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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Stella , Compliment of the day! I am sorry this is going to be a long one.

Something is bothering my mind. I desire inputs from mature minds.

I met a guy on a dating site while in London in Dec. I put 46 as my age. This is me that has never been married but has a daughter. Has not been with someone for almost 5 years now, so I yearn for man touch, but I never met who I truly like. I stated on the site that i wanted a man in 50s 60s based in Nigeria. He reached out to me.

When I returned to Nig, and we met,wow I liked what i saw but the problem is I am older. He is 50 ,divorced with a 10 year old son. I will be 55 later this year but I dont look my age. I live well. Infact if I tell you 35 you will not doubt. Clean skin and baby face.

The way this guy is professing love to me is frightening. He calls round the clock. Wakes me up with early morning calls just to hear his baby's voice. Always in my office. My staff are wondering.
I am a Manager with so much work load. He does not give me breathing space!

 days back,  he invited me to his house. Meennn, it's old kind of structure with very scanty furniture.
I must say, I am a very comfortable women. Living in my personal house which is very cossy. My room is a sight to behold. I only live with my maid who is used to seeing me at home on weekends but this guy wants me with him always. He even wants to give me keys to his house.

I have not taken him yet to my house yet but I intend to very soon.. I have never taken any man to my house since I bought that house 5 years now. I was looking for someone that fits my taste. My security think I have husband abroad since I travel often.

I am retiring very soon on 35 years of service. I joined my organization as a Corps member at 21 in 1990. I hold a very sensitive post as the Manager. I graduated at 19 same as my daughter who also graduated at 19 but doing masters in the US now.

How will this guy react if I tell him I am actually older than him. I saw the surprise on his face when i told him I have a grown daughter. How will he take it when i retire from service that's if we are still together? I earn 1.6m every month aside other office pep. He says he wants me forever. I told him I was not interested in marriage just decent companionship. 

 I said so because i am menopausal. He will want to have another child. He initially said he too was not keen on remarrying ,that was fine by me only for him to start introducing me to everyone. Saying he wants me forever. That God has answered his prayer after wife left.

 I am used to being alone much as i was looking for a partner.
He has a car. He doesn't know I have 4 cars . He compliments me a lot.

I really like him and this Valentine I might give him the cookies. I have held myself for too long. Body no be wood and i want this guy but I am scared if he is a gold digger. 

Yesterday he said he doesn't want anything from me than my heart. I dont want any man asking me for money. I will never make demand on any man. Just give me good time in a clean A/C environment. With good wine.

The few times he has taken me out I enjoyed the outing. But i dont like his house.

 I know when once I take him to my house he will be frequenting and this is what i dont really envisage. I will be spending more on food, prepared meter due to A/c etc. He already said I should be cooking and bringing to him. This is what i am not used to. That he wants us to spend much time together. I am mindful of my house assistant, neighbors and guards. He made attempt to drive my car when parking in his compound but I refused. His neighbors came out saying how pretty I was.

 He already broadcasted my coming telling them to come see my car, and that was just one of my cars. Neighbors said ,pls take good care of him ooo. I just looked at them.

Funny how I buy red wine in cartons and cant sleep unless I drink and am now shivering at this man coming to my life. I can't really access his financial stand. He lived in US before relocating to Nigeria. It looks like I will enjoy the do with him which was lacking all these years.

I already have a shirt gift for him which i bought in London but I dont want to give impression of rich woman so he doesn't make demand.
Should I give him the shirt as Val gift or hold back? I am sensing the wife left due to financial stress thought he did not accept this as his house is far from comfort. With iron doors. ancient windows and stairways.

How do I do kerewa under heat??? How do I clean his house when i have maid that does that for me, i will now be cooking, perhaps washing his clothes. I dont want to debase myself and status. We are not from same tribe. But fond of each other. I like the kisses. One of the things that made me consider him is proximity to my house. Very assesible. I can drive in and out within minutes. Thats what i was looking for, comfort, cleanliness and good looks. I am not even sure of his work. Told me he is a CEO but shares office with others. Thats not my thing. He saw i am an Executive with Govt.

All I am interested in steady cuddling and kerewa, lol. 

He said I should exit the site, i have but I am not too sure if he too has exited. He wants to be accompanying me on official trips. Will he have the resources or he will depend on me. No way!
Am i asking for too much? Any day he makes financial demand that ends it for me.
A penny for your thoughts guys!

*Look for someone that fits what you want and dont even start anything with him, please forget Please forget about the kerewa .....
Dont start anything with him....My two cents as there are too many red flags in your description of him....


  1. Apparently he's not your type please take a walk jejely. And stop lying about your age abegπŸ™„

    1. Dear madam, it’s like you haven’t found what you are looking for.
      That’s one thing with people who get used to their comfort ( it’s not a bad thing but isn’t good either)

      In all you have stated, you have listed all his flaws and why it shouldn’t work, then honey, why are you there?

      You also have a lot of “l” in your statement as if the relationship is all about you and what should be adjusted to fit you.
      We can’t know if he is a gold digger based on the fact that he has excitedly introduced to everyone but he has atleast dined you (the two times he took you out) so he is obviously not “broke broke”
      You can gift him the shirt because I don’t know how that even screams “rich woman”
      However if he asks for money please do not give him yet until you are both in a committed relationship and the giving is both ways.
      You enjoy the kisses so if you want an enjoyable “doing” kindly take him to your comfortable house.
      Let him know you will forever not be interested in marriage so that he doesn’t pressure you into it.

      All in all, I haven’t seen any red flags but if you still feel you are way above him, aunty kind move forward.

      Push up (original)

    2. If you also do not intend to bring him to your house, please pay for a hotel, you can even do it as a valentines surprise… that way you scratch your itch without him knowing where you live. If you get hooked… that’s on you πŸ˜…

      Push up (original)

    3. He's a classic gold digger. Imagine at his big age he is still looking for a woman to take care of him, big shame. Poster please find someone on your level, even if he is married just be collecting on the side as you both lavish in mutual wealth. Not the one you will be paying for poverty d***. As a successful woman, what enjoyment can I have with a man that can't buy economy ticket when I will be in business class? Can he even afford a holiday? Can he afford a fancy restaurant? There is nothing there but loss of your funds and dignity. Take heed.

    4. Really, anon 15:41? You really encouraging the poster to even consider adultery. Come now, stop such talk. The man isn't poor, he is just not on her level of wealth. They have dating apps and matchmaking services for the rich, why didn't she go on one of those. Or have her circle of friends set her up. What kind of man did she expect to meet on an average dating app? It sounds like this man was the only one that responded to her ad so she went for it. And she lied about her age to increase her chances of getting responses.

      The poster inspite of her wealth and achievements appears to have have issues of her own.

    5. Shirt for Valentine's?
      Give it to him at least but you must not force yourself to stay with someone that's not really your type.

    6. Don’t mind her o
      Plus the dating site for rich men like her aren’t looking for her type either
      Most men with money would rather go for someone younger who doesn’t have any kid, she’s barely a rich man’s type (this is just the honest truth and not a dig) even though there are exceptions to the rule.
      So I don’t know what she was expecting…

    7. Did you say you are 55?, you sound like a teenager or a naive adult. See you, scam.

    8. @Push up, what are you on about? She shouldn't say I. It's not marriage not even a relationship yet so let the woman be more concern about herself until she's sure she ( the 'I') is safe enough to make sacrifices of a 'we'. She's not even self centred enough yet.
      If she were, she wouldn't be asking questions about cleaning his house.

      Poster if I were you, I will tell the man point blank and direct all I want is kn.ack. I will let him know our houses are out of the question as we will be meeting in hotels (the one I trust of course). I will also tell him what I want is not us discussing our personal problems with each other. I will ask him if he's okay with those arrangements, if yes we can continue, if no then bye bye. Make sure you run a background check on him. I don't know if the law permits that in Nigeria. If yes, by all means do it with a state institution.

