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Sunday, August 21, 2022



The other day I wrote about women doing contribution and a wife that was been blackmailed paying back a loan her friend took. But, a BV asked why didn’t they go to the bank and get a loan since they are rich?

Banks in Naija don’t borrow people loan anyhow, they will ask for things that will make you forget about borrowing. That’s where the loan sharks come in. This popular one I know of, God forbid I have a problem and go there, this ones will disgrace you and carry your personal belongings. Now to the gist…

Brother was married with kids and living in another state but he decided to come to the big city and so he moved in with his younger sister and her family. They have this big sister that stays overseas and that one sends money for her building project in Naija.

brother was managing until wife started disturbing that she wanted to join him. One day she packed her things and came to the city with 4 children shege! 

Sister was furious because she was not informed, Brother said he thought wife was just threatening him and didn’t know she would come.hnmmm

The only option they had was to move into Big sister’s house they just completed (move in without her knowledge). The building has 2 flats and the main one has already been setup with the stuff big sister sent because she was thinking of coming home.

Brother moved in with his family and they started hustling but it didn’t pay so one of his friends told him about the loan meeting and he joined them. They went to his house and saw that he was not a small man with all the fine building and all so they gave him the loan.

After awhile he couldn’t meet up with the loan that was when the wahala started. I heard this loan people use something and the money one borrows ends up useless. This people came and started threatening him and his guarantor then one day they came early in the morning and started carrying stuff from the apartment. Ha! Load wey no be him own

They said if he didn’t meetup the deadline they will auction it to members and give him the change. Brother did not tell anyone, not even his sister he came to meet in the city.

Sister was calling he didn’t pick, she wanted to tell him to clean the place and behave because big sister is coming. She decided to go to the house herself. She knocked but no response, the mama living across the gate came out of her shop and called her. Mama said the brother left the keys with her to deliver. She thanked mama and went in to receive the shock of her life.

The apartment was almost empty except for the couch and the beds in the rooms. All the televisions ,gas cylinder and even dining table was gone. She called their mother who then confirmed they were back in the village. Uncle finally called back and said he ran away because of the loan people and they had to sell some things too to feed and enter transport back. Jeezzzzz

Big sister came back and she saw and heard and got very very angry saying they planned it all and cheated her. She stayed in a hotel until she left. I heard Uncle’s wife just gave birth to the sixth child what a wawuuu


  1. No naaa why!
    Why would he just do this to his sister!

    1. Na wa ooo. The abroad sister will just feel so defeated.

  2. I have heard stories about jazz and all..but the husband and wife in this story are irresponsible..having more kids when they can't even feed themselves.
    If there was no house for his wife and children to stay when they came to the city,how would they have coped?

    1. ✅✅šŸ‘Œ. Two irresponsible people breeding like mosquitoes.

  3. It's a pity this happened. Some brothers can frustrate eh. Why collect loan you cannot pay. God abeg bless us with good siblings.

  4. Chai those people no get joy at all

  5. This is so painful for the abroad sister,

  6. Loan shark is another devil on its own
    My hubby and i had vowed never to guarantee anybody again
    My hubs stood for a junior friend dat has cement store wen he borrowed money frm loan shark. My hubs tot d guy was a responsible guy wen he saw his shop(very close to the campus)and he had known d guy for like 4yrs. When he couldnt pay d loan shark he ran away. Loan people came to my hubs offc to ask for their money, no b small something, the embarrassment was getting out of hand. We called this guy and we couldnt reach him again till today.
    At last my hubs and d second guarantor paid d money. Thnk God he had paid half of d money(almost a million naira)
    It was later we heard dat dis guy spent d money at another shop wey get hair well well(campus girls pu**y)

  7. Some people behave like they are under a spell.

  8. Leeches. They crawled out of their hole, cause damages and went back to their hole.

  9. Which kain tori be dis nah? Both the man & his wife need brain resetting. Why bring forth another baby when you haven't taken care of the ones you already have?

  10. The brother is wicked. I just don't understand why people give birth to more than they can provide for. Why give birth to children when you can't care for them financially. It's just annoying. Not everyone deserves help

  11. But my bank just gave me a form to fill and processed my loan,nothing stressful there. I Think it's more about your account history .

  12. May God not allow me borrow from these loan sharks. It never ends well

  13. Na sisters and wife surround the guy plenty holes, Na to set fall inside holes now?


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