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Monday, January 16, 2023

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Samson And Delilah

Na wah oh...

Una doh o...SDK yard pipo dem dem! dey weather?!

Nna ehn, when people say family na everything, na because dey get luck say na better family dem get o!

This lady wah know, na the same day their papa and mama kpai on their way, come from village.
After their papa go collect chieftancy title with money, she say he chance the person wey really be im turn to collect the title!

Na im that opponent go give their village idol opposite of wetin the idol dey chop! She say dem tell the idol say na the new chief send dem!

Na im the idol vex, go tumbulina their vehicle.

Na on their way to Lagos, car odi somersault wey driver comot without scratch but the two clear instanta! Choi!

As na only one boy dem get among seven sisters, na im their most senior sister begin carry their brother wakawaka for protection as the only heir wey their mama get!

Nne, their papa gather currency nor be small, see company and property.
She say their papa give one village girl belle the time wey he still young, and that one born boy wey senior all of them.

Their papa nor too look the boy side, but as he kpai like this, na im the village son emerge with another brother o!
They say their papa still go dey knack that village woman all those years even after he don marry their mama.

So na two hefty step senior brother dem get. Even though the second one don turn agboro with drugs!                 

Na so the senior sister help their only brother collect and manage their papa properties. Wey all the threats from the village heir no do them anything.

Their Brother bring woman come house say he wan marry, all the six sisters say Mba! They say the wife get ulterior motive gini gwanu!

He insist say na she or no one else!
Na their mama family help dem settle the matter and agree to host the engagement!

I remember the day for the engagement, i dey dia, wah follow this my former schoolmate go, as she na their lastborn.

None of the sisters cook anything Or even arrive until the ceremony don over!
The wife don get belle already, so nothing fit happen to delay again! The sisters vex say she finally use belle tie their hands!

The party dry like anything! No souvenir nothing! No music sef. The girl family no even reach five wey show face!

He marry the wife, wife notice say husband dey wakawaka with im sister, today blue soap, tomorrow yellow water!

Na im she begin block the sister from coming to their house. Serious fight o!

Na so wife give husband ultimatum make he chose to dey wakawaka with the sister or chose their marriage!

Na so husband sidon house e! Avoid im sisters!

The Sister receive message from one of their babalawo, say brother life dey in danger, make he follow her go tighten the protection!

Brother no answer. Na im sister vex, wey she no bother herself again!
Na so brother sleep one night wey he no wake up again o!

The wife less than one year, don go remarry.
Now the village pikin and his people don take over everything wey the papa leave!

The wife no even shame say she no mourn o, she carry the ring and everything dey broadcast!

The gigantic shop wey her late husband open for her, she don expand the place sef!
She no gree her husband family see the two boys wey she born for their brother!

Na so the sisters sef no kukuma bother to near her. They say she don use wing cover all the investments wey her husband do, so nobody fit go ask her for wetin no lorss!

For the burial sef, the wife no cry, the senior sister sef no cry! Wetin dey occur?!

Nna ehn, i just sidon dey look!


  1. Eskelebe ti o le bebe! It have shele!

    1. Anon abeg which language be eskelebe o! 🤣😂🤣

    2. Very annoying story.

  2. Na was o. The brother wasn't careful at all. When will people learn to love with their head and not their heart?
    Na the papa cause all these disaster. All of these for just chieftaincy title? Like say the mama dey alive, the brother for no die like that.

    1. Gbam! He got carried away and relaxed! When he suppose know that village people dont sleep o! Then that wife is a suspect!

  3. Replies
    1. my sister! from the same coven sef..

    2. They over sent her o! May we not marry our enemies in Jesus name! Evil wife.

  4. Na wa ooo. All these just because of chieftaincy

  5. Y sister go cry, she don try for him ,yet he no hear. Make elder sister shine joor, if she see beer sef make she download. Fly way no hear word de follow dead body enter grave.

  6. Very painful something!


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