Stella Dimoko Big Brother Star Bisola Recounts Her Journey To Fame...


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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Big Brother Star Bisola Recounts Her Journey To Fame...

Nigerian actress, Bisola Aiyeola sits with Chude Jideonwo to discuss her journey to fame, her struggles as a single mum without a university degree.

  Bisola shares how her family lost everything and the struggle they had to go through. 

“I was born in England, my mum had two stores in Lagos Island. We were living La vida loca, and then, life hit her – her stores got burnt and she never got back on her feet. We hit rock bottom, we were living from one family member’s house to another, changing schools. It wasn’t a funny experience”.

Before fame came calling

“It was survival that kept me going, ‘How are you going to take care of yourself without a degree, take care of your child and your mum?’. It was a very terrible space, knowing that you have so much to give but you are not being given the opportunity. And even when you see people who know what you can do, and they are like, ‘hmm... you are not quite there yet, you are not quite what we are looking for’.”

“I just knew I couldn’t give up; this was my only thing. I got into filmmaking after Project Fame. That show actually taught me so much, and my life after the show taught me so much. And I tried as much as possible not to be entitled to other people’s things. When I got out of the show, people were hailing me, but I didn’t have any job out there. It was just a talent show that was given to me to showcase that I can sing, ‘and what are you showing people, why should anybody put money on you’, she added.

Relationship with late baby daddy

 “We got engaged after the show, but when our daughter was two years old, we ‘disengaged’. We just had a lot of differences, he used to be a sweet-loving boyfriend, and he wasn’t a sweet-loving boyfriend anymore. Things weren’t going easy for both of us. I tried to hold on to the relationship, but it just wasn’t working for us.”

Relationship with her daughter

 “My daughter is my number one inspiration, I want to give her everything I didn’t have. I want to make very comfortable, and she makes me so proud. She is my friend”.

College degree

“Till date, I still feel funny about it. I still feel like I missed out on a major part of life. I am in a gathering, and people are talking, ‘oh you remember this lecturer...’ and I absolutely have nothing to say and I kind of feel left out I really wish I did pass through the four walls of the university. I love experiencing things for myself. I really wished I experienced that, so I do feel some type of way. I feel like I am probably brave enough because I see some of my friends who I have one, two or three degrees and they are back to learning a skill to provide for themselves and their families. I am okay talking about it now because God has blessed me.”


  1. All I see is how beautiful you are

    1. Did she talk about being uneducated?

      Like clockwork...

  2. God has blessed u brekeke....wat wld a degree do for u...dat u don't have now!!

  3. You can still go back to school, it is not too late.

  4. Without degree you are still doing wonders, degree is not the only option for making it in life. You will be alright beautiful.

  5. Busola is such a talented and beautiful lady. She's one of the younger actresses that I really like in Nollywood

  6. Oh wow! So she's British? That explains that.

    1. She said she returned with her mom without spending the required 5 or so years so she does not hold a British passport.

  7. What I know is that when wealth is in your bloodline, it will always find you (even when it got lost along the way). My story is similar to Busola's. My father lost money when I was a child and life changed for us. As an adult, money always finds me. Even though siblings too. People wonder why my own is always different. Rich guys seek me out to date even when I don't have anything. Big jobs and contracts too. I've even had degrees my father couldn't afford to give me. I know that I am just living my destiny even when something tried to truncate it years ago. I was meant to be rich. But life no balance for some time 😅


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