Stella Dimoko Fake Nurse Causes Pregnant Woman To Lose Her Baby And Womb


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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Fake Nurse Causes Pregnant Woman To Lose Her Baby And Womb

A woman simply identified as Mrs Vivian has lost her baby and had her womb removed after she went into labor and was singlehandedly attended to by a fake nurse in Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State.

The fake nurse identified as Mrs Ebi Igho was arrested from her New Era Jakpa road residence by a human rights activist, Kelvin Ejumudo.

According to the activist, the fake nurse performed delivery procedure on the woman using a torchlight and gave her multiple cuts that left the victim in a pool of bl!od.

The victim was said to have bled from 9am to about 8pm before she was rushed to the General Hospital where her womb was allegedly removed in order to save her life.

Activist Kelvin Ejumudo wrote in part;
“One Mrs Ebi Igho who resides off New era street jakpa Road, Effurun in uvwie local Government council area of Delta state,was today Arrested by me for delivering a pregnant woman Mrs Vivian surname withheld and in the process she lost the baby and went into serious bleeding from 9:am till 8pm in the evening after the baby has breached in the womb and she went ahead to give the mother multiple cuts that left her in the pool of her blood before she was rushed to central Hospital Warri and in the process her womb was removed in order to save her life.

“When interrogated Mrs Ebi Igho the fake Nurse is not a registered Nurse and has not gone through any medical institution from any universities but was operating in isolation as a quarks thereby endangering the life’s of pregnant women.
“She carried out this process with the use of a touch light and no Generating set and no license to operate as a Nurse.”

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  1. I understand not every mother intend to birth in a health center or hospital but at least find out all you need to know before meeting this traditional birth homes...birthing a baby isn't childsplay, even if you don't have it difficult In labour,at least through out that 9 months body surpose don tell person say this thing no easy. .. do and make every decision that determines the safety of mother and child.. if money is the problem don't wait for oga,work save up before baby comes. Personally I fear this method of birth.

    1. Some even deliver at church...i dont know if its illiteracy. Bcos u will find the person can afford General hospital but received prophecy she must deliver in church.

    2. That's how they killed my brother's wife! Aunt Helen, rest in peace. We miss you so much πŸ˜₯

  2. Replies
    1. Sad story. Thank God the mother is alive,at least. A friend just lost his wife yesterday. After birthing her baby at a healthcentre successfully,she started bleeding and was referred to UPTH. They didn't attend to her the cos there was no light and other issues till she bled to death! A young,vibrant lady just died like that. I swear,Nigeria is a useless country.

  3. OMG I sympathetize with the woman

  4. OMG😭😭😭
    Thank God the woman is Alive.
    We really need to be careful in this part of the world,even if you are not financially bouyant,health centres and government hospital is better than visiting all this neighbourhood fake nurses.

  5. There is a medical drama series on netflix called bodies. Every woman should watch it before deciding to have children. It shows how difficulf and dangerous giving birth to a child is. Birthing a child is not childs play at all! . It is taken to be nothing by a lot of men because"their motherr had 9 kids!". Mr that i had a CS, i did not realise what was done to my body during the operation untill i watched that show becauae i have a high threshold for pain.

    1. Dont mind these men...imagine my colleague saying women of nwdays are so lazy. Dat his mother gave birth to his junior sis rite in front of him at home b4 he cld call for help. Dat his wife is lazy cos she had CS...Said at a point he left her at d clinic to go chill at a bar and told them to call him when d baby is delivered.

    2. My dear as in....its literally life n death. If men had to be the ones to give birth, they would have found a humane way to do it. Its just so brutal

  6. What a waste of nine months. πŸ˜«πŸ˜©πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜“πŸ˜°.

    Had my first Son in a quack cos of money issues, The nurse almost destroyed my bumbum with injections, cause I add a miscarriage before this pregnancy. When I gave birth my Son was ill Looking, cos of all the many injections I took.
    Second pregnancy straight to General Hospital Ekpan. And I had no single issue with that child.
    May the Good Lord comfort Mrs Vivian.

    #Hot mum

  7. Trouble deyyy 😭😭😭

    Oh God please come to the aid of Mrs Vivian πŸ™

  8. The things poverty and illiterate causes to d poor baby.

  9. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Same way I lost my sister in law in Warri. She was married to my younger brother for just a month. The quack nurse killed both the mother and baby.

    1. Married for one month so how is she 9months pregnant or you mean one year, why your family allow quack?

  11. Nawa o,somethings leaves one speechless,I don't even know what to say.

  12. Can the Gov't look into the health facilities after this incident, or are they just all about arresting and bailing??

    Above all things,There should be free maternity for every woman in this country,See how poverty and ignorance is killing our people.

  13. Child birth is not child's play, it's God that is saving us in this country.
    When I went for my surgery @ LUTH, I met a patient there that was brought in from military hospital. She is a junior officer's wife.
    The nurse that operated on her @ the military hospital just kept cutting and cutting her several places on her tummy. Thank God the baby survived, she was almost gone when they rushed her out of the theater to 3 different hospitals were she was rejected. Thank God LUTH accepted her and treated her. She had to go through operation. We were discharged same day.


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