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Monday, January 02, 2023

Wordless Post



  1. If they really love nigeria, let them follow his words....

  2. OBJ lost relevance in Nigerian Politics long ago. Yeah, Buhari did that to him! He is a nobody in current Nigerian politics. He didn't endorse Buhari and Buhari told him to hell with you and went on to win with a landslide margin.

    OBJ who couldn't win his ward in 2019?

    Only Obidients take this old man serious and think his endorsement is worth anything cause they are babies in Nigerian. Politics. Some of them are getting thier PVcs for the first time and voting for the first time so l can understand 🤣

    If anything sef, Obasanjo just rediculed himself by endorsing the joke amongst all the Presidential candidates 🤣. Which other strong political heavy weight has endorsed Obi? They all know he is a joke 🤣


    1. See what greediness turned you into. SMH
      I miss the old Eesah of the days of old, the Eesah that participated in "Hello challenge" together with two other female bvs back then, the Eesah with zero wahala. This life sef. SMH again

    2. 😂🤣
      The man is not serious rara
      Nice try from him

    3. Buhari never won any election in Nigeria. It was rigged both 2015 and 2019.

      Goodluck stepped down to avoid violence though he knew Jega helped them rigged the election and he could fight it if he wants but he refused too.

      Obasanjo may not command the kind of respect expected bcoz he failed GEJ it doesn't give you the right to talk anyhow about the man. He served this country the best he could and handed over to very competent people

    4. You are busy crying heavily that his endorsement worth nothing but Same Tinubu went to his house for endorsement.

      Obj is not your mate and you will remain a perpetual slave to your masters.

      Nigeria 🇳🇬 will be snatched from the greedy few.

    5. You still don't understand something. You still think it's business as usual. You really think this movement is about getting endorsement from big and heavy weight politicians and businessmen, no it's not but about the well meaning Nigerians who are tired of the slave system. One thing you should know is that we you called baby politicians are not in this movement for our selfish gains but doing it with our conscience and because Peter Obi is the best among the rest. Win or lose, we will do the right thing and be able to raise our heads up for making the right choice with open minds. There are people that will throw their weight behind Peter Obi, we will reject their support because they are part of the problem. The movement is not about crowd, or big support but about conscience and doing the right thing sir!.

  3. OBJ
    The best President , Nigeria ever had just endorsed Peter Obi as President.

    We love you.


  4. Nigerians listen to him and vote for Peter Obi for a better Nigeria.

    Say no to a town hall different bala bulu.
    Say no to pdapc.
    Say no to agbado and cassava
    Say no to recruit 50 million youths into the army.
    Say no to tinubu and his incoherent speech.

  5. Peter Obi we love you!

  6. Fool will always want to fool others if they will allow him,what did Obasanjo achieve when he was president other than 3 rd term agenda ,if he likes let him adopt kankanso and sowore ,all are failure ,the fight is between tinubu and Atiku ,and all other wailers are welcome .

    1. You can't lie to yourself. Obj has achieved heads above all other Nigerian presidents.

    2. You are very funny. Keep lying to yourself.

    3. Before OBJ, you were lining up at the cyber cafe to purchase a 30 minute voucher that you would use to get on the internet through an analog dial-up connection. Now you can post a comment on this blog through your phone from the comfort of your house

  7. There was a function I watched a little while ago that OBJ spoke, after finishing his speech, he summoned Peter Obi who was at his own table, took him by the hand to his own (OBJ's) chair and told him to sit down. That was when I had a little inkling that baba was likely to endorse him or was rooting for Obi. If felt like anointing another to take the leadership.

  8. See crying up and down. All your candidates went to Obasanjo, craving his endorsement . Now he did not endorse any, Obasanjo is this. Obasanjo is that. PDAPC is so pained ehhh. I no fit laugh

    1. I'm enjoying their tears. We will vote OBI with our full chest, and their pain and tears won't stop us. Nothing they do can stop us. As Obasanjo said, it is OUR turn.


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