    9. She has 4 cars and owns her own home and her daughters US education bill is on her.
      And you say she is not 'a rich man's type' you use POS buy shepke abi? Buahahaahaha 😏🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    10. Poster what I see is that you have too many doubts, and this may lead to things not working out. If you have doubts, then they are there for a reason and shouldn't just be brushed aside. You don't seem to have peace concerning this relationship. If you start sleeping with him for fun, you can become hooked and before you know it, your standards start slipping and you begin compromising heavily to keep up and maintain the 'relationship'. The more you compromise, the more down you will feel......the more you keep trying...... till whatever happens....... My 1k is don't start what you can't finish. Don't be led by konji.

    11. @pushup.. Always like your inputs. @Poster, get off your high horse. You seem to have a lot of insecurities. Same insecurity that made you lie about your age. Some people are minimalist, they aren't flashy nor like excessive comforts. That doesn't mean anything sinister. Relationships are about compromise. Lastly, BE HONEST. You're 55.. What's with the adolescent reasoning???
      Na Wa

    12. Is this a true story, or a terrible joke? Besides calling yourself "a very comfortable women", I doubt that a Manager in Nigeria would speak such terrible English. What is the meaning of this? "will be spending more on food, prepared meter due to A/C... He made attempt to drive my car when parking in his compound but I refused. His neighbors came out saying how pretty I was.

      He already broadcasted my coming telling them to come see my car, and that was just one of my cars. Neighbors said ,pls take good care of him ooo. I just looked at them." Your arrogance, stinginess and immaturity is unbelievable! Please leave that man to find a good woman. Even if he is a member of Boko Haram, he deserves better than you!

    13. @17:54 you are on point
      That's exactly what I would do. Poster be plain and straight forward with him.

    14. Poster in short please abort mission.

    15. 16:54 don’t be sour
      Rich men like all kinds of women
      Many like women that have their own money
      This whole they prefer younger women talk is just not true
      Why would a rich guy with kids need a young one with no kids 😁
      older guys rejecting women that still want kids so which one is this

    16. Madam, if this man you described is mr Ade, RUN. he should Be in his late 50s now, lived in the US, has a family there and 2 other baby mama’s in Nigeria with about 8 children in total. He’s a proper gold digger. Unrepentant one at that. Targets wealthy women only. Has dated a popular Christ embassy pastor, very social and good command of English, also has good skin. If this fits his description then I beg you to take this advice.

  2. Read up on Love Bombing and its signs and act wisely.

    1. The Original ShugarGirl12 February 2023 at 18:43

      Poster, that his neighbours are already awwing over you doesn't mean nothing but coercing you to give in to his game plan (they are all in it with him).

      Did they ask you to take Good care of him??? The huge red flag that you won't be able to deny in the nearest future. They say that so that you think the guy is serious about being with you.

      Please Ma, no matter what do not share a bed with him. Else things will progress so swiftly and you will lose your dignity and money. A man would respect you if he thinks you are the one by talking more serious issues about understandingeach other and uniting both families. Bed matters won't be the first thing.

    2. You guys are making it look like the guy is a hungry 20 year old gold digger. There was nowhere in that write-up that she said the man is poor. He's a CEO and is doing fairly well for himself. As it stands now, he is not even aware of her earning capacity, since he does not know her house, or the number of cars she drives. So we can't say that he is after her money.

      The only problem is that she is richer than him and she is used to a certain kind of lifestyle which he may or may not be able to afford.

      Please forget the naysayers. This man is not a bad person. He is just someone who is very excited about the prospect of finding love again after the death of his wife.

      However, there is no need to start what you cannot finish. You are looking for good companionship. He is most likely looking for marriage. Having enjoyed your freedom for so long, I honestly doubt you'll be able to perform any wifely duties at this point. Especially considering that you earn more than him, and he is even younger than you.

      Dear Poster, please there's no need to venture into this. Guard your heart judiciously and look for someone else that you'll be more comfortable with.

      This advice is from a man.

  3. What you want is only sex.

    1. How come no one is is talking about this woman's fake age? That's deception! madam, Start again on the website, and this time, please be your true self, for that's the only way you can find genuine man.

  4. Pls stay very far away from that guys. Imagine calling his neighbors to come see your car and telling them it’s one of your cars. He sounds like a good digger, also love bombing you sounds creepy.

    It hardly ever ends well when women date down.
    Go back to the site till you find your match.
    Hopefully a widower, cuz from what we read here often naija divorced men are mostly bad news.

    1. Imagine calling his neighbours to show them her and telling her to be cooking and bringing to her πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Nne, biko pls marry your level as below scares you πŸ™. She did not not even tell us if they share the same values. The segz should be the least of her concerns!

    2. I agree she should stay away. Once met someone like this and I felt weird about the whole situation but stayed. As we got closer, I realise he had lots of ego. How can you not have money and be full of ego??? Till this day I’ve not met any other person like him.
      I wonder why this your guy want to travel on work trips with you and be at your place of work so much. Please abort mission. Don’t even bring him to your house. Also don’t do the do with him. You might regret it.


    3. Na the broke ones get ego pass...........

    4. Yvonne very very very very very BAD NEWS.
      My simple advice to my daughters is that it is preferable to remain single than marry a divorced Nigerian man.

  5. He knows you are doing well. He is only interested in what you have and can get from you.
    I bet you he’ll propose to you few weeks after visiting you in your home.
    Nothing wrong in giving him the shirt as a Val’s present anyway.
    Guard your heart jealously, this one is an opportunist.
    If you haven’t had sex with him, hold off on that cos once you do, you are gone....most especially if he gives good sex.


    1. Just forget the man. It seems you only want sex and it would really hurt if you have sex with him and you aren't satisfied after waiting for a long time.
      Why not look around you? You may find someone who shares similar values and wants the same thing as you. But please, leave this man. You don't sound like you want him as much as he wants you, so if you go on and there's an issue, it will definitely be blown out of proportion.

  6. Lol.. I actually laughed out loud after reading this chronicle. Madam say she no wan do kerewa for inside heat 🀣🀣. Poster, abeg leave the man. This one that he is already broadcasting you to everyone, how do you think he will take rejection? Over affectionate people are usually messy in break ups. You might enjoy the do but will regret everything when the real wahala starts.

    1. That part got me laughing too.

  7. Don't start. The man wants to use u to rise again

    1. Nothing wrong in that. Women do it too. Lol.

    2. Yeah you're right anon 15:23.

    3. 15:23 but women who do it too do not expect you to wash and clean after them do they expect to get into the to cook like he is demanding from her. He wants her wealth yet he still wants to maintain traditional gender roles. What exactly is he bringing to the table?

    4. The problem is not in rising again but after the rising, they leave and their real desires and tastes are what they seek to manifest. This is traumatic for anybody, male or female. The feeling of being used is painful. I just read about a lady that sponsored a guy's relocation, only for the guy to marry a younger lady after achieving his aims. We read here a lot about men sponsoring the education of their women in hopes of marriage in future, only for their hopes to be dashed. Please avoid anyone only interested in what you have than in who you are. This may take time, keen observation and prayers. If you rush, you can crash!

    5. Madam cross legs and avoid men looking for who to use to come up in life

    6. He is bringing his 50 year old prick to the table.18:45

    7. 19:31 'come up' abi resuscitate???

  8. I will not lie, this does not look good at all. You have already started the relationship based on lies already by lying about ur age, you need to tell him the truth about that first. I'm almost certain he won't mind because you are very rich and it's only a matter of time before he shows his real intention.

    I'd advise to keep the relationship as casual as possible. Don't rush into anything with this man. The longer u wait, the easier it is for his actual intentions to be known.

  9. He may be hiding from you.

    My advice is don’t take him to your house ever and you were too fast to take him to your workplace.

    Don’t show him how big you are at all till you really know how big or small he is.

    About kerewa just chop and clean mouth at his house till you know how big he is.

    Give him the shirt as val gift and chill to see what he does from there…

  10. You both belong to different worlds. Go for your class. Remember Empress is still nursing the wound she got into because of konji. Move on with your life. That man is not suitable for you!



  11. Ok .. keep it moving ma'am. If at this stage he does not know your age, then move. You may just knack and clean mouth. Hopefully he doesn't kill you in the process. Don't wanna see your breaking news online, "woman killed by lover". Just over thinking it sha

    1. Hahahaha @ breaking news!! Abeg o, my ribs dey pain me.

      Ms K.

