lots of secrets or secretive activities in your family, so that is what you need to deal with. Let honesty and openness reign in your household so your wife can be at ease.

    Poster 2, Have you offended God? Did you do good while you were rich or were you contemptuous and hateful of those who were suffering? Did you see yourself as a God on the planet, full of pride and others beneath you? Many times fortunes swing drastically to the point where you move from wealth to beggar means either the heart/soul was impure or lots of wickedness was done to innocent ppl. If you are having a King Nubechadnezzar moment then plead on the mercies of God, ask for forgiveness for your sins known and unknown. Ask that love replaces any hate or anger that others may have in their heart towards you. Give to others, share even when you are down to the last slice of bread and if you cannot give anything material, then keep praying for others and yourself. Most of all pray for a renewal in spirit, for divine love to find a home in you and also for wisdom and eternal love no matter your condition.

    Yes, it is hard to believe that you could be the cause of your own misery, nobody wants to believe this. The traditional path always looks for something or someone outside of the self to blame for any suffering being experienced, this is the allure of the traditional route it will never let the seeker take full responsibility for their problems because there is always someone or something else to blame, and ppl can be absolved of their own wrongdoings. Take the traditionalists with a grain of salt because they are there to make money. I don't know you and I am not going to make any money off you from this free advice.

    The fact that you are still alive means God still believes in you and is giving you a chance to evolve through your suffering. So if God still believe in you then make God's faith worth it and prove that you can be better and when you have grown and evolve spiritually and is a better and changed man then your money will return, and maybe even greater than it was before.

  19. Poster 1

    "My Wife picked up the call, not knowing who's calling" - Bros, your wife knew your elder brother was the caller.

    "Am I too small to receive my husband's call? Go and add manner to your characters" - If truly you are not aware of any issue between your family and your wife or between your brother and your wife, then know by those words that there is a silent beef between your elder brother (or your family) and your wife. From the words, your wife apparently believes to her annoyance that your brother (or your family arrow headed by your brother) is not giving her the respect she is entitled as your wife. And that belief was there before the call. For example, has your bother ever counselled you (to your wife's knowledge) to renege on an agreement between you and your wife, or a planned action you had discussed/finalised with your wife. Please note that it may not really matter whether your brother's counsel was better or even more beneficial to you or your wife or your personal family. Another example, when your brother call you at home, does he regularly ask to speak with your wife or he just say to greet her. Now some elder brothers just say to greet because they do not want to be seen to be too in their younger brother's family and some cultures require that the wife be the one to ask to greet the elder brother on telephone calls. But life is changing and people and their backgrounds differ. Whatever, your wife comments smell of beef known or unknown to you.

    What to do:
    Agree with your wife that she would apologise to your brother. But if she refuses to do so, let her be.

    Apologise to your brother in private. No matter what he says, plead sorry. Tell him you will call him later for your wife to apologise to him if she agreed.

    Later call your brother in your wife's presence. Let him know from the beginning that the phone is on speaker

    Your wife should then apologise over the phone on speaker in your presence.

    Why should the phone be on speaker? Expectedly, your brother will bite his tongue and if he does not, anything he says you will hear . There will be no your brother said this or he said that after the call.

    If you dont like the speaker mode part, just make the call and let the apologies be expressed if agreeable to all.

    No need to carry your wife to your brother or to a family meeting because of this matter. Don't burn your home down because of this. If your wife chooses not to be at peace with your brother, let her be. BUT do not alienate your brother/family because of this matter. Continue to beg your brother. With time, other important matters will overshadow this issue.

  20. Upon all this Martin teaching I followed it correct and I can't comment yet, what is all this please

  21. Please look after ur health condition please ,men can be funny atimes

  22. Poster 1 Your wife did not act with wisdom. Whether the name is stored or not why being rude because someone hanged off. She needs to adjust her behaviour. I hope she does not warn off helpers and businesses off you. I just hope she hasnt used her hand to create issues for herself with her in laws

  23. Poster 1 your wife has not right to take your calls except you told her to take your calls which you didn’t include here. She should get some manners by giving her husband’s phone some space.

    Let her go and apologize with you but I don’t think this will go down well with your family knowing the kind of society we are in.

    Poster two na God you get for this miracle to take happen cos even you self no fit remember who the lady be way do you this kind thing.

    Make you self ask the person way tell you to find solutions

  24. Poster 1, don't go and destroy your marriage because of elder brother. Don't allow family meeting to be called because of your wife. Apologise to your brother and cover for your wife. Any scolding you are giving to your wife should be done in private. Don't give anyone the chance to disrespect your wife. Period.


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