Stella Dimoko Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Vultures And The Ring Bearer.


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Monday, January 02, 2023

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Vultures And The Ring Bearer.


Una doh o! Yard pipu of life!

Stellasantorino-brazilliano! How dey weather?! I hail o!

When this economy nor wan gree person see road, Na so i waka go locate my pipu!

Too many customers, na so so credit!

My tayad odi tayad! Nigeria must to better one day; Adon find debtors taya!

Plus the one wey go hide inside Gorodom!

Collect Minara, Yoghurt with straw o on top credit to entertain babygehs inside room, ontop fornication! *aneva see e!*

Ehn! When he know say i sabi the others wey dey also come mark register!

And the one wey dem carry promise ring give, wey dey use her salary feed grown man, wey he still dey use her money buy phones and hair for side vultures,  

Na me he wan try this sense with?!He dey carry me play police and thief under hot sun..... Nor worry, i go revisit when the main mumu geh dey haase!

Nna ehn! What God doesnt do didnt exist!

Anevva even reash junction wah sight anoda vulture wey nor bother wear bra under nylon dress!

The way her nipu and everything just hol grand, Persin don already know say na fornicate she wan come fornicate!

Small Small gehs, wey still suppose dey suck their mama bwess, don already dey carry bwess put for man mouth! *Hian!*

I quick wave her, make she remember to pay me Biko Before the Babyman wey she wan go breastfeed inside house, go collect the money wey dey her hand!

He nor get shishi, na blokos he dey use collect money from gehs o! Na only God know wetin he dey rub for under!

She say she think her bobo don settle me? I say Mba o! She begin use bad eye look me!

I say no problem, as na you come use your hand, with bobo name collect credit, now you nor wan pay.Dey go na!
She sef gather mind to wine waist and waka pass me! I tanda dey look her!

I never even reach junction wah see Lord of the rings wey dey treck with box and sponge wig!

Her phone screen sef odi receive thunder and lightning As her Babyman bukata nor gree her face herself!*clickstongue!*

She say haa! Aunty, as okada nor dey...she waka nor be small o!

I say ehyah! Why you nor carry Uber na?

She say e too corss! I say oooh! I see..

She ask if i see bobo?! I say he dey house! *clickstongue!*

I say i go ask him for my market money but he dodge me!
She say how much? I say na 14500, she carry 15k gimme o!
Na im i say make i repay her good with good!

I say abi una don pick date for introduction? This one wey you pack load come like this?
She say at this rate, since na she kukuma dey pay house rent plus the rest. Say she wan come put some of her stuff there, plus her bobo sometimes dey always complain say cold dey catch am for night.

I say like which time of the month this cold dey catch him?!

She say na arand end of the month!

I say no wonder, for my mind i don know say na when she dey collect salary be that! Abeg how cold nor go catch the he-goat?!

I say why you nor keep this your heavy box for my shop, make you reach your bobo house first *sideeyes!*

I go find pikin wey go hep you carry this box come!*doublesideeyes!*

Ehnhen na! Una see warrior wey dey enter battle field with load?! Of course not. She go need her two hands to repossess her possession from the possessed. Kiikiikii!


  1. Complete this story before you get whooped on the ass!

  2. Stella it's like alexx really serve fancy breakfast, I just dey come back from fancy page o, she just posted for the first time this year and wrote something about not being under control bla bla, some one said in the comment that she's happy she (fancy) and Alex are back together, and fancy came under the person's comment and said "we are not back together and I'm glad about that"

  3. Chai! Sisi come and finish this ya gist o 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I know say she go leave her bobo, face the innocent girls.

    1. Serious battle of the titans on top yeye boy.😂🤣😂

  4. Sisi, this story suppose get part two. I tanda here dey wait for you to complete am.

  5. Kasala go bust o
    Hope u later go settle the fight wen u don create.

  6. I hope say your yard people know say your mouth no get cover?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. WOMEN stop financially carrying the responsibility of someone who ISN'T YOUR HUSBAND

    Stop decieving yourself that you can buy love, you CANNOT

    You are a HELPER , not a PROVIDER

  8. Hahahaha this Sisi this your tori suppose don collect Oscar award. Battles of the wereys nai be this

    Sisi you wicked sha, you no fit tell am say baby boy no dey house

    1. In sisi's word, na baby man lol

  9. This kind babe go get one serious man wey want die Untop her case but sweet blokus no go allow her see well.

  10. Sisi come carry your award for 2022 amebo joor...u too much

  11. Sisi beta finish dis gist mak your ministry reach e pamanet site o

  12. Sisi, you need to finish dis tory ooo😂

  13. 🤣🤣 Sisi don light fire o. Abeg come finish this story.

  14. Lol this sisi must be Veronicas daughter

  15. I trust u Sisi. I pray make the geh receive sense and leave that yeye man.


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