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Tuesday, May 03, 2022


 Happy Salah and hailings...


Hello you all......
Hope everyone is having a nice time at home and eating all the eatables..... and resting as well!

Does anyone here wish to sell ready made clothes in retails or wholesale? I will make a post about this tomorrow... It would be great business for those of you who live in University Environment.....

Check out the post tomorrow after i post funny comments from the comments section.

If i say i am willing to sponsor some people, even those who have no intention before will indicate, I don sabi una for this Blog.....Na long journey to scam me or even tell me long story.... lets see the post tomorrow and we will take it from there.

No holiday for we side oh.......

I am just here thinking about Amala with gbegiri and ewedu soup...I used to get my supply from one big Amala shop in Amsterdam but after all this COVID thing, i no want abeg.....Well, at least not now!

God dey!

Think positive always OK?




Any time young moms like me gather and we talk about the stress of raising babies, older mums tells us how we will miss this phase one day. I have been told many times to enjoy rather than endure this stage and also cherish every moment and do all I can to create wonderful memories.

One of the older mums said her boys are all grown living independently and they hardly call because of their busy schedules. She calls often but not too much so she won’t be too intrusive.

The other mum said she had to learn how to make friends in her Fifties because her daughters accused her of choking them and not having a life outside of them, she said it with so much longing in her eyes that she misses when they were little and at home.

They may be a handful now, I am learning from the older mums and doing everything I can to try to pace myself and enjoy this phase.

Ha!!!!  choking them keh? Hmmm na wah oh.... even now my Bambinos always tell me to give breathing space, i will just start with my lecture of '' when i carried you for nine months''............  Na wah....

Sometimes i miss that stage where i say something and they agree and hug me but now we have discussions and arguments before we arrive at a conclusion... Even when we are going out to eat, they argue about our choice of Restaurants...hehehhehehehehehehe



Around 2010, I RENTED an apartment for my woman at Enugu when she left her former place of residence. Occasionally, I visit and sometimes passed the night in her place. I discovered my woman is a friend to a lady who also reside in the same building which I later discovered was a divorcee with three lovely kids. She should be in her mid thirties at the time.

Their friendship was so good that they both exchanged food sometimes and eat together. When there is little misunderstanding between my friend and I, she always talked to us and advised us on how to live happily.

Singlehandedly, she was raising her kids. It wasn't something easy I must say to you as she was into clothes selling the one you people called 'okrika'.

Sometimes I gave her some financial support through my woman and in some cases, gave foodstuffs to her.

A year later, she relocated to Anambra state where she started working in a local government office in one of the villages.

In 2012, I was transferred to Anambra by the company I was working. Before my transfer, my woman and I had parted ways due to irreconcilable differences.

One evening, At Anambra, I was in a bus when I saw someone that looks like her. I called and she turned. I quickly dropped from the bus and met her. She was surprised seeing me and asked what brought me here. I told her work, that I had been transferred. She asked after my woman, her friend and I told her we couldn't continue anymore. She felt bad and asked for her number since the former was no longer going through. I didn't have the new number so it was difficult for her to reach her.

We both exchanged numbers and she told me her place wasn't far from where we were standing.

One Sunday, she called and invited me to her place. After the meal and some discussion, I gave her some little cash fcos i always saw her as a big aunt and then I left.

Two years later, I was transferred to Port Harcourt my place of birth. She felt bad when she got the news and that she will miss me but I had to go. I left after seeing her.

At Port Harcourt she kept calling, asking when am I going to visit Anambra to see her. I promised severally but I never did due to chance but was sending some cash to her on request.

During COVID-19, I called to check up on her and how she was faring but her line was always switched off. At a point I stopped calling even though I had this feelings that all might not be well.

In 2021, I stumbled on her number again while scrolling my phone contacts. I called but a man picked it. I said maybe her line was recycled and given to someone. Each time I called, a man will picked and when I said I want to speak to the owner, the person will end the call.

Yesterday, I stumbled on the number again while searching for a contact. I put a call through and that same voice picked it again. I said please I want to ask you a question. He said okay. I asked if he's the owner of the line? He said yes. I said but there's a lady that originally have this line. He asked if I know the name of the woman. I told him yes and mentioned the name.