  12. Madam abeg leave that man alone, you don't want this you don't want that.......... i see too much ego in you
    In Stella's voice look for someone that fits what you want

    1. Too much! It is great to be proud of your achievements but to worship material things, never! She needs a Dangote or someone on that level, tf she trying to roll with an average dude because her ass is horny. Mtsscchw

    2. She asked for basic stuff clean house and ac at this age is not too much

  13. Too many Red Red Red Flags.
    Look for another suitable Kerewa Mate.

  14. Please Ma, this guy might just be displaying all the love because you are his meal ticked to a better life. Don’t take him to your house yet. If you can, rent a low cost house below your standard and take him and see his reaction. If he tries to ask about your car, tell him it’s office car that you drive a Camry that is at the mechanic. If you have given him a lot of information before now, kindly reduce opening up the more to him. If he raises more questions based on what he has seen or you told him, just use office as an excuse but please, restrict the need to open up more to him.

    Kindly thread carefully because guys want japa.

  15. This man knows you are rich and knows what he is doing.. He is a very calculative person.. please kindly call of the relationship...

    1. This is the comment I am looking for.
      Nothing more to add.

  16. Madam pls be careful o, he's not serious at all...what' are the neighbors coming out to do? Pls dump this man I'm here regretting o .. Pls

  17. In all you do, don't go beneath your status in the name of dating.

    Ms tee

  18. Wait it out
    Don't take him home yet

    1. Having 2 sexy wives is the begining of wisdom.

  19. ⚠️ Warning: I'm not in the best of moods, so my comment may come off as very harsh!

    Were any of the extra details you shared with us in this write-up, necessary?

    Your number of years in service; the age you and your daughter graduated; the location of where you bought him a gift; the number of cars you have; how many staff you have under your employ etc?? Please, what baring did any of this information have on the chronicle you wrote?

    Maybe I'm trying to humble you a bit...but if we are being honest, after 35 years of service, you should have a C-suite position. At the very least, director.
    You claim to look 35 at 55, but only other people can attain if that's true or not. You may be deluding yourself.
    There are people in their 20s, 30s and 40s who outearn you.

    I am writing all this to say...your enire write-up screams, "humble bragging".

    In regards to your chronicle...madam, please continue your dating apps and find someone who is more on your supposed level. Also, stop lying about your age.

    1. You sound triggered. Be calming down.
      She gave all that info to give an insight to her social status. It’s not a big deal even considering how many years she’s sent in service

    2. She's very stingy and can brag. Why all those long introduction, not necessary.
      You made yourself look rich before the guy and time to act you are running away.
      If you want sex from him then be ready to spend on him or end the relationship.


    3. Thank you for this comment, I know people in their early thirties earning 3m and more. Madam calm down biko, if He ain’t your standard according to you biko let him go.
      If it’s sex you want get a like minded person and engage with.
      I am curious in your circle don’t you have friends that can introduce you to men in your standard?

    4. Abi o the sex can’t be free biko, spend on him while he satisfies you. Naso rich men too dey do, as sex is your major need for this man

    5. Well I think any poster has the right to write their chronicles anyhow they like. How we deduce it depends on our perceptions and nobody can be bound by that. I personally prefer people give as much details as they can, as it gives a clearer picture and helps me make a better deduction. So if you feel she is humble bragging, that is also well within her purview.

    6. I can never be poor, imagine me. They are still feeding me at my age

      Go to Aiico Insurance Plc and verify about this poster age, also verify the brothers age, the brother no too senior you. They are made for life .

    7. Pls be relaxing

    8. What you said has no bearing on real life
      She’s very accomplished and you know lots of people don’t reach this level after 35 years so in a bid to bring her down, you’ve insulted more than 89% of Nigerians

  20. Leave thi bustop, motor no deh there

  21. Can't you see all the red flags!!!!
    Coming to your office always, what is he coming to look for? He has assessed you, he knows you have money. You don't need to tell him before he knows that, afterall he knows where you work and your position.

    He CLEARLY has nothing going for him, that's the reason he is always coming to your office to look for what is not missing. So at 50, he us not building any career,, business or empire, yet he can run to a busy woman's office all day!!!
    Nah you go feed this man last last. You're his ticket out of poverty; you're his meal ticket.

    Also, in a bid to impress him, you have failed to let him know your standards.

    Better find your way out of this disaster waiting to happen, before somebody pours acid on you when he is unable to access your money.

    The decision to sleep with him is entirely your choice, but know that sex creates a bond that becomes even more difficult to break.

    What has he given you since you both started dating? Why did his marriage end? Who is responsible for his son? Have you spent some time with his son?

    I refused to date a guy who would call me up to 8-12 times, because I knew he was a mental case waiting to happen.

    You haven't found your prince charming, keep walking. If you are comfortable with it, seek counseling. But just know that this man isn't it shaaa.

    On a lighter note, I think you're stingy shaaaa (that may work to your advantage in this case), see as you dey stress on top one single shirt as valentine gift !!!!!! πŸ˜†πŸ€£

    1. True! I noticed the stingy part

    2. Yes o madam kala no be small

    3. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ You raised good points.

    4. She’s not sting
      She’s worried

    5. He CLEARLY has nothing going for him, that's the reason he is always coming to your office to look for what is not missing.

      Na wa ooo!! How does he have nothing going for him biko? Is this the same Chronicle we read? Meanwhile, i thought it was cute when men pay surprise visits to their partner? Abi it doesn't apply again when the woman is richer than the man?

      These rules keep on changing daily. Make una try dey give us early updates.

    6. Pay surprise visits to a corporate organisation how many times a day, how many times a week???
      What is the surprise in that???
      Cant he read the body language of staff and the person he is constantly 'surprising'??
      Do you know anybody with a level of common sense ( no matter how llow) that goes to a govt institution to surprise the person he is toasting??
      He should carry trumpet too.

  22. Poster you see as you are richer than this man, and maybe the 'do' ends up making a lot of sense to you then you get carried away and start giving in to all his demands.
    Be forewarned.
    First of all let him know how you want the relationship at your own terms before you begin to gbensh.
    Then if he agrees to remain after the revelations, then don't let your guards down.
    Keep being you and standing your ground as long as you do so respectfully.
    Then watch him and you will know whether he is suitable to be kept or one to be trashed.
    I'm a young person, but I'm advising you from my aunt's recent experience.
    She married a man below her class, who had nothing out of desperation, before you it Mr man started bossing her around,stealing her Money with style. He wrecked her & it got really bad. At last the scale fell of her eyes and she sent him packing.
    Now she's back being single, but the story of what this man did to her annoys everyone of us.
    So don't everything your guard down. If you m with this man.

  23. You sound like a very confused woman.
    I had to scroll up and be sure of the age you posted.
    Perhaps it is because you are in heat and cannot think or see clearly.
    Because its obvious this man has seen where his bread is buttered and is going all out for it.
    In all this, you never made mention of his values, what you know of his background, whyformer wife etc.
    Whatever the case, make sure all your property is in your daughters name.
    Loll, he is already trying to drive your car?
    He wants to be accompanying you on your official trips as what? Your handbag?
    Sebi he told you he is CEO? CEO of Following Woman for Nyash Limited or what?
    If he can't afford his own office space, it's obvious it's on a shoestring budget. Just know that all the wining and dining you will sha pay one way or the other.
    Lmaoooo, you havent seen anything yet.
    I don't know why women don't test men the way men test women.
    You should have visited him in well worn okrika in public transport or okada and told in you were staying with your sister in okokomaiko or ishashi.
    Trust me, your reception would have been VERY VERY different.

    Since you are concerned with how to kerewa under heat and you don't want to invite him to your house in case he is an elderly gigolo, go and rent a hotel room and do your do in peace.
    You can be doing pay as you go, trust me this guy will even appreciate it.

    1. Pay as you go is better. No strings attached. Just be giving him something every time you kerewa and please in a bid to show off never take him home before he plan kidnap for you

    2. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ You guys can be savage sha, but the truth can be bitter too.

    3. Too late. The okrika and okada would have made sence if she had not invited him to her office.

  24. So far, almost everyone is saying d same thing,so be wise in ur decision,so as to avoid regrets.

    Ada ohafia

  25. Nawa oo, this life no balance...smh. with all that you have bragged about yet no man...o boy. If all you want is kukere, kuku go and buy it, shebi you can buy kpekus, chop and clean mouth...just so you know, there's nothing mature about this, you already know you don't want the man but you want us to encourage you...

