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Friday, December 23, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Maid Wey Karma Send

Na wah!!!

Una doh o! Yard pipu of life!

Stellakopikopaparika! How dey weather?!

For Mama Nedu side, na im i meet one fine woman wey follow sidon dey laff kiikiikii!

We follow greet one another.

Small time she receive phone call, she say her pikin don from come back America, so she wan go block him for house. She comot.

I ask how Mama Nedu sabi this kain woman wey get good and humble spirit like this?!

She say, the time wey dem small for village, their Aunty carry dem come lagos for work and school.

The Aunty carry that woman put for another person side as housegirl but she na salesgirl she do.

Small time, Mama Nedu say she nor dey see the woman for mass and her own madam tough pass anything!
* so she nor gather mind dey ask any question!*

The thing wey she hear be say she don go back vllage! Hian! Village kwa? Which time dem comot come lagos to hustle?

For December, Mama Nedu go village, na there the woman wey be small pikin that time tell her say her own Madam get one evil son like that!

She say for night, na im this boy go sneak come parlour begin press press her for body!
She say another time when her madam travel go cotonou, na im the husband too go come house during the day, wey the two children don go school, begin find wetin nor loss for under her!

I say but why she no go report their Aunty wey carry dem come lagos?

Mama Nedu say the Aunty get choko for head! Her own belief be say as long say roof dey person head and food for belle! The rest na sentiment!*na wa o!*

She say, e nor too tey wey the son pretend say he nor well.

He nor gree go school and na only her the Madam leave for house with him.
*Overgrown boy wey don repeat class soteh, he turn terrorist!*

Na the day wey the boy rape her be that!

She say the boy na im Mama eye apple o, she nor dey use the boy play at all!

The Madam daughter still small that time, but she dey witness some kain things wey dey happen But she nor fit talk anything!

She say na the day the woman husband wan use hand find wetin nor loss, he see say road don clear reach highway!

Na im the man begin beat her like say make she die, He begin shout give the wife say the girl don dey sleep arand!
The woman say wetin she do? The man say she open leg, wan seduce him! *side eyes!*

Her madam wey get pepper body without common sense, carry her maid go clinic wey dem check the under see say na true, e don tey wey road don dey clear small small!

Madam beat her another round say so she wan come corrupt her golden children for house!
She starve the girl nor be small. Carry her put for night bus and ship go village!

That maid na she be this woman wey just comot go meet her obodo oyinbo son.

She say that wicked madam golden son go jam one Ebira woman wey show him pepper. Na as he dey wash dross, na so he dey grind pepper! I say na lie o!

 Mama Nedu say the madam land hospital the day she catch the horseband ontop her new maid!

Maid wey thick pass madam! Say na the maid plus horseband join hand beat her sef!

*imagine, she wan slap her horseband sidehen!*

Horseband carry her money wey she dey plan to carry go buy market, disappear with the thick maid!
Na their neighbour rush her go hospital that day!
Nna ehn, and person say God and karma nor dey exist! I hear o!


  1. Sisi,leave us o.You go dey make men fear marry us now...😁😁😁.

  2. Wahala Madam don jam maid wey tough pass am.

  3. This story pain me small. Why that boy come dey rape dat poor girl na? So tay husband sef wan come join do him own. Reminds me of the story of that poor girl in benue state that does due to the abuse meted on her by her Aunty's useless son and husband. May Ochanya's soul continue to rest in peace. That useless doctor femi in Lagos is getting his just deserts very soon . Imagine raping your wife's 15 years old niece right in her own home. A child that calls you Daddy! All pervert must face Justice in this life and beyond.

  4. Gist no suppose finish like this o, continue biko, see as I open mouth the read. But menh this world is turning into something else. I remember after my dad died and one lady in our church wanted me to come and stay with her as help and when my mother refused, she come dey carry face for my mother. My mum said na she sabi. My mum had stayed with someone and say she say she living there and the person sef na her blood brother. She vowed never to allow her children stay with anyone even if it means eating garri with her kids to survive. But God that is merciful never allowed us go hungry. They only way you will know my dad is not alive is because I really mentioned him, since he died when we were young.

  5. What happen inside houses worse than what happen a road

  6. who dey employ maid wey thick pass madam na, I get aunty wey husband fine still come be doctor untop,any time she wan employ maid na the one wey worwor plus wey get physical disability like k-leg,bow-leg or shortened one hand.aunty no wan take chances.both are late now may their soul continue to rest.

  7. Your corner gives me so much laughter.

    More ink to your pen S.S.C.

  8. I feel so sorry for the poor, innocent girl that was raped and beaten 😔. May God continue to judge these evil paedophiles that will not let the little ones rest.


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