 I noted the silence and another voice spoke up on the phone and said he's the elder brother to the first person I had been talking to. That the person I mentioned is their mother. These were kids I know when they were little. I asked him where is their mother. I got my greatest shock in life when he said their mom passed on two years ago. I almost became dumb for some minutes. I managed to express my condolence to him and dropped the call. I wished I was aware about her death and paid her the last visit on her burial. I felt so bad that I shed some tears. I don't like losing people and the fact I will never see them again is so heartbreaking.

This have shaped my life. No matter how busy we are in this life pursuing careers and money, we should try and always make time to see and be with the very people we love. We never know when life will snatch them away from us. I still feel emotionally down over this sad news.

My day was ruined over the thought of it. I felt weak. This is the second time I'm having such experience. The first was when I stopped seeing my very good online Facebook friend that won't fail to upload her dancing and gym photos on Facebook. We often chat and spoke on phone. Only for me to type her name on Facebook search bar and all I could read on her wall was a rest in peace message all over it. I felt broken. Such is life.

This life is nothing. I'm weak as I put down these words together. Be kind and live at peace with people, for tomorrow is never guaranteed to anyone. 

Hmmmm sad story.. let me look for what will cheer me up...cheer up Teejay and be happy...



Zaram is single ooooooo



A: Always love your spouse.
B: Believe in each other.
C: Celebrate each other often.
D: Don't argue but always reason together.
E: Expect imperfections from your spouse.
F: Fix solutions to problems quick
G: Go for a walk together once a week.
H: Hold each other's hands often.
I: Ignite the passion in your spouse daily.
J: Just laugh over issues worth criticizing.
K: Kill the spirit of unhealthy competition.
L: Let your spouse know your movements.
M: Make love like newly weds.
N: No separate room for you both.
O: Oppose any intruder or third party.
P: Pray together always.
Q: Quality time should be spent together.
R: Resist every temptation of infidelity.
S: Stay positive to each other's vision.
T: Take no record of past offence.
U: Utilize every opportunity to bond.
V: Visualize a glorious future together.
W: Win each other's admiration daily.
X: X-ray your lives together.
Y: Yell not at each other for any reason.
Z: Zip your mouth when you're angry.

From Whatsapp.

If you're blessed by this post, and you agree with the A-Z, please kindly reshare  



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I am born of God’s indestructible Word. I put away from me any picture that’s contrary to what the Word of God says about my health, ability, strength, and righteousness. I see with the eyes of the Spirit. I see my body excellent and in perfect condition; I see that I’m mightily helped by the Lord because He is my strength and my life.

  2. Welcome IHN
    Uns good afternoon

    1. Good afternoon awesome people. So sorry for the loss Teejay.. it's well.. this life eehhnnn..

  3. Get ready for God to overturn your present and advance you beyond the ordinary.-can2009


  4. Happy salah celebration..

    Tomorrow is work day. Go and iron your cloth. 😁😁

  5. Good afternoon my lovelies πŸ’•
    What a sunny day today πŸŒ…
    Hope you're enjoying your Holiday
    Love rules πŸ’•πŸ’•❤️

    1. Holla πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

      Sunny day after last night rain ! Lagos have one of the craziest weather

  6. Someone mentioned the movie Man of God and in my own opinion, it is not a bad movie to watch. It could have been better tho but it was still a good watch.

    But ehn, I don't know why I kept picturing Blossom Chukwujekwu acting the role Akan played. I could just picture how he would interpret every scene 😘

  7. A B C D...... Of marriage

    I totally agree with ur A-Z. If all partners adhered to this, marriage would be the most beautiful thing ever. Sadly, a lot of people have no respect for the institution of marriage. The vow made on the altar is just to fulfil all righteousness

  8. Good afternoon everyoneπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  9. Leason learnt from A-Z

    I'll also enjoy this moment with my children

    Ehya sad story, take heart teejay. I feel for her children

    Continue to enjoy your day my people πŸ€—


  10. Thanks so much Stella. Still trying to get the thought of it out from my mind.

    Since morning I've been calling some persons I've last spoken to on phone for a long time to check up on them. People sometimes goes through difficulty that no one knows about it and eventually, they gave up. So painful finding out they are no longer existing.

    May God watch and guide us all.

    1. Sorry about your loss Teejay.

  11. Good afternoon everyone.
    How is the holiday going? Restful and peaceful right?
    Motherhood poster, life is really in phases.
    TJ, you are right and it is well with us.

  12. That intimacy of marriage ehn... We passed A to Y but that Z ehnnn, I fit burst if I keep quiet when I'm angry. Omo! We learn everyday sha

    1. @Fidel,,it is well shaaa...may God help us all.

