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Sunday, December 18, 2022


People keep saying men are wired to cheat but I say, not all of them. Some will cheat secretly and even when his game is up, people will not believe he did it. Some will cheat and put themselves and family in danger.

I stopped by my usual spot bored and needed small talks but the place was locked. I checked my time and was scared if something had happened to my customer so I called her. She was at the police station. WOW

Turns out one of her male customer and his wife were arrested by the side chic.

Customer is a foreman at a building site so he comes in regularly with his workers to drink and eat fish. The foreman also brings his side chics to enjoy at the place.

Wife got to know of his escapades and decided to join the party. As soon as she entered the bar she started shouting and disgracing the man. The side chic tried to get up but she pushed her down and kicked the full table. Side chics iphone 13 and power bank was on the table. ghen ghen!

Mama said everything happened so fast. Side chic went mad when she picked up her phone and it was broken. Foreman’s boys grabbed wife and dragged her out.

 Foreman wanted to leave but mama said they have to pay for all the damages as they were talking side chic brought her iphone to Foreman, wife saw them talking from afar and flew down to attack both of them. Side chic left on a bike, foreman his boys and wife left in his car. Mama sighed and thought it was over.

Mama was attending to customers when police van arrived and when she peeped in she saw foreman and wife in the van. Side chic went to arrest foreman and his wife at their house for beating her up, stealing her gold chain and breaking her expensive phone. Hnmmm

Mama sighed after narrating what happened, thank God she knew someone at the station too. They bailed each other and Foreman was told to replace side chic’s expensive phone. Did I mention that side chic denied knowing foreman at the station? Werey babe said they just met. Foreman almost cried at the station LOL

See how he has embarrassed himself and family even wife too is to blame because she shouldn’t have gone to the bar to fight.

Well…maybe they are used to that system of communication.


  1. Maybe side chick really just met the man and he’s still trying to toast her, reason why she went that far because of the damages

    1. Some side chicks are crazy, their mindset is, I was on my own when your man came after me so don't fight me, my opinion is, as a woman, work more with logic and less with emotions, if a man is cheating shamelessly, plan and arrange yourself financially, then pull an 'Ibiere' on him and lock up, let him be the one shalayeing up and down, make one yeye hood rat no come use una shine.

  2. Let them just scrap marriage. What’s all these ones sef

    1. There is no scrapping of marriage. You marry if you want to or you don't marry. Whatever is happen in others marriages is no one's business.

  3. Stop fighting side chick's. It never ends well.

    1. Exactly! Face your man or leave the marriage if you've had enough.

  4. The wife didn't act with wisdom at all, she should have allowed the man to finish all his rubbish and she handle him at home. Why disgrace yourself, family, husband all in the name of you want to catch your husband right handed.

    Side chick did well by not telling the police she knows that yeye man, since he cannot put his something on check inclusive of his wife. The side chick didn't want to miss out the money to fix her phone screen. Next time when he see babe he will just close his eyes.

    Stupid men that will never respect their marital vows.

  5. The wife did well
    He’ll think twice next time

  6. Maybe it is not the foreman that bought the iPhone for her.
    Women stop fighting sidechick in public, some no get shame. She will scatter the table because she has nothing to loose.

  7. He has learnt his time,he will remain faithful to his wife.


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