Stella Dimoko Sisi Senaponi's Corner - MIL Wey Hand 'Dorty'


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Friday, August 12, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - MIL Wey Hand 'Dorty'


Kpoi! Kpoi! Na who dey area?!

Stellasoyoyo!...How de Oraizin?! I greet o!

This Life matter ehn...pass wetin Teacher sef sabi!

This my customer don dey look God face for pikin! The husband too stubborn to follow her go do tests and treatments. So na only she dey do the waka waka!

Na every three months after belle enter, she dey get miscarriage! Husband sef nor dey even worry or ask her anything!

She say the one wey dey fear her be say, even the Mother in law nor dey ever complain! Say she be the sweetest Mother in law in the world!

She say sometimes she go even carry phone call her and the woman go encourage her, say make she nor too think!

She say her own sister begin tell her say, hope no be say her husband don go born outside, wey dey just dey look her like mumu?!

She sef come find the Mother in law go house, na im she see one smallie wey dey help the woman wash and iron clothes! And the MIL dey tease her as Baby wife!


Na so she say the thing vex her wey be say she no go her MIL side for a long time!

Na so one day the MIL come her house, say make them reach one place together.

Na there them begin wash her head, baff her entire body. She say she don miss her period before that day, but she never tell anybody.

Na so after 3 months wey she dey think say the belle go do her same same! The belle stay gidigba!

She say she come dey close again to her MIL. At least, make she begin show before she announce give anybody.

She say the night wey her MIL say make she sleep over, as her husband don kukuma travel, she sleep for guest room.

She say for middle of night, na im she open eye, see her MIL as she sidon for her bed, dey look her as she sleep!

She say she hear as she dey talk inside sleep, na why she open door to come check on her!

The MIL carry water give her make she drink, so she go return to sleep. She drink the water and sleep again. The MIL comot for the room.

The next morning, she wake up, say make she go greet her In-laws.

She say na as she thank her MIL for checking on her for night, the woman look her strangely say she nor come her room e! *Sideeyes*

She confuse, she look around, she go back room to bring the glass cup wey the woman use bring water for her. She nor see cup for bedside.

She say as she begin wonder say, abi na dream?!
Na im she begin feel sharp pain for under her belle!

As she never tell anybody say belle don dey. She quick manage, tell her MIL say she wan quick buy something!

She enter car, drive go hospital.
She say na as she reach hospital, wey she wan come down from her car, she notice say her dress, car seat, everything don drench! *Choi!*

She nor fit stand,sit or even waka! She begin groan quietly...Na person wey wan enter hospital help her call nurse wey come carry her enter!

Na so she do tests wey doctor say he nor understand how she take do am this time wey the baby stay as she lost some blood.They stabilise her, make sure say she dey fine.

Na as she call her sister wey dey attend Fire church. Na she carry bike come meet her for hospital, wey they go straight to their prayer city for that Ibafo side.

She say na so MIL dey call every minute say make she tell her where she dey! *be like say her mirror nor fit view prayer ground!*
She say why she comot her house, wey she waste energy to cook and she nor come back to chop! *clears throat*

She say she dey ok. Make MIL nor worry! Say she don come house! Na so she shuttle between church and hotel and her sister house!
To avoid seeing MIL.

She say she disguise for hubby sef make he nor know say belle don stay. As she kukuma get body, so she nor too show! Plus the hubby nor dey even look her side like that, like that!

Nne, she say na so she convince hubby, carry am go do deliverance with her.
Na until after the couples fasting and prayer for church, then she show am belle result.

Hubby begin cry say he don give up! But just dey use work mask the pain! *choi!* Men too hurt o!
He support make she dey her sister place as he nor too dey house. And her sister na fire prayer warrior!

Her sister say the MIL call her begin threaten say, if she nor tell her where her sister dey. Dem go return her Bride price! Her sister tell the MIL make she come the prayer ground since she wan see wetin go pass her! She even text her address plus direction...God abeg!

Breeze don blow fowl blokos, e nor wear pampers! but remain who get chest go confront the 'doer' of the do!
Even the son sabi as the matter dey go, but he nor gather mind go address anything!

Na so customer born her pikin quietly, na she Hubby and her Sister with Pastor do naming for Baby inside hospital!

Customer say she sef come master how to pray and fast! She say her mothering instinct kick in fast! Wey be say she use prayer barricade herself, hubby and the baby till he reach 1year!
She say na so she go dey fire declarations on top the baby head for day and night!

Nna ehn, motherhood nor be small thing!

She nor gree the MIL enter her house or see the baby before then! She say by the time she sef don build herself spiritually, she come gather confidence say, her doors dey open o! If anyone wan come visit, make dem come!

God abeg o! I don laugh taya! Come be like person wey carry bazooka tanda for door, begin wave thief make e come hug am!

Na from distance the MIL begin echo say if no be her, the girl for nor hold the belle! *sideeyes*

This one na like case of Rat wey dey blow person breeze, still dey chop person for side!


  1. It is well. That is why you need to shine your spiritual eyes before you enter marriage. Everybody is a suspect until otherwise proven.

  2. Our God is awesome. Look at how I'm just smiling at the end. What God cannot do, doesn't exist

  3. Wetin person no go ever hear for this life. Wicked MIL. God pass am.

  4. Replies
    1. Even your biological mother can be responsible for the bad things happening to you. I am a living witness. Thank God for God, he has been fighting for me and he would never leave me. Let me stop writing jare…

  5. Hmmm, you see MC pinky post on this morning spontaneous post about being spiritually and physically guided, the truth in that sentence ehhh.
    Things dey happen

  6. Inside Marriage, na to shine eyes o..Bible say calm like dove but person eye must open like eagle join! No be everybody smiling and caring means well. Yoruba say Ile ni ota wa. Eyinkule ni asebi ngbe ( enemy dey Inside, evildoer dey backyard) God will always prevail!

  7. Ndi mmadu sef, I wonder wetin be her gain wen make her no want make her own don get pikin.

  8. Thank God for his deliverance

  9. Things dey happen. Thank God it ended well

  10. God is wonderful. Some people are heartless

  11. Thank God for her wisdom...some woke fools here go still dey run mouth say nothing like I did not tell hobby I was pregnant till I was 4 months because I did not want him to tell his mother...when she eventually heard her comment confirmed what I dreamt about....1single congratulations did not come from her mouth....not all TTC is spiritual but just be sure you own case is not so you know how to fight your battles

  12. Why is it always mil?


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