      I have learnt alot in my home recently and now I know that women in general(no exceptions) change once they are married but we the men should always understand this and do things with calmness if truly we love our body(wife).

      Will talk about it on SP tomorrow morning

  13. Yes o I sell ready made clothes and I have CU and the bells students as customers.may God bless our hustle.

  14. Good afternoon everyone
    Happy holidays
    Enjoy your self

  15. A beautiful sunny 🌞 afternoon to y'all πŸ₯°
    First to cement πŸ’ƒπŸ€Έ

    1. Second to granite πŸ’ƒπŸ€Έ

      Just joking. I know you meant "comment" πŸ˜‰

    2. Lol...Wendy,I'm copying Facebook people

  16. I need advise. Please how do you forgive a spouse who you have caught cheating,you forgive only to discover that he again,has been pandering after an ex who he tells how unhappy he is in his marriage,encouraging her to sleep with him because he just discovered that the so called ex is now a big woman in Lagos. Note,this man doesn't have shishi o,I dey play good wife, supportive but I get paid back in this coon. What will u do? Cos for me,I want to take a long walk cos I can't be with a man who doesn't appreciate me , looking for every opportunity to accuse me of not respecting him.cos he doesn't have money whilst I suffer emotional and physical abuse.

    1. Take a long walk. You need happiness. Only you can give yourself happiness. Think more of yourself and be happy. Yori princess

    2. There's physical abuse, emotional abuse, cheating... What do you think you should do?

    3. Better leave cos when little money comes he will do worse, plan exit and stop using your money to feed him

    4. Hmmmmmmmm

      I don't even know what to say or type..he is ur husband and u know him too well..u can forgive him only if you want to..

      U own ursef and ur heart...

      Emotional and physical abuse is what I detest in my life

    5. naim broke naim still dey cheat, leave his broke ass jor. he's a cheating leech

    6. My take is you try everything humanly possible before you give up on your marriage. I know they say don't involve 3rd parties but if you know anyone he respects and listens to, report him.

  17. TEEJAY please be strong a lot are happening around us but God will give us the strength to bear all.

    Zaram big congratulations to you as someone’s son sister has foun you for her brother πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    The holiday is ending today but I rested very well.

    1. Honestly, congratulations Zaram

  18. Good afternoon people..
    One love πŸ’•πŸ’•

  19. My 3yearold daughter goes every where with me even toilet and I always get upset about,was scolding her one day when my mom told me you better enjoy this moment because after awhile you will be the one looking for the attention o, and it got me let' us enjoy this moment

    1. U say daughter then I let go..if na son,,,omo,I go give am better iladi.

      Make God help us

    2. My daughter follows me everywhere and I love it. One day I might have to beg for it, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

    3. Hehehe .... You berra do castle baibyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚time is coming o

  20. Lol..

    One babe surprised me this morning oh,. Just chatted me up asking where I was, told her on my bed, then she asked if she should order food for me,. On a norms,. I'll say no,. But wanted to see where it would lead,. I believed she was expecting to say no so she'll have an excuse of how she wanted to do this and that but I always refuse,. So I asked her what she wants to order instead,. She asked what I wanted,. Told her I'll appreciate anything she serve,. She forwarded me a menu to choose from,. I chose the cheapest, told her it doesn't mean I'm cheap but I don't want to finish her money.. then she started pressuring me to choose what I want exactly, I did, she then added chicken and chips to what I ordered,. Asked for my location and within few minutes, I got a call from the dispatch rider that he'll be on his way..

    Ladies and gent,. I still think I'm dreaming oh,. No,. I don't think this girl is Nigerian,. Maybe she doesn't know her roots,. She even look mixed,. Maybe her parents just lied to her that she's Calabar.. I'll investigate.. Nigerian girls are not like this lol,. Or maybe my gospel of how ladies should learn to appreciate men too is beginning to pay off..

    So,. Now I'm seeing why some girls find it hard to turn down a guy who has given them gift or money,. Cos like this,. If she ask for this my precious virginity it's would take a lot of courage for me to refuse lol,. So bobo,. If your babe is recieving gifts and money from men,. No go let him dey whine you oh.. you no get babe..

