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Monday, January 16, 2023

Sad Story That Might Shock...

Some people have no right being parents!...WHAT!!!!!

A Tweet by Kaylove....

''My mom beat me and put pepper inside my vagina for going to my neighbor who is a boy house. My dad beats me till I faint bleeding from my nose, I've fainted in school due to beating, eyes, mouth and body swollen for smallest mistakes.
They refused to send me to the university Because to them l'm not born again enough, or good Christian enough, if I go to the university, the freedom there will move me farther from Christ. 

I'll be beaten like a criminal if I don't go to church. I hated Jesus, church, religion, my parents for years.
Thad serious case of low self-esteem, couldn't walk with my head up high, I still can't till now, attempted suicide thrice.
Became hateful, spiteful, I would imagine evil things happening to them. I even thought of setting the whole house on fire once.

Couldn't heal.
I got married at 18, to leave the house yeah. Didn't call or contact my parents for 4 years after my marriage.
l'm still healing, picking up pieces of my childhood, trying not be the same with my kids.
Trying to find a way to let go and forgive. We talk once in a while now''.


  1. Replies
    1. In their minds, they didn’t do wrong. They are training her.

  2. 😰😰😰
    I never knew that there could be this kind of level of extremism among christians. I don't even know what to say.
    May God heal you.

    1. Amen, it happens, I experience a little bit of that growing up but I was able to avoid beating by staying away from what will lead to beatings and pretend to be in agreement with all instructions at home 🏡. And that safe me a little, thank God for his mercies. Hmmmm it's well with you poster, just embarrass God and he will help you out

  3. Such a sad story, God will take you through a speedy recovery process,my children are my best friends my priority no matter what I am going through

  4. This is Cruel 😭
    Very very wrong

  5. What a sad ordeal...these christians fanatics do the most,so wicked and crude ...I don't if they read their own Bible upside down

  6. Na waoh 😒😒

  7. This still happening in some homes

  8. Replies
    1. So bad.

      But wetin u do them? U disobeyed? May God heal you

  9. Especially those turban wearing churches, those parents are wicked.

  10. Someone will now come and preach forgiveness and honor thy parents. If na me this happen to ehn, see me see hellfire.

    This woman’s parents were not strict. They were simply witches and wizards. God forbid bad thing

    1. Some people have undiagnosed mental illness but they hide behind religion instead of seeking help.

  11. Chai... They were ignorant. They thought they were doing it for God. May God heal you and I pray your parents realize their mistakes and ask for your forgiveness. They are supposed to knee before you and ask for forgiveness.

  12. This is too much for a child. She never enjoyed her chikdhood

  13. Very sad story.

    There are several other similar stories of teens who are physically abused, exposed to extreme religious fanatics, whereby these teens marry very early just to run away from that situation.

    I wish there where more places were broken people can rest and heal before going into a serious deal like a marriage. Some churches have them but that welfare is not open to all, just their sect.

    We should have more halfway houses, were abused young or teenagers can get proper care and love...this will make the suicidal ones to see hope for their future.

    I pray for your healing and for your partner to be patient, loving and caring to you so that you can experience a healthy family.


    The Deep

  14. This happens a whole lot more than ppl think, even worst. There are ppl in this world who will never heal from the trauma they endured in childhood. All we can do is teach them how to cope and not cause great harm to themselves or others. Not evil ppl, not wicked ppl, just broken ppl.

  15. My mum did that to us, but, we still love her so much, and no I will never try it with my daughter.

  16. The beating, insults and all pushed me farther into wrong hands,it made me question the God they claim to worship...

  17. Sad I was so beaten badly when I was young and blood was coming out of my mouth, by my mum I thought I would die. But I still love my mum. I think their generation suffered from lack of education or the way they were raised. But I brought up my children in a child centre way, raising a child can be very challenging and daunting. I use to tell my kids that are joyous kids in my days being happy can attract a dirty slap.


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