Stella Dimoko UGM Reportedly Kill Man Days To His Wedding...


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Saturday, January 07, 2023

UGM Reportedly Kill Man Days To His Wedding...

A man identified as Igwechukwu Charles Igweka, from Ukpor in Nnewi South Local Government Area has been reportedly killed by unknown gunmen.

The man was said to have been killed just two days to his wedding ceremony, which was to hold on Saturday, January 7.

The young man, who was said to have returned to Anambra from his base to celebrate the Christmas and New Year, had attended the marriage of his friend, and also made videos with wads of naira notes in his hands, which he wanted to spray on his friend.

A source said: “After the marriage ceremony of his friend on Thursday, around 8 pm, he drove out of his house, and was pursued by gunmen.
They shot him in his hand while he was driving, but he managed to drive off with the wound, but later drove into a ditch.

“It was while he was struggling to come out that the gunmen caught up with him and asked him if he had finished running? They shot him at point-blank range, and he died.”

The source said the man has been buried on Friday, as his family members didn’t want to keep his corpse for too long.
The man was supposed to hold his marriage ceremony on Saturday in the compound of his wife’s parents in Otolo, Nnewi, Nnewi North Local Government Area.

Videos of the man being forced into a casket during his burial has been circulating on social media, also with another where he announced that he was in his friend’s marriage ceremony.
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  1. It is unfortunate.
    I am deeply saddened and extremely disappointed in some of my people from the SouthEast.
    I thought we were a lot wiser than this. The faster we talk to ourselves and rid ourselves of these UGM, drugs, fraud-the quest to make fast money the better for us.
    May the soul of the departed rest in peace - Amen.

    Lastly, we need to wise and tone down on excessive show off on SM, no be everyone wey dey hail us for SM like us like that

    1. @ your last paragraph, will they hear? They will just call you hater or that refusing to post doesn't mean you are mature or safe, in this case, these hoodlums had definitely watched his flaunting videos. This is really sad but there's nothing we can do but type RIP.

  2. These ugm are indigenous people. This was how my friend and some of his colleagues where shot at on Tuesday where they sustained gunshot injuries. Luckily none died.

  3. I think they were assassins. Someone was jealous of the wealth he displayed and hired killers against him.
    The question now is - who narrated this story up to the point of even knowing what the killers said to him? Investigations should begin from there.
    May God rest the dead.

  4. When you pray for rain, you've gotta live with the rain and deal with the mud. #DoubleBlessings πŸ™

    SE Nigeria prayed for this rain. Supported and canvassed for it. Now they've gotta live with the rain and enjoy the mud. This is the reward for listening to Nnamdi Cownu and making him a hero ✌️. And oh, Buhari is still Jibrin from Sudan, Northerners are still Cows and Yorubas are Fulani slaves, and Ipob are still unknown gun men


  5. Haaa, these fulani herdsmen are very wicked people. May God judge them.

  6. They will never learn, this period is never a time for show off, infact show off is not good at all.Children of the devils eyes are red.

    1. They're there on social media. Following the person, liking the comments, posts and also scheming and plotting evil.

  7. I don't think he was killed by the UGM we all know, I think he was assassinated.

  8. What is really happening, who did he offend, that lady will have to start all over again. May his soul in peace.

  9. This is an assassination

  10. Na wa o. May his soul rest in peace.

  11. This is terrible . People are wicked!
    I wonder how the bride is feeling at this moment

  12. Most probably cult killing. They strike anytime in one's life. It may on graduation day, wedding ceremony, burial ceremony of a relative, etc. He showed them he was around and doing fine through his social media posts and they traced him to his house.


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