    1. Poster better run before they will kill you......some woman are posionus.

    2. You say yet no man like that makes her unaccomplished
      I don’t know who did this to some of you

  26. Ma'am can you run? Like start running? Run faster! πŸƒπŸ»‍♀️

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£
      Poster better run to calabar, don't come back.

  27. Let him go. You do not respect him because he is in a lower financial class than you. Deep down you are ashamed of him, although you do like him. His affections annoy you although you desire him sexually. You hold your status and achievements dear, and he would be a step down in your books because he is not on the same level as you. Unfortunately, you make a lot of assumptions, that based on his economics he will clamour for your things. The sad thing is, he is the only one knocking on your door, even you know that for all you have materially and your good looks, you still had to join a dating app, lie about your age and the men who you would desire to happily walk down the street with are not looking your side. Even your celibacy is not by choice, but circumstances.

    I am not being unnecessarily harsh, and do not interpret my words as being mean, it is not my intention to hurt you, just to be truthful.

    You cannot enter a union with someone you have no respect for. Do not entangle that man sexually, It is not fair to either of you. Let him be and go find your spec. Tell the truth about your age next time. Buy a secks toy and call it a day. Keep looking and hopefully you find someone who you are happy with.

    1. Poster, do you know the age of his brothers who are well established. Dey deceive yourself.
      Your baby mama will still tell you another lie.

    2. I like the way you write.
      Can you rewrite this with the 1st 3 lines as stand alone?
      It adds a certain oomph.
      Then the 3rd and 4th sentences as well.

      Then be more generous with your commas and learn where to add semi colons.

      Then your last paragraph, this woman is not looking for what is fair.
      As you can see, she is horny.
      She wants sex and attention.
      And agonizing on whether to gift a shirt for Valentines day.🀦🏽‍♀️

      Add 'will' between 'you' and 'find'.

    3. 18:29
      Please don't hoard the full gist like new naira notes. Kindly share with us. You have repeated your comments enough to whet our itchy ears.

    4. Anon 16:07, thank you for not joining the bandwagon and speaking the truth.

      A chilled bottle of red wine for you dear.

  28. Poster pls don't start anything with him,since he doesn't really fit into what you want.just let him go, probably another who fits may come your way. Goodluck.

    1. The guy na setup.
      People wey no like the truth.
      You've been talking about someone to the whole community, to the extent that sex was giving in other to fabricate lies against someone by her friend. Ask yourself what did my friend did to me before l start to sleep with her boyfriend, all becos of greedy,
      Telling the blog that you used her as your cook and cleaner, that you used her for sex only, this tells more about who you really are. So you be deceiver. You painted her bad before everyone, you fabricate a lots about her base on the informations you were told πŸ™†, and the people believed you, you mock her for being single at her age, you also mock her for depending on her family, someone who has not finish her education but decided to get a job in other to assist herself, instead of depending on her parents for everything, you still mock her, haba! You be witch. What do you want her to do, to start begging men for money, to become a whore or what. She has a standard, so deal with it.
      No matter what, even though she's not leaving with her family. They are taking care of her, she is a favorite child.

    2. Anon 7:32, what in the world are you talking about!!

  29. Yes, I am trying to be cautious with him. He is even complaining that i am not romantic. That I have never responded when he says he loves me. This he says round the clock and it's getting boring.

    But i thought guys always say ladies are looking for made men!.
    Like I said I have remained alone for too long and i need a man around me, not necessarily a money bag but a decent person with a good heart who can hold his own. I am at alert with thus guy.
    I must say I have NOT given him the cookies yet ooo. Still understudying his intentions.

    1. Please dont bother exploring. This is love bombing. He is obviously moved by material things you have and that's an issue. Plus you have already started the relationship with lies about your age so the hide on seek for that matter is not worth it.

    2. Then go and find the decent young man
      The honest truth is that at age 55 it would be very hard to get the spec you desire that will still wine and dine you and be faithful to you… let’s not even lie to ourselves
      You are too egoistic and you may not even work out with the “decent man” you desire

      Push up (original)

    3. Somebody that just met you which day is already suffocating you with I love you, I love you??? LMAO.
      What does he know of you that he is already saying 'I love you'?
      Someone that the wife left should be even more cautious around women.
      Anyways, doesn't sound like you're into him as a person, more as a tool.
      If not his 'ancient windows' and 'winding staircase' and him 'riding your car' and turning up in your office incessantly etc etc etc wouldnt be a problem.

      So after you scratch your itch, what next?
      Theres nothing more annoying than being with a man you are 'managing ', even his breath will be irritating.

      After 35 years of service, earning 1.6 etc is not bad.

      There are young techies earning in millions with less than 6 years experience. Don't let finance be the only motivation if you eventually decide to look for love as opposed to sex as I havent seen 1 sentence or even 1 word on his character.

      @Push Up You sound triggered. There's nothing wrong in looking for love at 55, 65, 75 etc. In more civilised climes we see older folk remarrying at any age to the people they wish. At what age did Beyonce's mother remarry?
      So what exactly is the problem if someone at 55 is looking for love? I know in a primitive culture which many of you live in and imbibe, it may sound strange.

      Trust me, if you travel widely and keep an open non judgemental mind, it's not.

    4. Push up it’s not hard. Pls face reality. She doesn’t need the type of man the ladies you know are looking for. At her age it’s easier to find a companion. No trouble about needing kids. This is the she men beg for marriage and women say no cause they don’t want to do the cooking and cleaning for man that they did when younger

      Sister if you don’t like him, go back to the site and find another

      I don’t like foolish people. It was very foolish amd unnecessary for him to tell others about your cars. Who does that in Nigeria with all insecurity

    5. Poster you can find a widower and have peace of mind. Leave those divorcΓ©es

    6. stick with your "instincts". all your comments have come out as a result of your instincts, your sixth sense! he is already "grossing" you out and making you feel uncomfortable and as such, even the sex would not be pleasurable for you. on a "derailing" note, females your age don't have "cookies" (unless you have NEVER known man), we'll stick with crackers or cabin biscuit!

    7. 9:29 it’s still cookies at any age pls

  30. Too many red flags and both of you,are not sincere πŸ™„

  31. “Tell a lie once and all your truths become Questionable”..

    Your foundation started with lies;also you have lots of “Ego” due to your status..

    Your chronicle is all about you,screams lots of selfishness..
    Even if he is genuine;you don’t want him to benefit anything from you so long as he can give you sex..

    Funny enough people get married for different purpose,class/status included..and I have seen many men richer than you get married to a nobody and never mentioned their wife status..

    If I know that man you are seeing now,I would dissuade him from having anything to do sexually or financially with you..

    You are rich,but your psychology about life,relationship,friendship or marriage reeks of selfishness just like a “one way traffic”and even if you find a very genuine person today;marriage won’t work out once they are financially below you at any trying times they encounter..

    I advice you stay single;and enjoy the money you are blessed with..

    What is money? Printed paper that you can never hug at night or make love to..

    It will buy you sex but never true love or friendship..

    Bring down your shoulder pad Ma,respectfully!!



    1. Thank you o
      Because it’s like it’s just two of us that can smell through her ego. The truth is that madam wants something so obviously something’s have to give.
      She should just leave him.

      Push up (original)

    2. πŸ’― The sad part in all of this is that she is desperate for somebody, that is why she ended up on an app lying about her age. She should close her profile, break off with that innocent man, and go find appropriate ways of meeting the type of man her heart truly desires. I do not like ppl who lie to themselves. She knows she does not want an average income man, but willing to use him for sex, even at 55yrs old. What is the point of the celibacy? Just wait for your type and share yourself with a man you respect and find compatible, even if it means waiting until 60.

