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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - Superstitions

This is scary!!!

"Superstition" is defined as "a belief that is not based on human reason or scientific knowledge, but is connected with old ideas about magic, etc." Cambridge Dictionary.

Do I believe in superstitions?

 Please fasten your seat belt as I take you on a cruise.

 If my memory serves me correctly, it happened six (6) years ago, a good friend of mine had just lost his father and it was funeral time. The man in question died in his late seventies so it was with mixed feelings that we all looked forward to the event. For us, friends, it was a time to party; but for our friend it was a time to mourn and spend money, or maybe get sprayed too. We all know how expensive Nigerian funerals can be.

The funeral took place on a Friday somewhere in the South West (name withheld, for obvious reasons.) I had a very serious matter in the Federal High Court, Lagos so I couldn't move with the convoy early in the morning. As soon as I was done with my case, I hurriedly set out for the event. I think I left Lagos as late as 3.00pm.

 The journey was smooth until I started approaching Ogere Toll Gate, that is the toll gate between Lagos and Ibadan. The car started acting up as it could no longer do more than 40 kilometres per hour. I suspected that the problem was with the fuel filter. Oh, that Toyota Corolla dealt with me. I had cause to change the fuel filter close to eight (8) times in eighteen (18) months. A story for another day right? 

I managed to drive to Ogere where I met a guy who was introduced to me as a Toyota mechanic. I already knew what the problem was so I just told him what to do. He was able to bring out the faulty part under thirty minutes but the bad news was that he had to travel to Abeokuta to get the part and he had to go on a motorbike. I mobilised him and had to wait for close to 2 hours. By the time the mechanic would finish the job, it was almost 7.00pm and where I was going was about four (4) hours away. In any event, I was unstoppable.

For obvious reasons, I refused to update any of my friends. The only person I confided in that I was on the road at that time of the day was my immediate elder brother. That dude loves night journeys!

Eventually, I got to my destination as late as few minutes past 11.00pm. All my friends were so shocked to see me. It was party time and mind you, I still had my white shirt and black and grey pinstripe trousers on and I could not even wait to change into the "ankara aso-ębi" but who cares! I had fun and by the time the party was over at about 1.00pm, I was led into my hotel room.

The hotel was massive and we had even teased the owner and queried his choice of citing such a massive hotel in that village. He strenuously attempted to defend his choice though, but I later gathered that he worked with one of the juicy Government Agencies. Everything about my room seemed normal until few minutes into my sleep.

I was too tired to go beyond changing into my pajamas and tucking myself inside the duvet. Few minutes into my sleep, I had this strange encounter. To a sane mind, what I experienced would have qualified as a nightmare, but hell no, to me it was more than that. A strange being actually came into that room and attempted to strangulate me.

 Thank God for the gift of being able to pray in my sleep. I have been around for some time and I have experienced nightmares but believe me, this was not one of such. By the time I woke up I could hear a physical movement really as the being was hurriedly bolting away. I got up from the bed, hurried to the door and discovered that it was bolted and that I was alone in the room, at least physically.

 At this point, I became even more worried. I looked at the time, it was just past 2.00 in the morning. It was too late to start running around knocking on the doors of my friends so I slept off again. Few minutes into my sleep again, I had a similar experience and the struggle so was fierce this time around as I fought back. It was a surreal experience. Did all of this happen in my dream? Did it happen physically? I honestly cannot say. But trust me, the movement around that room was physical and so real.

At that point, I remembered my B&H Switch (then I was still in the world). I lit one stick and left the room to sit on the balcony for the rest of the night. I actually almost finished a pack before voices started filtering in from my friends' rooms. I quietly went to one of the rooms to catch some sleep before departure time.

Strangely enough, I have never shared the experience with anyone before this moment. I am still asking myself up till this moment. What could have happened to me that night? Could it have been fatigue? Was it just some superstitious belief? Could it have been that the owner of the hotel was into some occultic practices? Or is it that a powerful spirit was buried inside that room and it has continually haunted the space? Could it have been that someone's life was violently taken in that room in the past?

 Well, life is full of mysteries. I survived the ordeal anyway and I'm eternally grateful to God.