    E be like say I don see wife Lol

    1. Boss, there are still nice and good women out there though they sometimes meet the wrong guys. Again, some of us are yet to get such women we dream and crave for. This is one reason I will keep saying, When you find the right person, please settle down. There's nothing left in the streets anymore.

    2. Yung Sugar zazzy.....u just make me remember something oooo ...

      She is nice anyway but no think say u don see wife oooo...she fit no be ur missing rib

    3. Calabar ladies are good very humble,caring and respectful.Being married to one for 3yrs and counting my home is peaceful

    4. Long throat,so you can't reject the offer? If it was a girl that dropped this gist,you would have called her names, alajenu

    5. @ Dante and That Northern Guy, wetin una no mean sef? Stop underating Nigerian girls plss... We have many good girls out there that will go all the way out to do this and more. So it depends on the type of girls you guys meet and where you meet such. In short... You attract your type ShikinaπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    6. You are what you attract, if you've been attracting stingy Nigerian girls, that means you too dey stingy. I spoil my male frds alot that's why I get angry whenever I see you talking shit about how girls don't gift guys anything but only to collect.

    7. Kidjo park well,.
      What's the percentage of the ones that do this,. Like 5percent is what you're using to sound like one motivation/inspirational speaker..

      Even on this blog, almost every girl here come to shout about not spending on any man,. There's no girl that's close to me that haven't gotten something from me,. My surprise is that the only thing she has gotten from me was a lunch in an eatery when I met her there on a meeting with some of her staff,. This was 2 years ago,. Apart from that, she has called few times for advice.. so I was surprised cos even the ones that have really gotten big stuff never think of giving little back..

      Next time, instead of vexing when you read my comments, vex for your colleagues who have no respect for themselves and make me see most of you in that light.. also face the ones here that support nonsense,. Not correcting them when you see their post means you support them..

      Now run along

  21. Good day everyone,life is indeed very deep.

  22. @teejay, such is life. Our prayer should always be that God should bless us with the spirit of grace to always remember and not procrastinate. May her soul Rest In Peace, amen πŸ™πŸ½.

  23. Hello ihn, here chilling with my cousins. They are all grown now, spoiling me with goodies πŸ˜πŸ˜›

  24. Good afternoon people

    Let love lead

  25. From now on I promise to always check on my love ones

  26. Good Afternoon people of God..

    It is well @ Teejay
    May she continue to rest in peace..

    Congratulations @ Zaram.
    May God perfect it.

  27. Good afternoon house, God bless our day.

  28. Teejeey post just made me remember my old Facebook friend. He was one of the first people I added when I opened Facebook newly in 2010. We chatted alot then,he even send me money sometimes cos I was still in school. After like one year, l searched for him, only to discover that he has died, Was butchered by herdsmen,. Chai 😭

  29. The ABCD is a goal for me....

    It's a sunny day at Ologuneru sawmill...things don cost ooooo

  30. Ur location?

    I can put you through of you don't's easy only if you have a target market.

    Men's clothes is cool most especially if it's jean and tops..

  31. I am loving this my new environment, chai see sala food, meat and drinks everywhere I didn't even bother to cook yesterday and today.

  32. Hello bvs,pls need a Canadian based bvs advice,hubby nd I our son wish to relocate to Canada,we have started the process though,so we have two options :aplply for study visa based on schoorlaship,hubbywill be going to school nd work part-time,while I will work full-time job,
    Second option:to apply for a work visa,which I heard,work visa is hard to get,pls kindly advice.thank in advance

    1. Some jobs are easier to get visas for than others so your option would depend on your careers and what experience you have now

    2. Please go for study visa since both of you will be working. That’s what I’m working on and it seems to be faster than others. Register your baby at a crΓ¨che closer to home(advice from my friend who has been there for like 5yrs). Good luck to us πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  33. Motherhood poster... Very true !!! Enjoy it while it lasts. Lolzzz i can relate partly with this. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ My baby girl has ran to my sister's place o say my wahala too much.
    Jewelu are you shouting it ni ? πŸ˜‚
    Teejay pele, what you said is very true. Same way I lost my very good friend whom I've chatted with for a while too.
    Holiday is over , now our Wahala continues tomorrow... 😒

  34. Happy Sallah to all the bvs who are Muslims,May the blessings of Allah be upon y'all as you celebrate.

    una nor share sallah meat reach SDK blog?

  35. This life, nothing dey. May God keep us alive, amen πŸ™

  36. Thanks so much annonymous 22.59 my tired is tired of this country,


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