    3. God bless you Martins. Only you has made sense in this comment section today. I was angry reading the chronicle but angrier going through comments. She's so full of herself and what she thinks she has. Do you think the man hasn't perceived you're older but genuinely likes you?
      He might just be comfortable with what he has and is living within his means. Him trying to drive your car might just be because he's free with you.
      Since you're sooo rich and posh, why looking for a man. You can buy sex with money since that's the only thing you want from a man.
      Please leave that man alone to see someone who genuinely likes him for who he is.
      Lastly get off your high horse. You're so full of yourself. You might actually look your age madam but because of pride wey full your head, you go dey see yourself as a 20yr old simply because you dey rub better cream and stay inside ac all day

    4. Martins bro please take your flowers 🌹🌹🌹 and your crown too πŸ‘‘.

    5. Y’all like to humble women
      May God forgive you

    6. Matins she’s not looking for a husband
      “He says he wants me forever. I told him I was not interested in marriage just decent companionship.”

    7. So if she was your daughter or sister, you would advise her not to guard her finances from a potential gold digger because it's printed paper?
      She is about to retire and needs to be extra careful not to make any bad investment or fall into the hands of a gold digger who will leave her with nothing for her retirement.
      Madam, others have said it all. Run! This man is bad news. He is already professing love and his neighbors may have given you a hint of his intentions by asking you to take good care of him. He probably told them he has found his meal ticket. If you just want s*x and companionship, you need to find someone you would be able to sit down and have great conversations with over a glass of wine. Find someone that also wants no strings and is in your class. Not eveyone wants a young girl they need to provide for financially. You will find someone in your class who wants what you want. Some women get di*kmatized and stop thinking so don't let 20minutes of sex destroy what you've spent years to build.
      For those telling you that 1.6/month is not an achievement, let them tell us how much THEY make. Don't let anyone make you feel like your standards are not normal, never remove those filters. If anyone claims not to have standards, good luck to them. Your concerns are valid. DON'T DATE DOWN.

  32. I will deviate a bit from whatveveeyone is saying here..
    Sometimes we may lose a good man in being over protective of ones status.
    Poster, you wear the shoes. You know where it pinches you.
    Follow your heart

  33. @ martins;;; Did she say she was looking for marriage.?

    1. Did she say she was looking for a hook up guy or Brostitute @Age 55?

      Even with her whole status she kept emphasising on at home and office??

      So if she was your friend or family;you will advice for gigolo at her age right?


    2. Uncle Too Know, she said clearly that she is looking for companionship and no plans to remarry.
      Her wants/needs are valid.
      You are the only one in this entire thread calling him a 'brostitute' and 'hook up guy's.
      She is an accomplished woman at her age and has every right to have expressly state her needs.

  34. This woman needs to be careful because people cannot really be trusted nowadays.

    1. I see some people blaming the poster, but I think she is trying to look after herself and why shouldn't she? Many people lose guard and that results in their end literally. I remember a story about a beautiful middle aged single lady I read on this blog who was dating a gigolo and got murdered by him. He took her car and ran but was later apprehended. We need to be careful in this life. Still life cannot be lived without taking risks, but we have to try to prayerfully make the right decisions and hope for the best.

    2. Exactly, l don't trust the guy, hmmm
      Poster remember Empress and Tiwa Savage.

      Licious babe

  35. Truly Martins, those are my observations too. Madam you do not know anything about true friendship, all you know is money and the comfort it can bring. It’s like you are not used to people treating you as a human being, only because of status. Truly, you are very very poor because all you have is money. There is no sentence that you started that doesn't have the word money, riches or status either expressly written or implied.
    You sound like new money, like you didn’t grow up in riches, you made it later, if not, u would be ashamed to mention things like AC as a mark of status and comfort.
    Advice: calm down, be humble, be genuine. Show true friendship to people not with money all the time and pray, God will send good people ur way. Amen!

    1. Naija heat is frustrating abeg, it can make one lose mind, madam your fears are valid

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸšΆ

      Licious babe

    3. Some of you just like to humble women
      She visited a man noticed no ac and bare accommodations. Those are all things any right thinking person would observe
      There’s a reason the guy prefers her house and now he has added cook for me and that to it

  36. Yes, i have not read anywhere where this poster mentioned that she was looking for husband.
    We should all learn to read chronicles with understanding before commenting.

  37. Last last every woman should have money. I don’t care about the man but ma’am you’re leaving my dream life. Damn! I’m also on my PhD in the states and I can’t wait to start making money and living the life.

    1. Madam kindly get off your high horse and reduce the insertion of money in every sentence and speech you make. It’s ridiculous. Yes I’m happy for you but then stop sounding confused and overly thinking this. I’m sure you show off and think he doesn’t know already. Lol!
      What happened to the london guys over there.
      I think you should calm down a bit and retrospect. In fact bottom line is date your class whether it’s for friendship or marriage please date your class so you stop judging every step he takes to get closer to you. I’m glad you are independent. Women please let’s do what we can to empower ourselves please so that we can live the life . Men don’t have two heads

  38. Ma'am, for now you're still thinking with your head. Hold onto the cap a little longer pls and pretend to be a mermaid (you know what i mean ba?)
    Cos if you.give him the ... When heart don fall inside wahala go dey o and difficult to know who he really is. Tenkioooo🀞

    1. I remember when tie your legs like a mermaid was trending on this blog, along with 'gwegs' and 'horseband'. Choi! I don tey for here...........


  40. Me Me Me everything..
    Madam you're so selfish and self-centred..

    I don't ask money from him bla bla bla,. But him dey carry you commot.. na you dey pay? Have you paid just once? Miss Bill gate..

    He hasn't even given you any hint that he is interested in your money but you're hiding everything but poking your nose to seeing and knowing everything about him..

    Not forgetting that these whole ish is built on lies, I'll never talk a lady that lie about her age to me seriously.. NEVER!

    You want causul dating, no big deal there, I also find it more comfortable as many girls in this country have your mindset and it's very complicated to be in a committed relationship with someone like you..

    Please, tell him that it's only causal dating you are subscribed to,. He might be making all those commitment moves cos he feels that's what you want.. many of you are hypocrites and pretenders, that's why many guys lie about wanting a relationship when it's just backs they want.. I don't know how to lie or pretend and I have loses some chicks who like all those deceits and lies, probably so they can claim you guys had sex while in a relationship,. Relationship wey no last reach 2 months, who is deceiving who.. I also don't want to be around such kinda girls so it's a win-win for me...

    So aunty, first of all, stop with the lies and be honest about what you want..

    Once again, I believe KINGs reading this chronicle have seen how women here reason.. once they have small money they'll think every guy is after it.. the first thing a girl ask her friend when her friend tell her she and her boyfriend have broken up is "hope he didn't eat your money".. many of them have an irritating mindset..

    My cousin visited abj last week for something, dropped him at the airport early this morning, we were having back to back fun everyday till last midnight, na 2-3 am for morning we dey always return.. come and see girls on my WhatsApp getting jealous that I'm having mad fun with my cousin without inviting them.. Asin imagine the entitlement and senselessness.. the most stupid one now came with her emotional blackmail saying how can 2 guys be hanging out if they're not gay.. my own cousin oh! She think say as she talk that one I go come pick am to come join us flex, instead of just being straight and asking that she wants to hangout with us.. when she said that nonsense, I asked her if girls do invite guys when they go to hangout.. then put it back to her that since when they use their money to hangout they only do it with their fellow females that means they're lesbians, she begin nag..
    Hanging out with my fellow guys is less expensive and more fun .
    E.g. 5 guys can add 50k each for the night, that's 250k.. we use am commot.. imagine the kind mad balling wey we go ball that night, we go still reach there get better babes wey go give us mad tweaking and even want to follow you home when she see doings.. Una go still reach house smoke some shii together come still play PS game.. but say you carry babe join body, that one na just liability,. Mtcheew

    You people cannot spend one naira on man but want him to give you the world, valentine is around the corner again, Una don dey act like say na Una birthday, no plans for gift or anything but Una deg expect iPhone 14.. like this chronicle poster, she buy just one shirt for man she don dey complain about not wanting him to think she's rich.. on top just one shirt oh.. but expect luxurious dates and gifts from men..
    You People think fvck is equivalent to everything.. he give you gift, you show gratitude by opening legs, he buy you car, you open leg, he gift you house, you open leg.. any small thing Una mind don rush go toto...

    Na the SIMPs wey dey make Una feel important I blame

    1. Like me I weak. Just one shirt way she buy she the ask if to give him or not. She the form rich but na the guy man the spend for outing. She is the red flag to me.

