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Saturday, December 03, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - Humility Is Good

In this life, just be yourself. 

There is this matter I'm currently handling in one of the courts.

 The counsel on the other side is brilliant, no doubt but he's been conducting himself as the "alpha and omega" of the profession and in a hostile and arrogant manner too, even though he is 12 years my junior at the Bar.

 Today, his principal, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria came to court and after the courtroom drama, the learned SAN came to pull me out of the midst of my friends where I was enjoying a good conversation and we bantered as "learned friends" (even though he enjoys greater privileges as an SAN) without compromising the interests of our respective clients.

 'Almighty Junior' came out and saw the cordial relationship which existed between me and his principal (an unassuming SAN) and saw how the senior descended to my level and we were having a good laugh, even though we were meeting for the very first time .

 Before we parted, I genuflected before the learned Silk. Guess what, 'Almighty Junior' was forced to smile and genuflect to me too. LOL. I just chuckled at the whole drama.


  1. It is good to be humble. The meek shall inherit the earth.

  2. Ụmụaka these days. Children of nowadays...

    This reminds me of my attitude towards Police men on the road when I just started to drive.

    I was very small looking and could pass for a 15 year old but I was 18 and my mum insisted I must never drive until I had a valid licence.

    My early days on the road when I'm pulled over by Police I'll have this very rude don't talk to me attitude because I knew my papers and licence and everything in the vehicle was in check.

    Few years down the line I cautioned myself as a result of life experience, growth and respecting Nigerian police because they can do and undo. To my biggest surprise this approach was much better.

    When stopped by Police, I will greet them nicely, most times address them by name on their name tag and ask how work. I bant with police so much that one asked me for money one day and I told him it was his turn to give me that day because I'm always the one giving them.

    This guy digged into his pocket and gave me 50 naira. I laugh so much and just drove away with my money, I chop police money that day.

    1. Lol. So you sef chop police money. I never knew they dash money too. I always see them as very stingy people.

  3. Moral lesson; Always be humble.

  4. Humility is key. Sadly that word will soon be extinct. 🤔

  5. Learned a new word, " genuflect".
    Thanks oga Kunke and madam Stella.

  6. Very good one. You all don't even know where you would meet tomorrow.

  7. Everyday, I pray I'd be more humble. Being rude and arrogant brings one no good.
    I won't say I was used to being full of myself self but I have this aura of 'I'm not on your level kinda' which I felt was me being confident and I was empty inside can imagine.
    I realised quite late how horrible that was. Now, I try what I call intentional living though I fail some days, I still try my best not to repeat it the next day.
    I pray God helps me in this humility journey. The irony is that it is even easier been humble than carrying yourself like what you're not

  8. I pray daily for the spirit of humility


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