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Friday, July 15, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Copy Copy Wahala

Ah ah....

Una doh o! How market? the weather up there? I hail!

Pekele na serious pekele!

Mama Nedu gist me say one time they get neighbour wey no dey follow their Mama talk o. But anything wey their Mama buy or do, the woman go copy.

I say I no understand, why person go dey behave like that! If the person na your friend sef, to dey copy person upandan still be problem, how much more!

She say na one day wey one woman come from Market, wey she carry dried fish come sell for their Mama.
Mama Nedu say her Mama(Madam Agnes) tell the woman say she never get money but she fit bring the fish two days after, so she go follow her buy. Incase e remain.

Na so the fish woman try to force their Mama to take the fish, Aftoroh, she go just pay her two days later abi?!
Mama Nedu say her Mama say No. Say she no wan hold the woman market like that!

Na as the fish woman waka dey go, their neighbour tiptoe go block the fish woman say which type she sell give Mama Nedu's Mother?!

Na so the fish woman say na Madam Agnes, she wan carry the fish give (like say dem send her come!).* hian!*

The neighbour double the money buy the whole fish from the woman. Mama Nedu dey hide and watch everything.

Two days later, their mother ask the fish woman if she still get the Black Agatu fish? Na so the woman say until next time wey her husband travel come back.

Na as Mama Nedu say she see their neighbour wey spread the fish for their front yard, she tell her Mama make she come see evidence.

Na so Madam Agnes say make dem ignore!

For their village, them dey get women meeting. And dem dey support themselves if pikin wan marry! Na their women leader pikin wan marry!

The day wey the person dem send, to carry Madam Agnes headtie come house, he meet their lastborn, Chima!
As the person wan carry give the lastborn to keep for their mother, Na so the neighbour use sense say why her own headtie no 'shine' like Madam Agnes own?!

The person insist say na women leader send her to give that one 'specifically' to Madam Agnes! The neighbour say na the same money she too pay for the headtie! She carry that one enter her house, carry the other one give Madam Agnes lastborn.

Trust lastborn, wey be radio without silencer! Madam Agnes kukuma carry another headtie for house wey the color match to wear for the occasion. * she no bother confront the neighbour, she carry the new headtie keep for up*

Na as their Mama comot, dey begin hear people dey run katakata! Madam Agnes too run enter house, lock door!

Wetin hapun!? Wetin hapun?!

They say during meeting, na so their neighbour begin bark like goat, begin sing like cow!? How manage!
Mama Nedu say pim like this, nobody hear from them o! And na the last time wey her mother ever follow anybody buy cloth for occasion o!

Their neighbour husband come from travel, to carry the wife comot from village go her parents village!

* What a wicked thing to do.....


  1. I get one neighbour like that too oh! Any hair I do, she go run to salon and do! Any dress I wear, she go run and buy! But she no dey follow me talk o! This na like why Rihanna no like that Kardashian girl wey dey copy her! Low self esteem ppl

    1. You don’t say 😱 So The Ks copy Rihanna ……. What a wawu 😩😫

  2. Wow..see where the jealousy landed her now

  3. Na your hailing I dey first look at 😂😂😂😂, but you geh mouth sha kai


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