    2. See the type of females on your status, it sounds like you surround yourself with local champions so you can feel big
      Birds of the same feather flock together

      Upgrade yourself and attract quality people too, see your head like smoking shiii, mtschew

    3. Lol.. 20.40

      E dey pain Una like man whenever you see me teaching men how to stop being stupid.. I know say my explanation of how to enjoy themselves without carrying you liabilities up and down dey pain you.. you don dey dear say guys no go dey carry Una commot again lol..

      Who are the quality people? People like you and poster that common one shirt is big deal for her to give? You're not serious..
      If all guys were like me,. Una for don level up they try..

      But SIMPs be messing things up

  41. Madam do not let anyone guilt trip you, you’ve done well for yourself and you deserve whatever you deem best. I’m my opinion, you do not need a 50 years old man of a lower status in Nigeria. Forget all those mushy mushy things he’s doing to get you, all na fake. It may surprise to know that he was probably cheating or treating his wife badly reason he left, now he’s close to his geriatric years, he now want a classy and rich woman that can afford him the best medical care. Oh yes, men all over the world start experiencing old age related diseases much earlier than their female counterparts. You’ve got the money, find a clean younger man to have fun with atleast you know you getting a younger fresh blood, make sure you assist your daughter to find her feet in the States, by the time she’s settled, relocate to the states, you can easily find a mature man abroad that has equally done well for himself if you’re open to other race and if you’re still interested in marriage. Either way, you are closer to your daughter and hopefully your grand kids. No go marry any Naija 50 years old man o. See you see stress

    1. Thank you for this comment God bless you anon 17.26 only comment without bias. She’s allowed to list all her achievements see jealous comments everywhere. Madam my advice is straff the gbola with condom and keep it moving don’t settle for him you’ll regret it

    2. Thank u jare. A lot of them are pained that she's successful in her own right and not necessarily looking for a husband.

      This woman clearly is trying to avoid falling into the hands of a gold digger but they would rather shame her for erring on the side of caution

    3. At 55 is she not supposed to be successful?

      I celebrate the consistency and loyalty working for one place for 35 years and happy to see her earn relatively well.

      Ma'am please don't invite this Baba into your home.
      If you know you don't want to rubbish your 55 years on earth, I repeat, do not invite that man into your home.

      If you investigate well, you will find out that man has NO JOB.

      No body who is truly busy has time to be turning up at a woman's office like a delivery person or offering to follow a woman on her official duties.

      And if you investigate well, that house he is claiming as his is not his.
      That his car may even be borrowed.

      I know this sort of men very very well. I use question pursue one that was disturbing me to marry him.
      That one was barely 45 and already divorced twice. Looking for another unfortunate woman to become wife number 3. He was also trying that love bombing rubbish with me. Calling at 5am, midnight etc. I didn't even bother picking up my phone. Nothing irritates me more than unnecessary calls and appearances when we are not university students.
      By the time I investigated the guy ehn, with all his prepackaged stories, omo I use question pursue am. He's in the US but I wasn't interested in one directionless man come to mess up my life.
      It's far more difficult for a woman to bounce back after making a relationahip mistake.
      Do you think this your Ce He Hoe does not have an idea of how much you earn??
      It's very easy to find anybody's salary in this country.

      After all the efforts of life, this is the point you should be preparing to enjoy life. But just the way konji rubbishes men and takes them from level 100 to level 0 in a 2nd is the same way with women.

      It will be a pity if it happens to you.

  42. This chronicle is screaming red flags.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Madam poster you too complain chai, it’s all about you you you and you have the mindset that most men you would met is a gold digger.
    If you continue like this you will truly fall a victim to one. He isn’t your standard so leave him and face front, if konji hold you go and pay for the service of a male escort (them plenty for Lagos) let that man go as he doesn’t fit your millionaire lifestyle

  45. Poster you sound like a stingy woman. I'm sure men in the same financial status as you don't want you. You really think your relationship with him should be all about you? If I was the man I will dumb your old ass. You want to be in a relationship without making sacrifice because you think you are rich? Please

    1. Nigerian men use women who behave like mother Christmas

  46. My own is what is the name of the site???

  47. I am a made woman by God's grace. I am intentionally single and have two kids. I am more than 10 years younger too.

    Do not let anyone belittle your achievements, or what you should do and not do. It is your prerogative.

    So, you lied about your age... not a big deal. But you see this man....

    RUN! He has had you investigated, he knows you are older already, regardless of how you look. He has added 2 + 2 together.

    He is in it for the money and what he thinks he can get from it. There are several men like him. At least , your saving grace is that he did not 'package' himself to you, apart from being an invisible CEO. What CEO wants to be following a woman up and down, and spending time in her office.. how do you even get moist for someone like that?

    I understand the need for companionship, but this ogbeni here is not the one. He will frustrate you. He will *kee* you.

    If I were in your shoes from an age perspective, with the need for good sex and companionship,
    you are better off having a younger male companion. Not a sugar mummy type relationship ,but someone you could spoil once in a while and invest in his growth (also not necessarily money) .

    Bottom line, RUN from this guy.

    PS: Should you wake up one morning feeling mad love for this same man..he don waka for your head. PRAY!

    1. Madam that’s the truth, I’m a married woman in Naija and I will tell you this for free, if you collect a national representative sample of married women living in Naija, about 85 percent would want to have the life you have now. It is difficult being a married woman in Nigeria and that is why most of us look way older than our actual age. God don save you from this stress and you still want to carry yourself in it, of all times it is now you need the greatest peace of mind and soft life. Hian. Don’t mind the comments here calling you stingi and all of those, na frustration hold all of us. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚abi you no dey hear the current situation of things, you’re living most of us dream life. I will personally be mad at you if you fall for this scam.

    2. Lol, this comment really cracked me up. As a man, i love reading posts on this blog, because it shows me how women view things. The truth is, with everything going on in this country, females should be extremely careful.

      Its barely 2 months since she met him through a Dating site and he's acting all excited like a teenager. It may be genuine. It may also not be.

      If Poster cares for a male opinion, I will advice her not to ignore the red flags. There is something not adding up somewhere.

  48. I sincerely disappointed that a 55 years old woman wrote this chronicle. Ideally, older men go for younger women. You have gone out with him twice, so it's safe to say you like him. Your financial status shouldn't stop you from being with him. Yes, he is suffocating you, but you are enjoying the attention. I believe all you want is sex, forget the attacks from the children insulting you. At 55 , you know what you want and when to draw the red lines. Go have sex with him. Most of those insulting you have no control over their emotions and they are advising you based on their immaturity. Go knock yourself out. Don't tell him you are older. Don't invite him to your house. Since his house is not comfortable, a hotel will be cool

  49. I think the guy sees you as opportunity to change level,he's already telling his neighbours about how rich you are to show levels,I wonder what else he would have told them concerning his plans. He seems to me like a user waiting for his chance

    1. πŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸšΆπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ
      Poster run before they will kill you..

  50. Nawaoo, the kind of chronicles we are reading this days, e get too many comma,
    Poster watch your back, they might set you up. Pls run away from that guy.
    Please your family cannot loose you. Amen πŸ™

  51. Madam, one step at a time, if you don't want to do the do in his place, why can't you book a hotel. Get to know him first then proceed to the next level. You definitely have many butterflies; a journey of a thousand kilometres start with a step. Hay probably no be a gold digger after all.

  52. Poster if you allow kerewa to happen between you two it will be very difficult for you to define your stand. He is not your spec do not allow sense of kerewa and cuddle to make you forget what you want in life.

    That man is a broke ass man who has seen a classic woman and want to enjoy where he did not sow. Please do not take him to your house yet, he frequent your office that should tell you he is not a busy person. How can a busy CEO frequent someone in her office, the old house you describe shows the man is broke and looking for woman to take care of him.

    If you want to see his true colors take him to your house, allow him know the numbers of cars you have. Then you will understand what I am saying. You can gift him the shirt you bought for him but please still hold body toll you meet who deserves it. You cannot stood so low to do things you cannot do all in the name of you want to please him, look for someone in your class so that you will not needed to hide who you are and feel free to love the person the right way. Hiding or telling lies on a relationship will never help.

