Stella Dimoko AMEBO CHRONICLES - The Good And The Bad Side Of Fuel Scarcity..


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Sunday, February 12, 2023

AMEBO CHRONICLES - The Good And The Bad Side Of Fuel Scarcity..

The lingering fuel scarcity has its own advantages and disadvantages....

for example people meet new friends and business contacts while waiting for their turns to buy fuel, they gist to pass time. For others it has exposed their lying partners. LOL

I followed a friend in her car to queue for fuel so we can have enough to go for our delivery. It was sunny and people were buying and normal arguments here and there until we started seeing people gather near a particular car. A fine elderly woman was arguing with a young man.

I walked casually there out of boredom and my Amebo tank was filled.

Turns out the car belongs to the Woman’s husband who is supposed to be out of town. The woman came with her son to queue and so she got down to see what was happening at the pump, but was surprised to see her husband’s car and a young guy was sitting comfortably blasting music.

She ordered him down and asked for the owner and Guy said it was her sister’s husband’s car and he was asked to come fill it up. Where is your sister and her husband? They are at home he replied. Haaaaaaa

Woman called her son and they snatched the keys from the Guy but he was fighting them and called his sister on the phone to come. I don’t think he explained the situation to the sister on the phone because 30 minutes later the Sister arrived with two boys.

Omooo is this a joke? The sister is the Woman’s junior staff at the local government. She saw the Woman and they both stood for some seconds shocked, then Sister quickly told her brother to meet her at home. They left the car and keys.

Son opened the car and closed all the windows then took his mother to their car. She was still dazed.

I went to lean on the car with other people talking about the matter and I was waiting for her to make the phone call or receive a call but she just told the Son to buy fuel in his father’s car and drive it home, then she drove out of the line with the car they came in, all of us helped her to control the traffic.

I wonder where they are living…



  1. Replies
    1. Where you talk sey you go lean on the car, I just dey laff. E be like sey oga get two madams ooo. Men wee sha stain ya white.

    2. Classless men embarrassing their loved ones

  2. Hahaha what has where they live got to the with the matter? Amebo!!

  3. I’m confused. So whose car is it? Was it stolen? I don’t understand this story 🤷🏽‍♀️ if you wan do amebo, explain it well biko.

    1. Like really? What else do you want her to explain. The story is self explanatory na

    2. Poster dropped it like she got it as it was happening. The car spotted was the woman's husband's car. The husband had traveled so she went with her son to investigate (they were also there for fuel). The driver of the vehicle stated that the car belonged to his sister's husband and called in his sister. Turns out the sister is a junior staff where the woman works. Woman collected her husband's car. But the story implies the man 'travelled' to go stay with his mistress or second wife. All this revealed publicly on a fuel ⛽ queue.

  4. This is so sad. Chai! Anyway, God used this to open the woman's eyes before they poison her. Now she can make informed decisions.

  5. Probably the woman owns the wealth. Some men can be stupid. He junior staff, haba!!!!

  6. Hmm it is well. Nigerian men are allowed to behave like this in society. It is a norm. Anything a Nigerian hubby does wrong, society says that is just how they are...thank Gid I don't have to accept it.


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