Stella Dimoko Reality TV Star Bambam Reveals The SHOCKING THINGS That Happened To Her While Growing Up


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Monday, January 23, 2023

Reality TV Star Bambam Reveals The SHOCKING THINGS That Happened To Her While Growing Up

Reality Tv star and ex-BBNaija housemate, Bamike Olawunmi, aka Bambam, has narrated how she was s#xuallly abused by her nanny and r#ped.

Bambam in a video on her Instagram page on Sunday said the abuse happened from the age of 2 till she was 8.
The mother of two said that the experience affected her in so many ways as she couldn’t confide in her parents because the nanny threatened her.

Calling on the authorities to have stricter laws and punishments for abusers, Bambam further stated that she was raped a few times by men she dated in the past.

”She used my fist to masturbate and forced me to suck her breast while at it, it has affected me in different ways. I have also been raped a few times as a young girl, I wasn’t ready to have s#x with some of the guys I dated in the past, so they forced themselves on me.

”Look, sex MUST be consensual even in marriage! S#x must be consensual at all times! Don’t manipulate a mind into it! Not to talk of children?!

”Hurt and mentally sick people hurt other people! That nanny was clearly abused or possessed and felt it was okay to do all she did to me! We have sick people making laws to permit their sick orientations! Make it stop!

“I know some vile mouths and sick-hearted people would say rubbish and make unrelated comments! Some may spin this out of context, some may feel I should have been quiet, Y’all are the major cause of the problem in this world, abused people are committing suicide and some are abusing other people. I owe nobody any explanation! I’m doing my bit, if you care, let’s go!

”For the ones with the fear of God, let’s come together and build a community to protect each other and our children from these predators! Let’s do our bit to contribute to healing this dark world, let’s do real kingdom work.”

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  1. I stand with dear something has to be done to save our children from these predators. God will help us

  2. I tell people that protecting your girl child from male friends and family isn't enough, even some sick nannies, aunties, cousins etc are capable of abusing them same with the boy I don't trust anyone with my child, whether you be man or woman. Bam Bam is well with you, thank God you are strong enough to talk about it

  3. So painful to hear. Glad she said she sought therapy and still going to therapy. Please protect the girl child... Look at a childhood stolen. It is well with you Bambam

    1. Every child should be protected.

    2. Hmmmmm saying protect your girl child and not using the same energy for the boy child is a grave mistake. Boy child is also abused. If hear men speak up eeeeh..

  4. Things are happening o, not surprised though, even a family member can abuse another family member.

    1. Reminds me of the foreign news I read last week. Gay couple abducted all male kids from orphanage only for them to be raping the poor boys and also giving them out to gay pedos at a fee and encouraged them to also record the act for them. One of the boys had to speak up in school before SS was called in and the couple arrested.

      Just imagine!!

    2. This is why I jubilate whenever I read that one of thier members are killed. Just look at the rubbish you want us to accept in the society. A day will come when all gays will be executed. Rubbish!!!

    3. 17:14, you say?

  5. Pele dear 🤗 🤗 🤗

  6. I was abused by our driver and cousins between the age of 7-10,I couldn't tell anybody but told my husband before we got married. My parents were not careless at all especially my dad always protective. D The driver was an evil man so friendly yet full of evil.
    My siblings and I were never left alone with the man,i was molested twice. How did this happen.
    I followed my mum to the market was left in the car for about 30 minutes and this man was already showing me his penis and started fingering me with a devilish smile on his face. He did it another time when I was waiting in the car for my parents. I just stopped following them to anywhere and when I go out with them,I stopped staying with him in the car.

    Can't even remember if he was sacked or he just left but I later heard he was sick and he dead.
    My cousin is a female and we are of the same age but he started puberty early and she has big boobs,I guess she was also molested and she had several sexual urges she couldn't control,so she started touching me, she will tell me to suck her breasts and she will be moaning. We don't stay in the same house but she visited often. I knew it was wrong but I enjoyed it then. She later moved to the boys when she started getting their attentions.

    Thank God my parents tried their best raising us well,I would have turned to something I don't understand. Thank God for Christ.
    I later heard that my aunty did family planning for that my cousin because I guess she later couldn't control her libido. How I wish they could have taken her to a therapist.

    May God keep our children from evil.

    1. Thank God for your life. That you didn't turn into an abuser. And your s.exual orientation didn't change

      I guess

  7. Now this is how to use your platform for delicate issues that matter. One small girl saved is worth it!

  8. This is really sad, every child deserves to be protected.

  9. Many parents are in denial or too trusting


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