  53. He’s already demanding you cook for him and calling on neighbors to come see your car, that man has self esteem issues, he will crush your soul.

  54. This is 2nd week of February 2023.

    You met him online in December 2022.

    So in less than 2 months he wants to marry you, is turning up in your office at will, calling and texting you at will.

    You sef no dey fear???

    What do you know of this man?
    Do you know his family members?
    That business that he says is his, how are you sure?
    That house he invited you to. How are you sure he is the owner?
    Do you know ritialists, kidnappers, Yahoo boys and men put up their details on dating sites in search of prey?
    You said he was calling his neighbours to come and see your car?🀦🏽‍♀️
    Is this man unexposed? Why was he so excited about your car? Is it a 2025 model or has 5 wheels? I though he has his own house? You mean he called people from other houses to come to his house to see your car???
    Nothing concern me with your vagina and how you intend to use it.
    You are an adult and have sexual agency.
    My own issue is I hope you are careful with your physical safety and your reputation.

    Just a few weeks ago, we saw a man with head full of grey hair accused of leaking nude pics of an actress.
    Very many men have ZERO shame especially when they see a well put together woman who they believe has cash to spare.
    We've also read of women killed or poisoned by their boyfriends, fcuk buddies, husbands for their money.
    His body is shaking because of one car, what will happen when he finds out you have extra 3 cars?
    And you that you are struggling to gift a man a shirt and contemplating how you 'will spend more in prepaid meter and food because of him' (the most basic of things) I wonder how you will cope.

    Since you are so concious of status ( there is NOTHING wrong with that) if you've worked yourself up the rungs you should have someone who befits you on every level, use an executive matchmaker.
    They will match you with successful men who meet your criteria, and trust me there are many.
    Be safe.

    ***In all this, you did not once mention his child. πŸ™‚

    1. Poster start running. this man may kill you, remember how you escaped from the other woman, they have set a trap for you through this man. Continue to hold yourself, a man who wouldn't decevie you will locate you someday. Watch your back! Don't let them know where you are working. The heart of man is deliberately wicked.

  55. People can be so funny. Telling her she is selfish because she is talking about herself and her interest. Is she supposed to be talking about the man's interest? Everyone goes into a relationship thinking about themselves so what is the fuss all about?

    Is this supposed to be some kind of a joke? Who goes into a relationship thinking of the other person's interest? You think of your interest while the other person sees if you fit into their interest and when both interests match you say you are in love.

    So definitely all talks would be about herself and would be written from her point of view and it is left for the man to think about and consider himself or what he wants which I believe he is already doing based on what she wrote.

    You all blame her for being self-absorbed forgetting the man is no saint. She goes to his house and the first thing he and his neighbours are already demanding is, she cooks and cleans for him instead of them telling him to take care of her. So tell me was their focus not on the man's comfort and interest as well?

    He is already thinking of driving her car and showing her off to his neighbours to come and see the big fish he caught. Do you think if she had gone there on a bike wearing a cheap dress he would have shown her all the razzmatazz and pomp to welcome her? You can call her proud for describing herself in detail and what she has achieved but don't pretend you can't see the man is thirsty no wonder she was put off by him. Following her everywhere like a lost puppy even planning to follow her on her official trip😳 like going to her workplace to sit with her and distract her from working is not enough and calling her to stupor like she stole his kidney. If he was that loving to the woman in his past you think he would be single? The man is on an agenda, please!

    The way some of you got triggered and painted her like the bad one because she said she is comfortable is laughable and the fact you would choose to ignore the antics of the man who is love-bombing her just to throw her down a peg calls for concern.

    Poster I like the fact that you are using your brain and not letting yourself be deceived by his theatrics. I don't know if you could try limiting details about yourself to him. Give him a sob story. You can tell him someone embezzled money and roped you in at work and now you have to pay back or go to court. Tell him you need to sell your car and your house, and you need to borrow. Just say anything to look like you are the opposite of what you are and see how the fake love he has for you will turn to hate.

    P:S yes, there are a lot of people younger than you who make more than you do but in the same vein, there are a lot of people older than you who do not make 10 per cent of what you make. So don't let anyone make you feel small.πŸ€—
    And yes I believe you lol younger than your age. I have met a lot of people who have good genes that you would need to see their ID card to believe their real age.

  56. This situationship is a red map not red flag. Women, never marry down. U think he doesn't know flash he does...RUN RUN RUN DON'T LOOK BACK.

  57. Madam at your age you still want to continue better repent and seek Jesus Christ.

    1. Thank you! She should move close to Jesus and tell him about her needs. Get a professional matchmaker and see what happens.

  58. There are so many red flags.
    1. The man may still be married and his family is living in their house
    2. He may have rented the old house for the job
    3. Those so called neighbors are in this business with him
    4.he may use your nudes and blackmail you.
    Close your legs & continue enjoying your life

    1. Gbam. Matter of fact, she should slowly cut this guy off and disappear. I’m really worried. Feels like she’s about to enter one chance. This love thing ehn…we women and our emotions instead of using our brain and think logically like men. these men know how to get us because they know we act on emotions. Reason why we need to really listen to our woman instincts/intuition to guide us and pray of course. That’s one thing God gave us, else we go dey just fall anyhow for “some” of these devilish men. Unless the woman don see shege, or street smart or very wise, then nothing about men will Move her.

  59. The badbelle in this post is loud people really hate successful women!! Back in the day when cellular was not 9 not I got one for myself I was nearly killed out of jealousy to the extent I was asked what I needed a mobile phone for ? Can you imagine world people. I’m not surprised at the comments at all.

    1. I knew they will descend on her when I read the chronicle. Jealous much! She is tooting her horn - so what??

  60. My own is, which dating app, make I know if I go catch man there.
    But on a more serious note, not everything is the way they really seem. trust your intuitions, your instincts never lie. Do what is best for you.

    1. I'm telling you, your intuitions are always right, if poster had followed her mind 3 months ago, she would have gone out of the house before now.
      Worse thing in this life is leaving in the same house with your frenemy.

  61. As an accomplished woman, you should never ever date of have anything to do with someone who has nothing to lose. Please be careful, very careful with this man.Since he is a typical Nigerian man easily excited with flashy things and expecting a woman to cook and clean for him, it means the reason he did nor remarry earlier is because he cannot afford a new family.
    That is if he doesn't not have one hidden somewhere.
    Be careful.
    I read of a lady who is paying a debt she knows nothing about.
    The guy used 'sweet talk' to gain her confidence and took a loan with her name to the tune of millions of naira.
    Then he japad.
    I like the fact that you are thinking critically.
    Don't invite him to your house. If he can become a pest turning up shamelessly in a formal organization, imagine what he will do in your home?
    Before you know it, he will turn your security man, housekeeper etc against you. They will be spying on you for him and giving him feedback.
    Ideally, your home should be a sanctuary.
    People with their different weird energies and poor personal hygeines are best kept away.
    I do not invite people to my home.l and I avoid with all my might visiting people at their homes.
    I prefer to invite people to hang out and pay for the refreshments.
    Anything anybody wants to say is not my business.
    The only people I would happily invite yo my house are my best friends who are in the US.

    1. Ah poster na true, he no go gree go o

    2. Same people who are gisting about you since last year both online and offline are now sad becos you are giving them a tip of what she's doing to you. But you own tip na confirm truth, they hate to hear the truth,
      Like l said, both Gen, Cos & Skit have planned to trap you with this guy.

  62. I’m 38 and by your age by God’s grace, I pray I won’t be in this type of situation. This type of struggle love will mess you up emotionally. I’m currently in one and I’m regretting. You’ll fall yakata especially once sex is involved. You’re only excited because it’s been a long time so any yeye man that gives you attention you’ll blush. But deep inside, you know he ain’t the one. Poor men get sweet mouth and once they achieve their aim, you’ll see their real
    Self. Again I’m going through this and currently working my way out and really be strong emotionally because these street men ain’t loyal. if you’re used to a certain lifestyle, please stick to it. Don’t ever downgrade. It’ll backfire. But your emotions is clouded right now so I doubt you’ll listen. Good luck. Ps: please don’t bring him to your home. This guy seem desperate and I don’t want him targeting you if you decide to end the relationship. He’s not stupid, he knows you have money. And oh there’s nothing wrong with cooking once in a while for the man you love. Your ideal man not this one oo. Be wise I take God beg you.