  1. Hmmm...I go knock my friends door, I will not even wait a sec. Thank God for you

  2. Thank God you survived that night. This life is more spiritual than physical. There are spirit being amongst us. Some for evil, some for good. We really need to be prayerful.

  3. HMMM. About a week ago i had a similar encounter. i can't call it a dream and i wasn't awake too more like a trance or something, I'm not even sure. i woke up exactly the same way i saw myself in the said trance.

  4. That room is probably haunted by a spirit or ghost.

    1. Exactly.... it's very possible that that room is haunted by ghosts. Thank God you survived.

  5. Scary ,thank God for saving you.

  6. That hotel sure has a very bad aura and energy. There's a possibility of the owner having done something negative there or it was just a coicindence a familiar spirit came by that period

  7. Thank God you survived! What!!!

  8. Thank God for your life man

  9. You even tried to sleep I that room after the 1st Incident, if I were 2 be the one I would vacate the room ASAP and spend the night with my friends

  10. Haunted Hotel, if not for God the story would have that everybody woke up in the morning but you couldn't. Occultic things.

    1. Who knows if one or two others experienced it but kept quiet too

  11. A close family member had d a cruel experience too in a hotel where he checked in a couple of months ago( if I mentioned d state, many people will know d name of d hotel, to let u Kno how popular d hotel is in the North central). He said while he was asleep, he had a strange feeling, he woke up and prayed. After awhile, he woke up again with his pyjamas torn ( the shirt of d pyjamas was torn into two). He brought d shirt home to show us. So many evil experiences in the hotel

  12. It's an attack by an evil spirit.
    It has happened to me in 2019.
    I visited a friend in another state who returned from abroad, she was putting up at her brothers house and this brother of hers is a married man, but for some stupid reasons he kept on worshiping me and calling me some pet names in the presence of his wife,saying stuff like it's been long he saw me bla bla.
    Me innocently didn't think much of it afterall we have never had anything in the past, we weren't even close, just his sister is my bestie.
    My journey was long, while my friend and her brother left the house to go get something, the wife acted normal and even offered me food and made me feel comfortble, that was how I slept off in Broad day light ,only to have a female come strangle the hell out of me and I was struggling to be free from her hold, I was casting and binding ,to the point I screamed out from my sleep.
    I got up checked the time it was just few minutes past 6pm.
    Omo I no sleep again o.
    I couldn't tell anyone.
    Luckily my friend returned and said we were relocating to a hotel room for the weekend that evening, omo I was super excited to leave that house, all through my stay I didn't step leg inside that house again o and I never had such attack again all through my stay.
    One day this woman came with her husband to see us in our new lodge and she was like ha we are enjoying o, me I just dey use side eyes look am.
    Each time this my friends brother ask of me, in my mind I'm always like please abeg shift o, no come give me suffer for wetin I no do, I no even reason am

    1. Men married to possessed women dey try

    2. And vice versa

  13. Thanks to God for saving you. Many wouldn't survive that.

  14. Strange things do happen...have had such encounter.Mine was in the afternoon.

  15. Thank God for u bro.pls do not underestimate the power of prayers.even the bible says,we fight against not flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness and powers in high places.imagine,the time u had the spiritual encounter,2am that's the time the evil ones move around looking for their prey.if u do not know how to pray or can't sometimes stay up awake to pray@midnight,then u have given urself as food to the wicked ones

  16. It’s called the “Old Hag Syndrome”.
    I’ve experienced it multiple times but the last one was around 2014/15.
    One thing I know for certain is that there are spiritual forces that abound on earth (good & bad).
    There are ways I could teach you to “open your eyes” and you’ll see them just as you see regular humans, but your life would never remain the same again as people would presume that you’re running mad.
    Even I rejected the opportunity when it came. Let’s all just be prayerful.

    Daddy Code

  17. I've had a similar experience once. I could have died. Was actually running out of breath. Thank God I didn't. Guess that's how some people die in their sleep.

  18. You are stressed, and have cardiac attack syndrome, is nothing spiritual

  19. I had similar experience some months ago, believe me it was scary...
    Anyways thank God you survived.

  20. Mine was an orb directly in front of my face whilst asleep. I suddenly opened my eyes and it moved and went through the wall. It was a BV that did it

    1. Haa! Bv kwa? Please what's orb?


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