  63. Women brain dey inside their p***y men brain dey their head. Men are very intentional. No dull oo

  64. Ma
    You have every right to be proud of your accomplishment. I didn't detect any single ego in you, not one. You have every right to screen that man.

    That man maybe lying about his age and Marital Status. Screen him and screen him.
    How can a 50 year old man not take his comfort seriously? He has a scanty furniture except he lives temporarily in that house and goes home to his wife and kids every weekend. There are many men who live in different states from their wives. Their main home is with their wives.

    Secondly, what does he do for a living? At this stage , you have to start cooking and cleaning for him. What are you trying to achieve? To be a Mrs? Let him know you love comfort. Don't overwear yourself with stress. Also learn to be vocal. Why will he tell you to leave a dating app and you are not sure he has left? You are already in love with that man and you need to keep that love one side.

    How can he call his neighbours out to see you? Is it a public relationship? That man is 50 years and need more training. What does he hope to achieve? Be careful. Thread carefully. Apply wisdom. Get to know that man very well. He has nothing to lose and you have everything to lose including your life. Keep your siblings around you for safety. Don't take him home yet. Continue to date him casually while you study him. Time will show his true intentions.

    At this stage, you need to enjoy your 1.6 million very well. If you marry him, it won't be so. You will invest all with him and lose yourself. Find out what he is bringing to the table, date him slowly and not exclusively. Go to another dating website and keep looking.

    When a man is lovebombing you, women are forced to become exclusive, but chances are he is still lovebombing others. If you invite him to your house and he notice that you live alone, he can start thinking of how to kill you. Let your brothers or relations come around once a while for protective measure. Let them meet him.

    People saying Techies earn 3 million, good for them , that does not take away from her achievement.

    I don't why people love to humble successful women. God grace was with you and you put in the work for 35 years, let nobody make you feel bad for that. No one.


    1. Nobody said others earning 3,6, 9 million every month takes anything from her achievement.
      Try to read, comprehend and distill information objectively so that you are not repeatedly projecting and rehashing what others have said, all in a bid to drop comment.

  65. The guy na setup.
    People wey no like the truth.
    You've been talking about someone to the whole community, to the extent that sex was giving in other to fabricate lies against someone by her friend. Ask yourself what did my friend did to me before l start to sleep with her boyfriend, all becos of greedy,
    Telling the blog that you used her as your cook and cleaner, that you used her for sex only, this tells more about who you really are. So you be deceiver. You painted her bad before everyone, you fabricate a lots about her base on the information you were told πŸ™†, and the people believed you, you mock her for being single at her age, you also mock her for depending on her family, someone who has not finish her education but decided to get a job in other to assist herself, instead of depending on her parents for everything, you still mock her, haba! You be witch. What do you want her to do, to start begging men for money, to become a whore or what. She has a standard, so deal with it.
    No matter what, even though she's not leaving with her family. They are taking care of her, she is a favorite child.

  66. Poster, please abort mission. Not because of money, but because the whole thing screams set up, and love bombing. The moment this guy gets you strongly under his belt, he will change and by then it will be too late for you to realize you both are not on the same plain. A guy who has his pride intact will not want to even touch your car or follow you everywhere. He's a busy man and needs to sort out ways to take care of you.

  67. Don't ever listen to that guy, na God help you to escape from that Jezebel. An igbo adage says that "a testimony given by many people get some truth, if you reason very well. You will remember when everyone was telling you to stay away from her, even the General also warned you, maybe na God dey warn you that time through those people, but you didn't know that Delilah has a missioned for Samson.
    Watch your back, becos they no say you know alots about her.
    Remember say a pig has nothing to lose in any battle.

  68. The last thing I will ever do is invite anyone to my office.

    To do what exactly?
    Unless you want to discuss business, you have no other business where I work.
    When did offices become visitation centres?

    Then it's one random man you met online?

    You don't know men are psychotic and extremely vindictive when they don't get what they want???

    That's how he will see one director who used to be his boy in school and be spinning dirty wild stories about your relationship.
    Have you heard of the term 'point and kill ' used by these men?
    You have worked diligently for 35 years and due for retirement soon according to you, please exit in a blaze of glory.
    No allow one yeye man mess you up.

    Private life and business life should never ever mix.

  69. You're world's apart! No need to give it a try, those kind of people are quite manipulative, once you fall in love, it will be difficult for you to let go reason, you shouldn't even go for the sex. Keep holding on until you find someone in your class!! The red flags are quite obvious, not every single men in their 50's had bad wives, some were bad to their women and also failed in their responsibility as a man hence, the need for a made woman to compliment them financially. He's going to be a pain in your ass and the relationship will not last long and Nigerians will judge you for not being able to keep a man to yourself for too long!!!

  70. DoΓ±t know if you will still see this.

    At 55, I definitely won't be cooking and cleaning after a man. (And I no get money yet ooo. How much more you that have)
    Is your retirement plan to suffer?
    A responsible and busy man won't be frequenting your office.
    A responsible man won't want toik drive your car without you asking.
    A responsible man won't expect you to be cooking for him and bringing.
    A responsible man won't broadcast his love interest to neighbors.
    A responsible man won't want to stress you at this age.

    Don't let anybody kill you before your time ooo.
    This one nah obvious gold digger and parasite. Run for your life.i know you are lonely, but pls still wait and start giving space to this man. His claims of you in public is not love, but to assert himself so intenders can stay clear. Don't allow it.
    If you stay close more, you might fall for him. If you gbensh, you won't leave him. And he will so drain you financially, emotionally, physically, mentally and otherwise. It's not worth it pls.

    Also, why lie about your age? Be proud of it. God has got some one for us at any age. Don't let the wrong person in because of your dishonesty.

  71. Poster, if you read this. There's a Bv here who appears to know you and the man. The Bv also appears to have an ax to grind with you, and has been commenting in parables. Stop and think before you go further.

  72. Our people say if you want to eat a told, eat one carrying eggs. Why do you want to eat a frog without eggs?

    You don't respect this man.

    You don't know the man.

    You are planning Val cookies eating with a man you don't know at least his $@x health status.

    How much value do you place on your health and wellness?

    If the cookies taste bitter in your mouth, you will hate yourself the minutes after because of your lack of respect and mild dislike for the man.

    If it tastes sweet, you will go back for more and buy more red wine after to sleep.

    Relax. Wait till you retire. Bank all your payoff in a well locked account.

    Travel to the USA to be with your daughter. Spend time there. Unwind. Clear your head and heart. Think whether you want men for knacks only or true companionship in or out of marriage.

    Know that unless you move with a man your age grade and financial status or higher, you may have to pay for knacks alone in cash or kind. Not all these prevaricating over gifting a shirt or socks bought in UK. Payment in kind, if you meet a grounded business savvy person, may be networking links that work or contract links that yield contracts. But make sure you don't fund any of the following up on the links or resulting jobs. Do you have the links in government to get easy to do and get paid legitimate jobs?

    Take well reasoned actions. So many retirees are duped within two years of retirement. You got to where you are financially saving Kobo on Kobo on the govt work extras... This is obvious from your post by one or two statements. No let kerewa wack all you have worked for.

    In all you do, guard your money. Put some in hard to encash funds. Put some in limit trigger accounts. Put some in account that your daughter must be notified of withdrawal above certain limits. Buy more land or property if you can afford. In your home country as in most of Africa, land is the nearly true bank against inflation. Just secure your money from you and from third parties. Experience shows that retirees with big pay-out are usually duped.

    You have been advised to look for better than knacks only. I support that. But na you get your life.

    This man, leave him. Nobody can say he is bad or good definitely. However, you say he is not enough for you. So leave him alone. Any man who has been where he is now with you and left knows how it is.

    He knows how you feel and more than you think. Maybe that's why he is over doing to your irritation.

    All other matters na Jara. It is a fact of life that man pass man, and some women pass some men. You only talked like a woman wey pass one man interested in her. That does not mean you are all out proud. Every man and woman carry his/her own scar.

    Lady Stella post as you like. Thanks.

    Mr. Mann


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